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DMK - Featuring Scotty Dunbar - To Premiere "Tears In The City", And "The Fire That Won't Go Out" on WVOX's Metal Mayhem This Tuesday.

DMK from the East Coast will see two earth-shaking tracks debuted on Matt O'Shaughnessy's WVOX Metal Mayhem show this Tuesday between 9-11pm EST worldwide on WWW.WVOX.COM and 1460 AM.

Comprised of vocalist Scotty Dunbar, Guitarist Ted Merrill, and drummer Brian Karl, DMK has shared the stage with such a-list nationals as Bret Michaels, Jack Russell's Great White, Michael Sweet of Stryper and many more.

Fans of DMK can see them live with Trixter on October 1st at the famed Whisky A Go Go in Hollywood, California.

"When I received the two world-class songs recently from DMK; I instantly realized these guys and band were destined for massive radio airplay worldwide and should be a major staple of any radio programmers playlist. This is high octane top notch rock!" says Matthew O'Shaughnessy"!

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Iconic Testament Guitar Titan Talks With WVOX Metal Mayhem Host Matt O'Shaughnessy About "Metal Allegiance" This Friday!


Bay Area bashers and internationally-recognized metal masters Testament's Alex Skolnick will talk with Matt O'Shaughnessy on his long-running WVOX Metal Mayhem show in New York this Friday at 7:10pm EST heard worldwide on WWW.WVOX.COM and 1460 AM about the much touted "Metal Allegiance" forthcoming album featuring some of heavy metal's a-list and biggest names.

"I've heard some of the music from the power-packed Metal Allegiance CD and this certainly is one of the best creations of super talent I've ever heard and witnessed!" says O'Shaughnessy.


SACRED OATH's Legendary Frontman/Vocalist/Guitarist - Rob Thorne In WVOX Metal Mayhem Exclusive Interview This Friday!

905771_10152936618568199_1883784609243208130_o"Ravensong", the follow-up to Connecticut acclaimed metallers Sacred Oath's last release, Fallen, will no doubt shed even more light on why these talented guys completely deserve higher billing in the metal community.  With Ravensong, Sacred Oath could very well have produced their "Master Of Puppets" or "Number Of The Beast";it is that well crafted and incredibly well done, from the world-class production, to Thorne's always unmistakable vocals and the band that backs him - ingenious.

WVOX Metal Mayhem host Matthew O'Shaughnessy will welcome back longtime friend and Oath singer Rob Thorne this Friday at 9:15pm EST worldwide via WWW.WVOX.COM and locally in New York at 1460 AM.


The two will discuss the groups recent video shoot for the track "Taken" from their September-slated release of Ravensong and much more during the live on air chat. " Having my great pal, Rob, and one of metal's most prolific singers on Metal Mayhem is always a huge highlight for me..." says O'Shaughnessy   

Black Winter Album Project

Big News

Black Valentine and other artists on the upcoming Black Winter project are creating PSA videos for us to add to our site.

This is Happening !

We have 34 days left to raise 10K to create the metal album of albums,  with 20 songs by 20 of the best indie bands ever, this album will be sold to raise funds for juvenile disease treatment and research. If everyone that reads this was to donate as little as 5.00, we would probably meet, or even exceed our goal.

We have raised 30.00 but we need to raise more!

Join in the fray  and help us make some metal magic.

Click this link to see where we sit at indiegogo

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lady Borcher’’ musical quotes of our past’’

Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent.
- Victor Hugo

Still to this day music is used for expression, weather it be for rebellion of unjust polices, love and even in therapy. music is a connection that links all cultures no matter the diversity, even though each person has a individual perspective and reaction to music it is still a chain connecting all humanity.                                    children get the most benefits from music, if allowed to listen to different styles of music in the early ages of life, the child will improve in social and verbal development.  Articles by licensed psychologist all agree, music is a key role in mental, physical and emotional development, all ages are effected by music even when i comes to trauma, depression and physical recovery,.music's role although  still a newer method amounts Americans it is still receiving praise of the rapid recovery of patients under such trials. Remember music is stimulant,  sedative  and all around healer of the body and mind. the one medical treatment that is mostly  free and has no overdose warning labels. keep up the daily  vitamin and musical intake  AND ILL howl you all later..

A Hollywood Rock Deep Purple Experience

Deep Purple: Live in SoCal


Live Performance Review by Steve Amaon: Contributing Journalist and Entertainment Photographer

Deep Purple made a return trip to southern California this year; I made it out to both shows. The Pacific Amphitheater hosted on August 12 and Fantasy Springs Casino hosted on August 15. Deep Purple have been on a world tour for almost two years in support of their newest CD, Now What?!.

20044986614_49ffd0d08e_bIan Paice, Roger Glover, Don Airey and Steve Morse were all at the top of their game at both shows. Ian Gillan was in good voice, his silver throated screaming days far behind him, he stilled pulled off excellent versions of classics…old and new. They opened with Highway Star (surprise…NOT!) and got things cooking right off the bat. Excellent sound at both venues and the lighting was top notch as well!

Classic tracks from In Rock, Fireball, Machine Head as well as Perfect Strangers were offered as were tracks from Rapture of the Deep and Now What?! The two standouts from the new cd that I thought really worked were Uncommon Man and Hell To Pay. Steve Morse brought the house down with his stunning instrumental, “Well Dressed Guitar”. Perfect Strangers and Smoke had everyone on their feet….phones in hand…..Hush with some interesting tidbits thrown in and Black Night, were the encore. Excellent musicians performing excellent songs equals a good time!


Full Setlist:

  • 20044963704_b208c21c50_b· Highway Star
  • · Apres Vous
  • · Hard Lovin’ Man
  • · Strange Kind Of Woman
  • · Vincent Price
  • · Contact Lost
  • · Uncommon Man
  • · Well Dressed Guitar
  • · The Mule
  • · Lazy
  • · Hell To Pay
  • · Perfect Strangers
  • · Space Truckin’
  • · Smoke On The Water




  • · Hush
  • · Black Night


Photo Credits : Steve Amaon


black winter

Xombiewoof Magazine as of today have gained the support of musical artists Rudy Sarzo, Bumblefoot, Joe Walla, Ronnie North, Parley, Black Valentine, 210ToLowell and many more.

Evolution Guitars, Custom Guitar Manufacturers has graciously added an incentive to this project. not so much a perk, but an added bonus to one lucky sponsor. Evolution Guitars will select at random from one of our sponsors to receive a Custom Guitar for FREE !!! - No Purchase Necessary - all you have to do is sponsor this project! But we have to meet our goal by 75%, so share this, help us get funded and you could possibly get more than expected.

Xombiewoof Magazine started bringing the music loving public reviews, interviews and stories about the musical world 7 years ago, then 1 year ago formed Xombiewoof Records, a small run boutique label to bring unsigned artists into the light of day, it's been great but now we want to do more for the world. We have done many fundraisers with great success to help children's charities, this year we, with the help of some fantastic Musical Artists, we will create the ultimate Heavy Metal Compilation Album!

With the help of Music Instrument companies, Promoters, and the bands themselves, as well as help from big name nationally known artists, we will bring out an arsenal of Heavy Metal Hits, 20 songs in total from 20 bands on 2 Vinyl albums that will get the earth shaking, all in the name of helping children with life threatening illnesses.

Childhood Diseases can occur at any time in a child's life, and often, the families do not have the resources to act in time, we look to change that with Black Winter, our Fundraising Album!

One of the many things we at Xombiewoof Magazine do is support charities that help children; the fact is childhood disease claims the lives of 1 out of every 100 children in America and the rest of the world in fatality and 2 out of every hundred in crippling or painful events that last a lifetime. Xombiewoof Magazine wants to help change that, we want to make it our goal, with your help, to make the future a brighter place for those that have been stricken with illness that, if detected and treated early, don’t have to be a death or living death sentence. So often do you get messages to donate but don’t see any reward, so we have come up with a plan to help them and make it a benefit for you. The “Black Winter Project” is where we get donations through the fundraiser, you get a premium for your donation and once we have produced the album, the proceeds from the album will be given to the charities we support. The premiums or “Perks” range from small gifts to a limited edition copy of the finished album. We have the support of artists all over the United States and several foreign countries that are donating a song to the album, 20 tracks for a 2 record set. You may ask why he title “Black Winter”, well because its METAL!, Heavy Metal is a musical medium with a message of hope, through the expression of the soul and it gets you motivated to do what you believe in, SURVIVE the hardships and be victorious!

The charities we support are St. Jude’s Hospital, The American Cancer Foundation, The Central Coast Diabetes Foundation, The Heartbeat4Kids Program and The Fender Foundation.

Black Winter is planned to be the biggest collection of independent hard rock and metal artists on one 2 record set, gathering music from the US and around the world, with guest artists from nationally known bands lending their talents, Black Winter will be the one to have in your collections. This album will be limited to 2000 copies on Black / White Marbled Vinyl with 8 x 11 mini posters from every band involved and a Black Winter T-Shirt.

Please visit and donate today !

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1465 the printing press was first used for music, this began the renaissance era. and continued until the computer and email is now and will for awhile be used to compose new melodies.


Friday, August 21, 2015

MEGADETH Radio Special/Tribute Invades WVOX's Metal Mayhem Show In NY This Friday



Due to severe overwhelming demand from Megadeth fans worldwide, host Matthew O'Shaughnessy will unleash another round and high decibel dose of Megadeth mayhem on his WVOX Metal Mayhem show on Friday, August 28th from 6-10pm.

"Our first Deth tribute and salute broadcast last year broke all the rules and set new precedents for WVOX and was met with an utter overflow from Megadeth fans now WVOX is doing it again - Part 2!



Fans and listeners will hear tracks from Megadeth's complete catalogue, rare tracks, live cuts and much more during the 4 hour special Megadeth onslaught.


"For Megadeth fans worldwide...this will again prove to be an incredible and historic broadcast!" says O'Shaughnessy.


Xombiewoof Magazine / Xombiewoof Records needs everyone in the Music and Record Industry, Musicians, Producers, Managers and others to help share our Indiegogo project and help us reach our goal, thank you for your support and when this project is done, we will have done something special. Xombiewoof Magazine will start Xombiewoof records to not only help artists, but the proceeds from our productions, as well as our Merch Shops will be donated to Charities for Music Education and Juvenal Disease Treatment.

We want this to be a 100% endeavor. If we don’t reach our goal, we get nothing, if we reach our goal we get to do something to make a difference.

In addition to the great perks we are offering to our donating sponsors, we have gained the support of musical artists Rudy Sarzo, Bumblefoot, Joe Walla, Ronnie North, Parley, Black Valentine, 210ToLowell and many more. A full list of bands appearing on the album and supporting artists will be posted soon

Evolution Guitars, Custom Guitar Manufacturers has graciously added an incentive to this project. not so much a perk, but an added bonus to one lucky sponsor. Evolution Guitars will select at random from one of our sponsors to receive a Custom Guitar for FREE !!! - No Purchase Necessary - all you have to do is sponsor this project! But we have to meet our goal by 75%, so share this, help us get funded and you could possibly get more than expected.

Go to our Facebook Page –

And select “Sign up” to go to

We Need You ! Show the World that Metal Has Heart!

#metalhasheart #Metalcares #xombiewoof #Blackwinter

Here are the links to our stores, which we also share our profits with charities.

Please share and help support!
We need your Help, don’t just like, get involved!

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Saturday, September 12 - Performance Time is 7:50 p.m.




There are two BFTB events taking this week to raise funds for the Cleveland excursion:

Friday, August 21 (8:00pm-11:45pm) at The Roar Room

3645 Foothill Blvd., in La Crescenta

(No Cover; 21 and over)


Saturday, August 22 (8:00pm -9:00pm) at the Arcadia Blues Club

16 E. Huntington Drive, in Arcadia

($5.00 in advance / $10.00 at the door; 21 and over).


More on Band From the Boardroom at



Band From the Boardroom is a group of musicians from Southern California that wear suits during the week at the businesses they run, and on the weekend, they rock out! They have been selected to compete in the Finals of "The Playoff", a new national competition to find the best company rock band in America, at the venerable Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, Ohio on Saturday, September 12, 2015.

The Music Gods have indeed smiled down favorably on Band From The Boardroom. The Southern California-based 'corporate band' representing Sante Fe, California based Swann Communications were selected to compete in the Finals of "The Playoff", a national competition to find America's best company rock band,  sponsored by, and taking place at, the venerable  Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, 1100 E. 9th St., on Saturday, September 12. Doors open at 7 p.m.; Band From The Boardroom performance time is 7:50 p.m. Tickets are $25. (which includes a tour of the museum plus the concert).

Inc. Magazine is also a sponsor of this very special event, which additionally features seven other bands competing that evening.


Three years ago, the Swann Security team and had a casting call for all Swann musicians and musician friends that are customers and suppliers. Many people from Swann joined along with their buyer from, their buyer from Microcenter who blows a mean blues harp and several other people from the consumer electronics industry joined in the jam.

The first two years, the jam was at SIR Studios in Las Vegas. When it grew larger they moved it to a new venue this past January at the Rock and Roll Fantasy Camp, also in Las Vegas. They decided to use the jam to raise money for St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital and it was a great success, drawing almost three-hundred people and raising money for charity.

Band members include: Geoff and Jenni on percussion, Richard and Ozzy on guitar, David on bass, Mike on keys, Sandy on vocals and our company president, Keith on drums. Drummer Keith Oldridge says, “What a bloody trip! Band from the Boardroom is taking on a life of its own. To have our little jam band beat out 200 corporate bands that practice and did studio recordings for the submission is nuts!”

Singer Sandy Scott comments, "we really just fell backwards into this… becoming a real band. We all just play music for fun and because we have been livelong musicians, it is in our blood. The band works hard together during the day at the office and we blow off some steam playing music for fun! This is amazing that we would be given the opportunity to play our music for so many people-we are so thankful!”.

As their notoriety has grown, the group has been featured in articles including the Moorpark Acorn, the Los Angeles Beat, and, among others.

Follow Band From the Boardroom on Facebook


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Evolution Guitars Featured at Guitar & Bass Expo


August 22nd, 2015 -10:00 AM to 6:00 PM

Live Entertainment - Admission is $ 10.00



The Evolution Of Music - What’s all the buzz about? … Who are Evolution Guitars and why should you try one?

Find out during the Evolution Guitars Experience at the Guitar & Bass Expo.



· PRS Guitars Autographed SE Series

· The Stuart Spector Experience in the Spector Bass Room

· Local Music Gear Magazine 2015 Solo Search

· Boutique Custom, New, Used, Vintage, Amp Demo Rooms

· Many Demos, Clinics & Workshops

More Info at and

Frank Yanno of Black Valentine: Artist Endorsed by Evolution Guitars - Photo by Mart Wolff.

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Kinks Legend Dave Davies To Release New Live Album “Rippin Up New York City: Live at the City Winery”


Much to the excitement of music fans worldwide, Kinks legend Dave Davies will be releasing a new live album titled “Rippin Up New York City: Live at the City Winery” on September 4, 2015 on Red River which is distributed by Sony/RED. The recordings were culled from two exciting live performances by Dave and his band in NYC in November 2014.

Says Dave, “I'm very excited about the live album and the band sounds great. my son Simon did a great job helping me with the production. I look forward to seeing you all on the road this fall.”

In 1964 Dave Davies of the Kinks single-handedly made rock history when he sliced his little green Elpico amp speaker with a razor blade. Little did he know he was creating the 1st heavy metal guitar tone and riff in rock n roll, which he played on his band The Kinks' world wide hit “You Really Got Me”.

Nearly fifty years after influencing generations of guitarists Dave continues to rock and tour. His 2013 return to the U.S. to support the album “I Will Be Me” was a triumph both creatively and spiritually as he found new inspiration for his soon to be follow up album, the highly acclaimed, “Rippin Up Time”. Released in 2014, Dave embarked on yet another U.S. tour to support it. He was joined by Jonathan

Lea on guitar, Tom Currier on bass and keyboards and legendary drummer Dennis Diken of the Smithereens.

The tour swept through venues in Milwaukee, Chicago, New Jersey, NYC and many more. Jim Sclavunos played drums for one gig in Bethlehem, PA. On every date Dave Davies and band played a highly charged set of solo album favorites, Kinks classics and new tracks. At the City Winery NYC on November 24 and 25, 2014 Dave and band put on an amazing concert to an audience of new and longtime Kinks fans, music industry stars and legends. They delivered two exhilarating nights of performances that rocked and ripped up the city’s nightlife. “Rippin Up New York City: Live at the City Winery” captures the live electricity of turbo charged rockers along with delicate and sensitive versions of acoustic favorites from past and present. A true genius who never fails to deliver, this Dave Davies live recording expresses the power, sensitivity, magnetism and creative expression of a seasoned yet spontaneous rock-n-roll visionary.


1. Intro

2. Rippin' Up Time

3. I’m Not Like Everybody Else

4. I Need You

5. Creepin’ Jean

6. Suzannahs Still Alive

7. See My Friend

8. Strangers

9. Flowers in the Rain

10. Front Room

11. King of Karaoke

12. Death Of A Clown

13. Livin' On A Thin Line

14. Where Have All the Good Times Gone

15. All Day and All of the Night

16. You Really Got Me

Dave Davies tour dates:

Oct 2nd, 2015- The Court of Honor Stage, The Big E, West Springfield, MA. 3pm and 8pm shows. Free with fair admission.

Oct 3rd, 2015 - The Court of Honor Stage, The Big E, West Springfield, MA 3pm and 8pm shows. Free with fair admission.

Oct 4th, 2015 - The Court of Honor Stage, The Big E, West Springfield, MA. 3pm show only. Free with fair admission.

Oct 8th, 2015-The Wilbur Theatre, Boston, MA

Oct 9th, 2015-Tupelo Music Hall, Londonderry, NH

Oct 10th, 2015-Tupelo Music Hall, Londonderry, NH

Oct 11th, 2015-Tupelo Music Hall, Londonderry, NH

Oct 13th, 2015-Musikfest Café, ArtsQuest Center, Bethlehem, PA

Oct 20th, 2015-The Howard Theatre, Washington D.C.

Oct 22nd, 2015-The Stone Pony, Asbury Park, NJ

Oct 23rd, 2015 City Winery NYC

Oct 24th, 2015-Narrows Center, Fall River, MA

Oct 26th, 2015-The Egg, Albany, NY

Oct 27th, 2015-Ridgefield Playhouse, Ridgefield, CT

Oct 30th, 2015-Uptown Theatre, Napa, CA

Nov 1st, 2015-Ace of Spades, Sacramento, CA

Nov 3rd, 2015-The Roxy Theatre, West Hollywood, CA

Dec 18th, 2015-Islington Assembly Hall, London, UK


Click Here To purchase Dave Davies “Rippin Up New York City: Live at the City Winery”:




Saturday, September 5 & Sunday, September 6 /Music Starts 10 a.m. - Visit the Vendor Village - Food Court, Beer Garden, & VIP Lounge

010009Award-winning jazz/blues vocalist extraordinaire, Barbara Morrison, showcases her impressive talents on Saturday.



Repping SoCal blues with style since 1995: guitarist Kid Ramos, who performs with The 44's on Sunday.


The place to be for Blues lovers this Labor Day Weekend is the New Blues Festival II, taking place over two big days, Saturday, September 5 and Sunday, September 6, in El Dorado Regional Park, 7550 E. Spring St. Gates open at 9 a.m., and music starts at 10 a.m. each day. Tickets $25, available now at Tickets also available at six Lucille's Smokehouse BBQ locations, including Long Beach, Long Beach Towne Center, and the Cerritos Mall (Lucille's is the festival's Title Sponsor this year). Also available at the gate both days. Amenities include a huge Vendor Village; Food Court; Beer Garden; and all-new VIP Lounge. Bring the family and and settle in amidst the cooling Long Beach ocean breezes!

The festival has expanded due to the overwhelming success of last year's inaugural NBF, when over 2,000 music lovers of all ages filled POA Park in Long Beach. "Los Angeles and Orange Counties have responded very well to the (New Blues Festival) concept. We definitely hit on a pent-up demand for a long-running inter-generational tradition, and we are excited to once again share all this great music with the public", says William Grisolia, Producer of the New Blues Festival, whose own band, New Blues Revolution, is one of Sunday's Main Stage Headliners.






011012Master Harmonicist-vocalist, James Harman, performs Saturday, September 5 - Main Stage Headliners



Youth is served: Teen guitar prodigy Ray Goren opens NBF II on Saturday.



Saturday's powerful lineup is headlined by harmonica master James Harman, who has been playing music since the 1960's and whose James Harman Band over the years has included such musical luminaries as Dave Alvin, Gene Taylor, Kid Ramos and the late Hollywood Fats, among countless others. Also topping the first day of music: jazz/blues singing great Barbara Morrison, who continues to maintain a full touring schedule well into her fourth decade of performing, and whose sparkling resume' includes a Who's-Who of musicians including Jimmy Smith, Kenny Burrell, Etta James, Dr. John, and more. Also: Long Beach legend, acoustic guitarist, Bernie Pearl; Southland staples 2000 Lbs of Blues, fronted by colorful Mike "Pink" Arguello, blues guitarist (and nephew of legendary John Lee Hooker), Teddy Lee Hooker; Americana-Roots artist, Sean Lane; blues-rock quarter, Union Hobos; and opening the show, fifteen-year-old SoCal guitar wunderkind, Ray Goren. Guitar dynamo Laurie Morvan shows off her considerable chops, Sunday.

Guitar dynamo Laurie Morvan shows off her considerable chops, Sunday

Sunday, September 6 - Main Stage Headliners

Sunday sees no letup with top headliners, the eleven-piece Caravan of All-Stars, a powerhouse R&B/Soul/Blues revue assembled to showcase some of the unsung heroes of West Coast Blues, representing the Bay Area Blues Society. Also: the Laurie Morvan Band, fronted by Red-Hot rockin' blues guitar ace, Laurie Morvan, who has entertained Southland audiences and toured nationally for the better part of two decades, and of whom has been written, "has all the soulfulness of Bonnie Raitt and the swaggering, muscular guitar tone of Stevie Ray Vaughan"; New Blues Revolution, leading Long Beach-based innovators of the New Blues movement; The 44's with Kid Ramos, an exciting pairing of the popular Johnny Main-fronted Roots/Blues ensemble with the legendary SoCal guitarist; another great pairing of talents, respected Inland Empire-based Latin blues group The Delgado Brothers with soulful chanteuse, Sherry Pruitt; San Pedro guitarist-vocalist, Dave Widow, whose "Waiting For The World To End" was voted a "Top 5 Best CD" in the IBC's; rising L.A. quartet, the George Foster Band; and opening Sunday's show, the Chase Walker Band, fronted by the prodigious teen prodigy of the same name.

Eleven-piece R&B/Soul/Blues revue the Caravan of All-Stars from the Bay Area Blues Society, are Sunday's top Main Stage headliners.

New Blues Revolution, leading Long Beach-based innovators of the New Blues movement, take center stage at the NBF II Main stage on Sunday.

More First-Class Blues Each Day On The Golden Groove Stage!

Saturday: Lil' A & the Allnighters; Kelly Chappue & The Soul Collectors; The Other Mules; Shadow Blue featuring Lady Faye; L.A. Parks & Wrecks; Kenny "Big Daddy" Williams and BLUESPOWER; South River Slim; The Arc Flash Blues Band.

Sunday: East Falsted Blues Project; Jack Roberts Harvey Band; Tracy Niles; Crooked Eye Tommy; Frankie and the Crew; Seatbelt; Matt Picarelli and Raul Watson.

Orange County's blues scene is ably represented by guitarist-vocalist Kenny "Big Daddy" Williams (center) and BLUESPOWER on the Golden Groove Stage, Sunday at New Blues Festival II.

Visit & for Info and more


acidicHigh-Energy L.A. Rockers Play The Knitting Factory in Spokane, WA on August 14; Broke A** Rock Show in Great Falls, MT, on August 15; Deadwood Gaming Resort, in Deadwood, SD, on August 18/19; Route 20 Outhouse in Racine, WI, August 21; and Taste of Madison Festival in Madison, WI on Saturday, September 5th, 2015

ACIDIC are MIKE GOSSARD (Lead Vocals/Guitar/Electronics); JOSH BENNETT (Vocals/Lead Guitar); MAX MYRICK (Vocals/Bass); MATT WHITAKER (Drums/Percussion)

Los Angeles rock band ACIDIC launches the second leg of their Summer 2015 "Creatures" Tour on Thursday, August 14 with a show at The Knitting Factory in Spokane (see complete itinerary below).


ACIDIC continues to receive great reviews for their recently-released "Creatures" album:

"Creatures is a feel-good album, a mix of punk, pop, rock and dance music that sums up the melting pot that is the current SoCal sound. Straight-forward rock beats and chunky strumming guitar licks, are paired with memorable vocal hooks on songs like Pop, which even contains the lyric “I dream of California.” Each song is unique in its own way, bringing in all kinds of influences from Nirvana and Blind Melon to Styx and U2".


"ACIDIC Rocks, plain and simple! Mind you, while their name might make you think they’re a heavy metal band, the truth is they lean more towards alternative. The title track, “Creatures” is the first example of what (singer Mike) Gossard can do as a solo songwriter and changes things up enough to keep listeners interested. It’s followed by another Gossard song, "Roll X". This further establishes his capabilities to compose commercially viable cuts".


"A fantastic romp through the energy of youth, something that can be forgotten and is only experienced by the young in body, spirit and mind. These are four very talented and exuberant young men that have some serious potential to make some big noise on the stage. High-powered and spunky rhythms, connected lyrics and music that flows like the perfect wave on a summer’s day, ACIDIC is on a feeding frenzy".




The hardest-working, hottest young rock band in Southern California - ACIDIC - is at it again! Their new album CREATURES features songs that have wowed the crowds at such recent major events as the 2014 Vans Warped Tour as well as their sold-out show at famed West Hollywood music venue, Doug Weston’s Troubadour. CREATURES is ACIDIC’s third collaboration with multi-platinum award-winning producer John Ryan of Chicago Kid Productions (Styx, Santana, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Allman Brothers), and the follow-up to previous albums, 2013’s “Copper Man” and 2011’s “Chronic Satisfaction".

2014 proved to be ACIDIC’s biggest year yet, full of inter-connecting triumphs. Their summer homecoming at L.A.’s landmark Troubadour was captured in an electrifying new video just added at over one hundred Hard Rock Cafes in sixty countries. Fans flocked to the Troubadour from four Warped Tour dates: Pomona, Ventura, Mesa, AZ, and Albuquerque, NM. ACIDIC’s performance on the Warped Tour's Hard Rock Kevin Says Stage at earned them their first mention in Billboard magazine. ACIDIC also scored as first-time tour headliners, with great accolades - “Best Wednesday night in a year” (Herman’s Hideaway, Denver); and “Best Monday night ever!" (Machinery Row, Great Falls MT).

Los Angeles rock band ACIDIC launches the second leg of their Summer 2015 "Creatures" Tour on Thursday, August 14 with a show at The Knitting Factory in Spokane (see complete itinerary below).


Friday Aug. 14              KNITTING FACTORY Spokane, WA

Saturday Aug. 15         BROKE-A**ROCK SHOW Great Falls, MT

Tuesday Aug. 18          DEADWOOD GAMING RESORT Deadwood, SD

Wednesday Aug. 19    DEADWOOD GAMING RESORT Deadwood, SD

Friday Aug. 21              RTE 20 OUTHOUSE (WIIL ROCKFEST) Racine, WI

Friday Aug. 28             BUZZ TV (Interview/Performance) Los Angeles, CA

Saturday Sept. 5          TASTE OF MADISON FEST Madison, WI

Check Out ACIDIC at and Follow them on Facebook

Saturday, August 8, 2015

A Crooked Eye through the Looking Glass


11751433_1025491594136434_5863120254175444503_nAlbum Review of Crooked Eye Tommy’s new album - Butterflies and Snakes

Produced by Tommy Marsh, Dan Grimm and Tammy Mosby – Plano Road Publishing ASCAP

Reviewed by Joseph Timmons: Xombiewoof Magazine

Click Image to left to get Album on CDBaby

Crooked Eye Tommy erupted on the Southern California Blues scene in 2013 and has been rockin ever since with the exuberance and zeal the California Coast is known for, a love of music and a love of life. Crooked Eye Tommy has the distinction of not only being Semi-Finalists in the 2014 International Blues Challenge of Memphis Tennessee, but also won the Santa Barbara Blues Society Band Challenge. A close knit group of seasoned performers, Crooked Eye Tommy are, as they see it, Tommy Marsh- Head Lion Tamer and Ocular Alignment Specialist Paddy Marsh- Guitar Vocals and BAD ASS NESS Jimmy Calire- HOLY TOLEDO on The HAMMOND ORGAN & SAX GLADE "Boom Boom" Rasmussen - Bass Guitar a GOGO Tony Cicero- Resident skin slapper and Drum Magician. As you can tell, they come from the old road of musical genius.



In regards to the album, Butterflies and Snakes has the sound of the coast, flowing tones and rhythms steeped in Blues / Funk combinations, Jazzy overtones, solid lyrics and reminds me of the stone grooves that were prevalent in the late 60’s / early 70’s Blues – Rock Explosion that fueled bands like Blind Faith, Marshall Tucker, Grateful Dead and others. These hometown heroes of Ventura California have a serious side, “Serious Fun” and they show it on this album and on stage, their live performances have been heavily touted in the music press as being the “First stop on the endless highway of fun”, and in my opinion, the industry could learn a thing or two of what real talent is when listening to Crooked Eye Tommy Butterflies and Snakes.

Butterflies and Snakes, a collection of all original blues tracks, written by Tommy Marsh and powered by an ensemble of master musicians, gets your heart racing and your feet moving, the songs range from somber to celebratory and each features several of the blues styles in each track, never dry or “done before” each is unique when compared to the other album tracks and every song could be a number one hit, but being a hit does not strike me as Crooked Eye Tommy’s goal, but to be, just be the best you could see in a close quarter, crowded smokey dance hall with dance card one hand and a bourbon in the other.

Tracks like Come on In, I Stole The Blues, Tide Pool, After the Burn, Mad and Disgusted and others on this album have brass that is to be admired and respected, as well as the feeling that these men have cut their teeth on the best and the worst that life had to offer, but bit back hard. In the words of Tommy Marsh, “Come on In, You’re always welcome here, Make yourself at Home” among the Butterflies and Snakes.

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