Tuesday, January 28, 2014

New pick ups and pedals from Seymore Duncan

At 2014 NAMM, Seymour Duncan unveiled several new and exciting products. The Jason Becker Signature Humbucker, the Dimebag Darrell Signature set, the Black Winter for 7 and 8 string, which was a big hit, were well received.

NAMM was also where Seymore Duncan released the NY Series 4 and 5 string pick ups as well as the quarter pound jazz sets, all designed for maximum tone control, note sustain and deep crunch where needed.

In addition 2 new pedals... YES... PEDALS were spotlighted. Seymore Duncan,  in addition to a legacy of perfect tone was also known for his earlier lines of pedals and amps... could it be a sign of things to come?

If Seymore Duncan were to release additional lines to support the guitar world, the brand would dominate much of the metal world.

In addition, Schecter Guitar Research announced a new line of shredders that come equipped with the top models in Seymore Duncan's arsenal of devices.

Go to www.seymourduncan.com and www.schecterguitars.com for more information and where to grab these item for yourself.

Images of NAMM 2014

Some of the images of NAMM in Anaheim.  We saw way more than this and will post as much as possible.  I look forward to brining you more in the way of audio pod casts and videos. Check back often. You can also find us on YouTube -search for Xombiewoof and you will find us everwhere.