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Interview with Tom Bielek, the Bass player of RIVET

LisaSBy: Lisa "Sunshine" Svelnys

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I was fortunate enough to catch RIVET's set at The Viper Room a couple weeks ago, what we experienced was just "FIRE", this band was "ON FIRE", there was an especially LARGE crowd at the venue that night, especially on a Sunday.

It was time to catch up with RIVET, find out what makes their band tick, and "for sure" we needed to know when we could see them play again. I got in touch with Tom Bielek, and this is what I learned about the man behind the Bass.


DX0A9770_1013_edited-1Who are the current members of RIVET, What excites you about your current line-up?

“Mat Rile on Guitar, Sleight Hammond is Vocals, Sticky Von Stavinski on Drums and myself, Tom Bielek on Bass. The current lineup projects Rivet’s ideal chemistry. The enthusiasm, playing style, and performance is right on the mark with what we are all about.”

How did you come together as a band?

“We all joined at different times but came together through auditions for the band; each of us came from years of playing in other bands. Mat was from Trip Trigger, Sleight from Glass Shadow, Sticky from Anesthesia (New Mexico), and Tom from EOE (Pittsburgh).”

DX0A9673_0914_edited-1Where does your musical inspiration come from?

“Our inspiration comes from all the great classic rock bands; especially the raw and dirty ones.”

How old were you when you first started in the music industry?

“We all started performing when we were teenagers; the industry kind of grew on us from that point.”

Who does the songwriting in your band, explain your songwriting process.

“Mat does the songwriting and we finalize it over a series of rehearsals.”


DX0A9682_0924_edited-1What have you learned about the industry and yourself since you first started performing?

“The music industry has become very grassroots oriented. People who perfect their craft and work hard to promote their music usually grow faster. We book shows and do our best to support local bands when we can. We learned very early that we can make a huge difference by supporting each other.”

Which is your favorite song that you play live; can you explain the adrenaline you feel on stage?

“So many to choose from because they all give you a rush, Naked Queen is the one. Performing it is like a drug taking over your body, where all your senses are on high alert. It triggers your brain that it is time to rock the stage to the ground.”


DX0A9670_0912_edited-1What has been your biggest moment for the band so far?

“We recently had a few of our songs played on KLOS FM during the Heidi and Frank morning show. We are preparing to record some new songs, for our next record. We are just looking for the right place to record.”

Where and what would be your "dream gig"?

“Headlining a sold out show at the Staples Center is up there for sure.”


Where and when can your fan see you next?

“We’ll be at Loaded, on Hollywood Blvd, Sunday April 6th.”


DX0A9697_0941_edited-1What's on the plate for 2014?

“2014 is the year we record and release new material. Also we plan to promote and perform several shows to support the recording. Every year presents us with opportunities to have fun performing, work with great photographers and industry people, and connect with people who support the scene.”



Where and when can your fan see you next?

“We’ll be at Loaded, on Hollywood Blvd, Sunday April 6th.”


Find out more about RIVET, check out the links below.


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