Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Rikki Rockett’s Creepy Dolls Custom Drum Kit For Sale


rikkidollskitRikki Rockett of Los Angeles Legend and Poison Fame announced today the sale of his drum companies popular custom designed kit called “Creepy Dolls “ is up for sale on his Drum Works Web Site.

When Rikki Rockett opened his own custom drum company, we all knew magic would ensue, and kit after kit, there has never been any disappointment.

Rockett Drum Works designs and builds drum kits sought after by new and professional musicians worldwide and are hand produced and painted, each one a “one of a kind” creation that are hard core music machines forged by those who love music.




 When I met and interviewed  Rikki Rockett  for Xombiewoof Magazine, it was not only a great honor, but I can honestly say that not one person walked past his demo booth without spending a long time viewing and inspecting his creations.

One such kit is The “Creepy Dolls” kit, pictured here that was on the NAMM display and featured in articles and the like, now up for sale at http://www.rockettdrumworks.com


The “Creepy Dolls” Kit - Fully painted Original Art by Craig Fraser / Designed by: Rikki Rockett

Semi flat clear, Multi-colored powdercoated hardware on 8-Ply Maple.

Dimension Stats: 18x22, 10, 12, 14, 16 toms with a 6.5 x 14 snare.

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Call Rockett Drum Works for more info and viewing appointments: 661-379-7739

Rockett Drum Works can create a Custom Kit to any specification, make you Drum Dreams a Reality !

Contact Rockett Drum Works Today and get your Rhythm Rockin’ Rockett Style

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