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Lust Immortal and Forever Feisty



CD Review: Evil Monkey by Feisty Piranhas

Released in Posthumous Tribute to Peter Alex Lust III

Album Review by Joseph Timmons

Published by Mad Fish Productions and Available at



A band is more than a group of guys or gals that travel around and play together, they are a unified spirit, bonded by a “musical blood” that flows through them. It is with this in mind, that when a band member passes from this realm, unexpectedly and oh so too young, we all mourn not just what they were, but what they could be.

63604_10150141500972586_3047683_nPeter Alex Lust III was young, energetic and a fighter to the core, no stranger to hardship and with a history of beating the medical odds, not only had he become a great musician and frontman to the Feisty Piranhas, Peter also majored in Political Science at California State University at Channel Islands, graduated with a Bachelor's Degree and began to prepare himself for Law School. So his untimely death in December of 2013 was devastating to his band mates, but none more than the drummer of the band, who had seen Peter through all of his days in the Feisty Piranhas, through all his trials and tribulations in life, whom from day one loved peter more than life itself, the drummer, his father, Peter Lust Jr.

165098_10150141506182586_95043_nSince the death of Peter the younger, his father has held the band together and has created their new tribute album, Evil Monkey in memory of his son and 2 DVDs of Live Performances that chronicles and sets the foundation for his son’s legacy in music. These releases have captured the very essence of his son and the wonderful music he brought forth to his many fans and the pride to his family’s hearts.

Evil Monkey by Feisty Piranhas is a collected work of songs recorded ad tracked just prior to Peter’s death, but not completed, his father and the band completed the album and has released it to the public on their website, all proceeds of the CD sales and the DVD sales will support The Music Foundation For The Memory of Peter Alex Lust III.

165730_10150141504967586_2859994_nThe new album was mastered at the famed Bernie Grundman in Hollywood. Though dubbed a “pop-punk, rock & reggae” band, they are much more; they have vibrancy and a mystique that is quite difficult to put into words.

With driving rhythm and a pinch of rebel angst, a hard edge and a balanced, finished sound that rivals artists of longer past, the Feisty Piranhas are formidable. Feisty Piranhas have been compared to bands like NOFX, Green Day, Rush, Pink Floyd and for good reason; they have that something special that makes their music both hypnotic an enduring. It is, I feel, for this reason that this album Evil Monkey, will be the greatest memory of Peter Alex Lust III that will be like his spirit, an eternal reminder of his life.

63195_10150141505217586_1679665_nTracks on this album that stand out the most is a difficult phrase to say since all the tracks are momentous in themselves and all together magnificent.

I am however especially fond of what I feel are the best of the best on Evil Monkey – the songs  “Changing the World”, “This Is Her”, “Armageddon”, ”Shenanigans” and “Show Me A Free Man And I’ll Show You A Fool”.

For all the power and energy in the music, it is also very haunting, knowing that this voice is singing to us from beyond, proving there is a heaven and that an afterlife may be filled with eternal joy if a person like Peter Alex Lust is there to prepare a place for us to stay.

157046_10150141502882586_7915453_nIt is said, that when we mourn ones passing, it is not because they are no longer on this earth with us, but because we are here without them, with your permission and with a tissue in hand, I will say to you, with this album you can hold back your tears for another day.

Peter is here with us, listening to him sing and play, “Changing the World”, one day at a time.

Visit their web sites and support The Music Foundation for the Memory of Peter Alex Lust III by purchasing this great album and DVD collections- On the Web At, on Facebook and On YouTube.



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