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SABIAN HHX OMNI 19” and 22” Cymbals Out Now !



sabian_logo_640x492SABIAN HHX OMNI 19” and 22” Cymbals new for 2014

Product Review and Studio Test Results

Article by Joseph Timmons of Xombiewoof Magazine

Video Review and Demonstration at our YouTube Page – Click Here to Watch

When SABIAN introduced the AAX Omni in 2010, never had so much sonic contrast and versatility existed in just one cymbal. With the launch of a new HHX Omni, Jojo Mayer and SABIAN have taken those same sonic properties to a whole new level.

“I’m really more of a hand-hammered guy − I’m a fan of dark cymbals” comments Jojo Mayer. “The AAX Omni is a bright cymbal, and so I felt the need to have a version of that which caters more to my natural preference. However, because this is such a complex cymbal to produce, we began the R&D process with the AAX Omni, and once we had perfected that, applied the knowledge to the more intricate HHX hammered version.”

19_HHX_Omni_N_2The Sabian HHX OMNI is a cymbal that has multiple tonal qualities and has multiple surface areas that can be used for 100% efficiency in sound creation. With both hard “Dark” sounds and bright, shimmery after effects with a resonance that lingers, The Sabian HHX OMNI proves to be the cymbal for any and every drummer and percussion artist.

While both the AAX and HHX deliver outstanding contrast and versatility, the new dark Omni offers a couple of new dimensions. First, it provides more nuanced tone on the ride surface. This means the stick sound stays a safe distance from the body, refusing to get swallowed up no matter how loudly it’s played.

Second, it adds the dimension of playing with the shoulder, which not only has a wonderful texture, but also excites more of the cymbal’s body without activating the crash. These properties are unique to the HHX version, and are a direct result of the HHX hammering.

22_HHX_Omni_N_2“This cymbal really embodies the vision I had all along for a dark Omni,” says Mayer. “I can see playing it in any setting, from an acoustic jazz gig because it is so controllable, to a loud rock gig because of its stellar crash ride properties”.

“The vision for OMNI was always to create a cymbal with outstanding sonic contrast both on its own or with other cymbals. It’s a go-anywhere-play-anywhere cymbal, and you can play any gig with just this one cymbal,” adds SABIAN Master Product Specialist Mark Love. “I’m pleased to confirm that the HHX Omni is all of that – and much more.”

Here at Xombiewoof Magazine’s testing studio, we have to reciprocate that sentiment with our findings. Both the 19” HHX OMNI and the 22” HHX OMNI had similar qualities, the B20 Bronze formula that is wholly of Sabian’s design has proved that you can combine the Raw Energy of the material with fine honed craftsmanship.

Sabian HHX Omni Review and Demonstration from Xombiewoof Magazine

The Medium Center from the edge of the Bell down to the Extra-Thin Edge as overwhelming response, with loud sharp tones when given to abrupt attack patterns, but supple high and mid ranged “pings” on ride motions. The visual imagery is also quite nice; the balance of the visually intriguing dark natural hammered surface is balance with the fine “pin-point” lathing, giving a brilliant refection of light as the cymbal vibrates. Both ascetically and audibly appealing and pleasing, the Sabian HHX OMNI series cymbals will take the drum world by storm.


Not to enter the summer concert and festival event season with the Sabian HHX OMNI Cymbals as the only amazing new offering, Sabian is also offering up an new take on a recent innovation, the 13” JoJo Mayer Hoop Crasher.

14I was at the 2013 Winter NAMM Press Conference when JoJo Mayer appeared not more than 2 feet in front of me to announce the 14” Hoop Crasher model after years of research and development, along with an innumerable quantity of JoJo Mayer clinic and road tests. The JoJo Mayer Signature 14” Hoop Crashers was well received and quickly showed there was substantial demand for a 13” Hoop Crasher, which will be launched at the upcoming Summer NAMM show in Nashville, TN.

Designed by JoJo Mayer, the Hoop Crasher dual-ring effects device offers huge versatility and a massive palette of sound. Manufactured from a set of premium B20 Bronze hi-hats – the top flotation ring is punched with 32 holes for lightness and lift, while the heavier bottom ring is designed with an X-Celerator Air-Wave lip to eliminate airlock and minimize contact area with the snare head.

Attached by a pair of cotter pins, the two rings can be played free by simply removing the pins, allowing more flotation and lift of the top ring. For even more sound possibilities, the Hoop Crasher can be placed loosely on a snare drum, or, like the 14” model, it can be tightened down with a trio of adjustable tension clamps (included). Adjusting the pressure of the clamps affects sustain, allowing the player to dial in long sounds, as in a “dubstep” tempo, or short, tight sounds, mimicking the electronic percussion sounds on a traditional kit.


Sabian Hoop Crashers Demonstration at NAMM Convention with JoJo Mayer

*Note: The Video Sound Quality was not the best due to high noise volumes during event.

An important advantage of the Hoop Crasher over other snare devices is that you can actually play the snare drum and not change its sound. This allows you to bring in the effect of the Hoop Crasher whenever you need it, ideal for subdivisions and creative percussion experimentation.

For more information, please visit and get your sticks ready for some serious summer fun with the HHX OMNI Series 19” and 22” Cymbals and the 13” JoJo Mayer Hoop Crashers.

If you have never seen the Sabian Hoop Crashers in Action, Check out our 2013 NAMM Coverage Video featuring JoJo Mayer in our YouTube Archives - Click Here to Watch!

Visit Sabian at to locate a retailer near you, and follow them on Facebook for exciting news on the upcoming products.


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