Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Fluidity of a Personal Nervous Breakdown the Heals

CD Review: A Separate / Divide by Liquid Casing

Happy Astronaut Recordings 2013


Review by Joseph Timmons: Xombiewoof.Com Magazine

The newest offering of music by Liquid Casing is a triumph of introspective ambience and soulful vibrato, it is not an album to be listened to but experienced. With atonal qualities and resonating dissonance, it works its way into your very fiber and swells into a living part of you.

Such is Music Therapy

Akin to music created by historic groundbreaking artists like King Crimson, Pink Floyd, Spooky Tooth and of recent years Tool / A Perfect Circle, A Separate / Divide gives the listener something to hear, energetic, original and fresh, it speaks to you on an inner plane. This album is edgy and asymmetric; yet whole, not a moment is wasted in its highly emotional rollercoaster of sound.

I harken to King Crimson’s Court of The Crimson King, an album that was in its day the apex of experimental sound, like that album, A Separate / Divide, with its quick tempo changes, choral structures and use of horns and instrumental waves creates an environment into which the listener is thrown hoping to find something to cling to while floating in its rapids of sound.

From out of Houston, TX they come to energize the music scene of America, and not a moment too soon, their album is available in CD and digital download, but it belongs on Vinyl, 180gm to be exact, Archival quality to be sure.

In this review I will not list tracks, I want you to get this album and be struck in awe from the beginning.

For my favorite track…. Every song is just part of one; it is all encompassing, get it and love it, I Did !

Now, go take your meds.

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