Wednesday, October 9, 2013




Sonor announces the launch of the limited edition Sunset kit, featuring German Beechwood which produces a warm, balanced tone with low frequency punch.

Shipping in October, only 25 Sunset kits will be available via Sonor Certified Plus dealers located across the USA.

Handmade in Germany, this kit is a gorgeous transparent red over a luxurious Birdseye Maple veneer. The beech shells offer evenly balanced lows, mids and highs and the consistent tone supports tremendous projection and dynamics.

The standard kit consists of an 18”x14” bass drum, 12”x8” rack tom and a 14”x14” floor tom with a 14”x5” snare being offered as an option. These drums will feature top shelf fittings, the T.A.R. mounting system, (Total Acoustic Resonance allowing toms to resonate more freely), tuning lugs with TuneSafe, OSM (Optimum Shell Measurement allowing better contact between the bearing edge and the drum head) and Remo USA heads. The optional snare features the new Dual Glide system.

“We are thrilled that Sonor was able to create a limited edition beauty like this for the US market” said Larry Nelson, Product Manager for SONOR US. “It’s shame we’re only getting twenty-five!”

For jazz players, Sunset will provide the tone, the classic look and the sizes necessary to sound and look great.

MAP Sunset $2,199.00 / MAP Add-on Snare $569.00


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