Wednesday, October 23, 2013



LUTU-21S[1]Lanikai is now shipping the worlds best-selling LU Series Ukuleles equipped with new, exclusive TunaUke Intonation Technology.

Nearly three years in development, TunaUkes feature a compensated nut and movable saddle delivering significant intonation improvement for the short scale ukulele.

“Uke players don’t know what they have been missing, most ukuleles have never sounded this good and only Lanikai’s TunaUke offers this performance,” commented Product Manager Leon Lewis. “Intonation is improved by up to 90%, falling within +/- 5 cents on every fret up the neck when tested using a strobe tuner,” he added.

Lanikai has now shifted all LU series model ukuleles to the TunaUke equipped versions including popular models such as the LUTU-21S ($125 Retail) and the LUTU-21C ($180 Retail). “TunaUke technology is the future of Lanikai,“ commented Director of Marketing & Sales, Scott Emmerman. “Once even the most discerning player experiences a TuneUke equipped uke, it’s really difficult for them to go back to playing out of tune and unfortunately, due to their nylon strings and short scales, most ukuleles have this issue. We are very proud to bring this innovation to the market,” he concluded.


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