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Operation: Giving Back Christmas Gets Pink Velvet Krushed

mike RitchieFrom The Pit – Music and Show Reviews

By Mike Ritchie

Publishers Note: Due to Holiday Deadlines this article was published late: Original Date for Publishing was 12/20/2015

On Saturday December 13th The Old Crow Bar in Middletown hosted a special benefit for two families of the Heavy Metal Church of Christ in need over the holiday season. All bands, contributors and supporters volunteered their time and talents (many driving a distance) to help out making sure the families had necessities and the combined seven children, infant to mid-teen, had goodies and toys from Santa under the tree. The Skull Dollz also made an appearance for photo ops and other assorted good natured skullduggery. A donation bin was also previously set up to collect items all of which along with show proceeds will be given to the family on the 23rd.

The owners and staff of the Old Crow were generous with the event, assisting organizer Teri Spence with the offered buffet and setup. Spence also expressed sincere gratitude to Steven Van Skoyck and Tiffany Zulock Van Skoyck, Jessica Tinch, Allen Phyllis, Ann Mason, Ericka McGowan and Michael Anspach along with Rachel Smith, Chrystal Kay, Angie Johnson Castle and Samantha Noble Baumgartner from the Dollz for their hard work and assistance. Tim Guilfoyle from Queen City Drums and Wildman Walker were also in attendance to help support.

Raffled items included numerous gift cards from PF Chang’s, First Watch Restaurant, Frickers, Godfathers Pizza, Chipotle, Rose Retro Rock Shop, assorted metal CD’s, jewelry custom made by Spence and stem wear from BJ’s Brewhouse. The two most popular items of the night were autographed memorabilia/merch personally donated from Straight Line Stitch and Jerry Only of The Misfits.

Cody Ridenour opened with a one man acoustic jam, sharing the spotlight with his lovely wife Chelsea a few songs in. Almost all originals from the Germantown by way of St. Petersburg Florida solo guitarist. Starting with original “Today We Pray” followed by “How Long”, he played and sang with passion pulling unexpected power out of the ‘unplugged’ strings. Thinking ahead he one-upped the crowd and played some Skynyrd with the “Simple Man”. He finished with the impassioned “Cyanide” (You’ve Wrecked Me) ending with a co-written duet with his wife on “Broken Hearted.”

Casey and the NobodiesCasey and the Nobodies were next, as the one man jam trend continued. Known for acoustic blues, rock and classic country Casey took over the stage starting with original “Knock on My Door” followed by Alice’s sweet song of war and the “Rooster”. Another of Casey’s originals said “Gotta Get Out” and Chris Isaak said it was a “Wicked Game” to play, to make the video feel that way. The king of pop comes clean about “Billie Jean” sort of, she’s just a girl, alas we’ll never know if he’s the father. The Black Crows still talk to angels and Neil Young is ageless and timeless rocking his crazy horse in the free world.

All the Children made the 3 ½ hour drive from Morehead KY to help the cause. Playing a set of original alternative rock with a few covers they jammed out “Free Slave”. Alex Clare got a shout out on “Too Close” then made a statement with “We Are One”, the first tune played off their demo. There’s a “Man Overboard” as water engulfs the lungs played with early Nirvana attitude, before the baby went swimming. EP opener “Battle Cry” was next followed by the catchy bounce of “Prepare for War”. Alternative Aussies Silver Chair got some rare love on the lesser known “Pure Massacre” off Frogstomp. They finished with the honkey-tonked electric sound of “Airlock” with a touch of a space odyssey.

Cincinnati’s Shadow of Shepherd is a three brother alternative rock trio. Opening with a one-two “alt” punch they decided to “Send the Pain Below” with Chevelle and Wonder What’s Next opener “Family System”. They switched genre’s slightly with “Somewhere in the Sky” by Kutless. They played original “Fight” then switched feet with Switchfoot on “Meant to Live”. They let their light “Shine” down with some Collective Soul finishing with original “I am Alive”.

Rock CandyAll right ladies pay attention and guys, listen up - Rock Candy was here and they took all the good little boys to school. The all- female trio from Cincinnati kicked out some sweet tunes starting right up your alley with one of the classiest lady rebels of early 80’s rock and 2015 RNR Hall of Fame Inductee Miss Joan Jett. Yeah, we’ve all been there cause I “Hate Myself for Loving You”.

They pulled out a youthful Sammy Hagar and some of his “Rock Candy”, not in a three lock box. They went old 80’s LA back to the Hollywood Sunset with a young, hungry Crue that’s “Too Fast for Love.” He toured with them in ’83 but for tonight Ozzy’s riding solo on the “Crazy Train”. They got humble playing the “Fool for a Pretty Face”, we’ve all been hurt by love. They finished with an all-girl original “Calling all Girls”.

Coming from Milford Ohio, Dear Agony “smoked” the stage playing a set of originals and covers. Only being together as a band for a couple months they played with experience from their previous stint as Arcadia Backfire. They were kinda like “Whatever” with Godsmack, shared their “Epiphany” with Staind and staged an electric sit down “to get to know everyone’ like “Nothing Else Matters” according to Hetfield. Two of the five originals played included the smooth rocking “Face the Day” and the more emotionally charged “Survive”.

Clockwork SoulDayton’s new and improved for the next generation ClockWork Soul was next with the killer eyes and growl of Mystie Rose. One could and probably would think to see them all on stage that they’re a bit “Out There”. Rose speaks the voice of experience about bad relationships.

Make sure the person shares the same feelings you do or you’re living in a “Masquerade”. They play with the BulletBoys and declare, they’ll come back to you “When Pigs Fly”.

Pink Velvet Krush is a modern day throwback to the decadent 80’s glam and sleaze under the blazing LA sunset. Reminiscent of Faster Pussycat and LA Guns, with former members of Bullet Boys, Pretty Boy Floyd, Britney Fox, Steelheart, Dust N’ Bones and Vaudeville, it’s a mass super-group of hair-sprayed experience still swimming in the Aqua Net. They can talk about the Head Bangers Ball days because they lived it, bringing an 80’s arena show style and delivery to the club stage in the vein of Motley Crue with guitar mannerisms of Tipton and Downing.

Pink Velvet KrushDoug Savage keeps the frontman flame alive with everything we fondly remember from the days of decadence with a finger point or raised fist. The Krush started with “Nothin’ to Lose”. Metallica said “Misery Loves Company” on the black album but PVK’s saying it now. They slowed it down a little bringing the symbolic lighters up feeding their lonesome, twisted “Obsession”.

The dirty blues blasted rocker “F.S.O.A” (Fifty Shades of Anything) chugged along, accompanied by the more serious, life on the road retro feel of “You Take My Life”.

Ladies, Savage and the boys wanna make you “Scream”!

That good ole’ damn “Ball and Chain” came out swinging, kicking out the blues and they got two bullets, “One Shot” left to shoot to thrill. They ended the originals with EP title track “Break These Chains”, then asked if anybody was in the mood for some classic ‘hair’ metal.

They decided to break all the rules at the Girlschool with Britney Fox, and then got Smooth Up in ya with the BulletBoys because there were no Congo drums for St. Christopher. They finished with that lovely lady who just can’t go living after midnight as she cries “Somebody Save Me”.

Those still interested in donating to the families may contact Teri Spence at , Happy Holidays everyone!

All images by Mike Ritchie

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Ibanez and Paul Stanley Reunite

140706_PaulStanley_A#CA659AIbanez approached KISS frontman, Paul Stanley, to collaborate on a signature guitar that would become the instrument with which he would be forever associated. Now, for the first time since 1996, Paul and Ibanez have reunited to re-issue three exciting new versions of the original Paul Stanley Signature Model.

"Renewing my collaboration with Ibanez feels like going home to where it all started,” commented Stanley. “The guitars we created remain iconic and we will celebrate them and more as we move forward into our future together."

“We’re very excited to be partnering again with Paul Stanley,” said Ibanez Artist Relations Manager, Mike Taft. “It’s been an amazing year for both Paul and the band, including the release of his best-selling autobiography, the band’s long overdue induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and the ongoing world tour to commemorate their 40th Anniversary together. I couldn't think of a better time for Paul to reunite with Ibanez. Along with their distinctive styling, these historic instruments have proven themselves on albums and in concert worldwide, where their sound has made them sought after by guitarists for decades."

Photo Credit: Brian Lowe

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Siena Root: Climb aboard the new Magic Bus

2096_SienaRoot-720x720Album Review: Pioneers by Siena Root

Available on: Cleopatra Records

Reviewed by: Joseph Timmons: Xombiewoof Magazine

The Rock & Roll of the Late 60s and 70s brought to us visionary musical genius that sang with a deep growl and played with a hypnotic and fiery passion, as time continued, many of these voices changed or simply slipped away into the night on the blues train to obscurity. The British Invasion brought us bands like Deep Purple, The Who, Led Zeppelin and others that had the Blues induced power chords and the driving beat to back it up. Now, in the tradition of true “Stoner Rock” a Swedish band named Siena Root takes us on a new ride through the parallel dimension of both time and space.

IMGP0612Siena Root came to life in Stockholm in the late 90's and is today considered one of the pioneering Swedish bands in old school rock music. In 2004, when the internet and mp3’s were the new deal, the band persistently released their debut album as a double vinyl LP. Listeners would start carrying down their old turntables from the attic, thus marking the first steps in what we today refer to as “the retro trend”. The live act came to be an uncompromising show, using all the heavy vintage equipment that most bands lack the strength and passion to carry along. Even a full size multi-track tape recorder was brought on tour during the recording of the live album. With the immense dedication to do it all the way, Siena Root would always stand out from the others.

Since the beginning, Siena Root has mostly performed as an experimental collective, the foundation being a trio with guitar, bass and drums. Several guest musicians would complete the line-up, and the fans would never expect to see the same show twice. The result was a rare musical diversity throughout the first five albums and hundreds of live shows. Some of these skilled musicians eventually became more frequent, until Siena Root finally decided to settle as a solid five-piece rock act. The adventure continues, and the pioneers are getting ready to plant another flag in the land of root rock!



releasefestThis is the US debut album, from Siena Root, described as a heavy, heady blend of Deep Purple & Iron Butterfly. This Psychedelic / Folk Rock ensemble, Sam Riffer on Bass, Love Forsberg on Percussion, Erik "Errka" Petersson on Organ, Matte Gustavsson on Guitar and the amazing Jonas "Joe Nash" Ã…hlen providing Vocals have a sound that rivals the bands that paved the way for many of today’s Rock bands yet have a unique and tremendous sound of their own. Presently working on a world tour, Siena Root will definitely make grandstand appearances through Europe, and quite possibly the United States.

Siena Root’s newest album Pioneers is a testament to the skill of the group and a reverence to the style which is their devotion. Pioneers, released on Cleopatra Records is a must listen and will love album for the serious rocker and for the new to the genre collector, Pioneers, the bands fifth Studio album and first US Release album this album completes their discography and is only the tip of the massive “rockberg” that flows through the ocean of time. Their full album history is massive:

· Pioneers - Album (2014)

· Conveniently Blind - 7" Single (2013)

· Root Jam - Double Live Album (2011)

· Kalejdoskop - Live DVD (2010)

· Different Realities. Album (2009)

· Far From The Sun - Album (2008)

· Kaleidoscope - Album (2006)

· Mountain Songs - 7" Single (2005)

· A New Day Dawning - Double Album (2004)

Siena Root Press 7

Pioneers is a collection of powerful songs and includes a fantastic tribute / cover of Whole Lotta Love which as many know is a difficulty to empower, until now I had never heard a rendition with as much feeling and definition as the original. This album is a definite 5 Star, will shine forever release and already looks to be one of the Top Albums for 2015. As quoted in interview, Mick Box of the legendary Rock Group Uriah Heep said “It’s nice to hear a band like Siena Root playing it for real in this overly-processed world that we live in. Power to them, and I wish them all the success in the world!” – We at Xombiewoof agree in total!


Traveling threw Santa maria i found some of the best live music, both for the holidays and every season to come. 

Just a gimps, we have a world renown violinist who as of 2015 will once a month perform his masterpieces at the healing rooms next to the Santa maria airport. RICK TAYLOR  his music will move you into the holiday spirit and  from a fun loving man with ambition for the ages will keep you intrigued for the whole set.
Personal note, this was a religious event and i wasn't under the pressure to join or praise for everyone was there for the music and to open our hearts to the music. 

For the more social seen, you can grab a bite to eat and drink wile listening to live music the Santa maria mall, a hidden gem known as the Market is the place to go. with monthly events and saviory  food its a great place. personal note i never went in side or thought about  the mall for a get away but we all were in love with the service and over all experience  
The  Highway 1 was also performing at our Santa maria mall and shows that at any place or age you can still rock.

speaking of a great sound,threw 
Chumash i was able to see the lovely lady, the most awesome melissa ethieridege.
 statement "music is the way of life".
Personal note. on this event  "don't miss out" i had so much fun and with great music how could it get any better. The performance was exciting and the overall event was full of life and music that makes you move i can only say i wanted more. After the ancore was met the new songs and new vibrant gutiar solo were to die for, i cant wait to own this album.

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"The Dream," a mesmerizing tune by acclaimed award-winning L.A. Goth-Metal rock band Le Reverie selected as the Theme Song for upcoming goth-horror film "Lake Eerie," has also been tapped for use in the current "Lake Eerie" Post-Production Kickstarter campaign. Kickstarter has selected the "Lake Eerie" campaign as their Featured Project, now through Wednesday, January 7, 2015.



More information at:

For a pledge of $5,000 or more, your company's logo and information will be highlighted in the end credits of "Lake Eerie,", as well as on the homepage of Lake Eerie's website. Additionally, your company logo will be on Lake Eerie's Red Carpet Banners for the World Premiere. Last but not least, you and a guest will receive 2 VIP Tickets to the Red Carpet Event for Lake Eerie's World Premiere.

Le Reverie front person Allie Jorgen (left) pictured with "Lake Eerie" star Lance Henriksen (right) at the film's cast and crew Wrap party at the House of Blues in Los Angeles this Summer, Le Reverie also performed at the event.

Le Reverie performed at an exclusive concert and after-party for the cast and crew of "Lake Eerie" at the House of Blues in Hollywood this past August, attended by numerous celebrities from both the movie and music industries, including all the members of metal icons, Hellion. 

"Le Reverie is honored to have our song “The Dream” featured as the theme song for the upcoming Gothic Horror Film Lake Eerie," says front person, Allie Jorgen. "It has been great working with the film's Director, Chris Majors, and Producer/Writer, Meredith Majors, to make “The Dream” the theme song for Lake Eerie.  The cast and crew of Lake Eerie are all awesome people and we are excited to be part of this great project.  We can’t wait to meet everyone at the Lake Eerie Cast and Crew Party at the House of Blues on Thursday, August 28, and play our song LIVE for all of Team Eerie!

"We are absolutely in awe at our team of artists, who collaborated on Lake Eerie, and Le Reverie is the icing on the cake with their amazing song "The Dream," chosen as our theme music for Lake Eerie's scary story line of what lies in the darkness," said Meredith Majors, Lake Eerie's Producer and Writer. 

Lake Eerie is about a young widow who moves into a house on Lake Erie to recover from her husband's sudden death, who is then enveloped by a whirlwind of tragedy and dark forces and must fight back and figure out the evil truth before it's too late.

More on Lake Eerie at /


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DeeDeeRamone_PhotobyEdPerlsteinBass includes exclusive scrapbook and poster featuring Ramone’s personal writings, drawings and photographs

Fender is extremely proud to announce the Dee Dee Ramone Precision Bass guitar, based on the instrument Dee Dee played with seminal punk rock band the Ramones.

The bass guitar, which is debuting at the “Dee Dee Ramone Exhibition” located at New York City’s famed Hotel Chelsea from December 10 – January 1, will be available for sale at authorized Fender dealers and on on January 22.

Punk bass starts with Douglas “Dee Dee Ramone” Colvin. As the pounding heart of the Ramones, he pioneered a no-frills sound and style that left a permanent mark on rock music. On a white Fender Precision Bass slung impossibly low, he defined punk bass with simple but breakneck bass lines delivered with such pulverizing sound, speed and conviction that he singlehandedly set the template for generations of punk bassists to come.

The Dee Dee Ramone Precision Bass guitar honors him with reverence and authenticity, just like any bassist since who’s ever planted his feet in a wide stance, slung a P Bass® below the beltline and yelled a manic “1-2-3-4” count-off.

Features include an Olympic White gloss finish, maple neck with “C”-shaped profile and vintage-style heel truss-rod adjustment, 9.5”-radius maple fingerboard with 20 vintage-style frets, split single-coil pickup, three-ply black pickguard and vintage-style bridge with four single-groove saddles.

Additional features include Dee Dee Ramone’s signature on the back of the headstock, special “Dee Dee Ramone One Two Three Four” inscribed neck plate, vintage-style heel truss-rod adjustment, ‘70s Fender logo decal and a single disk string tree.

Finally, the Dee Dee Ramone Precision Bass guitar includes an exclusive 40-page full-color scrapbook featuring never before seen photos of Dee Dee, as well as his personal illustrations, artwork and doodles, and a biography and quotes from musicians and personal friends of Dee Dee. It also includes a sticker and 18” x 24” color poster of Dee Dee playing his P Bass live with the Ramones.

“Dee Dee is the very definition of a punk rock icon,” said Justin Norvell, vice president, marketing for Fender. “He exemplified that fact, that all you need is the desire and will to pick up an instrument, and you can change the world. We are incredibly honored to recreate his bass guitar and to help edify his place in musical history in a way that fans can share.”

For more information, go to

About Fender Musical Instruments Corporation  Fender Musical Instruments Corporation (FMIC) is one of the world’s leading musical instrument manufacturers, marketers and distributors, whose portfolio of brands includes Fender®, Squier®, Gretsch®, Jackson®, Takamine®, EVH®, Charvel® and Groove Tubes®, among others. For more information, visit


Hello Fans of Good Music:

Quite a bit going on here at Hidden Volume in December. First up, two HUGE releases from the HiVo Hit Factory with singles by Cleveland's Whiskey Daredevils and New Jersey mods The Insomniacs. Both bands' histories go way back and have graced labels from Estrus Records to Screaming Apple to Sympathy for the Record Industry. And these two will have you reaching for your wallet, er, scrambling for your turntable because they straight up RULE. Just head over to if you don't believe us.

Secondly, we have new stickers, a killer new T-shirt and you should be the first to know it's confirmed we will be doing singles by Philly organ-pumpers The GTVs and Toronto slash-n-burn garagepunks, Pow Wows. Not only that but stay tuned for singles by Japanese fuzz monsters The Routes, mysterious Vox punishers The Noble Krell and a split from The Improbables and The Stents (first release since 2013). Plus a ton of other records we can't even wrap our brains around right now.
XMAS: we will be shipping out records up until the end of the year but if you are looking to get something by Xmas (domestic orders only) you will need to get your order in by DEC 16 to be safe. No exceptions.

And yes, we will have a big year-end wrap up and (hopefully) all-inclusive thank you list coming soon. I'm sure you can hardly wait.

Dig the now sound of NOW! HV0010 The Whiskey Daredevils

"Don't Talk to Connie" b/w "Please Stop Hitting Connie"First 250 on gold wax, first 50 ship with exclusive Connie Coozie.

Two country punk infused tunes from Cleveland's demented roots rockers, The Whiskey Daredevils. The raucous A-side sprung from an overheard conversation at a dive bar in central Ohio and the slow burning flip side has been called "the worst possible song title."—by the band itself. Features two ex-Cowslingers and a guy who sometimes plays in reformed proto-punks Rocket From The Tombs.

Heavy on the reverb and twang, pal. First 250 are on GOLD wax and first 50 orders ship with exclusive Whiskey Daredevils "Don't Talk to Connie" frosty beverage koozie! But that's not all! If you order from you'll get an exclusive BONUS DOWNLOAD unreleased live cut of "Empty Out the Shake" recorded last year at the Beachland Ballroom in Cleveland, OH. We're that nice. Printed on super heavy board with cover art by the one and only Carl Nielson (BellTowers, Stents "Limbs" covers). Edition of 500. The Insomniacs
"Today's the Way" b/w "Mr. Yesterday
First 250 on white vinyl, first 50 ship with exclusive Today's the Way Pin







The return of this legendary NJ mod power pop trio. Two sides of their sound are represented with "Today's The Way" bringing the sweet Big Star/Teenage Fanclub-esque pop while "Mr. Yesterday" hits with the garage rock (and tremolo) power they are known for. After tons of records on labels like Estrus and Screaming Apple, they aren't showing any signs of slowing down. First 250 on WHITE vinyl, black inner sleeve, comes with exclusive Insomniacs 1.25" button (in the first 50 orders)! Printed full color on super heavy stock with art by X10. Edition of 500. PLAY LOUD. 





HiVo Stickers are here! After many requests we finally have some amazing stickers. Luxurious all-weather 4" stickers in two varieties (designed by mega intern Jen D) to suite all your stickering needs. Included FREE in every order, boss. 




COMING SOON Super stoked to announce all-new HiVo T-shirts with artwork by thee Nolen Strals! Super soft discharge printing on these sweet cherry red t-shirts, in sizes Small to 2XL. Limited quantities. Keep yr eye peeled. 






HV001 The Stents "Meet Mike Hate"HV002 The Stents "Limbs"
HV003 The Delusionaires "The Scrump"
HV004 The BellTowers "No Matter"
HV005 The Ar-Kaics "Sick and Tired" SOLD OUT
HV006 The Torments "The Creamer"
HV007 Sick Thoughts "I Got Hands" SOLD OUT
HV008 The Improbables "Bad Vibrations"
HV009 Quitty & The Don'ts "Running Out of Time"

HV0010 The Whiskey Daredevils "Don't Talk to Connie"
HV0011 The Insomniacs "Today's the Way"

HV0013 The Noble Krell
HV0014 The Routes
HV0015 The Improbables/The Stents split single
PLUS: Pow Wows, GTVS, Subsonics, The Swamps and more!


ENABLER announces co-headlining North American tour with CALL OF THE VOID

Ohio-based hardcore/metal outfit ENABLER will be touring North America next year as co-headliners with CALL OF THE VOID!

See below for all upcoming dates.

Led by frontman, songwriter, and guitarist Jeff Lohrber, ENABLER stands as one of the most honest, pissed off, and heartfelt metallic hardcore bands around today. The band's sound, which is a unique mixture of thrash, death metal, punk rock, and hardcore has made an impact all over the world since their debut EP, Eden Sank to Grief, was first released on Andy Hurley's (FALL OUT BOY, RAICETRATOR) FC Records in 2010. Two full length albums, three EPs, and multiple split and compilation appearances have been released on various labels since then, including the critically acclaimed La Fin Absolue Du Monde, which will be re-issued on Dec. 8th via Century Media Records Europe with 3 additional tracks.

La Fin Absolue Du Monde official European track-listing
1. Close My Eyes
2. New Life
3. Neglect
4. I've Got A Bad Feeling About This
5. Information Overload
6. Balance of Terror
7. World Sterilization
8. The Exiles
9. Prey
10. Sickened By The Wake
11. Rain Darkness
12. Felony
13. Linear Existence
14. Consequence
15. Live Low (bonus)
16. Mortal Enemy (bonus)
17. Seekers of the Truth (bonus CRO-MAGS cover)

ENABLER tour dates with CALL OF THE VOID

Feb. 6, 2015 - Columbus Ohio - Carabar *
Feb. 7, 2015 - St. Louis, MO - The Demo
Feb. 8, 2015 - Memphis, TN - Hitone
Feb. 9, 2015 - Dallas, TX - Three Links
Feb. 10, 2015 - Houston, TX - Walter's
Feb. 11, 2015 - San Antonio, TX - TBA
Feb. 12, 2015 - Austin, TX - Red 7
Feb. 13, 2015 - Albuquerque, NM - House show
Feb. 14, 2015 - Mesa, AZ - 51west
Feb. 15, 2015 - San Diego, CA - Tower Bar
Feb. 16, 2015 - Tijuana, MEX - You Revolution Bar
Feb. 17, 2015 - Los Angeles, CA - 5 Star
Feb. 18, 2015 - Bakersfield, CA - Jerry's Pizza
Feb. 19, 2015 - Sacramento, CA - The Blue Lamp
Feb. 20, 2015 - Berkeley, CA - Gilman St
Feb. 21, 2015 - Portland, OR - High Water Mark
Feb. 22, 2015 - Vancouver, CAN - 333 w/ THE DRIP
Feb. 23, 2015 - Seattle, WA - Highline w/ THE DRIP
Feb. 24, 2015 - Spokane, WA - The Hop w/ THE DRIP
Feb. 25, 2015 - Boise, ID - Shredder         
Feb. 26, 2015 - Salt Lake City, UT – TBA
Feb. 27, 2015 - Denver, CO - Hi Dive
Feb. 28, 2015 - Omaha, NE - West Wing *
Mar. 1, 2015 - Peoria, IL - Encounter *
Mar. 2, 2015 - Chicago, IL - Cobra Lounge *
*=ENABLER only

ENABLER online:

Monday, December 8, 2014



Bonzo Bash confirms drummers for California Music Fest - Tichy/Sutton Productions with Ludwig-Musser Drums and Percussion as main sponsor! Jan. 2015 - Santa Ana, CA.

After much-hyped speculation, Tichy/Sutton Productions is pleased to announce the first round of artists who will be participating in the inaugural California Music Fest at the Observatory in Santa Ana, CA in January 2015.  For three nights, some of music’s most prolific artists will come together and pay tribute to their heroes for a legendary weekend of music and madness.

With Bonzo Bash creator Brian Tichy newly endorsed by Ludwig-Musser Drums and Percussion, the legendary Ludwig is revealed as the main sponsor of the 2015 Bonzo Bash!

Led Zeppelin's John Henry "Bonzo" Bonham is consistently regarded as the #1 drummer in rock. Bonham played Ludwig drums his whole career and his name is synonymous with Ludwig. Having Ludwig sponsor Bonzo Bash gives an added authenticity to the celebration! Tichy / Sutton Productions is very excited to have the two entities come together, all in the name of John Bonham!

Producers Brian Tichy and Joe Sutton have been creating unique celebration concerts for the past several years, and have now combined them into one weekend of music and madness to coincide with NAMM January 22, 23 & 24, 2015.

Thursday, January 22nd, 2015 kicks off with Bonzo Bash. This was the first of these shows that Tichy & Sutton have produced, with the first one taking place in April 2010, on the 30th anniversary of Bonham’s passing.  They have since taken the show to both coasts, with California Music Fest 2015 sure to be the mightiest one yet. The show highlights the industry’s top drummers playing their favorite Led Zeppelin tunes. Tichy/Sutton have taken this Bonzo Bash one epic step further by including all 4 Ludwig drum kits Bonham used throughout his career with Led Zeppelin.  Each drummer will be accompanied by house band The Moby Dicks.

The following artists have been confirmed to participate in this year’s Bonzo Bash:

  • Kenny Aronoff (John Mellencamp / John Fogerty / Smashing Pumpkins)
  • Charlie Benante (Anthrax)
  • Joe Franco (Good Rats / Twisted Sister)
  • John Hummel (Lady Gaga)
  • Brandon Kachel (Barbarian Overlords)
  • Corky Laing (Mountain / Bonzo Bash Legend Award Recipient)
  • Dave Lombardo (Slayer / Philm)
  • Robert Mason (Warrant)
  • Stephen Perkins (Jane’s Addiction)
  • Mike Portnoy (The Winery Dogs / Dream Theater)
  • Gregg Potter (The Buddy Rich Band)
  • Dizzy Reed (Guns N' Roses / The Dead Daisies / Hookers & Blow)
  • Bobby Rondinelli (Rainbow / Black Sabbath)
  • Matt Starr (Ace Frehley / Mr. Big)
  • Todd Sucherman (Styx)
  • Jason Sutter (Marilyn Manson / Foreigner / Chris Cornell)
  • Mike Terrana (Rage / Yngwie Malmsteen / Tony Macalpine)
  • Brian Tichy (Whitesnake / Foreigner / Ozzy Osbourne / Billy Idol)
  • Franklin Vanderbilt (Lenny Kravitz / Stevie Wonder / Chaka Khan)
  • Phil X (The Drills / Bon Jovi)

The Moby Dicks are: Michael Devin (Whitesnake), Stephen LeBlanc (Jason Bonham’s Led Zeppelin Exp.), Brian Tichy (Whitesnake / Foreigner / Ozzy Osbourne / Billy Idol), Chas West (Bonham), Brent Woods (Vince Neil / Sebastian Bach).

Friday January 23rd, 2015 the madness continues with Randy Rhoads Remembered, a celebration of the brilliant and original Ozzy Osbourne guitarist Randy Rhoads. Tichy and Sutton created this event in 2013 after agreeing Randy Rhoads surely deserved recognition for his musical impact. They are both huge fans of Rhoads’, and Tichy himself played with Ozzy Osbourne. Randy’s brother Kelle performs and his sister Kathy Rhoads, shares her stories making this a very touching and personal experience for all involved.

The following artists have been confirmed as participants in Randy Rhoads Remembered:

  • Kathy Rhoads D’Argenzio
  • Michael Devin (Whitesnake)
  • Dave Ellefson (Megadeth)
  • Gus G (Ozzy Osbourne / Firewind)
  • Joel Hoekstra (Whitesnake / Night Ranger)
  • Nik Kai (Kemical Kill)
  • Stephen LeBlanc (Jason Bonham’s Led Zeppelin Exp.)
  • Kiko Louriero (Angra)
  • Marzi Montazeri (Philip H. Alselmo & The Illegals / Marzi Montazeri’s Heavy As Texas)
  • Mike Orlando (Adrenaline Mob / Tred)
  • Mitch Perry (Cher / Edgar Winter)
  • Kelle Rhoads
  • Rowan Robertson (Dio / DC4)
  • Janet Robin (Student of Randy Rhoads / Lindsey Buckingham)
  • Rudy Sarzo (Ozzy Osbourne / Quiet Riot / Whitesnake / Queensryche)
  • Jeff Scott Soto (Journey / Talisman)
  • Alex Skolnick (Testament / Alex Skolnick Trio)
  • Phil Soussan (Ozzy Osbourne / Ronnie James Dio / Billy Idol)
  • Brian Tichy (Whitesnake / Foreigner / Ozzy Osbourne / Billy Idol)
  • Chas West (Bonham)
  • Brent Woods (Student of Randy Rhoads / Vince Neil / Sebastian Bach)
  • Phil X (The Drills / Bon Jovi)
  • Roy Z (Halford / Bruce Dickinson / Tribe of Gypsies / Glenn Hughes)

In addition to this lineup, there will be some very specials guests - some will be announced and some won’t, so stay tuned!

Rounding off the weekend is the 2nd installment of Entwistle/Moon: The Ox & The Loon, a salute to The Who’s John Entwistle and Keith Moon. Tichy and Sutton first put this show on in April of this year at House of Blues on Sunset Blvd, Hollywood, and it was met with rave reviews. This show features renowned bassists and drummers getting together to celebrate rock’s mightiest rhythm section. This will be the 3rd and final show of California Music Fest taking place on Saturday, January 24th, 2015.

The following artists have been confirmed for Entwistle/Moon: The Ox & The Loon:

  • Kenny Aronoff (John Mellencamp / John Fogerty / Smashing Pumpkins)
  • Veronica Bellino (Jeff Beck)
  • Phil Chen (Rod Stewart / The Doors)
  • Michael Devin (Whitesnake / JBLZE)
  • Corky Laing (Mountain)
  • Dave LaRue (Joe Satriani / Steve Morse / Flying Colors)
  • Stephen LeBlanc (JBLZE)
  • Dave Lombardo (Slayer / Philm)
  • James LoMenzo (BLS / White Lion / Megadeth)
  • Robert Mason (Warrant)
  • Sean McNabb (Don Felder / Sons of Anarchy)
  • Marco Mendoza (The Dead Daisies / Thin Lizzy / Whitesnake)
  • John Moyer (Disturbed / Adrenaline Mob)
  • Marty O’Brien (Lita Ford)
  • Stephen Perkins (Jane’s Addiction)
  • Mitch Perry (Cher / Edgar Winter)
  • dUg Pinnick (KXM / King’s X)
  • Mike Portnoy (The Winery Dogs / Dream Theater)
  • Joseph Pusateri (John Entwistle Band)
  • Joe Retta (Sweet / Heaven & Earth)
  • Rowan Robertson (DIO / DC4)
  • Van Romaine (Steve Morse / Enrique Iglesias)
  • Phil Soussan (Ozzy Osbourne)
  • Matt Starr (Ace Frehley / Mr. Big)
  • Brian Tichy (Whitesnake / Foreigner / Ozzy Osbourne / Billy Idol)
  • Chas West (Bonham)
  • Brent Woods (Vince Neil / Sebastian Bach)

More artists for ALL shows will be announced soon, so keep an eye out!

Tickets available now!

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