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Legendary US Thrashers AFTERMATH Invade WVOX's Metal Mayhem This Tuesday!

mathmathmathSkull-cracking Chicago powerhouse Aftermath have been successfully active since 1985 and this Tuesday at 10:20pm EST, Greek-born singer Kyriakos Charlie Tsiolis will make his debut on Matt O'Shaughnessy's WVOX Metal Mayhem show in New York, heard worldwide on and 1460 AM. 

In the beginning of their career, the group's demos catapulted them into all of the top metal trades around the world. Their Words That Echo Fear demo was voted one of the Ten Best Demos Of The year.


To date, Aftermath has issued three demos including Sentenced To Death, Killling The Future, and Words That Echo Fear. As Well as 1994's Eyes Of Tomorrow, 1986's When Will You Die vinyl release and 2011's 25 Years Of Chaos Box Set.

Metal Mayhem is airborne every Tuesday from 9-11pm and Friday between 6-10pm EST and can be viewed from anywhere in the world on live webcam  from studio 1A at

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Brownout Presents Brown Sabbath – A Lighter Shade of Darkness

10546964_10152390018073751_7207409046657625740_oXombiewoof Magazine Interviews Beto Martinez from Brownout about new album Brownout Presents Brown Sabbath.


Album Review and Interviewed by Joseph Timmons

Brown Sabbath is the alter ego of Austin-based psych-funk collective Brownout who delve deep into reinterpreting the catalog of metal godfathers, Black Sabbath. I want to start with the fact that this is not just a cover album, or even a close rendition, this album is a triumph of masterful composition and performance. I have heard some great covers, but this is so much more. Brownout has taken several tracks made famous by the masters of Metal, Black Sabbath and has rearranged and infused strong and hypnotic ethnic rhythms and Latin flavors to create a Funk / Metal sound that is wholly unique.

“Hand of Doom”, featuring The Black Angels’ Alex Maas on vocals, is the debut single that was first released last May as limited edition, colored splattered 10-inch vinyl with “The Wizard” as the B-side on the Ubiquity Records label. The full-length album, Brownout Presents Brown Sabbath, soon followed this past June to a much anticipated popular release.

Researching the band’s past interviews, Brownout guitarist Adrian Quesada was quoted “The Brown Sabbath idea started out like everything else we do, half inside joke, half psychotic. It was an overly ambitious attempt at challenging ourselves as musicians;” Adrian also commented “Bridging the gap between our music and Black Sabbath is not as far of a stretch as it might seem though. Sabbath was not only heavy, but soulful and funky in their own dark way. Half the band grew up as metal heads too, so it came naturally. The experience is already beginning to influence our next album of original music.”


Brownout, an 8-piece outfit formed ten years ago by members of Grammy Award-winning Latin revival orchestra Grupo Fantasma, since then Brownout evolved into a musical force all its own. After garnering their third Austin Music Award last year, the band has continued to produce music that is unflinchingly progressive, while evoking the classic influences of artists such as WAR, Cymande and Funkadelic. They’ve performed at events including Bonnaroo, High Sierra Music Festival, Pickathon, FFFFest, Bear Creek Music Festival, Utopia Festival and Pachanga Fest, while regularly touring the U.S. Brownout’s also served as a highly in-demand backing band for artists including Prince, Daniel Johnston, GZA and Bernie Worrell.

cover-artWith its latest recording, Brownout Presents Brown Sabbath, they remain true to the darkness, bombast and fuzz of Sabbath’s sound, while re-imagining the music with greasy Afro-Latin horns, hypnotic percussion and psyched-out, rare-groove improvisation. Every music critic and magazine or journal of music has found this group and the album to be a phenomenal and we anxiously want to see what could be coming next.

As for our review, Brownout Presents Brown Sabbath is a tribute to the legendary music of Black Sabbath, while also being an introduction, and for some of us “old timers” a reintroduction to Urban Groove / Funk Progression. Brownout Presents Brown Sabbath has the presence of a greatest hits or anthology album yet is both fresh and boldly expressive in its originality. By nature, cover songs / albums are all too often renditions of songs that wormed their way through top “40 Pop” or that great song that got way too much airplay and are now done so often they’ve become grotesques of their former selves, leaving the listener wanting to avoid ever listening to it again. Or worse yet, there are some songs that have been done so often, that you can’t remember who originally did the song. Brownout Presents Brown Sabbath has the following songs in its joyfully creative Vinyl Grooves – Wizzard, Iron Man, N.I.B., Black Sabbath, Hand of Doom, Into the Void and Planet Caravan. Now, another great feature of this is some of the songs are instrumental in their entirety, allowing this group of talented artists to truly work their magic on us, allowing the energy of the music and rhythms to flow gracefully from the speakers, and the vocalist while having amazing talents in his original works, does a flawless rendition of Ozzy’s singularly unique voice, while not “trying” to sound like Ozzy. It is no wonder that Ozzy himself has been a great supporter of the bands performances.

Brownout’s discography includes three previously released albums including Homenaje (Freestyle Records 2008), Aguilas & Cobras (Six Degrees 2009) and Oozy (Nat Geo 2012). Presently on tour, Brownout is filling every seat and gaining an even larger following in support this fourth studio album.

The members of Brownout are Gilbert Elorreaga, Mark Gonzales, Greg Gonzalez, Josh Levy, Sweet Lou, Beto Martinez, Adrian Quesada and John Speice. In our interview we have the pleasure of speaking with Beto Martinez for a look into the “behind the scene” point of view at the what, why and when of the inspiration of this album.

How did you get your start in music?

“I grew up near the border in Laredo Texas; I lived in an area where you heard mostly Mexican / Latin Music and “Pop” Music. I have always loved Rock & Roll; I remember my first album was Metal Health by Quiet Riot, soon after I was listening to bands like Sabbath and Metallica. At 13 I got my first guitar, I started practicing and soon after I met my bassist. We’ve played music together for years, we would play in my garage, a couple years later the band formed and we started playing gigs. It’s been fun and I really find I am lucky to be doing music professionally. We play in several bands but this lineup is the core of our music, we want to be versatile and do what we love.”

First question about Brownout Presents Brown Sabbath, Why the music of Black Sabbath?

“We wanted to create from music we respected and wanted to perform, this started really as a “one off”, we had not intended to do an entire album, once that came to be, we decided to choose music that we had to get right. Once in the studio, this album really took off and became a lot more than we had intended.”


Brownout Presents Brown Sabbath- Official Video

The songs you chose for Brownout Presents Brown Sabbath are the major hits of Black Sabbath that, in my opinion would be highly scrutinized. Why did you select the songs you did on Brownout Presents Brown Sabbath?

“Well, we felt that these were the best to do, the original Black Sabbath songs had a natural groove to them, they lent themselves to our style and we felt that we could give them our own twist that would be well received. So far we have not been wrong. For instance, our Saxophonist and Horn’s really went to work and it blows people’s minds live. Some the use of horns and other percussion elements added a special power to the groove.”

Thinking now about the recording process, in the studio, was the recording of this album what you thought it would be, or was there a transformation in material once you started working it?

I would have to really hand this one to our Drummer, his work was inspired and he took the complicated rhythm structure and the sound to a new level. The whole band worked to create a sound that would be fluid, not overthought. In fact, much of it was very natural.

So how has the national tour been so far?

Great, the tour has had fantastic turnouts and enthusiastic crowds. We had stated on the west coast, we are now in east coast and working the way back. Every show has been great. Admittedly, this was not an album we thought we would be putting so much into and we had late bookings. We have no international dates yet, but who knows, may happen.

Does Brownout, have any other tribute style albums planned, say Beatles or Led Zeppelin?

No, not at this time, we want to concentrate on our original material, we do put covers into our sets, but we are a group that wants to be recognized for our own music.

ep-cover-artI am a big fan of Album Art, your cover for Brownout Presents Brown Sabbath is really cool and has a nostalgic reflection to it, how did you get this caver done?

The album cover came together kind of by chance and worked great, it was an in house designer, and we felt it really portrayed what we wanted. The photo is from an old photo shoot we did a long time ago and the label has a great art team, we like it.

What do you see as the biggest help on the promotion and public response to Brownout Presents Brown Sabbath?

We’ve had some great support from public radio and the news media both locally and nationally, college radio and the really great independent stations. As far as the public, wow, it is really fantastic to look out from the stage and see all the people, I’m in a great band doing some great music, and it’s getting better each time we play.

Our special thanks to Beto Martinez for this interview from the road as the band is heading back west and to Brownout for recording an album that is powerful, inspiring and expressive. You can find Brownout Presents Brown Sabbath on Bandcamp and iTunes, additionally, follow Brownout on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud, and their website. You can also find them at their label’s website Ubiquity Records -

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DEVILMENT: JACKASS Star Featured on Debut Album, Third Episode of Official Album Interview Series Online!



Witch County England's finest, DEVILMENT featuring the master of horrors, Dani Filth (CRADLE OF FILTH, TEMPLE OF THE BLACK MOON), have announced that Bam Margera (MTV JACKASS, Viva La Bam, FUCKFACE UNSTOPPABLE) will be featured on the band's upcoming debut album, The Great And Secret Show, which is scheduled to be released on Halloween 2014 (October 31).

Margera can be heard duetting on DEVILMENT's cover of the MIDNIGHT OIL classic 'Beds Are Burning' which will be included as a bonus track on the limited first edition of the album.

Commented Bam: "Having known Dani for a while now, and having him sing onstage with me at my wedding in Iceland last year, when he asked me to be a part of a song DEVILMENT were covering, I naturally jumped at the chance. The original track was awesome, this new interpretation of it is even better and I am just stoked to be a part of Dani's new band's stuff, which in all honesty f**king rocks like a muthaf**king f**k!“

Added Dani Filth: "It was actually on my birthday last year when the idea came to me to cover this track, as for some strange reason I kept hearing it being played on the local radio station and subsequently, a few times when I breezed into petrol stations and food stores. I've always liked the song since hearing it in my teens, as I think it's very anthemic, and CRADLE OF FILTH have always been known for undertaking wacky songs and bastardising them to our own twisted ends, so with my birthday epiphany bursting upon me, I put the idea of covering the tune to the rest of the band... to a positive response. As for my good friend Bam Margera, I thought it would be cool for him to demonstrate his vocal prowess by returning a favour, for he'd had me sing with him (strangely enough, ANATHEMA's 'Sleepless') at his wedding ceremony in Iceland last year and I thought it a top notch way to get him back in style! He didn't require much persuasion... In all seriousness, it was a challenge and as a band we have given the track a slightly more psychotic edge, courtesy of pounding drums, hypnotic bass, industrial-esque guitars and a wicked keyboard melody lending it a John Carpenter/Tubular Bells 'Exorcist' vibe. Plus of course there's the vocals!"

DEVILMENT also have released the third episode of the official album interview series. Check out Dani, Daniel and Lauren talking about how the band met:
The band, consisting of Dani Filth (vocals), Daniel Finch (guitar & samples) Colin Parks (rhythm guitar/lead guitar), Nick Johnson (bass guitar), Aaron Boast (drums), Lauren Francis (keyboards & vocals) recently signed a deal with Nuclear Blast Entertainment.

The Great And Secret Show was recorded at Grindstone Studios in Suffolk with producer Scott Atkins, who has previously worked with the likes of CRADLE OF FILTH, BEHEMOTH, AMON AMARTH, SYLOSIS and GAMA BOMB. The artwork (see below/attached) was created by legendary Drake Mefestta.

The band’s first single ‘Mother Kali’ can be heard here:

The first episode of the official album interview series can be watched at
The second episode can be watched at

The Great And Secret Show tracklist:
01. Summer Arteries
02. Even Your Blood Group Rejects Me
03. Girl From Mystery Island
04. The Stake In My Heart
05. Living With The Fungus

06. Mother Kali
07. Staring At The Werewolf Corps
08. Sanity Hits A (Perfect) Zero
09. Laudanum Skull
10. The Great And Secret Show
--- Bonus Tracks
11. Beds Are Burning (MIDNIGHT OIL cover)
12. Psycho Babble
13. Even Your Blood Group Rejects Me (Motion Picture Soundtrack)

DEVILMENT will be touring for the first time later this year and have announced a string of live dates with LACUNA COIL and MOTIONLESS IN WHITE. Dani Filth also makes a guest appearance on the latest MOTIONLESS IN WHITE single ‘Puppets 3 (The Grand Finale)’ which can be heard here:


  • 31.10.14 UK Bristol - Anson Rooms
  • 01.11.14 UK London - The Forum
  • 02.11.14 UK Glasgow - 02 ABC
  • 04.11.14 UK Manchester - The Ritz
  • 05.11.14 UK Birmingham - The Institute
  • 06.11.14 LUX Esch/Alzette - Rockhal
  • 08.11.14 D Wiesbaden - Schlachthof
  • 09.11.14 NL Utrecht - Tivoli
  • 10.11.14 B Hasselt - Muziekodroom
  • 12.11.14 D Hamburg - Gruenspan
  • 13.11.14 D Cologne - Essigfabrik
  • 14.11.14 D Berlin - C-Club
  • 15.11.14 D Herford - Club X
  • 17.11.14 D Munich - Backstage
  • 18.11.14 CH Pratteln - Z7
  • 20.11.14 I Bologna - Zona Roveri
  • 21.11.14 I Treviso - New Age
  • 22.11.14 I Rome – Orion
  • 23.11.14 I Milan - Live Club

You have been warned. | |

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Vacant Fever – Heparin & Saline : Album Review

redrecSUPER VINYLICIOUS: The Hot Tracks & Melting Wax of Bandcamp

Joseph Timmons of Xombiewoof Magazine Reviews Bandcamp Artists that are ripping up the Digital Divide.


TAGS: #rock, #garage punk, #garage rock, #vacantfever, #Vinyl

  • 1 Click – Meh, Heard Better
  • 2 Clicks – Bargain Bin
  • 3 Clicks – Worth It
  • 4 Clicks – Get It, You’ll Dig It
  • 5 Clicks – “Good God Man, What Are You Waiting For !!!”


Vacant Fever H&SHeparin & Saline was mixed by Larry Crane at Jackpot in Portland, Oregon and Mastered by Roger Seibel at SAE in Phoenix, Arizona. This stunning and somewhat bizarrely entrancing album was recorded by Vacant Fever at The Old Rainier Brewery in Seattle, Washington. Available on CD & 12" Colored Vinyl it is well worth every penny. I received this album along with some of their other offerings, which will come in a later review. Simply put, this is a great album and a must if you like the dark and spooky.

Vacant Fever – Heparin & Saline is a series of dark and somewhat brooding music, but not “EMO” dark… But a seething beneath the surface, boiling over like a cobra waiting to strike dark!

I would gather to say it is an emotionally driven work, ghost stories from the spirits point of view, not that the songs topical subjects have anything to do with dead, although maybe some do….. It is well written and musically balanced in every aspect, they have created a full bodied and well positioned album that has all the best and it is lean to listen to. From the first track “You Shouldn’t let Poets lie to you” to the last track “Casio”, it is a myriad of transposed themes and arrangements, swirling in the speakers and the feelings and tensions in the prose pull you under just as you reach for a breath. Vacant Fever are very talented musicians with a serious edge to their writing and performing style.

With a sound very Seattle Alternative, as in their venue the remnants of grunge and Nirvana=esk guitar buzz spills from the amps, it is not lame re-hash of past experiments by other bands, but fresh and bold, expressive yet mysterious and subtle, this is a fantastic album that I will surely wear out before the end comes.

Here is just a sample of their brilliant sound surges:

This and more is available at their Bandcamp page, but really, buy the album and support great music! Prices range from the VERY Reasonable “Name Your Price” Download feature to only 10.00 for the limited edition colored Vinyl, originally 500 were made, only 98 left at time this article was written. There is a CD which will be available soon but I do not have a price for that, be assured it will be affordable; this is Bandcamp, the singularly wondrous savior of the Record Collector!

Find them on Bandcamp - and you can also find all of their media links on their web page

Follow Vacant Fever on Facebook -

ANTHRAX's Frank Bello In Exclusive WVOX Metal Mayhem Feature Interview This Friday!

bellobelloNew York heavy metal barons Anthrax are getting ready to unleash their eagerly awaited "Chile On Hell" DVD and this Friday, September 12th at 8:10pm EST, mega bassist Frank Bello will again return to Matt O'Shaughnessy's WVOX Metal Mayhem show to discuss the upcoming DVD, the very latest updates on the famed group and much more.

"Frank Bello is a local and longtime great friend of Metal Mayhem and this Friday's interview is a must listen to broadcast as Anthrax fans will get breaking news on the band writing for their next album and more exclusive lowdown you will not want to miss!" says host Matt O'Shaughnessy.

Spreading the disease again...This Friday on and 1460 AM!


The Stents – “Meet Mike Hate” w/B-Side “JPF”


Joseph Timmons of Xombiewoof Magazine Reviews Bandcamp Artists that are ripping up the Digital Divide.

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Review Scale:

  • 1 Click – Meh, Heard Better
  • 2 Clicks – Bargain Bin
  • 3 Clicks – Worth It
  • 4 Clicks – Get It, You’ll Dig It
  • 5 Clicks – “Good God Man, What Are You Waiting For !!!”

a2467443347_2Rock On! This 45 is so reminiscent of the Rock coming out of every basement and garage across the USA during the late 50’s to mid 60’s. The Stents have a winner with this one, printed to Hot Cherry Red Vinyl and available for Download, this is a couple of sweet tracks to have. “Meet Mike Hate”, hey man, we all know a guy like this, hell, and we’ve been a guy like this. The B-Side “JPF” is also quite happening and this offering hip vibes from Hidden Volume Records in Baltimore, Maryland is way out but priced right for 5.00 for the 45 and a mere 2.00 for the download.

From a technical aspect this single is masterfully done and well recorded. This is the first single from the Stents, a true to form garage rock combo. Ripping full of old school riffs, and the mighty Hammond B-3 sound, it was recorded at Invisible Sound Studios in 2012. This Limited Ed. of 500 pressed on sexy red vinyl in Deluxe “Hi-Vo pocket sleeve by X10” is sure to sell out!

I give this a full 5 clicks of the volume knob, so get it and turn it up big time!

Hidden Volume Records on Facebook -

The Stents on Facebook -

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Album Review: The Hydrothermal Vents – Secrets of the Deep

10455456_720163621355529_5262892146545139109_nBy Joseph Timmons: Xombiewoof Magazine

Available on Bandcamp

Formats: Vinyl, CD, Tape and Download

Quirky but not “Campish”, The Hydrothermal Vents is a Duo with a style and talent that is quite refreshing. With a sound similar to a mix of B-52’s, Talking Heads and Laurie Anderson, they have an underwater theme to their music on Secrets of the Deep that does not “get old” but is a toe tapping delight. I definitely loved this albums ability to simply bring a smile to my face while writing, but I did suddenly have a desire for seafood…. The vocals are crisp and clear against well written music Secrets of the Deep and I am 100% sure this is a sign of good things to come. Admittedly, I wish I got a Vinyl copy for review; the sounds are ambient and trail off like wisps of breath, on vinyl it is sure to be thrilling.

Hailing from Canada, The Hydrothermal Vents state that they are dance-rock/post punk band members John Tielli and Tessa Kautzman do a fabulous job channeling both the calm stillness of the ocean, yet at time the turbulence of a stormy sea. Multi-talented and well situated to take the alt / indie world by being truly unique among experimental and contemporary at the same time.

To quote a statement from their Facebook page “The charismatic Montreal duo known as The Hydrothermal Vents, boil with a chemistry that pulls listeners deep into their imaginative world. They were drawn together by a desire to create the ultimate dance music and by a mutual love of the Pixies, an influence which, along with other post-punk bands such as the Talking Heads and the B52’s, helped shape their sound. With an experimental spirit and dreamy lyrics, The Hydrothermal Vents have created an otherworldly aural habitat, which according the POP Montreal music festival, “feels retro and original all in the same track.” With this statement, I completely agree.

Check them out on their Bandcamp page, as well as the following locations:




And if ever in Montreal, Quebec, find them and get to the show, they are rich, vibrant and dynamic, definitely one for the collection.

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Jason Becker: Still, Not Dead - Thank The Rock Gods


mike Ritchie_thumb[11]From The Pit – Music and Show Reviews & Interviews

By Mike Ritchie for Xombiewoof Magazine

Story Originally Published Covering The Scene :

Editor’s Note:

The following story is one of Inspiration, that when it seems as though everything is or may be lost, when sudden illness can take down the strongest , when one’s own body is against them, the true nature of Music can enliven the very essence of ones soul to rise up and become, simply amazing. Thank you Mike for re-sharing this great story with us, the issues with ALS are still prevalent, in a time when “Ice Bucket” Challenges embed the web, we must remember, it’s not about the bucket, or the ice, but the cause.

Contact your local charity or service and see what you can do to help.

Thank you

Joseph Timmons: Xombiewoof Magazine



Not Dead Yet is an incredible odds defying inspiring story of one man’s true dedication, passion and drive to create incredible music despite insurmountable life obstacles, and dire circumstances. Jason Becker personifies the sheer driving force and spirit of the human artistic will to enjoy life, persevere and make music.

Becker, a future guitar prodigy, was born in 1969 in Richmond California and exposed to music early by his family becoming proficient on acoustic guitar, harmonica and xylophone at age five. By his early teens he was playing Bob Dylan, Clapton and Van Halen note for note, blowing away local talent contests and variety shows. Becker was very inspired by classical music which influenced his style cranking Bach while friends cranked Slayer. He also had a comical side doing yoyo tricks with one hand while playing with the other.

In his teens Becker replied to an ad, submitting a tape to Shrapnel Records founder Mike Varney who was looking for the ten best guitar players at the time. Subsequently future Megadeth guitarist Marty Friedman had come to LA to work on his solo record. Varney suggested a duet to Friedman who after initial reluctance was won over by Becker’s playing and personality becoming fast friends. Their playing so complemented and inspired each other Friedman often said Becker could play his material better than he could. They formed the band Cacophony. His father concerned about his education told the principal Jason had a record deal and was going on tour and asked if he could finish high-school early. He finished six months early with straight A’s.


After touring with Cacophony he returned to Japan supporting his first solo CD Perpetual Burn, doing guitar clinics between gigs. One particular clinic drew 800-1000 people validating his rising momentum.

jb2In 1989 at age 20 he auditioned for David Lee Roth, the most sought after high profile gig at the time, earned his spot and recorded A Little Ain’t Enough, released in 1991. During recording he started feeling a ‘lazy limp’ in his left leg and was diagnosed with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) aka Lou Gehrig’s disease, a debilitating condition that rapidly weakens muscle mobility and use of tongue and speech causing permanent paralysis. Becker was given 3-5 years to live. Undergoing uncomfortable and painful therapy while recording and rehearsing his condition progressed to where he could barely play notes or hold the guitar. He told Roth who reluctantly got a replacement.

Jason_Becker_Not_Dead_Yet_Trailer_1_hd640x360They tried alternate forms of therapy but nothing worked. Becker went from using canes to a wheelchair in months. In 1992 he met his former fiancé and main caregiver Serrana Pilar. Though he had moments of hopelessness and darkness they believe he never hit the point of giving up. He still had music and ideas in his head he needed to get out somehow.

To accomplish this, a computer program was invented using a visor equipped with sensors that would move the cursor on the screen according to his head movements. He slowed down music in his head hitting the mouse with his chin entering intricate and complex melodies note by note adjusting the phrasing and velocity of each one until everything played the way he internally heard it at speed.

After a near death experience his speech failed and his father invented an eye movement sign language/geometry system so Becker could communicate based on angles. A clear six squared grid with four letters in each square allows him to spell out words and have conversations. First movement is the square, second is the letter in the square. His father’s learned to guess the word after the first couple letters and Becker doesn’t ‘dull’ conversations with filler words, everything he says is important.

14RDP_JASONBECKER-articleLarge“I couldn’t quit on my music, it never even entered my mind. I just love making music and no matter how hard it is, it’s like my drug.”

Becker’s longevity is attributed by his family and friends 20 year care and commitment to keeping his drive, passion and love for music and life alive with a custom made healthy diet and dark rooted sense of humor.

To make music his father plays guitar notes into a computer then Becker organizes them, giving instructions on any needed changes. Though they’re no longer together Serrana is his inspiration and taught him what true love is and makes him want to be a better person.

Becker is a global inspiration encompassing the true, unflinching spirit of the human will to never give up.

“I have Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis. It has crippled my body and speech, but not my mind.”


Becker’s discography includes Perpetual Burn 1988, Perspective 1995, The Raspberry Jams 1999, The Blackberry Jams 2003, Collection 2008 and Boy Meets Guitar Volume 1 of Youngster Tapes 2012. He also performed on Cacophony’s Speed Metal 1987, Go Off 1988 and David Lee Roth’s A Little Ain’t Enough 1991. Along with two tribute CD’s Warmth in the Wilderness I and II, featuring guitarist’s Steve Vai, Paul Gilbert, Marty Friedman, Joe Becker, Rusty Cooley, and Mattias Eklundh. The album profits were sent to Becker to help with medical expenses. In 2008 Paradise Guitars worked with Becker to design a Jason Becker signature guitar. In 2012 Carvin worked with Becker to design a Jason Becker Tribute guitar that is modeled after the original DC-series guitar he used toward the latter part of his career. In 2011 the inaugural Jason Becker Not Dead Yet Festival was held in San Francisco promoting ALS awareness and the love of the guitar featuring Joe Satriani, Marty Friedman, Richie Kotzen and many others.

Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) (Lou Gehrig’s disease) is a relentlessly progressive degenerative disease targeting the motor nerves and muscles, effecting how the bodies lower and upper neurons communicate and function. When the neurons connected to the muscles from the spinal cord die, the brain loses ability to communicate thus the muscles become inactive. ALS is described as the ‘worst’ disease due to its relatively short window of mortality. Long term symptoms include the break down and eventual loss of mobility, ability to speak and swallow leading to permanent paralysis and death. Scientist Stephen Hawking has had ALS for over 50 years. The ALS Association has committed more than $67 million to find effective treatments and a cure for Lou Gehrig’s Disease, including the discovery of two ALS genes (SOD1 and ALS 6) responsible for 25% of all inherited cases and the trial of a new drug that targets SOD1.

Today,  Jason Becker, a former guitarist for David Lee Roth who has lived with Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) for 25 years, is thrilled to see what the ice-bucket challenge is doing in the fight against the disease.“I love it. It is amazing,” Becker told reporters via phone from his home in Richmond, California during recent interviews, such as this comment from Billboard Magazine. “At first I didn’t get it, but man, the awareness and money it has raised is incredible. I hope something great comes out of it for ALS patients.”

ALS has robbed Becker of his ability to speak or move. He communicates with a system designed by his father, Gary, where Becker uses his eyes to “spell out” what he wants to say by looking at letters on a letter board, and a caregiver says the words for him. He is still very close to his former band members, David Lee Roth, Eddie Van Halen and Others. Recently several Guitar companies have worked with him to release signature equipment, sale of said lines profits go directly to ALS Treatment services.

Visit his  Jason Becker’s Web Site for more about him, his incredible story and what's next for this amazing human being -


***Pictures from Jason Becker’s Website and Internet Search

Hollywood Snared In a Scarlet Vice


Interview with Travis Morse, rhythm guitarist for Scarlet Vice conducted backstage at the Whisky A Go Go and via Facebook.

mike RitchieFrom The Pit – Music and Show Reviews & Interviews

By Mike Ritchie for Xombiewoof Magazine

Warning: Interview Contains Strong Language

In June 2011, Travis Morse responded to an ad posted by Chris Blaze, currently playing for Scarlet Vice. The two hit it off and immediately started writing songs together as that version of the band started fading away. After a few years and ‘many’ attempts to find the right chemistry, Travis and Chris discovered Jake Murillo, playing bass for the band The Dirty Nixon during a show at the Chain Reaction in Anaheim, CA.

A few months later The Dirty Nixon broke up and Travis reached out to Jake. They showed him a couple of their songs with Jake immediately taking the role of writing bass lines and drum parts. He also started working with Travis on lyrics and melodies. Hungry for live shows, Jake stepped up and started singing lead vocals and had their friend Ron Chu fill-in on drums.

They put together four songs (which later became Razorblade, Poison, Whole Lot To Love and You're The One), learned a few covers and played their first show as Scarlet Vice at The Shanghai'd Room in Huntington Beach, CA, in June 2013. Since Ron was only helping out, the guys ran a few ads and a few days later got a call from India-Hollywood transplant Jimmy Lakhia. A week went by as Jimmy learned a handful of songs and the guys played their first show on July 4th, 2013.


On July 25th, 2014, Jake played his last show with Scarlet Vice at the Whisky A Go Go in Hollywood as he was heading down a different path then the rest of the band. Not even two weeks later, a friend introduced Travis to Dave Leon. They sent him their material and after a few auditions, they knew he was the guy. On August 16th 2014, Dave became the official singer of the band.

What influences did you have starting, what influences do you have now?

TM: I am, and always have been heavily influenced by Malcolm Young of ACDC, and Izzy Stradlin of Guns N Roses. Within the past year or so I have become really inspired by Lynyrd Skynyrd.

If you could put together a dream tour bill of 3-5 bands including yourself, who would it be?

1618545_645336928856507_989277175_nTM: I'd definitely want to play with more of the Hollywood rock bands and help build the scene back up, but as far as a dream tour, of course everyone wants to play with the big name bands, but some names I would like to tour with are Junkyard, Dead Sara, Devil City Angels, Slash and Myles Kennedy.

Living/playing in Hollywood vs other cities, do you feel pressure to live up to the hype/past excesses of being a band from the birthplace of so many big names?

TM: Not at all, we just get really fucked up and go out there and do our thing, if people don't like it we will point out the door for them.

Since you've played The Whisky, a dream venue for many bands, is there a venue you consider a career goal to someday play?

TM: I want to play the rest of the clubs in Hollywood that we haven't played yet. I'd also like to get into the Observatory and The Glass House in Orange County.

Reading your history, after he joined it seemed like Jake did a lot within the band to help creatively and musically. What direction did he eventually take that differed from the group vision?

TM: Jake was an equal part of the writing process. Everything we did, we did as a band. We hung out, got in trouble, and created memories together which turned into songs. Dave filled that spot really quick, he brought a lot of material to the table, and fits in great, so the songs are still flowing. Jake was originally a drummer, it's in his blood, you can't take that away. He was also very into the glam scene, and it just so happened that a glam band was rolling around here looking for a drummer, at the same time we were considering a new singer. So far it's been working out for both of us. I would tell you to check them out, but I can't remember their name.

As far as lyrics, guitar parts, song ideas, structure, etc., could you briefly describe the band’s creative process?

TM: Lots of late nights and empty bottles. Chris will show me the raunchiest fuckin riffs you will ever hear, and it usually goes perfect with something I have written in my journal, even though we haven't shared them with each other before then. After that spark, it won't take us long to finish a song, we get together, and we’re all on the same page, and everything flows.

Besides being ‘new blood’ what does Dave bring to the band as a whole?

TM: Oh fuck, where do I start? Not only is he already coming in with a handful of songs. But he also has a huge stage presence and a commitment like no other. You’re going to see some good shit from us from now on. And according to all the women messaging our page, he’s one sexy motherfucker.

Musically speaking what are your bands goals/plans over the next year or two?

TM: Working on putting an EP together at the moment, then looking to go out of state a little bit and venture out.

Anything else you’d like to add or say?

TM: Yeah thanks to everyone who supports us and deals with our bullshit and "fuck you" to everyone who doubts us.

Photography by Mike Ritchie and Provided by Artist

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