Sunday, August 30, 2015

DMK - Featuring Scotty Dunbar - To Premiere "Tears In The City", And "The Fire That Won't Go Out" on WVOX's Metal Mayhem This Tuesday.

DMK from the East Coast will see two earth-shaking tracks debuted on Matt O'Shaughnessy's WVOX Metal Mayhem show this Tuesday between 9-11pm EST worldwide on WWW.WVOX.COM and 1460 AM.

Comprised of vocalist Scotty Dunbar, Guitarist Ted Merrill, and drummer Brian Karl, DMK has shared the stage with such a-list nationals as Bret Michaels, Jack Russell's Great White, Michael Sweet of Stryper and many more.

Fans of DMK can see them live with Trixter on October 1st at the famed Whisky A Go Go in Hollywood, California.

"When I received the two world-class songs recently from DMK; I instantly realized these guys and band were destined for massive radio airplay worldwide and should be a major staple of any radio programmers playlist. This is high octane top notch rock!" says Matthew O'Shaughnessy"!

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Iconic Testament Guitar Titan Talks With WVOX Metal Mayhem Host Matt O'Shaughnessy About "Metal Allegiance" This Friday!


Bay Area bashers and internationally-recognized metal masters Testament's Alex Skolnick will talk with Matt O'Shaughnessy on his long-running WVOX Metal Mayhem show in New York this Friday at 7:10pm EST heard worldwide on WWW.WVOX.COM and 1460 AM about the much touted "Metal Allegiance" forthcoming album featuring some of heavy metal's a-list and biggest names.

"I've heard some of the music from the power-packed Metal Allegiance CD and this certainly is one of the best creations of super talent I've ever heard and witnessed!" says O'Shaughnessy.


SACRED OATH's Legendary Frontman/Vocalist/Guitarist - Rob Thorne In WVOX Metal Mayhem Exclusive Interview This Friday!

905771_10152936618568199_1883784609243208130_o"Ravensong", the follow-up to Connecticut acclaimed metallers Sacred Oath's last release, Fallen, will no doubt shed even more light on why these talented guys completely deserve higher billing in the metal community.  With Ravensong, Sacred Oath could very well have produced their "Master Of Puppets" or "Number Of The Beast";it is that well crafted and incredibly well done, from the world-class production, to Thorne's always unmistakable vocals and the band that backs him - ingenious.

WVOX Metal Mayhem host Matthew O'Shaughnessy will welcome back longtime friend and Oath singer Rob Thorne this Friday at 9:15pm EST worldwide via WWW.WVOX.COM and locally in New York at 1460 AM.


The two will discuss the groups recent video shoot for the track "Taken" from their September-slated release of Ravensong and much more during the live on air chat. " Having my great pal, Rob, and one of metal's most prolific singers on Metal Mayhem is always a huge highlight for me..." says O'Shaughnessy   

Black Winter Album Project

Big News

Black Valentine and other artists on the upcoming Black Winter project are creating PSA videos for us to add to our site.

This is Happening !

We have 34 days left to raise 10K to create the metal album of albums,  with 20 songs by 20 of the best indie bands ever, this album will be sold to raise funds for juvenile disease treatment and research. If everyone that reads this was to donate as little as 5.00, we would probably meet, or even exceed our goal.

We have raised 30.00 but we need to raise more!

Join in the fray  and help us make some metal magic.

Click this link to see where we sit at indiegogo

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

lady Borcher’’ musical quotes of our past’’

Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent.
- Victor Hugo

Still to this day music is used for expression, weather it be for rebellion of unjust polices, love and even in therapy. music is a connection that links all cultures no matter the diversity, even though each person has a individual perspective and reaction to music it is still a chain connecting all humanity.                                    children get the most benefits from music, if allowed to listen to different styles of music in the early ages of life, the child will improve in social and verbal development.  Articles by licensed psychologist all agree, music is a key role in mental, physical and emotional development, all ages are effected by music even when i comes to trauma, depression and physical recovery,.music's role although  still a newer method amounts Americans it is still receiving praise of the rapid recovery of patients under such trials. Remember music is stimulant,  sedative  and all around healer of the body and mind. the one medical treatment that is mostly  free and has no overdose warning labels. keep up the daily  vitamin and musical intake  AND ILL howl you all later..