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Introducing the Boho Series 2.0: Ukulele, Bass & Guitar


In 2013, we ran our first crowdfunding campaign to bring our upcycled oil can guitars to life. Now we are back, to introduce our newest line of instruments, the Boho Series 2.0, including the Ukulele, Bass and three new designs to the original Boho Guitar. The metal Boho bodies produce a richer range of tones not found in other guitars, for a truly unique and special sound.

To show appreciation for your support, we are bringing the Boho Series 2.0 to life with pre-order sales launching on Indiegogo today. Early bird sales start at $89 for the Uke (normally $109), $199 for the Guitar (normally $299), and $300 for the Bass (normally $450). We also have limited edition TNT design available only on Indiegogo and a limited edition, autographed G.Love’ Special Sauce themed guitar. There’s a sound for everyone! Join us and support #TeamBoho



Oil-can Guitars only Available from Bohemian Guitars

Express yourself with music. Express yourself with design. In addition to our original designs beloved by renowned artists and guitar enthusiasts alike, we are celebrating the introduction of Boho Series 2.0 with three brand new guitar designs: Bohemian Ales, Electric Limeade and Hot Sauce. And for a limited time, we are offering the rare “Collector’s Edition” TNT, only available during this Indiegogo campaign right now!



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Fundraiser to produce Black Winter album

Lets get this started, any donation to this true to be groundbreaking project for Xombiewoof Records would help, 5$, 10$ ... anything you can offer would help, the artists working with us are giving their time and love of music and mankind, and the benefit to children's charities is the key. Go to and donate today, share with your Friends and Family, this is a project worth backing and if you are a large donor you get a copy of the album, and the knowledge you were a part of it. Every Penny Helps !!!!

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Dokken Back for the Attack at JD Legends

mike%2520Ritchie_thumb%255B9%255DFrom The Pit – Music and Show Reviews

By Mike Ritchie

From the knees down it looked like the packed house crowd in Franklin could have been sifting through the sands of the West Coast beaches under the warm LA summer sun as JD Legends presented the 80’s metal throw down sponsored by Harley Davidson. Saturday July 11 brought the legendary sunset strip action of Dokken with East Coast players Firehouse and Trixter.

Though commonly linked and lumped into the glam/hair metal category showed that whatever label is bestowed they’re still going strong, outlasting countless others and contemporaries that all tried to ‘make it’ back in the day. Though technically, the first two acts came to prominence in the early 90’s. They played their respective classics, favorites and new material that will remain timeless, proving that the music of the 80/90’s rock scene remains popular, vital and never truly went away.

DSC_0049New Jersey’s Trixter had their first run from the early 80’s to mid-nineties with MTV airtime on Headbangers Ball. After glam temporarily went out and grunge even more temporarily came in, (one of the few ‘hair’ bands that made flannel look fun) they broke up, reuniting in 2008. They opened for Dokken and Firehouse in the early days and for Scorpions and Poison on their first arena run. A second record Hear! followed but failed to catch on in the US with grunge in full swing. After the breakup/reunion New Audio Machine came in 2012 then Human Era this year and they’ve continued to tour since. If nothing else proving their staying power.

They broke out a cut from the machine, showing their still bad boys with a “Heart of Steel.” They were on MTV when it was still cool, making them “One in a Million.” The next tune was a little fast paced and loud for grandma’s chair so they invited certain crowd members on the “Rockin Horse.” Going back to the beginning they stood center stage in the “Line of Fire.”

Motley Crue has their anthem for the working girl but Trixter have theirs for the women that slay and play with ink. “Tattoos and Misery” is the greatest pain and pleasure combo on the market. They went back to ’92 on the “Road of 1000 Dreams” and ended with the Headbangers Ball garage/backroads introduction “Give it to me Good.” More of Trixter at

DSC_0136The original flame that started mid-80’s in Charlotte, exploded in the late 80’s-early 90’s and basically hasn’t stopped since, even outliving MTV’s glory days. The band that was ‘aqua net sprayed’ into the outskirts of the glam/hair scene and won Favorite Heavy Metal/ Hard Rock Artist in 1992 over grunge titans Nirvana and Alice in Chains have continued making new music with extended popularity overseas. They’ve cranked out eight records since 1990 and played a gambit of material acknowledging the early years with healthy doses while proving they’re not ‘nostalgia.’ The Firehouse was ready to sound off.

They set the place ablaze with some hose twisting “Shake & Tumble,” playing the loudest Dear John letter ever, that’s “All She Wrote.” “You’re too Bad” to Hold Your Fire. The tribal drums and arena cry that introduced the world to “Rock on the Radio” Firehouse style hit the speakers. Since 80’s rules applied that night with every hard rock thumper they needed a tender ballad follow up. Cue the keys and the bad boy soft side “When I look into your Eyes.”

DSC_0150Mama didn’t raise no Fool,” taking the first page from chapter 3 she told you “Love is a Dangerous Thing.” Keyboard synth and acoustics ushered in “Hold Your Fire.” The lovely brunette with the smoking house match suggested “Don’t Walk Away.” With half a decade from formation to success, they’re a self-proclaimed “Overnight Sensation.”

The satin sheets breathed from the synth, as sterling acoustics accompanied the waving hands, smiling faces and dancing bodies. As one of the last power ballads to be used on mix tapes proclaimed, I’ve finally found the “Love of a Lifetime.” They “Reach for the Sky” one more time saving the last shot for their video introduction “Don’t Treat Me Bad.” More at

Unfortunately a rushed schedule/technical difficulty reared its head multiple times during Dokken’s set, affecting the sound, band delivery and his voice on certain songs. They coped, performing through the various issues, apologizing several times as the show must go on. Though they stopped mid-tune on the “Tooth and Nail” encore from equipment problems they played many of their catalogue hits and staples.

DSC_0389From the sunset strip came “The Kiss of Death” as Dokken dressed in black and sunglasses brought back the classic 80’s, 90’s and beyond. They played and plunged “Into the Fire” as guitarist Jon Levine tore/shredded through the long haired history books with the spirit and energy of Randy Rhoads. They spit more Tooth and Nail on “You just got Lucky.” Dokken grinned, “See if you remember this one.” The glove tapped our ear taking a nightmarish trip back to Springwood as Millard Drive became Elm Street and the “Dream Warriors” came back.

They broke out the chains then got a little bit Dysfunctional on “Too High to Fly.” Paris burned bright in the night sky. With a chill of the cymbals the slow, somber chords played out as the stage went cold emotional blue and lighters, cell phones and camera’s lit up ‘the beach’ for the arena anthem. The crowd sang along happy to be “Alone Again” in the moment.

DSC_0397They took a few more turns from Under Lock and Key. The symbolic rain fell on the hot clear night during “In my Dreams.” Then the long flat-bed semi pulled out for a nostalgic trip down Sunset Strip and the boulevard of broken dreams on “It’s not Love,” sandwiching in a Free classic for the old-schoolers.




More Dokken at

JD Legends :

All images by Mike Ritchie

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CD RELEASE PARTY & DEBUT CONCERT at Plaza Playhouse Theater

Crooked Eye Tommy releases their debut effort, Butterflies & Snakes, marking the occasion with a CD Release Party and Debut Concert at the Plaza Playhouse Theater, 4916 Carpinteria Ave., Friday, August 7. Showtime is 7:30 p.m. Tickets $25. (includes CD); $30. (includes commemorative piece of album artwork and CD). Info: (805) 684-6380 or


Buy tickets at:

Crooked Eye Tommy also performs at the 1st Annual Ojai Blues Festival along with the Alastair Greene Band, Deb Ryder, and Shawn Jones at the Ojai Arts Center, 113 S. Montgomery St. in Ojai, on Saturday, August 15. Showtime is 4 p.m.

Tickets $25. available here:


Butterflies & Snakes are eleven memorable tunes penned by Crooked Eye Tommy front-person and band namesake Tommy Marsh and Tommy's brother, guitarist-vocalist, Paddy Marsh (who also plays in the band). Other C.E.T. members: Glade Rasmussen, bass; Tony Cicero, drums; Jimmy Calire, saxophone/piano/Hammond B3. 

The album's title track, a tasty down-home blues ditty entitled 'Crooked Eye Tommy,' "is sort of an autobiography", states Tommy. "I wrote it when we decided to name the band Crooked Eye Tommy. I was born with two lazy eyes, so the imagined discussion between a nurse and onlookers in the classic baby window at the hospital was a cool way to illustrate the way people can be  cruel without even thinking about it." Rocking blues number, 'Time Will Tell' is "the source of the album's name," states Marsh. "The second verse talks about the duality of women:

“Women are made of butterflies, butterflies and snakes , Trying to please a woman can give a good man the shakes”

Time Will Tell "also talks about the duality of men as well in the first verse...and the dreams we all have (as musicians) to rise to the pinnacle of our profession - and how in each case, time is the equalizer and the test by which these are all proven out." The tune "shows the direction the band is taking with a more Southern hard blues feel", concludes Marsh. 'Somebody's Got To Pay' is a sexy Blues shuffle where Marsh laments in song, "the way the world is today, somebody's got to pay." He explains: "I wrote this song while dealing with a tax issue...I was very frustrated with the whole government and how no matter who is in office, it's always about who has the money." Dancing blues dittie 'Love Divine' is about "the relationships we have made along the way before we leave this world, they are the only real wealth that goes with us."

Crooked Eye Tommy proudly represented the Santa Barbara Blues Society at the 2014 International Blues Challenge when they erupted onto the Southern California Blues Scene after reaching the Semifinals of this illustrious annual competition held in Memphis. For the last several years, Marsh has hosted a weekly Ventura County Blues Society-sponsored Jam Session featuring some of the biggest Blues artists on the SoCal music scene.

Featuring scorching performances and original music firmly rooted in traditional blues, which feels familiar but somehow new, Tommy Marsh’s considerable songwriting, vocal and guitar skills have made him a Ventura County favorite. Capitalizing on local talent, Tommy and his brother Paddy Marsh invited the legendary Jimmy Calire on sax and the deeply-grooved, driving rhythm section of Tony Cicero on drums and Glade Rasmussen on bass to join the effort. The result is an irresistible alchemy of veteran experience, raw talent and enthralling original material. Listen and feel what a Crooked Eye can do.

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Jack Johnson Honors the Santa Barbara Bowl with the All At Once Sustainability Award



Water Refill Station Unveiled at Ribbon Cutting Ceremony to Reduce Single Use Plastic Waste at Concerts

On Tuesday, musician and environmentalist, Jack Johnson presented the Santa Barbara Bowl today with a custom Water Refill Station, in support of the Johnson’s All At Once Sustainability Award, which recognizes venues making a strong commitment to green practices and the environment. Water Refill Stations will also be presented to the two other award winners, the Merriweather Post Pavilion in Maryland (IMP Presents), and the Nikon at Jones Beach Theater in New York (Live Nation).

Last December, the Santa Barbara Bowl with promoter Nederlander Concerts, received an inaugural All At Once Sustainability Award in the “Green Leader” category, for ongoing excellence in waste reduction and sustainability and for making every effort to meet Johnson’s Environmental Rider during his 2014 From Here To Now To You Tour. As a result of the award and water refill station, fans will now be able to refill reusable water bottles and cups from the venue, cutting back on plastic waste at the Santa Barbara Bowl shows.

The Bowl is being recognized as a leader in venue greening and for implementing best practices, piloting new initiatives, and setting the stage for others to follow. The Greening the Bowl campaign aims at making the venue as close to carbon neutral as possible by decreasing the Bowl’s ecological footprint.

Recent greening initiatives include removal of non-native plants, a bike valet service, solar power, and implementation of waste-diversion recycling and composting programs. Additionally, as part of Jack Johnson’s 2014 shows, the Santa Barbara Bowl in collaboration with LoaTree, launched the innovative #MyPintAndMe initiative to reduce single-use disposable plastics by selling customized pint cups. Bowl patrons can bring their pint cups to every Bowl show and receive drink discounts for the life of the cup. Since the inception of the program the SB Bowl has seen cost savings from the reduction in plastic cups purchased and waste hauling fees Rick Boller, Executive Director Santa Barbara Bowl Foundation, states “We are honored to receive the All At Once Sustainability Award. We have enjoyed our on-going partnership with everyone on Jack Johnson’s team and their support and assistance in launching all of our Greening the Bowl initiatives. We mostly want to recognize and thank our patrons for their active participation with the MyPintAndMe program. It is exciting to have so many supporters do their part in reducing over 10,000 plastic cups since Jack Johnson’s concerts in 2014.”

Johnson, whose music career began in Santa Barbara, is proud of his hometown venue’s greening efforts and specifically their commitment to reducing single-use plastics. “Being an ocean loving community we all appreciate the Bowl’s leadership in keeping plastic out of the waste stream, knowing that so much of it finds its way to the sea,” said Johnson. The award ceremony is timely, as Johnson recently returned from the 5 Gyres SEA Change expeditions from the Bahamas to Bermuda, conducting research on plastic ocean pollution, where he was able to see environmental impacts firsthand and discuss solutions with leading scientists, artists, and ocean advocates. While in the Bahamas, Johnson was also designated as a Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations Environment Program to help promote environmental causes, including plastic pollution initiatives.

In addition to recognizing outstanding green venues like the Santa Barbara Bowl, Johnson continues to improve his own sustainability practices on the road. The 2014 From Here To Now To You Tour eliminated over 18,392 single-use plastic bottles with water refill stations and reusables, supported 35 local farms with the purchase of locally grown and organic produce, sourced over 10,054 gallons of sustainable biodiesel and offset an estimated 2,462,600 pounds of CO2 through green touring and fan participation.

Through Johnson’s All At Once campaign, the tour supported over 150 community groups focusing on plastic free initiatives, sustainable local food systems, and other hands-on environmental projects.

For more information visit: and