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From The Darkness, a Specter Now Leads the Way of the Unholy Divine


CD Review: Ghost B.C. – INFESTISSUMAM on Loma Vista Recordings

A Music Review by Joseph Timmons : Xombiewoof Magazine


Ghost B.C.

On the evening of the seventh day, while the good lord rested, when his back was turned, from the darkness a great evil sprang, unholy souls with an essence black as pitch, Papa Emeritus II and the Nameless Ghouls came forth, and we do delight in the harmonies of the damned.

OK, that, I just came up with, but I have to say this is a band that I have been waiting for and it has been a long time coming. I was first enlightened to the presence of Ghost (also known as Ghost B.C. in the United States) just a short time ago, a well-kept secret of an underworld society I would gather.

A Swedish heavy metal band, formed in Linköping in 2008 first released a 3-track demo in 2010, followed by a 7" vinyl titled "Elizabeth", and eventually their debut full-length album Opus Eponymous. This new voice of “Doom Rock” created a stir in the music world; their album was widely-praised Grammy-nominated which increased their popularity significantly In the US. Now, their second album, and major label debut, INFESTISSUMAM has been released, Lord have mercy on our souls!

Ghost are easily recognizable due to their eccentric on-stage presence (five of the group's six members wear hooded robes, while the vocalist appears in a skull mask and a cardinal outfit) and highly secretive nature of their identities, with the members being referred to as "Nameless Ghouls”, they have collected a cult like following, nay, an assembly of worshipers that will follow them to any and every performance possible.

I have spoken to some critics and Ghost has been often compared to groups such as Black Sabbath, Blue Öyster Cult, Mercyful Fate, and Witchfinder General, but really they are an “Un-wholly” new “Religion” of a performance group. Ghost has a sound that is symphonic and resonates on a very deep and enchanting level, no speed driven, illegible lyrics or instrumental solos that last for 30 min, their creative talents are complete and self-evident, and the cathedral like organ music and soft alluring tones of Papa Emeritus II suck you in and convert you to allegiance.

I do not think of them as “Black Metal”, but the spirit ( no pun intended) is there, the lyrics are where the darkness exists, the subtle accents on specific words, like “Suffer, Little Children, To Come Unto Me”, a lyric from Idolatrine, or as the phrasing in “To the sound of the end of day, Mesmerized the assembled sway” from Monstrance Clock, which I would think is not so much a reference to the worship of Satan, but as to how the mind of man is weak and wants only to follow blindly our self-proclaimed leaders. And there is my favorite song on this collection of Black Hymns – Secular Haze, is it a prayer to Lucifer, of testament to the deceiver that lies within the government leaders. I enjoyed the dark and playful nature of this fantastic group of talented musicians who seek out fans that understand their music, not just the mindless who would smash their heads against the wall because they are told to, Ghost B.C. is a force of intellectual magnificence, Hallowed be their name!


The image of a “Dark Pope” soaked in a satanic visual image is a mocking affront to social normality and goads harsh critics of their music and image to make of them a forbidden fruit, which only sweetens the taste of their darkness. Their fans have collected and grown exponentially on sites such as Facebook and YouTube, although their official videos are limited, Fan created videos and Fan Art spreads like wildfire and their presence on the internet is vast and in every conceivable language. There are detractors that claim this is the second coming of the Devil, which leads to speculation that people want to embrace their dark desires and “Bath in the Blood of the Innocent”, or it could be the masses wanting to hear the voice and music of ones who would be understanding and compassionate to their want for powerful and imaginative verse.


Secular Haze–Official Video

Really, what is “Evil” and what is “Holy” and where does the truth lay; this is a question for the papacy, as for me, give me Ghost B.C. I rate this album 10 out of 10, for all the “good” reasons, I enjoy the priest and minions of the Dark One, come join the converted, attest to the new covenant to an old god.


Uncle Anton would be Proud…….. Mwaaahahahahahahahaha.

Joseph Timmons is not an advocate of the Dark Lord, But took great joy and artistic license to have a great deal of fun with this review.

Enjoy the sprit (again, no pun intended) of this review article and get a copy of INFESTISSUMAM, Available on CD, Vinyl in your local Record Stores and on iTunes.

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“Hey, is this thing on?” - The Musicians Stories

Sound Secrets: Studios, Producers and Artists share stories of life behind and in front of the soundproof glass

Music Industry Article by Joseph Timmons: Xombiewoof Magazine.

In a Coast to Coast Series, Xombiewoof Journalist Joseph Timmons will bring you stories from Musicians and Studio Professionals that not only “Make the Music” but live a life often glamorized in movies and television, but are never truly revealed to the public, stories of hard work and ambition, what it takes to reach the stage, and the stories of those that helped build the launch pads of the bands success.

Part 2: “Hey, is this thing on?” - The Musicians Stories

After starting this series, I found that many artists I interviewed had varied studio experiences, some good, some not so good, there was so much information that this segment took on a life of its own. Here are some experiences shared with me by many artists that are well known in their perspective areas of performance, and I admit, this was exciting for me to learn and write about as well as it was to report.

Heaven Below

Patrick Kennison of Heaven Below, a band making big strides in the LA Hard Rock / Metal Scene had this to say in our interview: “after the release of our album Falling from Zero, we went on to doing local dates, to support a new album project we are presently doing studio work on. As for past experiences I had, in the last band I was in, Union Underground, we had both bad and good experiences, some were horrid so now we go into studio with hands on approach, and we never expect studio crews to do everything as expected”. When I asked about making deadlines, he admitted there have been times where months of work never panned out, only to find the group overworked the hell out of a piece that was great the first time. He said “we learned to go with our instincts and leave well enough alone, let the music move itself into place” he also added by saying ”our worst experience, was going into a studio with big name producer we hooked up with, he was a great producer / engineer and great studio, but did not seem to know how to put it together in the mix, producer wanted the mix right away rather than wait for us to agree on it, he over mixed and the label hated the mix and the band had to start over. I am glad we now take the time to set everything to our specs and get together with people that understand us.


Jon Stephen

When asking similar questions of Jon Stephen, an exquisite, highly accomplished acoustic guitarist with an amazingly positive soul had nothing but good things to say, as well as impart some of his experience and wisdom. “There are plenty of great studios out there, shop around visit & meet the people that work there. Ask Q’s like what are their strengths & weaknesses? Who’s some of the past clientele, and styles? This is important; if your project is folk music, you may not want a studio that specializes in rap. When speaking to the recording engineer ask what is their favorite genres they like to work with? You want an engineer that likes your style of music as much as you do!” Jon added, “Be well rested, rehearsed, drug/alcohol free, stay positive. “If you play a stringed instrument have fresh strings on your instrument. It is normal to be nervous the best way to overcome nerves is with knowledge know your material. Substitute ego with confidence. Time is money use it wisely. As with all contracts before signing on the dotted line make sure you completely understand everything that you are agreeing to”.


Breakaway Patriot

Breakaway Patriot Drummer Michael Miller had mixed commentary, based on recent experiences, but also made some very valid observations on the studio environment. “Some of the worst experiences have been when the engineer from the beginning won't even listen to you; they already have in mind what THEY want versus what YOU want. Not once has a recording I've done ever sounded well when that mindset has existed. Some of the best experiences I've ever had are when you walk into the studio, the room is amazing, and the gear is amazing. When the engineer says with sincerity "what sound are you going for?" I knew it was going to work well. What that told me was that this was going to be a great experience because it was going to be comfortable and I knew the engineer was going to be good. Ultimately you go into the studio knowing what you want. BUT, always be open to try something else”. Mike added “The engineer or producer may have a better idea, so trust them and try it! Some of the best recordings I've ever done were because somebody had a random idea to try and it worked. Everyone wants it to sound good, so remember that nobody is your enemy. Everyone has to be on their "A" game. A poorly recorded project can really affect the feel of an album. I have always said, "Play this record like it is your last...." It very well may be, you never know. But what that does is make sure you give it your all, leave nothing on the table. Make people feel what you are doing. It never fails”.



We posed our questions to the vocalist of Killcode, Tom Morrissey stated they recently finished their studio project and was preparing to go on tour. He stated “We try to work out all of our material prior to the actual recording process, when we're in the studio it's all about the music. We’ve never been concerned with the actual studio. We just want to work with people that are genuine and have a real passion for what they do. If the guy behind the board knows what he's doing you can record anywhere. The best situation is when it all works out and we all have a big smile while listening to the play back .The worst is when the opposite happens, but it's also what makes us want to go back and make it better, it is all part of the process. I would advise others to just be passionate and don't hold back. If it doesn't work out at least you have a reference to listen to and make it better the next time you record. My band mates and I constantly bounce ideas off each other; it definitely has made me/us better in the studio.”


Neil Turbin of DeathRiders


Similar statements were made by our last interview, Neil Turbin, the original singer for Anthrax, now founder and frontman for the heavy metal band DeathRiders. When speaking with Neil, discussing our questions and his history, as well as his present projects and studio work, he made me aware that many working musicians and artists do much of their own work. Neil stated “I do most, if not all of the track work in our own studio, we do everything ourselves, leaving much of the drum tracking for the studio when the last bit remains. By saving the studio work that requires other people’s interaction for the end, I and my group retain total control.” Neil was very frank with me during our conversation, making points that, in opinion the use of digital software and technology that could perfect the sound could be considered “cheating” and gave me a very solid quote “Play for the Song, Not the Solo”.

My conversation with Neil gave me the impression that one should view the studio as a place where, even though some studios may have all the latest tools and gear, is not as important as the fact that the music has to come from within, work, hard work is the most important of all things a musician could do. Neil added “I have recorded in many studios, the one we use now, Swing House Studio, they make us feel right at home, but we go there to record, not jam out. Before you go into the studio, work it, practice it, get it down then go to the studio and record”.

I have been a fan of Anthrax for many years, their first album Fistful of Metal which featured the singing, lyrics and songs written & performed by Neil Turbin, was one of my favorites; I listened to it so often, I wore out 2 copies on Vinyl. I first saw Anthrax with Neil Turbin play live in in 1983, I did not get to see or hear Neil sing again until recently at the NAMM convention in Anaheim, California. The National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM), commonly called NAMM in reference to the organizations popular trade shows, is the not-for-profit association that promotes the pleasures and benefits of making music. In the lobby of the Anaheim Hilton on a stage surrounded by musicians and fans, Neil appeared and performed for an audience that roared to life at his presence, he performed a stunning show of talent and skill of a man who has worked hard for the respect he received that night, and every night he plays.


My interview with Neil Turbin was exciting; he called me while on his way to work with his group DeathRiders. Neil was very insightful and honest with me about the serious nature of the music business. Like all “once in a life time” interviews with an artist you appreciate, it was brief but it was fantastic to talk with a musician that is not only a real professional at his craft but is also a great human being.


It is not the studio, or the gear, or the technology that makes the artist what he or she is or becomes, but what is inside, that voice, the skill, the magic. You hear it on the radio, in your car, on the television, everywhere music could possibly be; it is there, for you, it can be powerful, hypnotic, mystifying and moving. What is it about the artist and their music that we love so much?

This question leads me to our next article in this series, about the people who have the final say over who becomes the king or queen of the stage, and who becomes a one hit wonder - the Fans.

Next: “I’m not just a fan; I am your Biggest Fan”: what makes us loyal to our favorite artists?

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Sound Secrets: Studios, Producers and Artists share stories of life behind and in front of the soundproof glass

Music Industry Article by Joseph Timmons: Xombiewoof Magazine.

In a Coast to Coast Series, Xombiewoof Journalist Joseph Timmons will bring you stories from Musicians and Studio Professionals that not only “Make the Music” but live a life often glamorized in movies and television, but are never truly revealed to the public, stories of hard work and ambition, what it takes to reach the stage, and the stories of those that helped build the launch pads of the bands success.

Every band’s dream is to get out of the garage and into the studio; many bands create a small home studio to make their demos in hopes to get the scratch together to go into a full featured Studio manned by professional audio technicians and an award winning producer. Some see their dreams come true; and others go back to the garage. The road to music fame is a long hard struggle, making a name, getting the credibility of being real, not selling out and becoming a “has been” before you even became a “will be”.

Some artists seem to hit big with no problems, some struggle on a “day by day”, but it’s what happens in the recording world that can make or break a musician’s spirit. Is it knowledge, technique, training or that perfect ear that some claim to have, the skill to pick out that one note that makes the song a hit?

The question has been posed, “why go into the studio, with all the modern tech and software, just do it in your garage”, believe me, it is not that simple.

We will take a look into what happens behind the glass, and get the truth about the Recording Studio Adventure that some have made their life’s passion, and what it takes to survive the process.

While this is primarily an article about the studio sector and the magic of the recording industry, we will also speak with many musicians, both unsigned and signed, to get their perspective as well. From my own experiences as a musician, I had a home studio and worked in larger professional studios, with dreams of stardom and believing all the TV and movie stories, I thought it would be one big jam session, not knowing that to be good, you had to be great, to be great, you HAD to be perfect

We will meet of these people; listen to their stories and tales of adventure or woe.

Read and Learn, your stardom may depend on it!

Part 1: The Masters of the Mix: The Studio Professionals

Running a Recording Studio is no small task, in truth; it is not just one big party full of bare bottomed babes and champaign (well sometimes if you have ALLOT OF CASH), it is an experience full of the blood, sweat and tears that make the music industry and being a musician a life that can be richly rewarding, or full of the “never again” moments. We have connected with some recording studio executives and producers that have been there, done that and have seen everything, here are their thoughts.

I contacted a Studio Owner and Producer in New York, one who is personally responsible for the success of many bands that have graced stages throughout the nation, if not the world. Stacy O’Dell is the name in New York, opening his door to artists that have hit the ground running and wind up flying high and never falling down. I asked Stacy the big 6 questions and he gave me the honest truth of his experiences.

Stacy, as a producer, what do you see as the most important aspects of a great studio, not just the equipment, but its set up and staffing?

“The staff is by far the most important aspect. You can have all of the greatest gear with amazing rooms... but it really won't help the band if the people running the session aren't facilitating their needs. Knowledge and experience is the key to getting great sounds and making musicians comfortable. With people using home studios so much these days you really need to offer something extra, something special that makes people want to come to your studio.”

After the many experiences you have had, how do you feel about your decision to make this your life's work, has it been what you have expected?

“It’s exactly what I expected! (he said with a laugh), after playing in many bands and interacting with engineers and producers since my teens I knew what it was going to be like and what I was getting myself into. No Regrets, It can be a very rewarding and challenging experience.”

If you could name 4 groups or artists that were the greatest you have worked with, who would be the top 4?

Killcode, Resolution 15, Panzie & The Vansaders.”

One of your recent clients, Killcode, has had some great press and is enjoying some great response, how would you say you influenced this?

Killcode is an amazing band. They have fantastic players so one of the things I have tried to do is capitalize on their abilities. I push each member to perform better and to be more creative. Also a great a thing about Killcode is they are very open to suggestions and they always try ideas I offer and because of that we work very well together. But basically to answer the question, I would say by being a team player and working hard”.

Have you ever had a client come in (without naming names) that you felt "should not give up their day jobs?

“Well that's an interesting question (and I'm not trying to be a wise guy here) because here in NYC everything is so expensive that even the rich work! So I don't see anyone quitting their day Job!”

If you were to give advice to anyone who wanted to do what you do, what would it be?

“Work on material you like not what you think will make you rich and famous... It's like any other job; if you don't love what you're doing you're most likely going to fail”.

Now, we jet over to the other side of this great nation. To Oxnard California, a seaside West Coast town that has the hustle and bustle of larger metropolitan areas is home to a large and growing hip hop/ R&B community.

Living Large and “In Charge”, in the middle of it all, fanning the flames of a musical heat that empowers that music community is Fifty150 Recordings, owned and operated by Robert Quiroz and associates. In our interview, Robert waxed poetic about the artists he has had the honor of working with, new artists and established names that demand respect, and he had some very interesting things to say.

Admittedly, Robert verified and validated the expected questions about experience and technical knowledge, but for this interview, we found that what he had to say about the philosophy of the recording studio and his experiences and reality of the artists expectations was most stunning.

Robert has worked with many big name artists, such as King T, 2nd II None. King Lil'G, OG Rome and Mellow Man Ace, all of who were totally professional and on mark, and of recent has has been talking with the infamous artist Xzibit, mentioned that not every artist that has come to him were ready for the studio and it’s experiences, but with patience make it to the mic on time.

“I started way back in 96, old school, using tape decks and mic on a deck, working my way up, I ran beats and had my time doing rap and being part of the scene. I wanted do more, make a difference and produce, I opened the studio and it’s been a ride ever since. I often have to advise on mixes and sometimes the artists (none of which are listed in this article) were really ready, some even gave up. I find that the artists the really do well are the ones that have found their real self in their music. I try to stay positive, but truth is truth and you have to be honest in this biz, or you lose your rep, it’s not all about the dollars, got to be heart and soul.”

I asked if he ever felt that he had reached his peak and just stay a studio producer, Robert said “for now, our plan is growth; we look to start a label, produce and possibly manage acts in the area, do shows and create a new scene of power and elegance in music.” We talked about some other aspects of the hip-hop scene, the one truly negative aspect of some artists glamorizing a “thug life” with “bitches and hoes” and comments of promoting violence, Robert agreed that it was not only bad for the music industry and the music scene as it were, but that when an artist falls into that arena, they get marked and never grow past it

“ artists have to understand that their music not only tells a story but it can engage the listeners mind and influence their actions, when a child hears that stuff, they think it’s ok, if the artist lives it they can, and most times the artists themselves only portray the image, they never did time, or lived the life, I want to enforce the keep it real philosophy, if I don’t believe it, it won’t roll, and I have called a bro on it once or twice.” Said Robert, as we finished the interview, “A man has to be true to himself and his music”.

This has been the image given to me by all the studios and producers, some balked at the questions saying that talent is rare and cannot be defined, some said without them the bands would be nothing, others agree that without the strength and resilience, the bands falter and it is up to them to lend a guiding hand. I would have to say that in this era of music, you find all sorts of artists, some with the right stuff and some without, but you have to commend all of them with the zeal to rise above and make a name for their selves in a business that can be very unforgiving, and all too often breaks the soul.

We now get the other side of the story, the viewpoint of the artists, the music makers, the dream catchers, the people we love to listen to, and some we tried to emulate and be like, let’s see what they have to say.

Next Week - Part 2: “Hey is this thing on?” - The Musician’s Stories


Note: over 20 studio professionals were contacted, only 8 interviewed wanted to take part at the completion of the interviews, out of the 8, only 3 had answered my questions honestly, just before publication the 3rd studio requested to have their comments removed. We rewrote the article based on the two studios that gave honest answers and said positive things about the artists they have worked with.

If you have any questions or comments. please contact us at xombiewoofmail@aol.com or leave a comment about the article.

Paiste welcomes Gregory Hutchinson to the Paiste Artist Family

The world renowned Swiss cymbal maker Paiste is proud to welcome Gregory Hutchinson to its Artist Endorsement Program.



Gregory Hutchinson is an accomplished and respected musician; a drummer's drummer, who is soundly rooted in the jazz tradition and able to approach many different styles of music tastefully and with imagination. He has worked with a virtual who's who of the jazz world including Dianne Reeves, Betty Carter, Wynton Marsalis, John Scofield, Roy Hargrove, Charles Lloyd, Diana Krall, Harry Connick Jr, Joshua Redman, Christian McBride and Maria Schneider, as well as many others.

His cymbal set ups mainly consist of different models from the classic Formula 602 series as well as Dark Rides and Dark Crash Rides from the Twenty Masters Collection.



Paiste welcomes also the following distinguished artists to the Paiste Artist Family

Robert Moeller of Le Fly (Germany)

Gota Yashiki of Mute Beat (Japan)

Martin Huber of Navel (Switzerland)

Christian Specker of Bligg (Switzerland)

Jesus Mendez, jr. of Newsted (USA)

Paiste’s Artist Endorsement Policy, as established in 1957 with the creation of  Drummer Service, is based entirely on the artist’s appreciation for Paiste products, Paiste’s recognition of the artist’s career and distinguished status among the drum and percussion community, and mutual respect and loyalty.


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Megadeth's Shawn Drover Invades WVOX's Metal Mayhem This Wednesday




Megadeth drummer Shawn Drover will shed more light on the group's forthcoming album, Super Collider, the bands first release on Dave Mustaine's new label Tradecraft after signing an exclusive worldwide deal with Universal Music Enterprises via a special feature interview on WVOX's Metal Mayhem with hosts Matt O'Shaughnessy and Tony Gizzo this Wednesday, April 24th at 8:20pm EST on WVOX.com Worldwide and 1460 AM in New York.

The mega skinsman will also talk with Metal Mayhem about the upcoming Gigantour 2013, shows with Iron Maiden and more during the radio chat. Metal Mayhem comes at you in force every Wednesday from 7-9pm and Friday between 6-10pm and can be viewed from the main studio from anywhere in the world on WVOX.com



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Available Worldwide Today To Promote The New Album DIAMONDS IN THE DARK To Be Released, June 18th, 2013

  • "Maverick recording artist, producer, and multi-instrumentalist Blake Morgan's studio chops, smart lyrics, and gift for the melodic twist have earned him a loyal critical and commercial following." - All Music Guide.

Now, Blake Morgan returns with the April 3rd release of the new single "Water Water Everywhere," from his forthcoming album Diamonds In The Dark(ECR Music Group).

Morgan has skillfully juggled multiple commercial and artistic successes as national recording artist, award-winning producer, and label-founder, all since defiantly freeing himself from a seven-record deal with Phil Ramone's N2K-Sony label over a decade ago.

  • Billboard Magazine writes, "Morgan has a voice that was made to be heard on the radio . . . inspired songwriting and passionate performances." The Washington Post adds, "He's got killer pop-rock instincts, something that leaps out at you . . . a natural when it comes to fashioning sharp melodies and catchy choruses."

    Preview and download the new single at iTunes: HERE

    Watch an exclusive live performance of the new single by Blake Morgan on behalf of the NYPD's 6th Precinct and Hurricane Sandy Relief: HERE

    Watch and hear the story behind the song on Take Part TV's new series Eye Level: 10 Artists Perform for Change: HERE

    Diamonds In The Dark will be released worldwide June 18th, 2013 on ECR Music Group.

    information, visit: www.ecrmusicgroup.com/blakemorgan




    Announcing the Sumerian Records Unsigned Band Competition, Metal Injection Ticket Giveaways and More!


    Tour Starts June 29th in San Bernardino, CA

    Get your Tickets NOW at www.rockstarmayhemfest.com or www.livenation.com

    There’s more being added each week when it comes to cool things going on at the ROCKSTAR ENERGY DRINK MAYHEM FESTIVAL this year, including the Sumerian records Unsigned Band Competition, the Metal Injection ticket giveaways in each market, the Metal Mulisha being back again this year, and more!

    • Headbang for the Highway and Sumerian Records want to give unsigned bands the opportunity to play ROCKSTAR ENERGY DRINK'S MAYHEM FESTIVAL. Submit now for your chance to play! Email: info@headbangforthehighway.com and make the "subject" the Mayhem city that you want to play. In the body of the message leave your band name, hometown, and link to your music along with a contact name and phone number.
    • Metal Injection is at it again, with their annual ticket giveaway for the ROCKSTAR ENERGY DRINK MAYHEM FESTIVAL. They are giving away a FREE pair of tickets for each stop. To enter, visit the Metal Injection site - http://www.metalinjection.net/?p=33127
    • Metal Mulisha will be back this summer with some of the craziest riders doing some of the craziest stunts, all in the middle of the madness that is Mayhem! Metal Mulisha will have three riders performing this year: Jimmy Fitzpatrick, Derek Garland and Julian Dusseau and here are the Mayhem Festival dates they'll be at: San Bernardino, Mountain View, Boise, Auburn, Phoenix, Albuquerque, Burgettstown, Scranton, Mansfield, Camden, Hartford, Holmdel, Bristow, Noblesville, Chicago, Detroit, Atlanta, Tampa and Dallas. Video from 2011 performances: http://youtu.be/qejD97kXW-w



    For more information on these items and more, visit www.rockstarmayhemfest.com.

    Artists performing this year include main stage metal and horror legend, festival closer ROB ZOMBIE, plus, the triple gold certified FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH and a monster lineup that includes additional main stage bands MASTODON and AMON AMARTH. The festival area is led by stage closers CHILDREN OF BODOM and MACHINE HEAD as well as BEHEMOTH, JOB FOR A COWBOY, EMMURE, BORN OF OSIRIS, MOTIONLESS IN WHITE, BUTCHER BABIES, BATTLECROSS, HUNTRESS, THROWN INTO EXILE and CITY IN THE SEA.


    Take a look at what some of this year’s festival artists are doing RIGHT NOW:

    • ROB ZOMBIE’s latest feature film, "Lords of Salem", is out today, April 19! Head on over to www.fandango.com for movie showtimes, to purchase movie tickets, and to take a look at the official site, www.lordsofsalem.com. Be sure to keep an eye out for ROB ZOMBIE's new album, Venomous Rat Regeneration Vendor dropping Tuesday, April 23.
    • · FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH will be performing at the Revolver's Golden Gods on May 2 which will be broadcast live on AXS TV & Xbox Live. News about their new album will be released very soon.
    • · Melodic death metal heroes AMON AMARTH are pleased to unveil the details of their ninth studio album titled Deceiver of the Gods. The new full-length album will be released in North America via Metal Blade Records June 25—fans can check out the title track and first single, "Deceiver of the Gods" at the band's official Metal Blade page: http://www.metalblade.com/amonamarth where you'll also find special pre-order info.
    • · BEHEMOTH have been holed up in Hertz Studios working on their tenth full-length album. As the band continues to record, they have been posting images and what appear to be lyrics for portions of new songs. More updates will be posted as they are made available. Fans can stay up to date with the absolute latest at facebook.com/behemoth and twitter.com/behemothband.
    • · BUTCHER BABIES rocked the Whiskey A Go Go for the 2013 ROCKSTAR ENERGY DRINK MAYHEM FESTIVAL Press Conference back on March 18. They performed Mr. Slowdeath (Live). Be sure to check them out this summer on the Jagermeister Stage! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8YtSzyWYTqA
    • · BATTLECROSS has completed work on their sophomore album, which will be due out this summer via Metal Blade Records. Recording has been completed and the finishing touches are being applied to the tracks and art. During tracking, one of metal's most acclaimed drummers, Shannon Lucas, stepped in as the session drummer for the album. The album also features a guest guitar solo by Producer Jason Suecof, and will be mastered by Joey Vera of Armored Saint. Vera also mastered the band's cover of Pantera's 'Hostile', which was released as a single last summer. As previously announced, Kevin Talley will be stepping in to play drums for the band on their two upcoming live performances at the New England Metal & Hardcore Fest (this weekend) and the Orion Music & More Festival (6/08-6/09). Keep up to date with Battlecross at http://battlecrossmetal.com/ & https://www.facebook.com/battlecrossmetal

    The ROCKSTAR ENERGY DRINK MAYHEM FESTIVAL will stop in 26 cities across the United States and Canada as it makes its way to the Gexa Energy Pavilion in Dallas, Texas on August 4th, 2013. Dates and venues are listed below. Fans can go to www.rockstarmayhemfest.com to keep up with additional details as they are released.

    Tour dates are as follows:

    Date City Venue

    6/29 San Bernardino, CA San Manuel Amphitheater

    6/30 Mountain View, CA Shoreline Amphitheatre

    7/2 Boise, ID Idaho Center Amphitheatre

    7/3 Auburn, WA White River Amphitheater

    7/5 Phoenix, AZ Desert Sky Pavilion

    7/6 Albuquerque, NM Isleta Amphitheatre

    7/7 Denver, CO Fiddler’s Green Amphitheatre

    7/10 Toronto, ON Molson Canadian Amphitheatre

    7/12 Burgettstown, PA First Niagara Pavilion

    7/13 Scranton, PA Toyota Pavilion at Montage Mountain

    7/14 Darien Center, NY Darien Lake PAC

    7/16 Mansfield, MA Comcast Center

    7/17 Bangor, ME Bangor Waterfront

    7/19 Camden, NJ Susquehanna Bank Center

    7/20 Saratoga Springs, NY SPAC

    7/21 Hartford, CT The Comcast Theatre

    7/23 Holmdel, NJ PNC Bank Arts Center

    7/24 Bristow, VA Jiffy Lube Live

    7/26 Noblesville, IN Klipsch Music Center

    7/27 Tinley Park, IL First Midwest Bank Amphitheatre

    7/28 Clarkston, MI DTE Energy Music Theatre

    7/30 Atlanta, GA Aaron’s Amphitheatre at Lakewood

    7/31 Tampa, FL Live Nation Amphitheatre at the Florida State Fairgrounds

    8/2 Austin, TX Austin360 Amphitheater

    8/3 The Woodlands, TX Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion

    8/4 Dallas, TX Gexa Energy Pavilion


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