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Audiofly Headphones – The Wonders from Down Under


Audiofly_MarkAudio Equipment Review of the Audiofly Headphones Model AF45m

Joseph Timmons – Xombiewoof Magazine


The market for personal monitors and audio headphones is teaming with multiple brands, all promising the purest, most unique sound and quality one could imagine. I have done many reviews of similar equipment and I have to say only a few have made it from the start to finish without some form of disappointment.

The Audiofly Model AF45m Headphones are advertised on the company website as “Born out of obsession” and “delivers clear, honest tones. Well defined mids and groove with a punchy bass and blend with stunning highs that chime like a church bell.”

Well, the fact is ….the company does NOT do itself justice, the design quality of the AF45m is far superior than stated, the sound quality and richness of tone is better that some units that cost much more!

 The AF45m has an average retail price through online carriers of between $40.00 and 60.00 US, depending where you shop, and come equipped with a microphone so you can use on your favorite personal audio device or smart phone, with a very cool color selection they are both utilitarian and stylish. Built to withstand punishment, they have the unadvertised ability to cancel exterior noise so your music enjoyment is equal to having your favorite artist perform solely for you at your whim. The highs were crisp, sharp and defined with a full range of mid tones and some of the deepest bass you could drop, tested on my smart phone, personal audio device and home stereo, every use was stunning.

I discovered new sounds and within the music collection I have enjoyed for years. When I put on my Blind Faith album, it was like hearing the music through new ears, richer tones, deeper drums and guitar chords that sang out like angels. I gathered other loves from my collection, spending hours listening to new music I have owned for years, I played Blues, Jazz and Hard Rock, the AF45m stood up to the challenge of every test I could imagine.  

imageFor you “Tech-heads” out there, the Audiofly AF45m Headphones are designed with cutting edge technology in mind, Machined anodized alloy bezel with precision laser cut venting for acoustic optimization, elongated one piece thermoplastic housing that encases a custom voiced 11mm dynamic driver. It has a streamlined sound port to minimize sound eddies, the cable is their high spec Audioflex™ braided cable which is Kevlar reinforced for durability with a CORDURA fabric outer sheath. The earpieces have high grade silicon tips for custom fit and best possible comfort.

About Audiofly; Based in Australia, Audiofly designs and builds high quality, affordable headphones. With an eye on classic designs from the past and fueled with excitement to push new boundaries, Audiofly has developed headphones with drivers customized for insane detail. Designers of a unique hybrid speaker configuration developed for warmth and clarity, plus clearer microphone technology.

Since launching their first series of headphones in late 2011, Audiofly have been banging the drum for ultimate clarity in music. “It’s about rediscovering your tunes with every last speck of detail, and this keeps us brimming with optimism for the path ahead. We’ve crafted tone for years; our obsession as musicians guides the development of our products.”

These are the most lightweight, highest quality and riches definition headphones I have seen or heard in years. The Audiofly headphones series are destined to be the name in quality sound among those that value the quality of their music and want the best audio rich experience possible. The AF45 Series, as well as others in The Audiofly arsenal are perfect for the individual music lover, the studio and the professional musician.

Go to to see what products are available and go to their AF45m Page to see the design and specs yourself. The Audiofly AF45m is available at many online retailers; the best price I have seen so far is $40.00 on Amazon for the units. You can also find Audiofly on Facebook and Instagram.

Pictures supplied by Audiofly and technical specifications as well as quotes derived from public statement.

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    I really like these headphones and think they are worth every penny. Not having to mess with the cord is wonderful. Plus the design and texture seems to be centered around the needs of exerciser so they have all the basis covered. Best Headphones


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