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Joe Walla: Rock and Roll’s Prodigal Son Returns to the Stage, Bigger and Better Things Are Now!


Interview and Opinion Editorial by Joseph Timmons: Xombiewoof Magazine

Every musician starts out humble. They say they won’t change once they make it to the top. While it is easy to say, and even to believe, it hardly ever happens. What will usually happen first is the fame, then the parties and the wild life, and then inevitably, the fall from grace and decent into obscurity.

In the music industry, there are many stories; some involve sorted half-truths and jaded commentary. Other stories of artists revealing their darkest tales and tearful apologies and some of the “one hit wonders” looking for the fame they once had.

In my interview with Joe Walla, I found that his life has been, and sometimes still is, a roller coaster that movies are made from. Starting when he was young, to today, returning back to the stage after a long absence, there were many ups and downs that some artists would find discouraging. But Joe Walla, being the professional he is, wanting to make his dream come true for the second time, making that once in a lifetime thing happen all over again, was not only a choice and a destiny, but is now a reality. I would not call this a comeback story, but a return from darkness.

retroamericaLike the pieces of his life that influence his music, his real experiences had created the score to his Rock and Roll fantasy. Joe Walla started as a keyboardist, with a long interest in music. But after family strife came into being, he sought a new way to express his soul and found it in the strings of an old guitar his father left behind. Once he began learning to play guitar, all the way working his way to the stage, the road was one not traveled by angels, and he showed a skill unlike others. He struggled hard, making his name for himself through will and desire.

He signed to Atlantic Records in 1982, performing, recording albums, and making his dream come true. However, due to “strange and unexpected events”, Joe said in a guarded candor, some of the issues that caused his absence were due to missed opportunities, bad management choices, and inconsistencies in the band. Joe Walla’s band consisted of himself, his bassist, and his drummer. There were many places in between where people came and left, but the core element of the band had always stayed the same. Finally, due to major conflicts over the direction they were going in, and what was going to happen with contracts and deals, caused stress between the members. Joe took very personally, and depression began to set in, which ultimately led to his departure from the limelight.

goldjdpicJoe Walla’s return to the stage was the result of hard work and dedication, Joe said “I made a few bad choices, but I am also looking to put the right pieces together again. I’ve done a decent amount of work: soundtracks, seven studio albums, and multiple live performances. I think it’s time for me to pull myself up by the bootstraps and get to the next step. I love playing, I love playing live, it’s always the best, but I found it humbling to rethink and restart again, now only better.”

Joe Walla described himself as an average player, yet to the contrary I found while preparing for this interview many fan pages and sites mentioning him and his past career. In his absence, his fans and followers had never forgotten him. In our conversation he mentions his experiences with coming back to the stage and to his fans. Many of the faces that he saw when he was younger he saw again at his recent performances, constantly reminding him of what he gave them – not just his songs, but a soundtrack to their lives.

“If you want to make it happen, the sky’s the limit. I am lucky to be where I am today, and I am lucky to have the fans that I have.”

Joe’s romantic side emerged with the recent collection of new songs, and with new styles he has been working on. He’s integrated his rock-and-roll style from the past with some rhythm and blues, some soul and some Spanish-style guitar. Joe has mixed it up to create, ultimately, a whole new sound, which has his unique style and flavor, and is completely Joe Walla.

joe_walla_02At 52 years old, he said he has no regrets and has no desire to look back and be the star of his own pity party. He said to me that “if I sat there and just relived my past and worried about my past, and about what people think, then he’d never pick up the guitar again.” And for Joe Walla, that would be death. He lives to play guitar, he lives to perform, and he lives for his fans, the people that supported him, day in and day out. “I would like to add thanks to some special people in my life, Kris Traynor, my producer and longtime friend. Kris took the time to nurture my talent, so without his guidance I wouldn’t be where I am now. I also have to thank my sister, Lee Anne Marino; she was and still is my first believer. She put up the money to help fund my fist CD project. I owe her big, without her love and support …well, I love you. I am thankful to all those I couldn’t say thank you to, that would be a whole story by itself. You are all special people to me, and I will always be thankful.”

Some would say that Joe Walla is an eccentric, an unconventional artist, but I prefer to think of him as a performer that involves his fans in the show, sometimes taking odd items to play the guitar with. The guitarist Jimmy Page would use a violin bow; Joe took it one step further: he would take various objects from the stage or from the audience to play with, using it like a slide on the guitar or banging against the strings. Sometimes he would take his guitar and play it against the side of the amp; an old beer bottle, a can. One time he referenced that he used a chicken bone from somebody’s plate and used it like a slide. The most bazaar thing he used was a prosthetic leg. He was playing in a night club – or more like a bar, he said, - and somebody from the back, a raving fan that loved his playing, took off his own prosthetic leg and tossed it onto the stage. So, Joe picked it up and started playing. At the end of the show, the guy came back for his leg –so he could get home - and Joe thanked him for making the performance great. He did not say he made it great – he said the fan made it great, gave him an opportunity to do something different, something new, something to make it memorable for everybody there.

thCA3AJXDPJoe Walla works on his skills daily to make music for his audience to enjoy, remembering it was the people that put him there. Joe Walla is an old school rock-and-roller, but he is also a modern man of the digital age, taking advantage of the internet, websites, social networking. His albums are all recorded now strictly to digital, available for download, sometimes free, most for the minimum cost just to cover production. Joe Walla wants to perform all over the world, and is presently in negotiations to do so. Joe wants to include stadiums, club scenes, – anywhere where there is a stage, anywhere he could have his fans show up.

He makes his music available for anybody who wants to hear it, through many locations. He is looking to put together a great band and create a new stage experience, something new, something to meet the challenges of the next phase. Joe Walla, a motorcycle enthusiast, who also had a car in the racing circuit, is still very much engaged in his interests and wants to play in the road houses and “biker bars” as well. Many of his fans enjoy motor racing and the rock-and-roll lifestyle.

Some of you may wonder – who is Joe Walla? The name sounds familiar, but we can’t quite place it. The fact is, if you don’t know about Joe Walla, you don’t know about rock.

hrdp_1007_15_o joe_walla_band funny_carHis awards and nominations include All Access Award Winner for Best Southern Artist, Best Instrumental Group, Best Rock Guitarist, Best Songwriter and Music Connections Top Unsigned Artist for 2 years running– a tough competition, it is not easy to achieve it more than once. He has multiple albums in his discography including duet performances with other notable artists and he is endorsed by major Music Instrument Companies: Peerless Guitars, Cool Picks, Aurora Strings, Zt Amplifiers, Gig Fx, Amt Pedals and Mills Acoustics– companies that want only the best to represent, them, and Joe Walla represents them well.

xoxPatriotJoe is not very happy with the record industry as it is today– not that he blames them for anything, but he is just not very comfortable with the way things are going there. To catch a common phrase – “Payola” - he feels that the person needs to be recognized for the talents, not for the star factor he or she can offer to the record companies. This may have caused him some issues when dealing with executives, but those that can respect his opinion are the ones he wants to work with. Again, Joe Walla is about the show, not the stardom. The present music scene is filling up with artists that have an agenda or a wild image, or a gimmick. Whether its makeup or a scary costume, or the performers are trying to represent some dark demonic force or being the next pretty boy band. “LA is not the same, and it seems to be a whole new game with new rules.” Nothing against those bands, but for Joe Walla, it just does not work.

One quote that came in a pause in laughter, because all throughout the interview Joe Walla was cracking dirty joke and making side comments, “At the end of the day, it’s been a good run. I’ve made some money, maybe not a living, but I’m living well.” He is still blown away by fan mail he receives. Once, a fan asked him for an autograph – and he gave it, in exchange for the fan’s autograph. The word got out – suddenly, fans all over the world started sending their autographs in return for his, for the momentum of the show. Now, his studio wall is layered in autographs of his fans. He said this is his driving force. This is what makes him get up in the morning. Not what he can get, but what he can give.

“You can change a life with a song. I want to write enough songs to change a lot of lives.”

Joe Walla came out of the dark place, and came out strong, stronger than ever. There are those that can play music, some that can master it, but if you love the artists that can breathe music, bleed music, live on music… Joe Walla is that kind of artist, yet He has no delusions of grandeur. He is just a man who wants to play guitar; it’s what he does, and it’s what he does best. The best is all that Joe Walla has to offer.

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WVOX's Metal Mayhem Presents Special One Hour Block Featuring Brand New Metal This Friday 08 - 31- 2013 Metal Mayhem hosts Matthew O'Shaughnessy and Tony Gizzo will unveil an hour-long broadcast this Friday, August 30th from 9-10pm EST exclusively on Worldwide and 1460AM showcasing the very latest hard rock, metal and hardcore, including yet to be released material and upcoming releases and albums currently out. Fans can expect to hear the latest from Soulfly, Trivium, Scar The Martyr, Activator, Devildriver, Avenged Sevenfold, Carcass, Asking Alexandria, Dream Theater ,Trouble, ERA 9, Nekrogoblikan, Gwar, Tyr and more during WVOX's salute to new metal.

"There's so much exceptional breaking metal coming out that Metal Mayhem decided to showcase just some of the incredible skull-pounding releases tearing it up now. We will most likely make this a weekly or monthly feature on WVOX." says producer/creator, Matthew O'Shaughnessy. Metal Mayhem shatters speakers from coast to coast and around the world every Tuesday from 9-11pm and Friday between 6-10pm and be viewed from the main studio on live webcam from anywhere in the world on

30 Years of Lightning in California

 2013-08-21 12.36.29

Interview with Lightning Joe and his wife Marelene, Founders and Owners of Lightning Joe’s Guitar Heaven

Interviewed by Joseph Timmons of Xombiewoof Magazine

2013-08-21 12.32.36Lightning Joe’s Guitar Heaven is known as the place to get your Axe, and with one of the largest selection of new and used Guitars, it is no wonder that musicians from all over flock to his store to get just the right one. This family run business, now celebrating 30 years of service in the Central Coast of California, is looking towards doing great things while serving the musical community both locally and abroad. Xombiewoof now gets an interview with Lightning Joe himself and his wife and partner Marelene, to tell us their story and reflect on his career in Music.

A veteran player going all the way back to 1965, Lightning Joe has been known to “slay an entire room full of guitarists with a single lick." He's performed on television and radio, done session work for several studios, held the position of guitar columnist for the music magazine Sound Check, writing articles on all aspects of the guitar for three years, been in more bands than he can remember, like the SLO Motion Blues Band, Tidal Wave Cafe, Stark Raven, Gun Shy, The Shades, Prime Suspect, the 8th Wonder, Fusion, Just Good Stuff, Concrete Window, and The Purpose, to name a few. He's literally played thousands of gigs in some of the most impressive venues in our industry and traveled the road for years, performing alongside of some very impressive heavyweights in the industry such as Charlie Musselwhite, Mark Naftalins Rhythm & Blues Review, The Cash Valley Drifters, Donnie Brooks, Big Joe Turner, Mississippi Johnny Waters, The Curbfeelers, Rod Piazza & the Mighty Flyers, The Blues Survivors, Clarence Gatemouth Brown, Pee Wee Crayton, Carey Bell Blues Harp Band, Ralph Shines Blues Band, Rainbow, Life, among others.

2013-08-21 12.33.50Joe has played nearly every style of music and is currently settled into the role of guitar technician, enthusiast, teacher, mentor, owner / manager and active CEO of Lightning Joe's Guitar Heaven..." I watched the Beatles on the Ed Sullivan Show and knew exactly what I wanted to do: play the guitar." That was in '65 and it was later in 1980 in a seedy little bar called the Dark Room in San Luis Obispo, California, that Joe was given the tag " Lightning " by fellow members of the SLO Motion Blues Band for soloing " too fast " over the verses of Henry Mancini's Theme From Peter Gunn, and so the legend lives on at 100 East Branch Street in the sleepy little village of Arroyo Grande on the beautiful central coast of California at Lightning Joe's Guitar Heaven where you'll find Lightning Joe and his wife Marelene, their son Joseph and daughter Savanna running a very impressive, world class guitar shop.

Q: What made you decide to open a guitar shop?

Lightning Joe: it all started when we went to a local swap meet here in Nipomo, California. I had gone to connect with someone selling a Bass Guitar I had been wanting, but when we got there we found the guitar was not what we expected. The guy selling the guitar had 3 garage sheds full of instruments, Guitars, Drums, Keyboards, Flutes and junk, lots of Junk… everywhere. My wife and I looked through everything and found some very interesting guitars and gear. I had wanted a job with him; I saw an opportunity to get in a great position.

Well, the guy, who was older and in poor health, said he was actually closing the business down and wanted out. My wife and I decided that since we just sold our first home, this might be a great chance do something we loved, have a business in music. We talked it out and he wanted $12,000.00 for everything, we only had $6000.00, and it was every penny we had. The guy made us a deal, help him sort it out and we buy all the Instruments we could have it the 6K. We set on this task that took more than 3 weeks to clear it up and move it to our shop. We did not start out with the vision of having this go as long as it did, we thought we might coast a bit until something came along, and then I found out this was it, and this was the big gig!

2013-08-21 12.34.15Q: So 30 years in the same location?

Lightning Joe: No, we opened in Nipomo, and then a second location a few years later, the present store, in Arroyo Grande. But then we let the Nipomo store go about 9 years later to keep the larger location in Arroyo Grande where we were open all week.

Q: In this area, there are not too many stores like yours, was it always like this?

Lightning Joe: No, in the north county there are actually many stores like this, some bigger, some smaller, we all know each other. The musician community in this area is incredible and there is a large demand, and since this is the area on the main highway through California, we get a huge amount of traffic.

Q: looking at your store there is not one area that a guitar is not hanging, in addition you have rows of Amplifiers and glass cases full of Pedals and Gear, where does it all come from?

2013-08-21 12.33.36Lightning Joe: We do a lot of trade work and buying / selling from individuals, we check out trade shows and conventions. We just love having a fun and exciting atmosphere that draws people in. the longevity of the store is we have a passion for what we do. We had started with everything from Guitars to flutes and drums, but we decided to move to just guitars, it’s what we know. Our customers don’t just come to us to buy a guitar; they come to find Their Guitar, and that’s why we have the following we have.

Q: As time went on from when you started to now, how did the changes in the music scene affect you?

Lightning Joe: Wow! There were so many factors, from the invention of MiDi, the disco days, karaoke machines and the Dj’s. The club scenes changed frequently and it became hard for bands to find gigs, it was feast or famine. And then some great places closed, and it was not until recently with all the new clubs and wineries opening up to live music, but it’s still tough.

Q: have you had many celebrities or up and coming musicians come in unexpectedly?

Lightning Joe: well, yes, actually Jon Anderson of Yes lives in the area, we see him all the time, and Jackson Brown, and several local music artists that are famous, but we don’t name drop, the famous artists are just regular people that want a place to get stuff or hang out without the fan chatter of celebrity hounds. We don’t let too many people know who comes in, so they can feel welcome.

2013-08-21 12.33.28Q: Everyone I talked to about Lightning Joe’s Guitar Heaven had nothing but good things to say and even went to give the impression that your store is a cornerstone in the community. How does that make you feel when you find out that you are not just a guitar shop, but a part of the spirit that drive the music scene in the area?

Lightning Joe: Well, if we were not here, I would like to think someone would be. We have a community center area on the second floor and a rehearsal space and even do shows. (– at this point I mention that I did not even see a second floor) Response: Oh yeah, you have to come and see it, we offer free stages to perform on and even a kind of music museum with my personal collection on display, as well as some choice pieces I have gathered. We have a gift shop and a cafĂ©, just so much hidden in our walls. We just do what we do, we just hope the community comes in to be a part of it and take advantage of the opportunities. We have seen so many bands start in our store.

2013-08-21 12.33.10Q: Where would you like to see things go in the music scene here on the Central Coast?

Lightning Joe: I would like to see it grow, more venues and places to see bands play, there needs to be steady work for musicians here. California is the source of energy for Music, so why is it so hard for musicians to flourish here. We get so many people from all over, other countries and here on vacation, we get so many calls and requests for instruments, or where to find it if we don’t have it. We get so many people every day and they are looking for Music, so I want to see it develop in the area.

Q: So, where do you go from here?

Lightning Joe: Marelene and I have been together for a long time, and we hope that our kids will continue what we started. We have no intention of ever leaving the business, but our son expects to take over someday, move us out and just cut us a check, he wants us to enjoy out time. We have worked so hard at this and it’s been our whole life, but not a moment has been wasted. We get so much business and the amount we buy, sell and trade is amazing. We feel we will be remembered for what we gave, sometimes people come to us with a need and they have no money, so we will often fix guitars for free, they come back and help us when we need it, we have a large family and it grows every day.

After our interview, Joe and Marelene, left to go open the store, Marelene had lesson appointments to schedule, people to call and Joe had some guitars to repair, tune or trade. After 30 years in business, raising a family and a career in music, they had the energy of teenagers heading to a concert.

Lightning Joe has found his main stage; he leads the biggest band of music lovers in the Central Coast of California, he plays his rig fast and lean, with heart, soul, with a little bit of reverb. I am just wondering where Lightning will strike next!

2013-08-21 12.36.35Want to see Lightning Joe’s Guitar Heaven, go to their web site

Here is their Virtual Tour Link:

Are you in California’s Central Coast? Why not stop in for a visit, Here is their address:  Address: 100 E Branch St, Arroyo Grande, CA 93420

Phone: (805) 481-2226  Hours: Tuesday through Saturday - 11:00 –5:00 pm



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Interview with Patrick Kennison of Heaven Below


pat KInterview with Patrick Kennison of Heaven Below with Lisa Sunshine for Xombiewoof Magazine

Our journalist Lisa Sunshine interviews Patrick Kennison of Heaven Below in a personal setting in Los Angeles. Patrick talks to Lisa about his life, inspirations and the group and the plans for a rocking future.

Lisa: How would you describe your songwriting process?

Patrick Kennison: It usually starts with me, and by the me and by the time it goes through ringer of all the band members playing it and recording on it becomes "Heaven Below", but for me lately I've been drawing on personal experience and frustration of being an artist to the pleasure of playing on stage so I don't really have preconceived notions when I write a song. I am a guitar player originally before I am a singer so I try to find the "all mighty riff", as we call it. Usually once I've got the riff and I'm grinding and grooving on it and I program a drum machine, or whatever is working at my place at the moment at that point I will put vocals on it usually I will have a song at the end that I can present to the band, but at the same time sometimes I just do lyrics. I've been a vocalist, I've been fronting this band for a few years now so sometimes I will sit on my iPhone and something will spark my interest about a certain lyric or a certain idea and I will put it in my phone, so it's really not that left of center compared to what other artists do sometimes I see a movie, and I get into the character and I will be like, "What would this character say if they only had three and a half minutes to convey it?".

Lisa: What drew you to music in the beginning?

Patrick Kennison: I am the youngest of 7 kids; my parents are still together after more than 50 years, they had me when they were in their 40's, I was the "happy accident" that's what my mom calls me...and all my older brothers and sisters as far back as I remember there was music in my house I remember hearing Judas Priest, Aerosmith, Cheap Trick, Kiss, I remember hearing this stuff literally when I was getting out of the crib, I didn't know what it was I just thought it was cool. I was totally the awkward kid in school, the second my mom got me a guitar it was the first time I actually excelled at something and people said, "Wow you are good at that!" I was never good at anything I didn't know how to get good grades, I couldn't play sports, I was a girly boy that wasn't gay. I know that sounds funny but I was the guy that couldn’t throw a football but I didn't want to be in theater and I wanted to be a "bad ass". So by the time I got a guitar, I learned how to play "Shout at the Devil", by Motley Crew, and Dokken "Breaking the Chains" and I haven't even hit puberty yet I was playing these songs and people are like "OMG you are AMAZING", as a little kid that is weird to hear but also very inspiring so I just stayed with it my mom was excited I finally found myself... I could do something.

Lisa: What do the members of HEAVEN BELOW bring to the table both musically and creatively?

Patrick Kennison: Heaven Below is definitely a group, a lot of people say, “Hey you write all the songs, is this the Patrick Kennison solo project?" It's not, everyone brings something. Jesse is our youngest guy he's still in his 20's he’s our lead guitar player, and he is a mega talent, the guy can play all instruments. He's a great producer and a pro tools master. He brings the technical end to the band, he’s not scared to do a lot of harmony's and shred guitar solos and keep me on my toes with my guitar. He kind of brings that cutting edge, “let's play like an orchestra or let’s do something like Dream Theater would do". Our bassist John, who I grew up in San Antonio and moved out here with years ago, he’s more of the simple player, he's the guy that is NOT trying to shred on his instrument, he's the guy that keeps the groove together he's the bass player like Nikki Six, or like the guy from Judas Priest, Dean Hill, he holds it together, he knows that Jesse and I are going to shred and our drummer is going to play crazy so he keeps the whole thing together, I know it sounds clichĂ© but it's true but the best players, it’s what they don't play. He's not trying to be Steve Harris or Geddy Lee. He's just trying to hold it together. Our drummer is the newest member, Shad Wilhelm he is a total shredder he is like Neil Peart meets Danny Carey from Tool. He's amazing he can play anything double bass and he's kind of like how me and Jesse are, he can shred, he can play people under the table, but he can still play to a click track he can play "Back in Black" he knows how to be simple, but he can still play a Rolling Stones song if he wanted to so that's why I think our band works, everyone has their place both musically and personally.

Lisa: Can you give me an example of a song that was difficult to write and took a while, but built itself over time?

Patrick Kennison: There is a new song, on our EP called "Tomorrow Never Comes", it opens the album, it's on the Deadlight Sessions it's the first song and we have already gotten great response form it that song was nearly impossible, it almost didn't make our album, I had written and rewritten that song probably seven times Jesse came in and helped me arrange it and we re-arranged it 3 or 4 times easily. Tomorrow Never Comes was nearly impossible I didn't think it would make an album, I was ready to throw it away and Jesse too, he was like, "What are we going to do with this song? the parts are there but its' just not working", so I got away from it for months, like six months or more, and I knew the chorus was good, I knew the intro riff was good, and so I just dissected it just one last time, I said I'm going to dissect this song or I'm throwing it away if it doesn't work, and low and behold, I feel like I finally got it and I was so excited about it I told the guys, we need to put this as the first song on The Deadlight Sessions. It has finally found its way, the way I got it to work is I put it on acoustic guitar; it was an electric song initially. It never was powerful enough but it wasn't delicate enough either, it was weird it was that in-between weird shit, and when I put it on acoustic guitar and I changed the drum arrangement, and I added some different lyrics it came out to what you hear now, it's probably version number 8 of Tomorrow Never Comes.

Lisa: What is your goal musically? What would be your dream gig?

Patrick Kennison: My dream gig is just for people to know all the lyrics to every one of our songs, buy our T-Shirts, and tell us what each song means to them, that is my idea of a dream gig. I have my friend that plays in Guns and Roses, my old roommate DJ Ashba, and I love him to death, and I still talk to him, I don't want that gig, I don't want to be in Guns and Roses, I don't want to be in 6 am, I don't want to be in 5 Finger Death Punch, I want to make my own music ONLY. I've turned down a lot of high profile gigs because I want Heaven Below to be that band. I'm proud to say that I would never sell out even if Rob Halford called me right now and said "Patrick, we are going to pay you a lot of money", I would say, "Rob Halford, I'm sorry, I have this band called Heaven Below, and it's going to be the coolest thing ever".

Lisa: What would you like for a person to come away with after listening to your music?

Patrick Kennison: I just want them to feel cathartic, because that is how I feel playing it and writing it. A cathartic experience and I just want to be a genuine band, I don't want to be the heaviest band, I don't want to be the most successful band, I just want to be genuine, the same way I saw Pantera in 1992 on The Vulgar Display of Power tour, and they were GENUINE. I did not think they were the most heavy band, I didn't think they were the "catchiest" band; I just thought they were genuine. That's all I want people to take away from a Heaven Below show and say, "That guy believes everything he is singing and I understand and feel everything they play", it's just a sense of GENUINE and that's hard to find in this day and age.

Lisa: It was amazing to have this time to chat, tell me a little about what you have coming up...

Patrick Kennison: Short Texas run end of September because we are from there and we get a lot of love and we get radio play there we are really excited to go back there and play. And I'm not going to lie we make a lot of more money there than we could ever in in LA at this point, so yeah, of course we are going back to Texas. I want to give it up to Jagermeister who still support new bands like us, as well as BC Rich Guitars, Checker Basses, these are people that support Heaven Below even though we are not on a major label... they treat us like we are. Jesse and I have a crazy BC Rich Guitar collection and we have never paid a penny for them because they believe in what we do, so I think we just have to give it up to all those people.

Check Out Heaven Below on their Web Page - And Follow Them on Facebook

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GENE HOGLAN and DON DOTY Address DARK ANGEL Reunion Rumors

Recently, some rumors have been spreading across the web about an upcoming Dark Angel reunion. Drummer GENE HOGLAN and vocalist Don Doty have taken the time to make a statement addressing these rumors, which will hopefully put any confusion to rest.

Gene states, “Howdy everybody. Now that I'm off the road for a few minutes, I'd like to address these Dark Angel rumors that are flying around. Yes, we have been talking about doing something next year, and although it looks like possibly some festivals could be in the works, right now it's just speculation. Don Doty and myself have been in contact for the first time in many many years, and it's been great to re-connect with my old friend. Fortunately, I've remained great buddies with all the DFA guys after all these years, and we do try to stay in contact with each other and see each other when we can, especially since we are all spread out over the Western US. We are indeed discussing the possibility of a reunion, and yes, the DFA guys are well aware of all of my other commitments, such as Testament, Dethklok and the like. So again, we are moving forward s-l-o-w-l-y, with hopes to getting Dark Angel's wings off the ground for festival season in 2014.”

Dark Angel vocalist Don Doty adds, “Members of Dark Angel are currently sitting down for talks for a reunion. This will be for the year 2014. All are excited. I was talking on a radio show recently and had said that all members would be attending, this statement may have been misunderstood. Myself, Gene, Mike, Eric and Jim are talking and when talks are complete a statement will be given. We will know more in the months to come. We will let you know as it unravels.”

Earlier this month, GENE HOGLAN announced the “THE GENE HOGLAN EXPERIENCE”, an intimate gathering of metal fans brought together to celebrate the legacy and career of one of metal’s most legendary drummers. Hoglan is pleased to announce two additional dates being scheduled as part of this touring event. Fans can now witness “THE GENE HOGLAN EXPERIENCE” on October 17th in Coralville, IA at West Music Coralville, and on October 19th in New Berlin, WI at Cascio Interstate Music. These dates come in addition to Hoglan’s September 20th appearance at Vern’s Tavern in Calgary, AB. See below for times and details and stay tuned for more dates coming soon.

Confirmed GENE HOGLAN EXPERIENCE Appearances:

9/20 – Calgary, AB @ Vern’s Tavern – Part of Noctis 666 Metal Festival and Conference – 3:00PM

10/17 – Coralville, IA @ West Music Coralville – Signing TBA – 6:00PM

10/19 – New Berlin, WI @ Cascio Interstate Music – Part of Drummer Fest / FREE – 11:00AM

GENE HOGLAN came up with this concept to give the fans what they want: the ultimate “Gene” experience. In addition to telling personal stories, as mentioned above, Hoglan will reveal some of his secret techniques and tips to help all drummers and musicians of all levels. More information will be announced soon in regards to “THE GENE HOGLAN EXPERIENCE”.

Gene Hoglan is heralded and  is inspirational to many, even outside of his drumming and now celebrates a 30-year career in music as metal’s most in-demand legendary drummer.  Hoglan is the only metal drummer to accomplish two #1 records on the Rock charts in 2012 with Testament’s Dark Roots Of Earth and Dethklok’s Dethalbum III. Testament’s Dark Roots Of Earth also went to #9 in the world and #12 in the US, and Dethklok’s Dethalbum III also went to #10 in the US, and thru a major lifestyle change has beat diabetes and lost over 160 lbs.

For more information on GENE HOGLAN, visit

Legacy Recordings Celebrates One of America's Most Influential Composers and Recording Artists with Release of Paul Simon - The Complete Albums Collection



Five Decades of Culture-Changing Popular Music Showcased on Monumental 15-Disc Career-Spanning Library Collection Available as Physical and Digital Releases Tuesday, October 15 of this year !

Legacy Recordings, the catalog division of Sony Music Entertainment, celebrates American artist Paul Simon, whose birthday is October 13, with the release of the monumental career-spanning 15-disc commemorative set  Paul Simon - The Complete Albums Collection ( available as a physical and digital release on Tuesday, October 15th, 2013

Paul Simon - The Complete Albums Collection brings together, in a deluxe library box with magnetic closure, the 12 studio albums and two full-length live concert recordings which comprise the official canon of an extraordinary writer and tunesmith whose voice and music inform six decades of popular culture.

Included on Paul Simon - The Complete Albums Collection are the artist's seminal and groundbreaking solo recordings from the 1960s (The Paul Simon Songbook), the 1970s (Paul Simon, There Goes Rhymin' Simon, Paul Simon in Concert: Live Rhymin', Still Crazy After All These Years), the 1980s (One-Trick Pony, Hearts and Bones, Graceland), the 1990s (The Rhythm of the Saints, Paul Simon's Concert In The Park - August 15, 1991, Songs from The Capeman), the 2000s (You're The One, Surprise) and the 2010s (So Beautiful or So What).

Each of the titles in Paul Simon - The Complete Albums Collection includes the original album in entirety, plus reissue bonus material not appearing on the original 12" vinyl releases (37 bonus tracks in all).  The 15-disc collection includes a 56-page book full of photos and new liner notes penned by American music historian Ashley Kahn.

The deluxe complete set includes The Paul Simon Songbook, an acoustic album--recorded in London in the summer of 1965--showcasing solo versions of many songs that would become central to the Simon & Garfunkel repertoire. 

During the period covered (1965-2011) in Paul Simon - The Complete Albums Collection, Paul Simon continually expanded his musical vocabulary, each new album taking the artist beyond six-string acoustic accompaniment into whole new worlds of sound, while remaining consistent and true to the crafts of writing and recording. In the 1970s, he explored reggae, progressive jazz and Latin music.  By the 1980s and 1990s, Simon was creating new music steeped in Louisiana zydeco and South African jive, Brazilian street samba and Puerto Rican salsa.  On 2011's So Beautiful or So What, he channeled Indian ragas, Delta blues, and West African kora music, even sampling Reverend J.M. Gates' 1941 recording for "Getting Ready for Christmas Day."

We will bring you more news, track listings and a Review soon !


New Heavy Metal Supergroup - Death Dealer - Members To Be Featured On WVOX's Metal Mayhem This Friday 8–24 - 2013


WVOX Metal Mayhem hosts  Matt O'Shaughnessy and Tony Gizzo unleash the much talked about Death Dealer in a special prime time interview this Friday, August 23rd at 8:10pm Eastern exclusively on Worldwide and 1460AM.

The band will speak with Metal  Mayhem about their long-awaited debut release Warmaster and more. Death Dealer is comprised of some serious a-list heavy metal talents consisting of Ross The Boss (legendary co-founder/guitarist of Manowar and ex punk icons the Dictators.) The new mega group also features vocalist Sean Peck (Cage), guitarist Stu Marshall (Empires Of Eden), bassist Mike Davis (Halford, Lizzy Borden) and drummer Rhino (Manowar).

“The metal is more brutal than the Ross The Boss band. There’s more of an emphasis on thrash speed and precision. It’s flat-out nasty. I think there’s a really fine mix of songs. I’m not going to be the judge of it, I’m going to let the public be the judge of it.” Says Ross The Boss. Metal Mayhem airs every Tuesday from 9-11pm and Friday between 6-10pm and can be viewed on live webcam from the main studio at