Thursday, March 20, 2014

Sir Madam Bearing Crooked Teeth

1389204003_SirMadam-album-600pxSelf-Claimed “Indie Garage Rock Band” is a whole lot more than imaginable.

Album Review of Crooked Teeth, Sir Madam’s Debut Album Release

Reviewed by Joseph Timmons of Xombiewoof Magazine


1524499_507522266028636_2017854020_oSir Madam is composed of two very serious, talented and soon to be infamous Musicians - Kishori Holiday on Guitar and Vocals while the rhythm is kept by the formidable percussion style of Andrew Garza. Originating out of Huntington Beach, California, their sound is more back streets New Orleans meets rockabilly Sinister Swing with a hint of Blues just to take the edge off the music fix. Sir Madam is more than just a “two piece garage rock band” as they humbly state in their Facebook and Web Site biography, they have a dark and brooding sound, and as I said before, a bit “Sinister”, luring you in with a smile while hiding the club behind their waistcoat.


Crooked Teeth–Sir Madam Video

Sir Madam's music is reminiscent of the Pretenders, The Misfits and a bit like The Cramps. Andrew’s evenly rhythmic drumming keeps the music in perfect time and swing, while Kishori’s dark and pleasingly seductive voce in entrancing yet exciting and persuasive. Sir Madame has been compared to other leading duos like The White Stripes and The Black Keys, they look to expand on the groundwork of the bands that came before and will make a strong name for them.

Sir Madam, while being a 2 piece ensemble has surprisingly full sound, Kishori Holiday plays with a ferocity and level of energy that is seen in larger groups, but she does it all on her own. Sir Madame is an enigma, combining the avant-garde, punk-rock-metal, with pop and groove inspirations.

Crooked Teeth is the debut album release by Sir Madam was recorded and mixed and completed in only three days in a studio located in Silverlake, California. Produced by Scott Holiday (of the Rival Sons), is touted as “an honest, raw, impulsive and off the cuff album”. But to hear it, you know it is not just “Slapped Together” or “Grungy”. Nor is the music over worked or “labored”, its sound is vibrant, unique and inspiring to hear.

The track listing comprises what will be multiple favorites on the club scene and smokey pub crawlers looking for a night out of revelry. The album (as set for streaming on ReverbNation) opens with the title track Crooked Teeth, followed by titles named Black Moon, My Dear My Darling, Gotcha Wantcha, Dorothy May, Man Down and others that keep you glued to the album, which if you want my opinion is more like a live set, full of power and thrills.

You can get their album from their web site or stream from, but Buy the Album, really, they have worked hard for it and this debut album is a triumph, and if this is only the beginning, I can’t wait to see what comes around the corner next from out of the shadows. Follow Sir Madam on Facebook - and get into it.


Just remember to be polite and best mind your Manners, Respect Sir Madam or they may drag you down to the river’s edge under that Black Moon they be singin’ bout.


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