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Sabian Releases New Product Lines at NAMM 2013 with JoJo Mayer


Sabian opens NAMM 2013 with big news and great sounds at press event to promote new product lines


NAMM Show 2013 opens with the crash of new Cymbals and Percussion products at NAMM Show 2013, the press was there, including Xombiewoof magazine to see and hear the big news that we were all anxious to learn. 


Jo Jo Mayer, drummer and member of the drummer elite unveiled the New Sabian Hoop Crashers, a cymbal system that adds a new variety  of sound opportunities to the drumming experience and performance.

The concept is a set of Sabian's high quality cymbal “hoops” set within the rim of the snare that with setting values can add to the rhythm and beat a new crispness of tones. this is something drummers have been doing with the aid of electronic triggers and gadgets, but fall short of true sound and can fail, with this system, it’s all in the drummers playing and will never disappoint.



Exclusive NAMM 2013 Video with JoJo Mayer



DSCF6156 JoJo gave us a serious and thoughtful personal testimonial of what he envisioned this to be, as it was he and Sabian in a joint concept to develop this long awaited and real time solution to percussion tactual textures.The best part of this product is the simplicity of it all. it is an unfortunate truth that many companies will fall back on tech tricks to make a new sound product, the fact is gadgets get old fast and fail to last,  but the Hoop Crashers, I feel will stick ( no pun intended) around and be a pleasure to perform with. this percussion tool is “tunable” it has a set of dampening clamps that when placed in proximity of centralized position and “depth” will “tune” the cymbal and create just the right sound desired.



We were there to witness JoJo’s demonstration, as well as recorded it in a brief video, but to see an artist perform with a product that he assisted to bring to a reality was just a pleasurable as to listen to.

In addition to the Hoop Crashers, Jojo Mayer is obsessed with the transformation of sound, using it as a way to transform the world into a different reality. Creating new beats is a totally magical experience for Jojo. He's Obsessed with new beats, they excite him because anything is possible. It's a way to tap into a vast ocean of new possibilities without constraint, which he finds with the Sabian AAX OMNI series of cymbals.



The OMNI cymbals offer new experiences and entices a performer to play new beats and be more original. It leads him to new places that one didn't know they could go. With its distinctive feels - soft and hard, hot and cold - OMNI delivers focused, clear sound. But the further out you go, you can wrap the entire stage into a big, ambient sound. We're pretty sure that's why Jojo and SABIAN product specialist Mark Love Obsessed so much with getting it right. Sabian is one company that gets it right, every time, and if the Hoop Crashers is anything like the AAX OMNI Series, it is a win win for the drummer that chooses them.

Check out Sabian and their line of excellent Sound / Percussion products:



Rockett’s Wild Rhythm of Life


Rikki Rockett, Rockett Drum Works, and his appearance at NAMM 2013


208230_10151457748492975_1416390021_nWell kids, I spent a whole week at the NAMM convention in Anaheim California, and I must say it was very exciting indeed. I had an opportunity to meet up with friends old and new, my high school buddy Mike Portnoy, the founding drummer of Dream Theatre and Mike Veny, drummer and member of a great nonprofit called The Fender Foundation, an organization that helps keep music programs alive and well in America. A true high point of the event is that I had the opportunity to meet with, talk with and hang out with one of the most influential drummers of our time, Rikki Rockett of Poison.



Surrounded by Fans both young and old, unlike some celebrities, Rikki took every opportunity to meet and greet everyone who called out his name, asked to take a picture with him or just wanted to shake his hand. A true professional and a great human being, he was a true gentleman and was a hit with every convention attendee that stopped by his area.


Exclusive Xombiewoof Interview with Rikki Rockett


Rikki Rockett recently started a new chapter in a stellar life that is already the stuff that legend is made of. He, along with a team of his closest friends founded Rockett Drum Works, a company formed with the idea that drums should be built to last and be of substance, not just a pretty paint job. I had the pleasure of interviewing him for Xombiewoof Magazine and talking about his company.





Rockett Drum Works product line is created of the highest quality materials and are custom built to the specifications of the client. All production is quality checked by Rikki himself before his name goes on the shell. All artwork, which is hand painted or air brushed by artists, represent the high ideals that Rikki holds dear in his company and satisfaction is guaranteed.

Rikki Rocket could easily use his star power to make it big in a high volume business that is filled with companies that put profit before perfection, but he stands on his values and brings to the public an instrument that will last and will give the best presence of the performer on stage, being an extension of the artist and not a gimmick of the ego.

Rikki Rocket has created a company that will be an enduring legacy for himself and his family, and the entire family that is Rockett Drum Works, a company that has the faith and fortitude of every one of the company’s staff.

Check out our Interview with Rikki Rockett and his site at Rockett Drum Works, you can also find out more at his personal site -

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First Annual Women's International Music Network Breakfast and She Rocks Awards Announced


The WiMN and NewBay Media bring together and celebrate women in the music industry.

imageThe Women's International Music NetworkTM (the WiMN) announces a new event, A Musical Morning: The First Annual Women's International Music Network Breakfast in partnership with NewBay Media. The event will take place during the upcoming NAMM Show in Anaheim, CA on January 25th, 2013, at the Anaheim Marriott.

In addition to bringing together women in the industry for the first event of its kind, the meeting will launch the first annual She Rocks Awards, also in partnership with NewBay Media. The awards pay tribute to women who display leadership and stand out within the music industry.

The She Rocks Awards will include a performance by guitarist/singer/songwriter Orianthi with a trio consisting of bassist Nik West and drummer Brittany Maccarello. The ceremony will honor a number of women who have contributed greatly to the music industry.

These include:

Holly_KnightHolly Knight, producer/songwriter/artist:

Knight has written number one songs for Tina Turner, Aerosmith, Rod Stewart, Heart, Pat Benatar (yes, she wrote "Love is a Battlefield"), Katy Perry, and many, many more.

She has been nominated for the 2013 Songwriters Hall of Fame.



OrianthiOrianthi, guitarist:

At 27 years old, guitarist prodigy Orianthi has already shared the stage with some of the world's most iconic artists including Carlos Santana, Steve Vai, Prince, and more.

While performing at the 2009 Grammy Awards with country superstar Carrie Underwood, Orianthi caught the eye of Michael Jackson, and was asked to be a part of his ill-fated This Is It tour.

She is currently on tour as the lead guitarist in Alice Cooper's band.



Tish Ciravolo, President of Daisy Rock Girl Guitars: Tish Ciravolo took a leap of faith in 2000, and launched the first and only guitar company focused solely on female players. Her goal is to get more girls to pick up and stick with a guitar. And her energy is infectious!

Mary Peavey, president of Peavey Electronics: Mary Peavey steers this iconic Mississippi-based company, running one of the largest companies in the industry. She has also donated her time and talents to furthering arts and education for the benefit of children. She was named to the Board of Directors for the national Afterschool Alliance in 2007. Peavey also plays an essential role in producing the annual “Mississippi GRAMMY Legacy Celebration,” which was named “One of the Coolest Events on the Planet” by Vanity Fair in 2008.

Laura Taylor, Sr VP of Operations for Guitar Center: On top of her responsibilities running operations for this renowned music store chain, Taylor spearheads a new initiative for the company to make Guitar Center stores more female friendly and a better place for women to work and visit. She has been incredibly supportive of women's initiatives in the industry.

The WiMN Breakfast and She Rocks Awards will also feature a performance from Ali Handal, international touring artist and author of Guitar for Girls: A Beginner’s Guide to Playing Acoustic or Electric Guitar. Hosted by Laura B. Whitmore, founder of the WiMN, producer of the Women’s Music Summit, and writer of Guitar World’s Guitar Girl’d column, the WiMN Breakfast’s goal is to bring women together in a supportive environment. The WiMN Breakfast and the She Rocks Awards is supported in part by NewBay Media, publishers of Guitar World, Guitar Player, Electronic Musician, Mix Magazine, Bass Player, Keyboard, and many other industry publications. Sponsors also include Daisy Rock Guitars, Peavey Electronics, Dean Markley, Guitar Center, Paul Reed Smith, MEOW, and On-Stage Stands.

The WiMN Breakfast and She Rocks Awards will take place in Grand Ballroom E of the Anaheim Marriott Hotel on January 25th, 2013 from 8:30am to 10:00am. This is an invitation only event.

More info at

About The Women's International Music NetworkTM (The WiMN)
Founded in 2012, the WiMN connects women who work within all facets of the music industry. With as its hub, the WiMN provides a community for women within the industry while enriching their careers and musical experiences through networking and sharing. The WiMN produces events such as the annual Women's Music Summit, the WiMN Breakfast and She Rocks Awards, and is founded by music industry veteran Laura B. Whitmore. For more information, visit

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Sticky Boys – This Is Rock N’ Roll


CD Review: Sticky Boys – This Is Rock N’ Roll

On Listenable Records

Review by Joseph Timmons – Xombiewoof Magazine

stcky boys

France, a country that has given us a cultural legacy of the arts and romance has decided to give us one more thing to appreciate – a lesson in crowd pleasing and energizing old school rock and roll, with pleasure, I present to you the new album by the Sticky Boys – This Is Rock N’ Roll. With a sound that is reminiscent of early 80’s rock and metal from bands like Judas Priest and AC/DC, short and sweet brain busting rhythms and power chord movements, this album is cool and should be heard.




With their talented lineup of Alex Kourelis on Guitar, J.-B. Chesnot on Bass and Tom Bullot – Drums, the whole band shares vocals; this is a true power trio extraordinaire. These three wild rockers are packed with energy and ready to explode. First discovered in the US by The Donnas and Nashville Pussy, they hit France, their home country with a cult following, later to exploded in the Virgin Megastore and the Hard Rock CafĂ©, derailed the Bus Palladium and literally atomized HellFest 2011. Soon after Sticky Boys found Listenable Records, a partner in crime big and strong enough to help them set the detonators… the bomb was ready to explode! Their first missile, the album “This is Rock’n'Roll” was launched.



Sticky Boys


Sticky Boys


Sticky Boys

I will be looking for more from this group, looking them up on YouTube, I found several live videos, showing they have a great stage presence, doing originals and covers of the great pieces that inspired their own great songs. The Sticky Boys assisted the French Railway to create a series of commercials to help improve public awareness of transit and tourism. I would say that in the wake of what is hailed as “The British Invasion” we should be looking at a “French Connection” of huge proportions.

Look for this album and add it to your collection, a definite plus and guaranteed to thrill ya. The album has the “clean” studio sound but I feel their live sound has more of an edge, don’t get me wrong, do love this album much, but I feel their raw and pure sound is excellent.

Find this welcomed European import at the following sites:

Blood of the Sun – Burning on the Wings of Desire


CD Review - Blood of the Sun Burning on the Wings of Desire

On Listenable Records

Review by Joseph Timmons – Xombiewoof Magazine




Blood of the Sun was formed in 2002 and their goal from the beginning has been to carry on the tradition of the classic rock style of the '70's, a time when every teenager wanted to “rock and roll and night, and party everyday”. I would say that this soon to be iconic band is right on track. The days of denim and leather, blaring amps and drum solos from hell, long hair and custom vans, the glory days of rock. Growing up in New York and going to clubs like the Right Track Inn and Sundance in Bayshore, I have seen my share of 70’s Rock Bands, Some of the greats and some not so great, and Blood of the Sun is a big trip on “The Way Back Machine”.



Blood of the Sun has captured the sound of power chord rock in their latest release Burning on the Wings of Desire, reminiscent of groups like Deep Purple and Thin Lizzy, the “live the life” feeling is in every beat. This is pure Rock and Roll Music at its best, full and vibrant rhythms and excellent timing – driving overtones and serious composition. This band has the promise of bringing back the sound that made going to the show so important in the concert scene. Track for track, this is a great album and shows the bands influences and is a tribute to an era of music that shaped the lives of millions. From the first tracks “Let it Roll”, ”Burning on the Wings of Desire” and “Can’t Stop my Heart” to the last “The Snitch” and “Good and Evil” Blood of The Sun wields motor city madness.



Blood Of The Sun

What makes Burning on the Wings of Desire such a freakin’ sweet hot album is the well timed use of keyboards and straight on timing – gotta’ love cowbell. The drummer has a rock steady beat and keeps the timing perfect for short bass solos and effect laden guitar fills and sound that make it easy to fall in love with the music, which is what it is all about, the music. Like a song on the album, I’ve got a “Good Feeling” about this band.

Burning on the Wings of Desire is time capsule of a little bit of every great on stage band and every #1 hit of the 70’s. seriously, this is a second coming of everything that made the rock scene what it was and can be again, check them out on their MySpace page and listen to their tracks on iTunes, see what’s rockin in the house tonight!

Find them on Facebook:

Review of ION VEIN: IV v2.0 Digital Release

EP / Album Review by Joseph Timmons – Xombiewoof Magazine 


Available at / And on Majesphere Records / Mortal Music

Mortal Music is pleased to announce that Chicago-based Metallers ION VEIN's IV v2.0 is the next release in its DR (digital release) series and is available now via iTunes.


IV v2.0 – the most recent offering by this monumental band spark the perfect blend of hard edge metal and harmonious rhythms, contrary to what some may consider “record mill metal” this is not only original in sound but the styling is hypnotic.

The composition is well forged and each element carries significant weight in rich musical tones, not one aspect outshines the other and the singer’s voice pierces the heart, Scott Featherstone on vocals has proven himself with a sound that kills! Guitar work by Chris Lotesto, and studio bass provided by Brian Gordon are a natural fit, purely sublime and are pitch perfect, all supported by the on the measure beats of Chuck White.

Personally, I found that the tracks are way too short for my liking – I WANTED TO HEAR MORE! I feel this band could, without limits or issue create epic scores and albums on a theme, thinking of bands such as Rush or Iron maiden, that create albums that are a series to tell a story, this band could and should consider doing an album based on epic tales of mythology, but that is my opinion and don’t let it sway you, this is an album well worth investigating. I am particularly fond of the track Fool's Parade, this track opens with hard hitting riffs of blinding speed and opens up to a tempo you can’t deny, it is, in the simplest of terms – Awesome!

One of the bands comments were "We're ecstatic to present this next "chapter" of songs to you, as we feel it will further help you to see and understand the vision and direction that we have for ION VEIN so enjoy!" I would offer the response that this is what true metal fans have been wanting, hard edge music that makes feel the message, not just moment.

The songs on IV v2.0 were produced/engineered and mixed by Neil Kernon (NILE, NEVERMORE, QUEENSRYCHE, REDEMPTION), who also contributed the main guitar solo on the song "Seemless," and mastered by Alan Douches, both of whom worked on the IV v1.0release as well.



I admit, to my dismay, I have not heard much from ION VEIN, but I am going to follow up and get their past albums, as well as follow their progress. This is a Band to watch for in 2013 and with hopes, the ages to come.

Follow ION VEIN’s progress:

On Facebook:


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Justin’s Story: a Mother fulfills a son’s dream with the help of Gary Hoey.


Introduction by Joseph Timmons – Xombiewoof Magazine and Foreword by Bob Steshetz

Photographs by Bob Steshetz

The following is a story submitted to us by the way of a friend of ours, photographer Bob Steshetz, who was so taken by this woman’s story, one of motherly love for a son who was killed in a tragic accident and taken from the world too soon and a musician who help fulfill the young man’s dream of one day playing together onstage. The musical artist Gary Hoey not only played a song in tribute to the young man, but played it on the young man’s guitar, in way, though gone from this world, through his instrument he lived once more and graced the world with his presence through his instrument.

Bob Steshetz sent me this message – “I saw Gary Hoey on Friday night at the Coach House. It was an amazing night. He stopped his show part way though to fulfill a Mothers request. The woman’s son was killed in a fatal accident 4 year or so ago. He was a big Gary Hoey fan and a young guitarist. She said that when he was killed he actually had a pair of tickets to see Gary in his possession. Anyway, she wrote Gary a letter asking him if he would play her son's favorite song (Tele Like It Is) on his SG. It was an amazing and moving evening”.

After reading her story, we knew we had to publish it, and we present it to you in its entirety, unedited- sent to us by Justin’s Mother, Sher Kirkpatrick with a foreword by Bob Steshetz.



DSC_0100wtmkEvery year when December rolls around I always look forward to Gary Hoey’s Ho Ho Hoey Christmas tour. Since the first time I heard Hocus Pocus on KLOS, I've always been a big fan of his artistry. It was always a good time when Hoey would be on the radio playing and chatting with the deejays and his fans. He seemed like one of us, a regular guy only blessed with an incredible ability to play guitar. I got to meet him a few times over the past few years and every time I walk away from him I feel like he was more excited to meet me than the other way around. I think that’s pretty rare and I love it! The Christmas show in San Juan Capistrano is always a rockin’ good time. The set consists mostly from the series of Ho Ho Hoey Christmas CDs with some of his other material thrown in for good measure. The whole atmosphere is pretty festive. The venue (The Coach House) totally is decorated which adds that extra Christmas Spirit. There is nothing that puts me in a holiday mood better than a great rocked up Christmas song. Everyone at the show is in such a good mood and has such a great time. Knowing that Gary is a “Strat” guy I was a bit puzzled when he was handed that beautiful burgundy SG. As he strapped it on he began to tell us the story of a mother whose son had died a few years back. She had reached out to Gary and asked him if he could play his favorite Gary Hoey song on his guitar as a tribute. It was an amazing and emotional moment. I was so fortunate to not only have seen it but to be able to have photographed it. I totally witnessed an amazing thing happen that night. When the show was over I reached out to the mother and told her that I had captured some images of the moment that I would love to share with her. I sent her a link to the images and after a few days of exchanging emails with her I encouraged her to write her story. Featured below is that wonderful story. - Bob Steshetz


My son Justin loved God, his family and friends, but most of all he loved music. He was the most beautiful, funny, compassionate, loving, talented, and caring person I have ever known, and I’m not just saying that because he was my son. Just ask anyone who knew him.

He was born in LA in 1981, but lived most of his life in the Placerville area. Our house was always filled with rock music. He was born to the song, “Breakfast in America” by Supertramp. I was singing, and the Dr. was dancing. Every time he heard that song he would roll his eyes and say, “ugh. That song! My mom was playing that when I was born. He loved listening to me play the piano and quickly picked it up. He learned how to play saxophone in the school band but it wasn’t until he was 13 or so when his uncle came for a visit and showed him a few chords on the guitar. From that moment on all he wanted to do was play guitar. We bought him a cheap electric guitar and he got pretty good at it, so he and his best friend started jamming together. There dream was to form a band.

One day we were spending time in the music store looking through one of the guitar magazines when I saw an ad from the Musician’s Institute. I got all excited and told Justin, “you should go to this school. Let’s make it happen”. He had just graduated from High School and his step dad, Mark and I moved to Southern California so it was a great opportunity for him to attend GIT in Hollywood.

We wanted to buy him a nice guitar, so we headed for Guitar Center so he could pick one out. He tried several guitars, but fell in love with a beautiful red Gibson SG. It was a bit more than we wanted to spend, but Mark said, “It’s yours”. I think he had tears in his eyes, but we couldn’t see his face because he was on the ground kissing Mark’s feet. He was quite the comedian.

He was accepted into the GIT program and he worked hard to finish. After he graduated from the GIT program he moved back to Placerville to marry a gal named Alysia and to start his a band. His band, Shadowproof was a Christian progressive metal band. His biggest influences were Dream Theater, Tool, Yngwie Malmsteen, Van Halen, Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, but he especially loved Gary Hoey.

DSC_0064wtmkMark and I started listening to Gary back in 1996 and so did Justin. He quickly became our favorite guitarist. The first time Mark and I saw him in concert was on Catalina Island. In 2002 Gary was playing at the coach house where we finally got a chance to meet him. We told him all about Justin and how he wanted to meet him. Gary was headed up to Sacramento right after the Coach House to tour and Justin was supposed to go, but something came up and he was unable to go to the concert.

One day Justin called me and said, “Guess what? I finally got to meet Gary Hoey at one of the guitar classes he was doing up here at Guitar center”. He was so excited to finally meet him and told me how he had asked Gary if they could jam together sometime. Gary gave him a look like “sure kid”, but then Justin proudly told Gary he was a GIT graduate. Gary smiled and said something like, “Oh! Sure. We could jam sometime.” That made Justin’s day.

On June 14, 2008 Justin had tickets in his pocket to finally see Gary in concert, but he didn’t make that night. That was the day of his fatal motorcycle accident. I can’t even describe the depth of loss we experienced that day. The only thing I wanted to bring home of his was the Gibson. I don’t know what made me think of this, but I wanted so badly to write Gary a letter and ask him if he could play Justin’s favorite Gary Hoey song, “Tele Like it is” on Justin’s guitar. I had it in my head that would be an impossible dream, but I couldn’t stop thinking about it. I didn’t know how to write, how to ask. How do you ask something like that of a well know musician like Gary Hoey?

In November this year my sister and I went to see Ambrosia in concert. She knew Joe Puerta from High School, so we got to visit with the band back stage. I was talking to their guitarist, Doug Jackson, and he was sharing with me that he studied at Berklee College of Music in Boston. I told him about Justin and how I wanted to ask Gary Hoey to play his guitar. He said, “You need to ask him. He would probably love to do that for you.” That was the nudge I needed, as soon as I got home that night I sent Gary a message on his Facebook Fan Page with my story and wish. He wrote me back 2 days later! I couldn’t believe my eyes. He said he would be honored to do that for us and let’s try and make it happen. I noticed he was on tour down in the San Diego area in December. Much of Justin’s family lives down there, so I thought it would be the perfect time. I asked if he could do it at the Coach House and he said yes!

DSC_0071wtmkI had no idea what to expect. Gary opened up his heart and made us feel like family. He brought Justin’s guitar out about 2/3 of the way through his set and said that he was playing this guitar for a special person named Justin that had passed away a few years back. I had dreamed about this for 4 ½ years and now it was happening right before my eyes. Mark and I broke down during the song, a bitter sweet moment, but it warmed our hearts beyond words. It was so beautiful. It brought back the memories when Justin would play that song. It was as if it were him on that stage. Gary had mentioned that he lost his niece about a year ago and dedicated his new CD to her, so he understood loss. The cool thing about what he said was that he was glad I was brave enough to ask him, and how we need to reach out to one another for healing and that we were celebrating Justin’s life. He is absolutely right. Our pain of losing Justin will never go away, but Gary brought us a beautiful moment to remember him by. His music will live on forever. Thank you Gary for what you did for our family. What you did was truly a gift from God. 

 Story by Sher Kirkpatrick, Justin’s Mother and Biggest Fan.



Gary Hoey Playing “Tele Like It Is” on Justin’S Guitar, Live On Stage.


We have Video footage of this momentous event; please take a moment to remember one young man’s life and a tribute to it.

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Capturing Couture’s Line of Ultra-Chic Guitar Straps Celebrates the Fabulous Artist in Everyone

Capturing Couture (

image image image

With a line of fashionable guitar straps for men and women, Capturing Couture allows musicians to showcase their personal style while expressing their musical talents. Meticulously constructed in the USA with the finest materials and crafted to be the ultimate in comfort and quality, Capturing Couture Guitar Straps (MSRP $59-$89) feature a supreme strength Nylon webbing base, 20” velvet-lined shoulder padding, custom embossed leather ends and shiny nickel-finish hardware. Each strap is 60” long but has adjustable features for preferred positioning.

From girly glam to urban chic, there’s a print and pattern for any style and personality. To learn more about Capturing Couture or to locate a local retailer, visit