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Behold the Perfect Storm of Summer


1273410_10151668898878865_1158046469_oLike A Storm, the New Zealand Rocker Super Trio, has come aground in America and are becoming legendary with every thunderous show they perform.

An Interview with Matt Brooks and his brothers about their band, their music and their tour in the US

Interview By Joseph Timmons: Xombiewoof Magazine


10433215_10152229221268865_6386592565623701300_nWith their record-breaking new single, "Love the Way You Hate Me", smashing its way onto American airwaves, Kiwi hard rock act Like A Storm have now achieved more successful US Hard Rock singles than any other New Zealand band in history. Hard rock anthem "Love the Way You Hate Me", which features singer Chris Brooks playing the didgeridoo, has made an impact with rock fans all over North America - hitting #1 on satellite giant SiriusXM Octane.

I interviewed Matt about the bands experiences “It has been an incredible year, the last 4 touring the US, so many bands we idolized and respected made us feel welcome and made us part of their lives.” Since their debut album, "The End of the Beginning", in 2009, Like A Storm have created a compelling musical catalogue and earned the reputation as one of rock's hardest working bands.

10450382_10152486382687905_4602620456172283801_nFive years of relentless touring has seen them share American stages with rock giants Creed, Korn, Alter Bridge, Five Finger Death Punch, Shinedown and many others. As a result, the band of Kiwi brothers has developed one of the most loyal fan bases in the country, and is now a headline act in their own right. Like A Storm's diehard fans - many of whom are inked in the band's artwork and lyrics - are widely known to travel huge distances, and show up hours early, to see the band play at some of the most iconic rock venues in the US.

10380998_10152230589158121_1113302334352126707_nOriginally formed a world away in Auckland, New Zealand, Like A Storm was born when musician brothers Chris, Kent and Matt Brooks first jammed together. Growing up playing in separate bands, the combined chemistry was apparent in an instant. "We just felt this amazing musical connection," remembers guitarist Matt Brooks, "We knew that we had to start a band together."

Matt went on to say “There is a chemistry that is supportive, starting in separate bands, when it came to working together, there were no sibling rivalries, and it all came together”.

10359170_10152662352973243_4505354175990223061_nLeaving New Zealand with the dream to play their music on the world stage, Like A Storm's American career was kickstarted in 2009 in a Los Angeles recording studio. Producer and mentor Mike Plotnikoff, with whom the band lived while making their debut album, blasted the first single, "Chemical Infatuation", for Creed/Alter Bridge guitarist Mark Tremonti. As a result, Tremonti offered Like A Storm the opening slot on Creed's nationwide arena tour - an opportunity which won them thousands of fans all over the US, with their debut album, "The End of the Beginning", charging onto the Billboard charts from tour sales alone. Since that explosive entry, Like A Storm have established themselves as one of the most powerful new rock acts on the US tour circuit.

I asked Matt about his ideas on the bands direction,” We look at keeping our sound creative and real, we try not to sound like what’s on the radio, we self-produced our album, so we were able to make exactly the kind of music we wanted to make. We always wanted to be a band that had a unique perspective on music”.

10432113_10202332547260232_8864732041794312331_nCombining crushing baritone guitar riffs, ambient textures, and their three vocal attacks, Like A Storm's sound has been described as dark, yet uplifting. The band's hard-hitting rock anthems can be heard on the radio on both sides of the world - in the USA, Canada and on New Zealand's biggest rock station, The RockFM. The record-breaking new single, "Love the Way You Hate Me", showcases the band's massive musical growth on their recent sophomore effort, "Chaos Theory: Part 1" which was initially intended to be recorded in a typical US studio, but due to their insane touring schedule, the band decided to instead make the record while out on the road.

As a result, Like A Storm's second album was recorded in backstage rooms and hotels all across the US. "Basically we didn't sleep for two months straight," laughs singer Chris Brooks, "After every show we would wheel two carts full of recording equipment into our hotel rooms… Asking the staff to put us as far away from the other guests as possible."

Whilst initially proving to be something of a logistical nightmare, recording an album while out on a nationwide US tour turned out to be hugely positive for the band. "It was actually a really awesome way to make a record," says Matt, "Walking offstage every night and going straight into making our new album really enabled us to capture all the energy of our live show."


Recording outside of the constraints of the regular studio environment also gave Like A Storm the freedom to realize their ambitious vision - an album where hard rock contrasts haunting acoustics, and progressive metal collides with the primal tones of the didgeridoo - all while retaining the powerful, meaningful lyrics that the band are known for. Matt let us in on a bit of Like A Storm lore, “Chris taught himself how to play the didgeridoo in less than 3 days and it came to be part of our shows and who we are. It is part of our sound and connects us with our home”


"Chaos Theory: Part 1", produced by the multi-instrumentalist Brooks brothers, and has been widely regarded as a huge step forward for the band. The record has already yielded two successful singles - "Never Surrender" (voted "Song of the Year" by Mid-Atlantic Rock Review), and their latest hard rock anthem "Love the Way You Hate Me".

10498313_661468293908630_4715092673083044745_oIronically, the chart-climbing "Love the Way You Hate Me" was never intended to be a single. Surprised by its recent success, Chris says, "We honestly never thought it would be on the radio. It was just this heavy song that we thought would be awesome to play live! We even put this long indulgent didgeridoo breakdown in it, which we thought would probably stop any station from ever playing it." he laughs. But after Michigan station 101.5FM The Banana unexpectedly spun the song one night on their "Cagematch" song competition, listeners responded overwhelmingly.

"Love the Way You Hate Me" went on to win every night for over a month until it was retired from the competition - shattering the station's existing record. Radio stations all over North America started taking notice of the song - with its unique musical statement, "Love the Way You Hate Me" has grabbed the attention of rock fans all over North America.

10478126_10203562381487401_4512321402613680568_nMatt said during the interview “We love to keep in touch with our fans and meet with them and converse on social media, through videos and meet and greets. We want the videos and content is consistent with the vision of the band. Since our first tour with Creed, we meet and talk, take pictures, we are literally the last band out and we build a relationship with whoever we can.”

In their video for "Love the Way You Hate Me", there is a strong message, not just a “zombie” video, but so much more, Matt told us “The video has a symbolic view; “the Zombies” are haters, those that detract and tear you down, pulling at you and trying to take you apart. Our fans have been a big part of our success and made it possible for us, so we had our fans in the video.” When asked how it was to work with the fans so closely, matt added, “Well, No missing fingers or toes, although the fans did embrace the roughing up part, we got a bit beat up. The video was done in a 24 hour shoot over 2 days and it went better than expected”.

Like A Storm

In closing, Matt shared this though “I would describe our music as a sound that moves people and it has a vibe conveys our thoughts and emotions, what it’s all about, we want to mean something to anyone and everyone who hears us. We want to make music that is larger than life”. I am new to Like A Storm and their powerful, raw yet technically polished sound, but now, I am a big fan, and like all of their fans, a real “Storm Chaser”.

Join the chase! Visit the following links and check out their music and possible catch them live!



This console is the most analogue-correct digital console; it sounds phenomenal

Following The Killers’ wildly successful 2013 Battle Born world tour, performing in 50 countries and headlining arenas on six continents – including a sold-out Wembley Stadium show for which they wrote The Wembley Song – the Las Vegas-based phenomenon is back on the road this summer in support of their Direct Hits greatest hits compilation. With appearances at North American and U.K. music festivals, the band’s FOH engineer, Kenny Kaiser, is delivering their chart toppers with help from the new SSL Live console.

Kaiser works for Delicate Productions of Camarillo, California, serving as PA tech or system tech for Selena Gomez, Train and as monitor tech and crew chief for The Foo Fighters, among others. After moving to the Killers’ camp last year, he took over the helm for their 2014 tour. However, Kaiser was not fond of their previous FOH console and knew instantly that he’d need to make a switch.

“Delicate is a great partner of Hi-Tech Audio [supplier of the SSL Live console for the tour] in San Francisco, where I’m based,” he says. “Louis Adamo, president of Hi-Tech, called to say they had a new SSL console, so I went down and played with it. I found it fluid and the surface very intuitive. I also had a chance to take a class for engineers and production companies. After I took the class, I found the console even more intriguing. One thing that stuck in my mind was actually taking it apart and looking inside at how it’s made – it’s built like a tank. Plus, with the name SSL, you can’t go wrong; that’s a great name in consoles.”

As Kaiser is part of a new breed of engineers, The Killers’ previous mix platform just wasn’t his style. “There was too much button pushing to get to certain places and it was too spread out,” he continues. “There were fader banks on either side, so I had to do a lot of left and right movements. With Live, it’s more centralized. I don’t have to move around the console and I can stay in one spot, hit one button and quickly do what I need to do.”

Kaiser, who will occasionally use other consoles for events supported by Delicate, finds SSL Live to be more convenient to work on due to its flexibility and the manner in which an engineer can customize the fader banks. “It’s very intuitive and user-friendly,” he adds. “There are a lot of options as to how you can set up SSL Live.”

The accuracy of the console also stood out to Kaiser. “Because my background is a system tech, I’m an audio measurement and phase dork,” he explains. “Some engineers might have an eight or 10 dB boost or cut on an EQ band and my thought, if you have to do that, is that something is wrong – either the wrong mic or the console isn’t doing what the engineer needs. I now find that certain things I used to do, I don’t have to do anymore because the EQ does what it says its doing. When you’re on the first band and you want a cut at 120 Hz, it actually does 120. Some consoles say they’re doing 120, but then when you actually plug it in and check, it’s not quite there. Sometimes the Q isn’t quite what it says; with this console, it’s precise.”

Another big hit was Live’s onboard effects. “Everything is built-in, the reverbs sound glorious and it’s all on board,” says Kaiser. “I don’t have to go out and buy a console and then say, ‘Okay, now I need some external piece of software or hardware to get what I want.’ Everything I need is right there in one box to make the sound how I need to make it, which makes my job easier.”

But it doesn’t just stop at the effects, the console’s all-pass filters were also a big selling point for Kaiser. “As a system tech, I use all-pass filters to align side hangs to the mains,” he explains. “Being able to have that on inputs to align a pair of kick or snare drum mics is a huge tool to get the phase just right.”

Kaiser also mentions the clarity and distinctness that each instrument has in his mix. “On other consoles, once you start adding more stuff, you hear them start to overload and hear the coherence start to go away, but not with the SSL Live. SSL definitely did their homework to make it sound as analogue as possible. This console is the most analogue-correct digital console I’ve ever encountered. It sounds phenomenal.”

The Killers recently headlined the Hangout Festival on the sandy beaches of Gulf Shores, Alabama where the console was put to the true test of the weather. Kaiser notes, “despite the heat, high humidity, wind and sandstorms that we encountered that weekend, the console was just great.”

Solid State Logic is the world’s leading manufacturer of analogue and digital audio consoles and provider of creative tools for music, broadcast, live and post production professionals. For more information about our award-winning products, please visit:

IK Multimedia launches iRig Voice

The colorful vocal microphone for the singer in you

Singing and voice recording on your iPhone, iPad and Android™ devices
made fun, easy and affordable with iRig Voice and its companion app EZ Voice

IK Multimedia, the global leader in mobile apps and accessories for musicians and music fans on the move, is pleased to announce the new iRig® Voice microphone line - the fun, easy-to-use and affordable vocal microphone for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Android devices. iRig Voice comes with the new free EZ Voice app, which lets you quickly and easily sing along and record with any song on your iOS or Android mobile device's music library.

iRig Voice is designed specifically for quality voice recording and is the perfect companion to the most popular singing and music apps like IK's EZ Voice and partner apps like Smule's Sing! Karaoke and AutoRap, plus The Voice: On Stage by StarMaker, musiXmatch, Karaoke Anywhere by JoltSoft and many more.

iRig Voice features an ergonomic design for comfortable handheld performance, and its shape fits easily into most standard microphone stand clips for stage use. And for maximum clarity its unidirectional cardioid design features a pickup that minimizes feedback when used with speaker systems.

iRig Voice provides a unidirectional close voice pickup that's tuned for optimal vocal frequency range reproduction. It has an on/off slide switch for quick muting, and it connects through the microphone/headphone jack found on all iOS and Android devices providing a stereo output to connect headphones or earbuds for private practice and performance.

Fun and Easy to Use for Everyone

iRig Voice is extremely easy to use. Simply connect the microphone, connect headphones or speakers, launch its free EZ Voice companion app (compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Android) and you are ready to start singing for hours of fun. You don't need any audio skills to use EZ Voice, it's the simple-to-use sing along app that lets you quickly and easily import your favorite songs from your music library, cancel the original vocals and add professional quality effects like reverb, chorus, pitch correction and more. Then when you're ready, EZ Voice lets you record your performances and share them with the world via email or SoundCloud. With EZ Voice, iRig Voice is packed with a powerful app that can turn any mobile device into a fun, great sounding vocal and recording suite.


The Color of Sound - Bling it
iRig Voice comes in 5 eye-catching colors that look great on stage: Green, Blue, Yellow, Pink and White match the colors of the iPhone 5C adding a bright new level of style to any performance.

The Microphone for Everyone
With a street price comparable to a phone case, iRig Voice is so affordable that anyone can get started down the path to vocal stardom. iRig Voice is also perfect for capturing broadcast interviews in the field, conference calls, school projects, parties - it's an ideal solution anytime vocals need to be captured.

Pricing and Availability

iRig Voice costs only $39.99/€29.99 (excluding tax) and is now shipping from music and electronics retailers worldwide and from the IK Multimedia online store. EZ Voice is a free app available for download from the App StoreSM and from the Google Play™ store.

For more information about iRig Voice, please visit

Gibson Brands AP MUSIC AWARDS - Fueled by Monster Energy Drink

gibsonGibson Brands AP MUSIC AWARDS

Fueled by Monster Energy Drink - Announces More Special Appearances by PARAMORE, YELLOWCARD and More

Check Out Two Exclusive New Videos from AP Music Awards Host Mark Hoppus & Performers the Misfits


New Performers Machine Gun Kelly Announced – In Addition to Fall Out Boy, Joan Jett & The Blackhearts, the Misfits, A Day To Remember, All Time Low, Brendon Urie of Panic! At The Disco, Sleeping With Sirens, twenty one pilots + more to come!

JULY 21, 2014 @ the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame and Museum in Cleveland, OH

New Featured Appearances Also Include

Billy Corgan, We Came As Romans, Chiodos + More

Featuring Performances from Cleveland’s Very Own 115-Piece Contemporary Youth Orchestra

Tickets available now at

Organizers of the inaugural Gibson Brands AP Music Awards, fueled by Monster Energy Drink, have added yet another batch of top-shelf talent to its lineup. Joining the already star-studded list of special appearances are Paramore, Yellowcard, Billy Corgan, We Came As Romans, Chiodos, Miss May I and Issues. These world-renowned artists share an impressive combined 19 Alternative Press Magazine covers and more than 5 million-plus in U.S. album sales between them. Additionally, Machine Gun Kelly, previously announced as a special appearance, will now be performing live at the APMAs, making this an absolutely must-see event.

New this week – APMAs host Mark Hoppus of Blink-182 discusses his favorite memories and first recollections of many of this year’s performers, including Fall Out Boy, All Time Low and Joan Jett.

Check out the video here:


AP Music Awards

Also, the legendary Misfits have posted a new video, inviting you to vote and join them at the APMAs! Check out the video here:



APMAs digital media partner AXS TV, also recognized throughout the industry for their recent and innovative live coverage of music awards shows and events such as Coachella, Lollapalooza, Stagecoach, and New Orleans Jazz Fest, has announced the APMAs broadcast will begin at 8 p.m. ET/5 p.m. PT on July 21, and will not only feature the entirety of the APMAs, but will also include exciting highlights from the red carpet pre-show (co-hosted by Automatic Loveletter frontwoman/The Voice season two runner-up Juliet Simms plus a very special guest to be announced soon). This live broadcast will also feature footage from the VIP boat party during the day, and will feature exclusive performances from rising stars Issues, Ghost Town and Marmozets.

While there will be loads of action onscreen, AXS TV will also be taking the party online. Viewers can head to to watch exclusive behind-the-scenes videos and view photos. Fans can also take part in live polls and get involved on social media. Plus, fans can enter to win awesome prizes, such as a one-year subscription to Alternative Press Magazine, Gibson Brands guitars and merchandise, and Monster Energy Drink swag.

This special one-night event on July 21, 2014, held at the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame And Museum at North Coast Harbor in AP’s hometown of Cleveland, also coincides with the collision of two of the country’s premier touring rock festivals. This rock n’ roll crossroad brings several presenters and performers to the APMAs, such as Vans Warped Tour performers Motionless in White, Marmozets, Yellowcard, Issues, and Mayhem Festival performers Asking Alexandria, Korn, Body Count feat. Ice T, Miss May I, and Frankie Palmeri of Emmure. More are set to be announced soon!

In its inaugural year, the APMAs will be hosted by six-time AP cover star Mark Hoppus (Blink-182) and will feature performances from A Day To Remember, All Time Low, Asking Alexandria, Fall Out Boy, Joan Jett & The Blackhearts, Machine Gun Kelly, the Misfits, Sleeping With Sirens, twenty one pilots and Brendon Urie of Panic! At The Disco, with more to be announced.

Other confirmed artists making appearances (some previously stated above) include Andy Biersack (Black Veil Brides), Billy Corgan, Chiodos, Laura Jane Grace (Against Me!), I See Stars, Ice-T & Coco, Issues, Korn, Memphis May Fire, Miss May I, Motionless In White, Frankie Palmeri (Emmure), Paramore, We Came As Romans and Yellowcard, with more to be announced. Cleveland’s 115-piece Contemporary Youth Orchestra will be performing throughout the APMAs, both independently and through unique artist collaborations.

Tickets are on sale now for $69.99 which includes a ticket to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame And Museum to be used that same day and can be purchased online at

Fourteen awards in total will be handed out, including Album Of The Year presented by Journeys, Artist Of The Year presented by Monster Energy Drink, Song of the Year presented by Epitaph Records, Best Guitarist presented by Gibson, Best Drummer presented by DW Drums, Best International Band presented by Zepeda Brothers Productions and Most Dedicated Fans presented by Fearless Records, along with an Icon Award presented by Blackstar Amps honoring Joan Jett and a Vanguard Award honoring Billy Corgan. Fans can cast their votes in 12 different categories at Voting ends July 15.

Fans that purchased VIP and Monster Energy Drink ticket packages will be invited to a pre-show boat party on the Goodtimes III, located right behind the Rock Hall. The boat sets sail at 1:30 p.m. and will include performances by Issues, Ghost Town and Marmozets, three bands recently featured in AP’s 100 Bands You Need To Know In 2014 special edition issue.

In addition to Gibson Brands and Monster Energy Drink, sponsors of the AP Music Awards include AKT, Blackstar Amps, DW Drums, Epitaph Records, Fearless Records, Fueled By Ramen, Hopeless Records, idobi Radio, Journeys, Onkyo, Roadrunner Records, Sumerian Records, Tascam, Victory Records and Zepeda Brothers Productions.

The AP Music Awards are produced by Kevin Lyman (founder & CEO of 4FINI) and Josh Bernstein (Golden Gods creator and producer).  Executive producers are Mike Shea, Dawn Marshman and Joe Scarpelli.


Artist Of The Year Presented by Monster Energy Drink

  • A Day To Remember                         
  • Avenged Sevenfold 
  • Black Veil Brides
  • Bring Me The Horizon
  • Fall Out Boy
  • Of Mice & Men
  • Panic! At The Disco
  • Paramore
  • Pierce The Veil
  • Sleeping With Sirens

Album Of The Year presented by Journeys

  • A Day To Remember • Common Courtesy
  • Avenged Sevenfold • Hail To The King
  • Black Veil Brides • Wretched And Divine: The Story Of The Wild Ones
  • Bring Me The Horizon • Sempiternal
  • Fall Out Boy • Save Rock And Roll
  • Paramore • Paramore
  • Sleeping With Sirens • Feel
  • Touché Amoré • Is Survived By
  • twenty one pilots • Vessel
  • The Wonder Years • The Greatest Generation

Artist Philanthropic Award Presented by Sub City / Take Action

  • All Time Low — Skate4Cancer                                
  • Memphis May Fire— peta2
  • Modern Baseball — 1BlueString
  • Pierce The Veil — The Keep A Breast foundation   
  • Rise Against — Shirts For A Cure
  • The Used — Living The Dream Foundation 

Best Live Band         

  • A Day To Remember             
  • All Time Low 
  • Asking Alexandria
  • Fall Out Boy
  • Pierce The Veil           
  • twenty one pilots

Breakthrough Band 

  • The Color Morale
  • Crown The Empire
  • Issues
  • letlive. 
  • The Story So Far
  • twenty one pilots

Song of the Year Presented by Epitaph Records

  • All Time Low feat. Vic Fuentes • “A Love Like War”
  • Bring Me The Horizon • “Shadow Moses”
  • Fall Out Boy • “My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark (Light Em Up)”      
  • Falling In Reverse • “Alone”
  • Paramore • “Still Into You”   
  • Sleeping With Sirens feat. Machine Gun Kelly • “Alone”    
  • Best International Band Presented by Zepeda Brothers Productions
  • Asking Alexandria (U.K.)     
  • Bring Me The Horizon (U.K.)
  • Crossfaith (Japan)
  • Parkway Drive (Australia)     
  • Silverstein (Canada)
  • Frank Turner (U.K.)

Most Dedicated Fans Presented by Fearless Records 

  • All Time Low
  • Avenged Sevenfold 
  • Black Veil Brides
  • Mayday Parade                      
  • My Chemical Romance
  • Pierce The Veil
  • Best Vocalist Presented by Victory Records
  • Andy Biersack (Black Veil Brides)
  • Vic Fuentes (Pierce The Veil)
  • Kellin Quinn (Sleeping With Sirens)
  • Oli Sykes (Bring Me The Horizon)
  • Brendon Urie (Panic! At The Disco)
  • Hayley Williams (Paramore)

Best Guitarist Presented by Gibson

  • JB Brubaker (August Burns Red)
  • Synyster Gates (Avenged Sevenfold) 
  • Phil Manansala (Of Mice & Men)
  • Jack O’Shea (Bayside)
  • Chris Rubey (The Devil Wears Prada) 
  • Jacky Vincent (Falling In Reverse)

Best Bassist   

  • Jeremy Davis (Paramore)
  • Zack Merrick (All Time Low)
  • Ryan Neff (Miss May I)        
  • Jaime Preciado (Pierce The Veil)
  • Devin “Ghost” Sola (Motionless In White)
  • Pete Wentz (Fall Out Boy)

Best Drummer Presented by DW Drums

  • Jess Bowen (The Summer Set)          
  • Josh Dun (Twenty One Pilots)
  • Mike Fuentes (Pierce The Veil)         
  • Matt Greiner (August Burns Red)       
  • Luke Holland (The Word Alive)       
  • Ryan Seaman (Falling In Reverse)    

About Alternative Press:

Now in its 29th year, Alternative Press continues to be the definitive and most trusted source for discovering new artists, breaking news and reporting on the latest trends in the underground music scene and youth culture. With last year's redesign, the magazine has become an essential collectors' piece, providing a passionate fan base with in-depth content on their favorite contemporary artists. In addition to a successful print edition, AP has expanded its reach to incorporate multiple platforms including iPad and mobile apps, as well as AP has promoted its brand through such avenues as the AP Tour and APTV (which offers exclusive nationwide reporting) and now the first AP Music Awards. No matter which platform, AP prides itself on offering fans insight to the hottest artists, interviews and trends first.

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Living on the Edge Of Paradise with Margarita Monet

Lisablog picMargarita Monet interviewed by:

Lisa "Sunshine" Svelnys, Host- Hollywood Rock Underground TV

Margarita Monet is the powerhouse female vocalist fronting EDGE OF PARADISE, and is produced by Michael Waegner. Yes, THE Michael Wagner, the original guitarist for the German band ACCEPT, amongst his other incredible accomplishments in 1981 he produced the first DOKKEN album, produced SKID ROW's self-titled debut AND mixed METALLICA's, "Master of Puppets". With a brand new CD coming out this summer, "Immortal Waltz", and fresh off her 6 page spread in the Oscar Issue of Image Magazine, I can only imagine the brightest of bright futures for this incredible and powerfully creative beauty. Come check them out LIVE on JULY 6th at THE VIPER ROOM!!!

EdgeOfParadiseLogoFrameEdge Of Paradise was formed by Margarita Monet and Dave Bates in 2011. Few months after formation, the band released their debut album 'Mask' that featured rhythm section of bassist Tony Franklin (Blue Murder, The Firm) and drummer Gregg Bissonette (David Lee Roth Band). 'Mask' came at #6 most added on national CMJ radio, right behind Machine Head and solidified existence of Edge Of Paradise. An album chockfull of industrial-tinged metal coupled with soaring vocal hooks was greatly received by critics and fans worldwide.

Legendary Rock Interviews stated "Once in a while a new band comes along that not only has a unique sound of its’ own but draws upon all the things we love about metal or rock to begin with. Edge of Paradise is one of the best independent bands to come out of L.A. in some time."

After the release of 'Mask' and a number of regional shows, The group immediately began writing to showcase the bands maturity and define the direction that was pre-empted by “Mask”. Developing their sound that would define Edge Of Paradise. Later in 2012, Edge Of Paradise started to expand, playing shows throughout the West Coast states as well as landing a few shows in HI.

DaveMichaelWagenerBy 2013, the band was working with legendary Michael Wagener on the mix of the songs and recording with Grammy winning producer Bob Kulick (Kiss, Motorhead); 'Perfect Shade Of Black' was the result. The EP was made available via physical release, before the worldwide full-length album release in early 2014. The EP received rave reviews, painting a vivid picture of the bands staggering growth, and if public perception is any indicator, the lyric video for one of the songs "Breakaway" quickly reached 200,000 views with the debut on AOL's "Noisecreep."

PureGrainAudio stated "An album recorded with Bob Kulick and Brett Chassen and mixed by Michael Wagener brings with it certain expectations. Let me be the first to say that Perfect Shade Of Black meets and exceeds all of said expectations..." said; "Monet really lets rip on title track Perfect Shade Of Black – opening up her powerful pipes to reveal a vocal range her peers on the female-fronted metal scene can only dream of... it’s obvious why this band’s big news on the retro-obsessed LA scene right now."

EdgeOfparadiseLive2013 served as a heavy touring year for the band, Edge Of Paradise toured West Coast and East Coast, as well as hitting some states in Midwest. And after playing in over 15 states the band is gearing up for their release of the second studio album, 'Immortal Waltz' produced by the legendary Michael Wagener.

With a solid line up Margarita Monet-Vocals, Dave Bates-guitars, Nick Ericson-bass, John Chominsky-drums the band is looking forward to jumping into the future, full speed ahead!


Margarita, how would you describe your music?

MargaritaMOnetlive1Circus metal - Heavy, Symphonic, Guitar Heavy -very melodic with soaring vocals, It's unique, yet accessible. The sound defines who we are as a band.

Who has been your inspiration?

I get inspired by a lot of people; I love Ronnie James Dio, Freddie Mercury, Bruce Dickinson, and Robert Plant… They all have their very distinct style, are great singers and they're singing is fueled with emotion and attitude! Dave was inspired by Randy Rhoads, Eddie Van Halen, Steve Vai; all the greats...the sound of the guitar are music to his ears.

How old were you when you first started performing? Where was your first show?

I was very little; it was in Moscow at a performing arts center. I was in a play, I sang, I danced all in one night, I had to do it all, Dave was around 15 jamming in cover bands at bars with the local 30 year olds.

What was the first CD you bought? What kind of music are you naturally drawn to?

Growing up I listened to a lot of classical music, because I played piano since as early as i can remember, but when I was fourteen, I got into Led Zeppelin, Guns and Roses, AC/DC, heard some Marilyn Manson, thought his songs were cool. I think the first CD I bought was 'Appetite for Destruction', I really liked "Welcome to the Jungle" so I got the CD, great songs! I'm drawn naturally to heavier music, but it has to be very melodic and have emotion in it, that's why i don't think I’ll ever be able to tolerate Dub Step, because computer music that does the same thing a million times over doesn't mesh well with me.

1148933_754448361233952_55797646_nWho have you met professionally that you were just "WOW" about? Tell us that story...

I would have to say our producer, Michael Wagener, whom we were lucky to have mix “In a Dream.” From there he brought us out to Nashville to be the band for a recording workshop where we recorded “Rise for the Fallen.” Michael has sold over 96 million albums and he is so good at what he does and he lives and breathes music (like us), it makes the entire creative process incredibly fun! After completing “RFTF” we had to figure out a way to get back there and finish the album, luckily it came together and the result is “Immortal Waltz” our next release. We also feel like Michael is part of the family now. There are other notable mentions too; Gregg Bissonette, who tracked some of the drums early on, was incredible and Tony Franklin (who added some bass on early tracks) was amazing as well.

Who are you performing with, how did you choose your band?

Dave Bates is the guitarist, he and I formed the band, I met him when I was working with a producer on a solo project and we hired Dave to play guitar on the song and we decided we wanted to form a band together like a few weeks later! We went through a lot of lineup changes, but finally we met our current bass player Nick Ericson who was engineering at Bob Kulick's and Brett Chassen's studio, where we recorded some songs, and Nick knew John Chominsky, who is our drummer, when we all played together, it just felt right and we all get a long great, so we knew it was the right lineup!


What are you working on right now? (Recording, touring, shows, writing)

Well, we were just in Nashville with Michael Wagener, where we finished recording our full length CD and now we just signed with a management out in the UK and are getting ready to release the CD and tour US and Europe. We are also working on “theatrical” live show, the new CD is very expressive and theatrical so we are working on the show to match the new music and make it unique and very entertaining!

What is something about you that would surprise your fans?

Dave's a ninja (laughs)

What do you love the most about the music you are performing RIGHT NOW?

We all really love playing the new music, it's very intriguing and dynamic and we never get tired of it! Plus the process of figuring out how to play some crazy stuff that we recorded in the studio live is fun! :)

What has been the most exciting moment of your career thus far?

Working with Michael Wagener, we never would have thought our second CD would be recorded and produced by Michael!


Edge of Paradise Official

Check out Edge Of Paradise and see for yourself why they are ones to watch out for!

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Youtube - EdgeOfParadiseWorld

Friday, June 20, 2014

Rockin' The Sunset Strip, THE HARD WAY

Lisablog picAn Interview with with Eric Jeffreys of THE HARD WAY

By: Lisa "Sunshine" Svelnys- Host, Hollywood Rock Underground TV

A staple in the Hollywood Scene, THE HARD WAY has played with some of the TOP NATIONAL ACTS that built "Rock and Roll". With and INCREDIBLE new drummer, and bookings all over The Strip this summer, you will not want to miss one of these MIND BLOWING shows. I got a chance to spend some time with THE HARD WAY 's frontman, Eric Jeffreys. Never shy, big hair, big lyrics, HUGE sound, MASSIVE heart, to discuss the importance of music in schools, and what is really behind the political rants he is so famous for.

THEHARDWAYLOGOTHE HARD WAY began as the brainchild of vocalist Eric Jeffreys (formerly of the Boston band EXPOSE) who, after moving to Los Angeles, sang in several local Hollywood hard rock & metal bands over the years. By chance in late 2009, Eric crossed paths with guitarist, JOE “DROCK” JOHNSON who was a working with several acts ranging from rock, metal, classical, alternative & even jazz, live & in the studio. The two hit it off immediately & decide to go in & record a song Eric had written called, Alone. During preproduction, they worked up the song & built upon it until it began to take on a life of its own. Impressed with the outcome of their first endeavor, the two embarked on another tune & another, to strikingly similar results.

ERICJEFFREYSThrough Eric’s associations over the years with several notorious Hollywood rockers, he approached ALCATRAZZ bassist TIM LUCE to lay down the bottom end & and add his incredible voice to the mix. Tim has toured the world several times over with acts ranging from NELSON to ROGER DALTREY His experience live & in the studio, has proven to be extremely beneficial in the development of THE HARD WAY sound.

With the addition of Swedish guitar virtuoso, JOHN HULDT (also of the band AMPORA), a whole new dimension was added to the live performances. John is an extremely accomplished “in demand” player and is currently teaching the advanced rock classes at LA Music Academy. He further does clinics, tours, plays locally with several bands and performs regularly in Europe. John has won several talent competitions and most notably was one of the top 6 finalists in Lee Ritenour’s 6 string theory competition in 2011 and was awarded “Guitar Player of the Year” in the 2012 South Bay Music Awards.

Once they saw where this was headed, they needed a solid, versatile timekeeper to hold all this together & give it the punch it really deserved. Enter the infamous BOBBY ROCK, a bombastic, high energy, extremely hard hitting thump-master with a true sense of style, rhythm & thunder necessary to go to the next level. Bobby is also the current drummer for LITA FORD & has been touring internationally for many years & has made quite a reputation for himself in bands like VINNIE VINCENT INVASION, SLAUGHTER, ALCATRAZZ, HARDLINE, NITRO, etc.

THE HARD WAY Has Performed at the SUNSET STRIP MUSIC FESTIVAL as well as shared the stage with Lynch Mob, Lita Ford, Michael Schenker, Faster Pussycat, Bulletboys, Great White, Michael Monroe of Hanoi Rocks, Stephen Pearcy of RATT, Gilby Clarke (GNR), Ritchie Kotzen (Poison/Mr. Big/Winery Dogs), Enuff Znuff, Dizzy Reed (GNR), TUFF, LA GUNS, Keel, Steel Panther, Rhino Bucket and many, many others. . .

Lisa "Sunshine" Svelnys, Host of Hollywood Rock Underground TV and Hollywood Correspondent for Xombiewoof Magazine had an opportunity to get together with Eric Jeffreys of THE HARD WAY for an interview and to bring you the story here and now!

Lisa: What is the driving force behind your lyrics?

Eric: I like to get down & dirty with my lyrics. There are lots & lots of dirty, gritty, disgustingly hard sides to life & many, many stories to tell. I lace my lyrics with a truckload of street vernacular & colorful metaphors. But most importantly, the song has to say something. I don’t have the patience or the inclination to write some “Oh baby, baby” Justin Bieber crap. Just listening to it makes my IQ drop. There are too many real things to talk about like our scumbag politicians & the corporations that own them, the dumbing down of America & the destruction of our way of life & the depths of our depravity. When you stop to actually see what’s happening to real people, how can you write that mindless garbage? So obviously, I bitch a lot!

Lisa: How would you categorize your music?

Eric: OH, we’re definitely a hard rock band. Since we’re always heavier & more raucous live, we can fit in nicely with metal & even thrash bands at times but at heart we’re a lot more like Guns n Roses, Skid Row, WASP, KISS, Ozzy, etc.

Heavy grooves, strong hooks & NO cookie monster vocals!!!

Lisa: Tell us about your new drummer, what excites you most about your current line up?

Eric: Our current lineup is nothing short of phenomenal. These guys are the most incredibly accomplished musicians I’ve ever played with & I’m truly honored to call them my brothers & partners in crime.

BOBBYROCK1Our drummer is the legendary Bobby Rock, He is also the current “Thump-Master” for the LITA FORD Band & has toured the world with VINNIE VINCENT INVASION, SLAUGHTER, ALCATRAZZ, HARDLINE, NITRO & many, many more.

His bombastic power, precision & incredible feel is an awesome thing to witness.


Lead guitarist, Joe Drock has been with me from the very beginning. We built this band & wrote every single song together.

Joe is one of those guys who can play all genres of music very effectively & his soloing is loaded with those signature riffs that all guitarists spend years trying to perfect. Without Joe, there would be no Hard Way.

JOHNHULDTOur other lead guitarist is Swedish virtuoso, John Huldt. John is literally amazing. He plays all over the world, does seminars, composes for TV & movies.

He is also the advanced guitar instructor at LA Music Academy & was the South Bay Music Awards Guitar player of the Year 2012.

TIMLUCEOur bassist Tim Luce is also currently working with Graham Bonnet & Howie Simon in Alcatrazz as well as his many other contributions performing & recording with original members of The Who, Alice Cooper, Kiss, Quiet Riot, Motley Crue, Scorpions, The Eagles, and REO Speedwagon, among many others. Tim is also an accomplished recording engineer with many, many credits to his name.

Lisa: Why have you chosen "Rock n Roll for life?

Eric: It’s like a drug. THE BEST DRUG!!! And speaking as someone who knows a lot about drugs, once you get that in your system, you simply can’t live without it. The high that I get from the roar of the crowd is waaaayyyyyy better than any coke, speed, heroin, pills, etc., could ever be & I’m hooked for life. You lay your exposed, bare soul out there for people to either embrace or walk on & you let the chips fall where they may. I love the purity & simplicity of that. Not to mention all the craziness & debauchery that comes with it.

Lisa: What is your earliest memory of music in your life?

Eric: That’s easy, The Beatles, They changed everything. The way they could wrap themselves around a song gave it more feeling than anyone before them. I was 4 yrs. old when I first decided I wanted to be a singer. And then at age 8, I saw Elvis’ comeback tour when he was still skinny. I was amazed that so many people of all ages were so incredibly in awe of somebody simply singing a song. That had a huge effect on me. And then in 1974, I saw Alice Cooper’s Welcome to my Nightmare & that turned me towards KISS, Uriah Heep, Judas Priest, Rush, Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, etc.

Lisa: How important is it that music is taught in public schools?

Eric: It’s essential. Music is mathematics & timekeeping. Brian May (Queen) is an astrophysicist. Tom Scholz (Boston) is a mechanical engineer. One of the most famous quotes from Albert Einstein is, “If I were not a physicist, I would probably be a musician. I often think in music. I live my daydreams in music. I see my life in terms of music.” Everyone has a song that’s part of their soul whether it’s Slayer or ABBA so music in school is absolutely critical to your overall development. No matter what field you ultimately end up in.

Lisa: How old were you the first time you were on stage, were fueled by applause, who were you with, what were you doing?

Eric: I was 13 or 14, in a band with friends from school. We played a festival on Tinker Air Force Base in OKC (A scene straight out of Spinal Tap), we were pretty rough but we thought we were God’s gift to rock n roll. You need a big ego to get up in front of a bunch of strangers to do this & we were loaded with it. But once I heard the crowd, I was absolutely hooked. After High School, I moved to Boston to go to Berklee College of Music to try to become a REAL musician. Hopefully, one day I’ll reach that goal.

Lisa: What musical stamp on the world would you like to leave?

Eric: I just want that one song that is never forgotten. To quote the movie Airheads: "I'm just average enough and screwed up enough that I could write a song that lasts forever." I want to hope & believe that one day, that could be me.



Lisa: What does THE HARD WAY have planned for the summer?

Eric: We are at the World Famous Whisky-a-GoGo for several shows this summer. The Whisky is our home on the strip & I just love playing that stage.

June 26 with LET IT RAWK with

  • Jaime St James (Black n Blue/Warrant)
  • Jeff Duncan (Armored Saint/DC4/Odin)
  • Stacey Blades (LA Guns)
  • Robbie Crane (RATT/Vince Neil/Adler's Appetite)
  • Jimmy D'Anda (Bulletboys/Lynch Mob)

July 25 with LA GUNS

August 22 with THAT METAL SHOW with

  • Eddie Trunk
  • Jim Florentine
  • Don Jamieson


Lisa: Are you writing? Is a new CD on the horizon?

Eric: Yes, we are currently working on our second record. We’ve already written about a half dozen songs & we’re already playing a few of them live now. We hope to have it done & out before the end of the year. This one will be a good bit heavier than the last one & will show our musical growth. However, the most important element will always be the grooves & the hooks. You always have to give your audience something to grab onto. Nothing beats an infectious groove & a solid, strong hook that makes people walk away singing & they can’t get it out their heads. That’s how you make your mark in this business.

Lisa: What drives you?

Eric: Time, We only have so much time to accomplish what we want in this world & we’ve got even less now than when we started this interview. The clock keeps ticking whether you bust your ass or sit on it. And let’s face it, nobody knows if we ever get another shot at this so it’s best to make the most of what time you’ve got left before you kick off. I truly love this band & what I bring to it and even more so, what I receive from my collaboration with these truly exceptional people.

This is MY happiness…………I really hope you ALL find yours!!!

Thank you so much Eric for taking the time to let us get to know you, THE HARD WAY has several shows this summer, check the schedule, websites, friend on Facebook and stay in the loop, you NEVER know who they will be sharing the bill with .... And it ALWAYS ROCKS!