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Le Reverie & The Haunting Music of a LAKE EERIE


The Passion and Music behind the Haunting Musical Mayhem of a LAKE EERIE

Lisablog picInterview with Allie Jorgen of Le Reverie about their music and their involvement with a soon to be released epic horror thriller LAKE EERIE

Interviewed by Lisa “Sunshine” Svelnys Host- Hollywood Rock Underground TV LA Rock Journalist



Tell us about the moment it came to fruition that Le Reverie's "THE DREAM" would be chosen as the theme song for the horror/thriller movie LAKE EERIE... what were you feeling, how excited were you, what were you doing when you found out?

2014LRPic-1Allie Jorgen - The really interesting thing about this story is the fact that you really never know where something may come from. Le Reverie was performing a show at the Viper Room in Los Angeles, and we had our photographer, Inda Reid, taking live pictures of the show that night.

After the show Inda told us about a Gothic Horror Film she was working with, and said that our Gothic Songs, Lyrics and imagery would be perfect for the film. She said she would tell the director of the film about us and our music and get back to us. She then gave us the contact information, and Roc called the director, as Inda suggested using her name as a referral, and left a message. He left a few messages, but never heard back, and we got really busy doing other things.

Sometime later we heard from Meredith and Chris, Partners in making the film, that they had heard our music and lyrics and thought that our song “The Dream” would be the perfect theme for the movie. The song is called Le Reverie (French for “The Dream”), and they used the English title. They said that the first line of lyrics “Ghostly Figures in the Night, calling out my name” described the movie perfectly, and could have been written just for this film.

The news that our song was actually the “Theme Song” for a film was amazing; we were completely honored and blown away at the same time. We were actually starting to work on our new songs that we are putting together for a new 4 song EP that we plan to release at the end of the year. But everything has gone wonderfully crazy and the Lake Eerie team of Chris and Meredith has requested some of our other Gothic Songs from our CD Dark Symphony, to be on the soundtrack of the bonus footage DVD.

Le Reverie is…

Allie Jorgen - Le Reverie is French for “The Dream”, and we chose this name for the band because we believe that everyone is following a dream and has something unique to offer. It is our philosophy to try to inspire everyone to follow their dream, no matter what. Our Song “Hold Me Down” is about all the people who told us not to start a Gothic Rock Band, and I said, Nothing will Hold Me (US) Down and now we have a song in a film. That’s so awesome!

LeReverieMay2014JPEGDo you believe in ghosts? Tell us a story.

Allie Jorgen - I do believe there are some things out there that we cannot explain. Whether it is a ghost, a presence or an “energy”, there is definitely something. I think the biggest impact ghosts made on me was when I was really little. I think I was about 5 or 6 years old. It is a little hard to understand things going on around you when you are that young, so it took a few years until the experiences were explained to me. My mother and I lived in a house at the end of a block, with a street on one side and a house next door. The woman next door had a daughter and son much older than me, and I think her husband worked in sales as he traveled a lot. My mother became quite good friends with the woman. I used to play in their backyard with her son, daughter and the dogs. I remember being in the backyard with the dogs when I heard a lot of really loud crashing and banging. The people had guests over and I also heard some screaming, so I was a little startled, but the boy and girl of the house just ignored everything and kept playing with the dogs.
Later we went into the house to get a glass of water, we were standing in the kitchen and all the cupboards began opening and closing all on their own, I was young but I know what I saw. The people of the house told me they had playful ghosts, and they were not afraid, so I was not afraid. I believe they even called the ghosts by name.

We eventually moved to another town and as I got older, I thought this was not possible, I must have dreamed the whole thing. A short time later I remember seeing some documentary show on television about haunted houses, and it was actually our neighbor’s old and their house of “playful ghosts”. They had hired some paranormal investigators, and they were able to document hours of audio and video footage of all the unexplained things going on in the house. After watching the TV show about the house, I realized that I did not dream the whole thing. My paranormal experience was real!

LakeEerie-posterone-20140424-alliejorgenHave you visited the house in the movie? Did you feel a presence?

Allie Jorgen - I personally have never been to the house, but I did recently talk to the Director about the house and filming at this house. The house is actually his grandmother’s house, and the events and occurrences that happened to his family when he was growing up there, gave me real goose bumps. I also asked him if the house was haunted during the filming of the movie, and he told of two instances in particular.

“The script supervisor and boom operator were in my grandfather’s old bedroom (a room the paranormal investigators said was a hotbed for activity).  The door to a closet that led to the attic had been open for several hours as we had moved some clothes into it… this was a door that my grandfather always kept shut.  Out of nowhere, the door slowly closed itself.   It stayed open for a few minutes then slowly shut again.  We checked to make sure no one was entering or exiting the house at the time.  The way the door closed really spooked our script supervisor, she said it was very deliberate.  So, she closed and latched the door so nothing more would happen.  However, several minutes later, the door opened itself all the way then slammed shut.  Our script supervisor ran down stairs and stayed down there the rest of the night.”

Castandcrew“Another event was when we were shooting scene 66 and were just about to film take 6, when all power to the house cut out.  Our onsite electrician checked the breaker and nothing had been tripped; he could not explain what happened.  But the fact that it was scene 66 and take 6 (666), really freaked out our Director of Photography.”

You are most creative when…?

Allie Jorgen - The interesting thing about writing lyrics, poetry and songs, is that you never know when the thoughts will hit you. I seem to be the most creative, when I am completely busy with something else, and not thinking about writing. Then all of a sudden I will have a creative light go on somewhere inside my head, and I need to start looking for a paper and pen. Or if I have a melody song idea, I begin looking for my cell phone, so I can sing the melody and get it down before I forget it. Other times, when I’m really concentrating and we have a deadline, it’s more difficult to tap into the creative flow. So I guess the best way for me to stay creative is to stay really busy.

What originally inspired "THE DREAM" and how long did it take to write?

LakeEerieandLeReverie-30140424-alliejorgenAllie Jorgen - “The Dream” was written in about four weeks. We were preparing for our first show, and we needed another song. The song started on the drums, Roc usually hears an entire song in structure in his head, intro, verse, chorus, breakdown, solo, etc. He records all the drum parts and sends the file to the guitar player, who then hears all the chords and changes in his head and lays down a guitar track.

He then sends the file back to Roc, who refines his drum parts and they have created the basic song. They put all the pieces together in demo form, and record a music demo for me to work with.

lancehenriksenAbout the same time I came down with one of the worst cases of the flu I have ever had. I had a really high fever and I was sick in bed for about a week. But like I said before, the last thing I was thinking about was writing a song. But the whole thing just kind of came to me “like a dream”. The band had already given me the amazing music track, and I was thinking" what am I going to write to this?" Then with a really high fever, the images started coming to me, I don’t know if I saw “Ghostly Figures in the Night” or if I was just delirious with a fever of 102/103. But the imagery and lyrics turned out really interesting. I was able to hear the melody in my head and create the vocal, lyrics and melody, so by the end of the following week, we were able to record it as a new song.

How important is image in the music industry and do you do your own styling or do you work with anyone?

Allie Jorgen - I am not sure that image has the same meaning that it used to have. There are certain genres of music, Country, Blues, Rock and Metal that all have a very distinct look, but most people today create an aura with their stories and storytelling. I happen to love Horror Films and Gothic Movies and the Gargoyles in France on Notre Dame, so I tend to dress in the dark Gothic styles, because of my personality.

When will the movie be released and where can we see it?

Allie Jorgen - Team Eerie is working in post-production on the film right now, so I am not sure when this process will be finished. I believe they are looking to release the film by the end of summer, but it is hard to give an exact date. We are all VERY EXCITED!

Tell us about a song that you are working on right now?

Allie Jorgen - I have become extremely interested in the “Vikings” their different stories and all aspects of the Vikings. I am working on the songs for the new EP with this era in mind.

Where can your fans see you next?

Allie Jorgen - We are very excited to announce our Pre-Launch Lake Eerie show on Monday, June 2nd at Paladino’s in Tarzana, CA. We will have the opportunity to create the gothic feel of the movie and introduce our song “The Dream” which is the Theme song for the film, as well as introduce our other gothic/ghost songs that will be included on the Soundtrack DVD of the Bonus footage of the film.

When the Film is released there will be a huge LAKE EERIE PREMIER SHOW, stay tuned to our websites,, and

How do you think music amplifies the movie industry?

Allie Jorgen - In this genre of films, Gothic, Horror and Thriller, it is ultra-important. With ghost stories and haunted houses the music helps bring all the visuals to life. Like the term scary music, behind the scenes as someone opens a door to a haunted house, it is the music that helps keep you on the edge of your seat to find out what will happen next.

We want to add that we are so thankful and honored to have our music selected for the film Lake Eerie and we are grateful to be part of such a wonderful team – TEAM EERIE!

Thank you for helping to get the word on the Lake Eerie out there, and for helping us to spread our philosophy to “Never Give UP” and follow your dream; because you never what great and magical things can happen!


The Fabulous Miss Wendy – Rock’s Bad Girl Doing Good!

10295784_10152433090529082_8748141358574412390_nA Candid Interview By:

Lisa “Sunshine” Svelnys Host- Hollywood Rock Underground TV LA Rock Journalist

For Hollywood-based rocker The Fabulous Miss Wendy, comparison to iconic female musicians is nothing new. Hollywood’s punk rock princess, The Fabulous Miss Wendy is already “the sexiest rock star ever,” according to Revolver Magazine. Wendy has come a long way since picking up a guitar at the age of ten, and became a virtuoso by the age of 12, inspired by old-school punk acts like the Misfits, The Dead Kennedys, and The Ramones, and driven by her commitment of never taking "no" for an answer, she commandeered fledgling talent, forming and playing in several bands during her scandalous high school years. Her classmates voted her "most likely to be a Rock Star”. How dead on they were!

tumblr_n4r9cynKr41r2klpjo1_500"The Fabulous Miss Wendy" continued perseverance through the trenches of the Music Industry is inspired by her own mission to “inspire generations of girls all over the world to follow their dreams, and prove Rock n’ Roll is not only a Man’s World.” TFMW went on to beat out hundreds of other girls to nab the lead spot in a Nickelodeon all-girl rock band, but the fearless young Rocker opted for the Musicians Institute in Hollywood where she really spread her wings - or at very least sharpened her cute little horns.

Her intense energy, powerhouse vocals, and calculated songwriting skills sent her soaring to the head of the class, earning her the opportunity to carry her RN’R message to the American troops stationed overseas in Baghdad, Iraq on 2 musical “tours of duty”. Upon her return, Wendy finished third in the United States' "World Battle of the Bands Competition" and won a VH-1 Recommended Artist Award. Wendy also garnered attention from Revolver Magazine and, in turn, earned a spot as one of the ten finalists to become Gibson Guitars’ “SG Gal,” and, as if that’s not enough, her video “I Like Boys” was nominated for LOGO’s “Ultimate Sexiest Videos” weekly contest beside videos by Ciara, Kelly Clarkson, Lady Gaga, the Pussycat Dolls, and more. Having accomplished incredible milestones by the time she reached the legal drinking age, "The Fabulous Miss Wendy" has an undeniable stage presence that demands your attention, whether you want to give it or not, flailing her axe as though it’s a long-lost limb, delivering an imaginative musical viciousness.



tumblr_n4uxrj3BKB1r2klpjo1_500Don’t let the cute smile fool you, in 2011 Wendy released her debut, self-titled, LP, Produced by Devo's Gerald Casale, engineered by Goo Goo Dolls' wizard, Paul David Hagar, also of Avril Lavigne and All American Rejects fame, and driven by the fierce pounding of super-drummer, Josh Freese. Of the albums 10 tracks, VH1 chose to use 6 on successful hit shows “The Pick-Up Artist” and “Tough Love”. Perhaps the biggest honor was when Rock God SLASH surprised audiences nationwide by agreeing ”The Fabulous Miss Wendy” was the perfect artist to join him on tour, giving her the phenomenal opportunity for her to perform for the rabid rock fans across the country, gaining the respect and admiration that only the greatest musicians receive. She also had the opportunity to support with UFO, Green Jello and punk Rock icons Nashville Pussy, after the tour, she herself became the guitarist for Green Jello.

At 2012 & 2013 NAMM, The Pink haired Punk-Rock go-getter strapped on her CHEETAH guitar, and mesmerized audiences with her unforgettable guitar riffs at the GMP Guitar booth and was a featured artist in the RocknRoll Industries Magazine in both December 2011 and the Special NAMM Edition “30th Anniversary Tribute to Randy Rhoads” issue that made its debut at the NAMM show and made its way to thousands of rock n’ roll fans worldwide. Most recently, she teamed up with legendary music producer Kim Fowley (Of Runaways, KISS, and Alice Cooper fame) to produce her third album "No One Can Stop Me". Her Music Video "Jailbait, debuted at #1 on the Japanese Video Charts and was the #2 Music Video in Japan for all of 2012. Wendy is an artist that is the true definition of “The Total Package” and, she will continue to leave her undeniable mark on the Rock world for years to come.

tumblr_n6as0iLLDR1r2klpjo1_500If you had to compare your journey as an artist with any other, who would that be- how has this person paved the way to allot you to be who you get to be?

Miss Wendy - If I had to pick one, probably Joan Jett because we both grew up in the San Fernando Valley and had Kim Fowley as a mentor. Kim has also said that I am the most like Joan of anyone he has ever met.

What do you do for fun? - Do you have a favorite TV show?

Miss Wendy - I do a lot of yoga and meditation. I hardly ever watch tv, but I do like The Simpsons.

 What do you love most about your life?

Miss Wendy - Making Records, Touring, Living the dream in the warm California Sun. What more could anybody ask for?

What was it like the first time a "fan" recognized you? Did you freak out?

Miss Wendy - Depending on what part of the country I am in, I get recognized in public on a fairly regular basis. I kind of never know when it is going to happen. There have been a few people times where people were really freaking out.


tumblr_n5qf2x3sq21r2klpjo1_500What was it like to be invited by SLASH to join him on tour? How did it come together.... describe the moment you found out IT WAS FOR REAL!

Miss Wendy - It was AMAZING to go on tour with Slash, he is the greatest guy ever, not to mention legendary! It came together because I gave him my CD and he liked it. I felt like it was for real when I dedicated “Crazy Fucked Up Bitch” to the ladies in the audience and heard 3-thousand girls scream.


It must be such an honor working with such a legend, how did you start working with Kim Fowley? How did that come together?

Miss Wendy - I met Kim Fowley in the showroom at SXSW. He walked up to me and said “What's your name? What do you do? I wanna know.” I told him I was a recording artist and gave him my CD. He picked it out of 200 CDs to play on his radio show. He started hiring me as a session musician and co-writer after that.

What advice would you give a chick, on a bus that was on her way here to Hollywood to "make it" right now?

Miss Wendy - Always stay in the driver's seat of your own career. Never believe somebody who says they want to do business with you and tries to get in your pants.

What is the perfect environment for you to stimulate your creative process? How do you write music?

Miss Wendy - I like writing in a variety of different environments. Movement is good for creativity. I close my eyes and relax until I hear music in my head. I ask myself, “What is that song supposed to be?”

What projects do you have going on for the rest of 2014?

Miss Wendy - I just released No One Can Stop Me into record stores, so I am excited to get out and tour this summer to support it. Here are some of the upcoming tour dates:

· May 29th Portland Tonic Lounge with The Genitorturers

· May 30th Seattle Studio 7 with The Genitorturers


For complete tour dates please visit

MCC Presents: Matt Suarez

Matt S 01Matt Suarez

Singer, Songwriter and Performer; telling life’s sweet story, one song at a time

“The world is a big sandbox… So, why not play in it and make some memories?”

Interviewed and Written by Sherry D. Martinez

With Editing Assistant Al 'Fret Man' Martinez


As a self-described “wanderer at heart” Matt Suarez live to fulfill his passion for music and desires to experience performing for those that want new music to reach deep inside them. This quest has led him on many adventurous paths, filled with music, song writing and, storytelling. Matt credits his first love of music to his father, Louis Suarez, who was a professional musician for 28 years and was his mentor in more ways than possible.

Matt started playing guitar at the age of 17, some would consider this a late bloom to a musical life, but his talents were quick to surface. While acquiring traditional education he pursued music and performed as part of a Latin Jazz ensemble band college years, Estudientina, a contemporary Jazz ensemble then paved the way for him moving on to work with Pacific Fire. Matt Suarez honed his talents to move on to help form the band known as “4/40”, working with them for four years, until ultimately pursuing a solo career.

Matt S 02Matt set his musical compass and journeyed on to San Diego, with high hopes and a dream to make his place in music. While there, his experiences gave him clarity of vision, enabling him to conquer the arts of stage presence, storytelling and music, by networking and making himself into a well-rounded musician.

In 2009 Matt’s music and life journey led him to San Luis Obispo. He began attending and performing in the local “open jams" at the various clubs and venues. This is where Matt used his networking abilities and showcased his natural talents and soulful singing gift to the central coast. Matt has shaped his life and became a truly unique Soul/Blues/Folk/Funk/Singer, whom offers a smooth, warm comforting feeling. Sure to please any audience. He has played most every style and venue in San Luis Obispo County and shows no sign of stopping.

Matt feels that the local music community is unique, “People here are progressive with their endeavors, while still being genuinely supportive and helpful to each other Matt attributes his success to the musicians and performers of the central coast with whom he has worked with, Gene Baker, Damon Castillo, Matthias Clark, Toan Chau-Funk in Public & Cuesta Ridge Boys just to name a few that would be his contemporaries. “Good music is good music, as long as you can connect” said Matt with a humility and honesty mostly missing in todays “top artists”.

In 2013 Matt released and EP called, Give All We Can; inspired while living here in San Luis Obispo, California. He plans to be releasing two projects within the year, one of which will be an album of all new and original material, along with a collection that will feature cover songs from past fan requests.

After reviewing his recorded catalog, I found it reflects that of a polished, soulful, singer, songwriter, with a stage persona that will insure a great show. The uniqueness of his musical styles will remind you of the flavors that the central coast has to offer. From wineries to coffee houses, from Avila to Paso, from Cambria and abroad, Matt Suarez exemplifies a smooth and easy feel the fine wines pour

Catch Matt Suarez live, He will be performing at the Biddle Ranch Winery on June 21, 2014, as well as other events in the area. To get information on this highly anticipated event visit their web site -

You can also hear is recorded collections at:

Matt has open schedules and is available for booking local engagements, for information call (760)-604-5698 or email, if you want this very talented artist to make your event or party a memorable moment.

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Hornbuckle, "Denver's First Family of the Blues" recently celebrating 20 years together as a band, have come home. The brothers - guitarist/vocalist Michael Hornbuckle and brother, bassist/vocalist Brian Hornbuckle - kick off a two-month 'Virtue & Vice' tour of their home state with a show on Friday, May 23 at Dickens Opera House in Longmont (complete itinerary below). Virtue & Vice is the title of their recently-released album to critic's acclaim.

What the Press is Saying !

"Hornbuckle's sound is fresh and interesting...on Virtue & Vice these guys have managed to find a way to give the blues a mainstream, pop-driven sound, while at the same time staying true to their bluesy roots. The songs themselves are nothing short of excellent."      


"Not since ZZ Top and Stevie Ray Vaughn has there been a band that could wind a mean bar room boogie and bring the blues home like the Hornbuckle Brothers. Michael & Brian Hornbuckle take their inherited skill and bring serious fire to the front house in Virtue & Vice, their latest, and what will probably be recognized as one of the best new independently produced albums of the year."



In a recent interview Michael Hornbuckle was asked about the difference between the music scenes in Los Angeles (where he has recently settled) and Denver. "The difference is significant. You would think that the huge population and the incredible talent that is in L.A. would equate to packed clubs that pay well, but that is not necessarily the case. There are gems in L.A. where you can see world-class players performing for tips in a small bar.  L.A. is geared for production and that’s what most the serious cats do there. They play live for fun but the paying work is in a studio somewhere. Denver, on the other hand, is geared for live music. If you can play then you can gig.  We have the occasional breakout act, but mostly it’s about building a following and playing the rounds. The Metro Denver area is very spread out, so each city has its own crowd. It’s because of that that there is a circuit a band can do without burning out the area. Denver is not like, say Kansas City, where you are accessible to the whole MidWest to play clubs. Denver is far from any other major market so people here appreciate what they have and support their musicians."

In discussing their new album, Brian Hornbuckle says, "On “Virtue and Vice” we try and cover a lot of ground; sixteen songs of memories, love, lust, protest and personal discovery. We really tried to infuse as many influences as possible while still keeping continuity from song to song. We did some reggae in “Complicated”, funk in “Slave to the Benjamins,” a Latin feel on “Moment In Time” and a 70’s rock feel in “Ride Away”. All of it injected with the blues since that is still the main language we speak musically."



  • May 23 (Fri.)               DICKENS OPERA HOUSE                  Longmont, CO
  • June 1 (Sun.)                ZIGGIES LIVE MUSIC                         Denver, CO
  • June 7 (Sat.)                 ANGELO'S CD (IN-STORE GIG)         Denver, CO
  • June 14 (Sat.)               ZIGGIES LIVE MUSIC                         Denver, CO
  • June 27 (Fri.)                STARGAZERS THEATER                     Colorado Springs, CO
  • July 5 (Sat.)                  THE ORIENTAL THEATER                   Denver, CO
  • July 6 (Sun.)                 ZIGGIES LIVE MUSIC                         Denver, CO
  • July 18 (Fri.)                 ZOO BAR                                            Lincoln, NB
  • July 19 (Sat.)                ZIGGIES LIVE MUSIC                         Denver, CO
  • July 23 (Wed.)             HERMAN'S HIDEAWAY                      Denver, CO 
  • July 26 (Sat.)               CONTINENTAL ROOM/LOUNGE        Denver, CO

Rock Over America - CD Review

All Access Magazine - Interview

Xombiewoof - CD Review


Our Review of Cerwin-Vega XD5 and XD8s

Video Review of the Cerwin-Vega! XD5 / XD8s Deskt…:

Wednesday, May 21, 2014


Influential Norfolk rock band Mae is celebrating the ten-year anniversary of their classic debut album Destination: Beautiful and fan coveted compilation Destination: B-Sides with an intimate one-time-only online performance at on June 7th. The show will feature the band performing from their studio and interacting with fans, all streaming live online and on mobile devices for ticket-holders. Tickets are available now at

Spartan Records has also announced plans to release Destination: B-Sides on limited edition vinyl record for the first time in the near future.

The album will be available for pre-order on an exclusive vinyl variant during the band's StageIt performance and a portion of the proceeds raised from the performance will go towards re-recording of additional tracks, which will be included on the first ever vinyl pressing of the album.

Mae, in partnership with Spartan Records, will kick off a week-long celebration dubbed #maeweek beginning May 19th through May 23rd. Each day that week, Spartan Records will release an extremely limited edition of 100 copies of Destination: Beautiful on a unique vinyl variant. Fans are encouraged to follow Spartan Records on Instagram ( for special content and info about the limited edition releases for #maeweek.

Formed in 2001, Mae released four highly revered full-length albums and three EPs via Tooth & Nail and Capitol Records, which combined sold over half a million copies. During their tenure the band toured the world with bands like Foo Fighters, Weezer, The Fray, OK GO, MuteMath, Circa Survive, Jack’s Mannequin among many others. As part of a year-long charity campaign in 2009, the band partnered with Habitat For Humanity, Donors Choose, and Destination Imagination and raised over $80,000 for those in need. After a few years on hiatus, Mae returned to the stage in February 2013 to commemorate the ten year anniversary of Destination: Beautiful. Now a year later, the band returns for a special StageIt show in honor of Destination: B-Sides for their fans around the world to view.

Pick up StageIt tickets now at and follow the band at for additional updates regarding #maeweek.

For More Information:

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Cerwin-Vega XD Series Desktop Monitor / Speakers Product Review

clip_image001Xombiewoof Magazine Review of the Cerwin-Vega! XD Series Desktop Monitor / Speakers

Studio Review and Test of the XD5 Desktop Speakers and the XD8s Sub Woofer

Reviewed and tested by Joseph Timmons: Xombiewoof Magazine

Xombiewoof Magazine likes to find products that are just as good in the studio as in the home or home studio situations and vice – versa. It is difficult to get a quality sound for mixing down without going broke, and for most artists and musicians that are always one cup of ramen away from starving, that’s a hard to handle issue. We were contacted by Cerwin-Vega!, a member of the Gibson Pro Audio family of products, to do a review of a new line of desktop speakers that are designed with high quality audio and easy affordability in mind. We were a bit taken aback because no such animal (until now) existed.

It is so cool to be proved wrong!

zULi-12Cerwin-Vega! XD desktop monitors are, by far, the best in their class. The XD Series is truly the next level in high performance compact sound systems. Whether you are creating media, gaming or being entertained - the superior sound of the Cerwin Vega! The XD line will maximize the experience. Constructed of real wooden cabinets, they ensure tight bass - essential for accurate media creation with equally efficient translation of Mid-Range and High Range sound patterns. Playing games? Let XD bring the roaring engines and exploding bombs to life. The ability to enjoy everything from watching videos, video gaming or mixing the fruits of your studio labors, the XD tweeter's crystal clarity delivers every single breath without distorting, and the bass is earth shaking without drowning out the unique sound qualities you want to hear.

With a total of three desktop models to choose from; right for any budget or footprint, and each with multiple input connections for easy setup. Add the XD8S Subwoofer with the desktop remote for extended low frequencies and convenient system control. We tested the XD5 Speakers and The XD8s Sub in several real world applications, connected to our computer, to a mixing board in the studio, to a Stanton SCS.4DJ Mixing Table and a live music “Head to Head” against a Guitar amp. In all situations the Cerwin-Vega! XD desktop monitors shined, and it beat out the guitar amp for clarity while doing complex note progressions! We had the Guitarists from PARLY in our studio to help with the companion video to this review and they were blown away with the quality of sound and by the affordable price, MSRP ranges between $299.99 and $350.00 for either the XD5 or XD8s, so it costs less for an entire setup than for some single monitors with compatible qualities.

XD5 Desktop Speakers

clip_image003The XD5, 5" 2 Way Powered Desktop Speakers optimize the sound output while keeping the enclosure rather small by housing a large 5" driver. Clean sound is maintained by using low noise amplifiers that don't disappoint when the volume is set to high. When deeper bass is needed, turn on the signature “Vega-Bass” to enable the enhanced Bass Boost. The XD5 fully integrate with your entire sound system and outboard accessories. The XD5 has the capability to handle multiple inputs; you can switch instantly between your computer as a source or other more portable devices such as iPods, phones and other media players via the 1/8" stereo Auxiliary input. The XD5 also has a convenient headphone jack which allows you to "keep it down" while maintaining full control through the front panel power switch and volume adjustments.

CWV XD5NA_R-LargeCheck The Specks! - The perfect companion for your computer

· Compact size without "compact" sound

· Appearance matches laptops and LCD monitors

· Magnetically shielded to prevent interference

· Rich and natural sound of a real wood enclosure

· 5" woofer / 1" tweeter

· 50 watts amplifier with built in crossover

· Perfect for music, gaming and media production

Technical Specifications:

Frequency Response: 60Hz – 21 kHz with Power Output (Watts): 50

Weight: 17.4 lbs. / 7.9 kg - Dimensions (HxWxD) 12.01" x 18.50" x 13.39" / 305 mm x 470 mm x 340 mm


XD8s Subwoofer

clip_image004The XD8s fully integrates your entire sound system and outboard accessories with the included desktop remote control. The XD8s , like all in the XD line, has the capability to handle multiple inputs, and you can switch instantly between your computer as a source or other more portable platforms such as iPods, phones and other media players via the 1/8” stereo Auxiliary input.

When creating the XD8 speaker for desktop and computer applications, Cerwin-Vega was able to optimize the sound output while keeping the subwoofer enclosure small to integrate easily below your desktop or home environment. At the ultra-low level, where desktop monitors reach their physical limitations, the XD8s sub offers deep bass extension, allowing each system to go to a new level of performance. Unlike other desktop speaker systems, the Cerwin-Vega! XD Series is built with solid MDF wood enclosures, allowing it to deliver the same quality of bass as much larger home speaker systems. Signal purity must be maintained by using low noise amplifiers that don't disappoint when the volume is set to high.

If you are looking for extended bass response, high SPL and an optimally designed port for proper low frequency phase alignment and minimal turbulence, the XD8s is your match. In addition to the standard audio input and outputs, a volume knob, versatile crossover and polarity switch can be found at the rear of the sub for aligning its audio to any desktop monitors. A System Remote connection port is also on the sub for use with the included XD8s Remote Control, which allows for easy volume control of the entire system. Featuring a Volume knob and Mute/Bypass switch, it is also outfitted with an audio input jack.

cerwin-vega-xd8s-backCheck the Specks! –like all the XD Line, The perfect companion for your computer's sound system

· Compact size delivers large Cerwin-Vega sound

· Includes desktop remote to control the entire system volume

· Magnetically shielded to prevent interference

· Rich and natural sound of a real wood enclosure

· Efficient high excursion 8" subwoofer

· 80 watts amplifier with adjustable crossover and phase

· Perfect for music, gaming and media production

Technical Specifications:

Frequency Response: 35Hz – 255Hz / Frequency Range: 32Hz – 390Hz

Amplifier Power: 80 W RMS

Weight: 18.5 lbs. / 8.4 kg Dimensions (HxWxD) 17.32" x 7.09" x 14.96" 440 mm x 175 mm x 380 mm

Our experience with these wonderful and well equipped speakers is the same as you will get! We put the XD5 and XD8s through every possible home studio and professional studio situation and live performance testing, hands down the best we’ve seen so far in this particular type of product.

Visit our YouTube page to see and hear for yourself the rich and vibrant sounds you will get with the Cerwin-Vega XD series Desktop Speakers

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Gabbie Rae & Patrick Kennison: LIVE and UNPROCESSED


Lisablog pic

A Conversational Interview By: Lisa “Sunshine” Svelnys Host- Hollywood Rock Underground TV LA Rock Journalist- Xombiewoof Magazine

Two distinctive artists that have been gracing the stages of Hollywood and several touring vents have been Gabbie Rae, a young and highly talented new voice in LA and Seasoned expert musician Patrick Kennison of the group Heaven Below. with both artists having such unique acts it coms as no surprise that these two would join forces and merge to create a duet tour de force that has taken Los Angeles, and the world by firestorm.  join us for a lighthearted yet revealing interview with two sensational artists that have become one thunderous voice.

Interview is set as “side by side” as one artist talks with Lisa about the other, and what it has meant to both of them




Lisa: How did the decision come together to start performing as a duo?

When Gabbie and I first met I brought my acoustic guitar with me so I could hear sing in front of me. The results were so inspiring and real that we decided people should hear her voice and my playing in its purest and rawest form, Live and unprocessed.


Lisa: How long has it been?

It’s been several months now, but it feels like 10 minutes.

Lisa: What would you consider to be your biggest accomplishment (to date) so far?

clip_image006With Gabbie and I, I think the Dio foundation picking us up and promoting our cover of Rainbow In The Dark is pretty amazing. To have an organization of that caliber to hand pick us is beyond humbling.

Lisa: Finish this sentence for me…. My best memory of The Monsters of Rock Cruise 2014 was when…….

The member of a legendary rock band was brought to tears during our performance.

Lisa: You just recorded an incredible original with Gabbie Rae, a song that you wrote yourself, how did you decide she was the voice to match your music?

I feel like the song found her. I’m merely a vehicle for the energy of a written song. When we perform, record, or write it feels like an out of body experience. As if the song carries itself through us. It’s very liberating.

clip_image005Lisa: You and Gabbie’s cover of “Rainbow in the Dark” by Dio, EXPLODED on YouTube and was re-posted by The Dio Foundation, explain that feeling, as an artist…

It makes us feel 10 feet tall and extremely humbling all at the same time. Paying tribute to such a legend requires a combination of fearlessness and responsibility.

Lisa: You have been working successfully with Gabbie, what do you attribute her success to as an artist, what does she bring that maybe was “missing” from Hollywood?

She brings a strong work ethic without a sense of entitlement. Many artists out here are originally the “ballsiest” people from a little small town in the Midwest. They must think, “I’m a God at home, so I must be here in Los Angeles too.” That attitude kills their perception and clouds their reality. Gabbie and I have a different outlook. We know we’re the “ballsiest” people from our hometown, but we have enough self-awareness to know we’re blessed to be working here on the west coast, the land of broken dreams. Hey I think there’s a song there!



clip_image003Lisa: How has working with Patrick made you a stronger performer?

Patrick has really shown me a lot about being a performer. He has this incredible ability to be completely fearless. He has really shown me how to just put myself out there and go for it.

Lisa: At 15, you are balancing school, living bi-costal, writing, performing, rehearsing…. What do you do when you are not performing music? Do you have any hidden talent or hobbies?

For me, music is a full-time thing. I am 100% okay with that because music is all I’ve ever wanted. However, every now and then I do have some free time and I love to spend it with furry friends. I am such an animal lover. I love visiting the shelters and doing everything I can to help.

Lisa: Your SWEET 16 BIRTHDAY is coming up, what are the plans?

This is so exciting! I can’t believe I am going to be 16 already! We’ve decided that it’s only fitting for me to visit Myrtle Beach, SC for my big day seeing that I lived there for 5 years! I have the most amazing friends and fans and I wanted to see them all for my special day! We are having a huge bash at Jay’s in Little River! Check out the cool flyer!

Lisa: Describe the experience of opening up for John Corabi and Queensryche at NAMM with Patrick…. Are you ever nervous?

Opening up for John Corabi and Queensryche at NAMM is probably one of the most amazing things I have ever done. I am such a fan of John and I am a HUGE Queensryche fan! It was definitely an OMG moment. I can’t thank Patrick and Heaven Below enough for letting me join them for that. I have never been nervous performing live. In fact, performing live is like my favorite thing to do! BRING IT ON!

Lisa: What charities are you currently involved with? (Your roles)

I am a Celebrity Ambassador for Free2Luv. I have been standing up with them for almost 3 years. They are the absolute best. I am so honored to work with their other ambassadors like Lisa Kudrow, Tom Arnold, Jake T Austin, and Fran Drescher. You can check them out at

Lisa: Gabbie, you have had a numerous amount of “PinchMe “moments on Facebook, give us your top 5!

1. Meeting Patrick for the first time (cue awwwwww)

2. The Monsters of Rock Cruise

3. Opening up for John Corabi and Queensryche at NAMM

4. Being acknowledged and given props on the Ronnie James Dio Facebook Page for our cover of Rainbow In The Dark

5. Performing for the first time at The Viper Room and joining Alex Grossi (Quiet Riot) and Dizzy Reed (Guns N Roses) onstage


Lisa: What are you and Patrick working on RIGHT NOW? (Details on rehearsals, songwriting,video… what’s going on)

Patrick and I are spending a lot of time in the studio. He has some incredible original material and I am so excited for everyone to hear it. We’ll also be working on a video to release. We have so many amazing things to announce! I wish I could tell you more! I guess you’ll just have to stay tuned!

Lisa: How old were you when you realized you had the power to make “grown-ups” cry with your voice?

OMG – too funny! I actually have a memory of being 5 years old and singing Castle on a Cloud from Les Miserables, and a grown man started crying! Since then, I have been getting so many messages from fans telling me that I made them cry and I moved them. That really means the world to me. My goal has always been to move people with my music, and to succeed in that means everything.

Lisa: You are REALLY making a mark in Hollywood. Where have you played?

Hollywood has been really welcoming to me! I am super lucky! I’ve been up and down the Sunset Strip. I’ve had the chance to play The Whisky a Go Go a couple times and I might just be coming back soon! *wink wink* I’ve performed at The House of Blues on Sunset and the one in Anaheim. Oh yeah, and I just played The Viper Room for the very first time a couple weeks ago! I’m everywhere!


Visit the following links to catch the performances of these artists as a team or individually, either way, it’s always a standing-room only, sold out show.