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Jim Root Proudly Uses Orange Amplifiers In His New DVD

Jim Root, Sound & Story From Fret 12

clip_image002[4]Long standing Orange Amplification endorsee, Jim Root, has just released a new DVD. Produced by Fret12, it features over three and half hours of guitar lessons and tutorials all with Jim using his Orange Rockerverb 100 amps.

Since he arrived on the metal scene, Jim Root has been refining his original signature guitar sound, a sound that has the driving force of Orange Amps behind it. This DVD shows Jim teaching eleven of his most popular songs from both the award winning Slipknot and the critically acclaimed Stone Sour across fifteen lessons. The lessons explain legato, neighbour notes, string skipping, sweep picking, tapping, triads, speed building and a whole host of other techniques. Also included on the 2-disc DVD set is an hour long documentary in which Jim shares his unbelievable journey, a back stage rig tour with of course the Legendary Orange Amps and live concert footage plus an interview with Corey Taylor and Martin Connors (Jim’s Guitar Tech).

This musical journey unmasks the secrets of one of the most iconic guitarists of the last fifteen years and showcases the awesome sound of the Orange Rockerverb 100 amp.

To find out more about the amps Jim Root uses, The Jim Root Signature Amp, and all Orange Amplification other product please go to

To pre-order a copy of Jim Root; The Sound And Story please visit Fret12 where orders will be shipped from 12th December 2013.


Revolutionary Technology Sparks First Official Video For 50-Year-Old Classic Recording


When Bob Dylan released “Like A Rolling Stone” in 1965 – forever shattering all pre-conceived notions for what a pop single could be in terms of length, sound and subject matter - no official music video was ever created to accompany his release. But nearly a half-century later, a groundbreaking interactive project has been created for the song, allowing fans to experience the classic recording in unprecedented ways. Today, the Bob Dylan – “Like a Rolling Stone” Interactive Video is unveiled worldwide on, coinciding with The Complete Album Collection Volume 1, just released on Columbia/Legacy Recordings.

The Bob Dylan – “Like a Rolling Stone” Interactive Video showcases a patented technology platform, created by the digital media company Interlude, which allows viewers to play an active role in the story of the music video. The experience begins when users press play and have the ability to surf 16 different “TV channels” within the video in real-time. These channels are comprised of American TV formats in which, no matter what channel you are on, the hosts and actors are all lip-syncing the lyrics to "Like a Rolling Stone" as the song continues to play seamlessly. No two people will engage with the video in the same way twice. The full interactive video can also be experienced on iPhones and iPads and is easily shared across social media platforms.

A number of recognizable TV shows and talent can be spotted throughout the video, and savvy viewers will no doubt make connections between some of these appearances and the song’s lyrics, as well as to certain moments from throughout Bob Dylan’s 50-plus years as a worldwide cultural figure.

“We're forever looking for compelling, creative ways to distinguish our artists and their music from the din. The Interlude treatment of ‘Like a Rolling Stone’ provides us with a unique, playful, highly engaging platform from which we can reach - and ideally attract - Dylan fans from across the spectrum," said Adam Block, President of Sony Music/Legacy Recordings.

As a musician myself, I can’t imagine a more thrilling project to be a part of than helping create the first video for ‘Like a Rolling Stone,’” said Yoni Bloch, founder and CEO of Interlude. “The song has repeatedly been voted the No. 1 Greatest Song of All Time by Rolling Stone, and is generally regarded as revolutionary, influencing both artists and popular music around the world. Like the song, we hope Interlude will inspire creative professionals everywhere to develop new and unique ways to tell stories through video.”

With its cutting-edge interactive video technology, Interlude (repeat winner of Most Innovative Video at the MTV O Music Awards) partnered with award-winning content creator Pulse Films (LCD Soundsystem’s "Shut Up and Play the Hits" and Blur’s "No Distance Left to Run") and Walter Pictures (Best Music Video Award winner by Time Magazine, Pitchfork, and MTV Woodie Awards) to make an extraordinary first official video for Dylan’s seminal song. 

The video is being released in conjunction with The Complete Album Collection Volume 1, from Columbia/Legacy Recordings. This 47-CD boxed set contains 35 studio titles (including the first-ever North American release of 1973's Dylan album on CD); 6 live albums; the 2-CD Side Tracks, which compiles in one set previously released non-album singles, tracks from the original Biograph boxed-set and other compilations; a deluxe-bound hardcover book featuring new album-by-album liner notes from famed author Clinton Heylin and a new introduction by noted journalist and television personality Bill Flanagan. This project is also available as a limited-edition harmonica-shaped USB stick containing all the music, in both MP3 and FLAC lossless formats. The Bob Dylan Bootleg Series App was also just released, featuring over 500 pieces of rare and historical content.

About Interlude

Interlude ( is a digital media company that designs, develops and markets interactive video technology. Treehouse is Interlude’s self-serve authoring suite that enables all video creators, whether enthusiasts or professionals, to create interactive videos. Founded by Israeli musician Yoni Bloch and his band, Interlude is backed by Sequoia Capital, Intel Capital, NEA, Marker and Innovation Endeavors.






VAMPS have announced the special guests for their upcoming shows in L.A. and NYC, their only U.S. appearances of 2013.

Living Dead Lights will serve as the special guest for the Los Angeles show at the iconic House of Blues on December 4, while Killcode have come aboard for the NYC show at the soon-to-be-closed Roseland on December 8.
But that's not all!

Sid from Slipknot will be the guest DJ at both the L.A. and NYC shows.

It's going to be a party on both coasts, for sure!



These VAMPS gigs are shaping up to be "can't miss" and "must see" events -- these are no mere concerts! The band, which is pretty much bigger than God in its native Japan, camping out at several-thousand seat venues for week-long residencies, has the U.S. squarely in its sights, promising a night to remember on each coast.



VAMPS plan to leave a mark.

The duo last crashed American shores over three years ago. They are back supporting Sex Blood Rock N' Roll, a collection of hard-charging, addictively catchy rock anthems available now via Spinefarm Records in the U.S. Rock bible Kerrang! awarded the record a 4-K review, warning "Don't let these VAMPS pass you by."

Like Disturbed? Avenged Sevenfold? Black Veil Brides? Stone Sour? Dig bands with a delightfully dark look? Then you will certainly love the rock that VAMPS dole out.

The band is also offering a special 2-for-1 ticket option. Fans can enter the code "VAMPS" to unlock the offer here.

Marshall Electronics - MXL Microphones: A Proven Sound Investment


MXL Cr-89 MicrophoneProduct Reviews of Marshall Electronics / MXL Cr-89 Low Noise Condenser Microphone and R150 Series Microphone.

We studio tested two of Marshall Electronics / MXL series microphones, the Cr-89 and the R150 and found that once again, Marshall Electronics has provided musicians and recording artists with audio recording equipment that has design elements of superior beauty and highly durable engineering that will stand up to years of use in the studio or on the road.

Both the Cr-89 and R150 have rugged solid metal construction, dent resistant grills and “screw-mount” supporting receptacle ends. Whether you choose to affix quick release cables or secure mount wirings, the MXL Cr-89 and R150 have a versatility that supports any recording environment. Both units come with shock mount supporting structures that come with additional elastics and mount to traditional upright or boom stands. The R150 comes with an MXL-56 High-Isolation Shockmount while the Cr-89 comes with a larger MXL Shockmount and an Aluminum Travel Case. Each of these MXL masterpieces of sound have the ability to be used in any and every application, whether in recording voice tracks, acoustic instrument or ambient room setups, both the Cr-89 and R150 will pick up the softest tones and accurately record amp driven sounds without overt distortion. We are aware your independent use may vary, but we put these microphones through every recording situation possible and found ourselves hard pressed to find anything wrong with these beauties other than we did not have more of them!


MXL Cr-89

The MXL Cr89 is a large diaphragm condenser microphone wrapped in contrasted design elements of black and chrome. The Cr89 has low noise circuitry and a very low proximity effect, making it ideal for up-close recording. At home on instruments and vocals, the Cr89's body design minimizes body resonance while the tuned grill cavity reduces standing waves and harmonic distortion. The Cr-89, Condenser pressure gradient microphone touts a large 32mm capsule, Gold-sputtered, 6 micron diaphragm and has a Frequency Response of 20 Hz—20kHz, requiring Phantom power 48V ± 4V considerations.



MXL R150 MicrophoneThe MXL R150 Ribbon Microphone incorporates a Figure-8 polar pattern and a 1.8 micron aluminum ribbon, the R150 offers breathtaking sound for vocal and instrument recordings. It is an excellent microphone for broadcast applications. The R150 also performs brilliantly on acoustic instruments, strings, and horns. It offers high SPL capability, outstanding side rejection and precise directivity. The R150 Ribbon Velocity Microphone supports a 1.8 micron aluminum ribbon of 47mm with a Frequency range of 20Hz -17kHz.

What does this mean to the studio artist of performer in the live stage arena? ... The difference between recording your music with the Cr-89 or the R150 or with their competitor’s equipment, is either laying tracks in a way that compliments and supports its genius, or having recordings that are missing the subtle nuances that can mean the difference between a masterpiece and an ”OK” song.

The Cr-89 is defined as a Top-quality condenser microphone for vocals and instruments. While being a vocalists dream, it is Ideal for acoustic guitars, strings, pianos and room sound. The Cr-89 is warm in character yet still faithful to the original source. The R150 Ribbon microphone delivers a dark, warm tone with a “mellow” sound. The R150, with it’s a rich midrange and a rolled-off top end, uses a Figure-8 polar pattern to capture both instruments and room sound yet is not “muddy” or “cluttered”. The R150 has a High SPL capability which is ideal for electric guitars, horns and percussion and has a very low proximity effect—great for up-close recording!


Marshall Electronics, known for their innovation and attention detail listens to its customers’ needs. In designing the MXL series of Microphones they proved the adage “You Get What You Pay For”, The R150 is available at retail for prices starting at 95.00 and the Cr-89 starts at 280.00 making them both incredible bargains for what they deliver. The prices we found were from many online and storefront operations and prices do vary, check with your local retailer.

Learn more about Marshall Electronics and MXL at

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SLAYER's Kerry King In Special Feature Interview TONIGHT on WVOX's Metal Mayhem!


Kerry_King,_2006Thrash legends Slayer's Kerry King, currently underway on their North American Tour featuring an Old School Slayer Night Set on all dates, will be Matthew O'Shaughnessy's very special guest on's Metal Mayhem show in New York tonight, Tuesday, November 19th at 10:30pm Eastern exclusively on Worldwide and 1460 AM.

King will talk with O'Shaughnessy about Slayer's big upcoming return to The Theater At Madison Square Garden in New York City on Wednesday, November 27th, an iconic venue the band has not played in twenty-five years.


Kerry-KingMetal Mayhem will also get the latest details on the bands next album, and Slayer re-issuing ten of their seminal albums on vinyl in December and much more.

"What more can be said about this pioneering, ground-breaking and extremely influential band that came roaring out of the Los Angeles area in the early 1980's...and would forever go onto shape and re-define the genre they so significantly helped to create. It's with tremendous honor and respect to feature guitarist Kerry King on WVOX's Metal Mayhem", says host Matthew O'Shaughnessy


Read More about Slayers New Album and Tour Dates

Photos Courtesy of Internet Resources

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Brooke Branning: Singer / Songwriter, Advocate of Peace and Social Harmony.

Its Not Too Late CoverInterview and article by Joseph Timmons

We all look upon the music of the 60’s and 70’s with a sense of fond nostalgia. The Peace and Love Generation, Civil Rights, a world that sought the dream to end war and coexist in harmony. There were many great artists that espoused the images of a place where the lion may lay down with the lamb. In my youth I listened to the music of Joan Baez, Odetta, Janis Ian, Joni Mitchell, and Carol King. There was always something soothing and calming about the sound of the female folk singer, like a lullaby, or a mother’s lament, stories of better days. The female folk singer played a very important role in this musical era of social revolution. Even though there were male artists that would compose songs of a similar nature, it did not hit the soul such as the woman’s softer touch.

Fast forward to the present, the songs of revolution are still heard today - on the radio, or our digital audio devices, at the café’s, or in the concert halls where the old vanguard come to play to those who saw them in their youth. But what of the youth and peace searching people of today? Who will sing to them their call to march on Washington or City Hall, to social change?

Who will be their voice?

Enter into the light of a new day Brooke Branning, a soft voiced and kind eyed woman who wants to bring her song to those that would listen. Brooke Branning is a singer / songwriter who speaks to today’s conscientious and socially minded person. Brooke has been performing for audiences large and small all around California for many years, working towards her present material; she has taken the sound of the movement and made it her own. Her delicate playing technique and elegance of style is fully evident and undeniable. Brooke is a person who sees life as means to help others, and it is by this service to others she fulfills herself.

As a woman of great spirituality, she believes that it is through the experiences of her life she has developed real empathy for others. To feel the emotions of others is a rare talent, a gift, and sometimes a curse. Brooke Branning feels her music; she feels the words form within the music flowing from her, and then shares the feelings through her creative vision. Her essence and her love for life are transformational. “To see people in pain has always made me want to help out, to raise people up and give them hope”. To Brooke, there is nothing that cannot be done if we all stand as one, and one by one we can all stand together.

For the past 30 years Brooke has been creating her music. The release of her album, titled “It’s Not Too Late” is a collection of songs from that period in her life that, as she states, “was a time of personal development and enrichment”. Her growth as an artist and as a human being shows in the songs and composure of “It’s Not Too Late”: warm, alluring tones and ambient textures, perfectly juxtaposed to words that stay with you and make you think. Music is her passion, and as she looks to create her next album, she plans on selling her business, going into the studio and begin work on the new project exclusively.

The album “It’s Not Too Late” offers us a view into the creative mind of Brooke Branning, which is strongly tethered to her heart and soul. Where some of the songs on her CD are very straight forward, some are mysterious. One such piece on the album that has been etched into my thoughts is “Breakfast with Buddha”, which may seem like a pleasant devotional, but is in fact performed with deep rooted purpose. Upon closely listening, we learn of a devotion to faith that people are risking and sometimes losing their lives for. “Breakfast with Buddha” is a witness in verse to the dilemma of the Buddhist Monks of Tibet, whom have been tormented, persecuted, and hunted down for their beliefs. “It’s Not Too Late” is an audio expose, revealing to the listener the errors of man’s ways, his follies and what could potentially be our salvation. These are the subjects that Brooke finds important to write music and verse about. She wants to provoke others to stand with her, against the modern plagues and rally the people together.

For a people united is far stronger than a few.

At 50, Brook says she is now “peaking”, and feels now is the best time for her to move forward with her music in a stronger sense, with urgency, direction and with great focus. “There are some that peak at 20 or thirty, but now at 50 I have so much more to offer”.

Brooke told me of her past, times of little money and of struggles, but she did not strike me as one who dwelled in the sadness or misery of a dark past; instead, she “took the knocks and lumps” to create a bright future for herself and possibly others. Brooke has decided to dedicate her life and work to charitable service, playing many fundraisers, donating the proceeds from her events and working with others in public service.

Brooke said she had a problem with stage fright, but overcame it to become an artist that could give back to a world that has given her so much. “The gift that I have been given as a songwriter and performer has convinced me this is what I was meant to do. My songwriting has deepened over the years, and my quest for awakening has given me the ability to look at life and then frame it in my music, and get my message out”.

When finishing our interview, Brooke mentioned that she is particularly fond of the “Open Mic” nights and various small club events that gather together the artists of the Central Coast. “We are surrounded by so many wonderful artists, and I have sat in with some, played with others, and enjoy their company”. After a laugh she added, “I often think I’ll be asked to join the stage and wind up playing all night long”. Brooke Branning is focused on writing and gathering 50 new songs, planning to release a new, 2nd album by 2014 and then her 3rd album for release in 2015. “I really want to bring my music across all platforms and reach as many people as possible”.

To follow Brooke Branning’s progress, get her album and watch her videos, go to her website at, Brooke will post news and events as they are scheduled. If you get to see her play, or get to hear her music, remember she is looking back at you, enjoying your life and existence as much as you may be enjoying hers.

We are as one together, and together we are never alone.


Hello World, it’s me JD Hardy, How You Doing?

option2Interview and Article by Joseph Timmons

Photo Credits: All Photos supplied by JD Hardy and Tate Music Group

The story of the Old West, with images of men larger than life, heroes of the dusty trails and cold desert nights, are still told these days. There have been many tall tales of even taller men that ride high in the saddle yet look to the heavens above for guidance. Here is a tale of one such legend, a man that towers among his peers and has songs in his throat that tell of good times and bad. A man with a six string as his weapon, he sings of the traditional values, love of his country, and of the daily survival in this world we live in. This mountain of a man I speak of is the one known as JD Hardy: no ice, no water, straight up and double down.

To do this article, I met with JD at a restaurant near his home and studio. He was there in boot cut jeans, checkered shirt and “Cowboy Hat.” He looked like he just came off the ranch, or just back from a cattle run. He waxed poetic of his life and his adventures, but was often more visibly excited to talk about others that have supported him, or taking time to stop and thank the waitress that brought our coffee with the same respect one would show a nun, and then cracked a joke the moment she left earshot that would make the devil blush. A humble and honest man that mentioned his love for the open spaces and music, JD Hardy was as authentic as Baseball, Hot Dogs, Apple Pie and Chevrolet.

Originally from Bakersfield, California, JD Hardy grew up on country: his father was well acquainted with the country music world. JD’s father played with Buck Owens and many of his compatriots. JD followed in suit and has made a name for himself playing everywhere from the small saloons to the larger theaters, always pleasing and always working hard to keep true country music in his heart. Getting his start with the legendary producer Ray Ruff, he quickly found himself working alongside the same country artists that he grew up admiring, such as Dwight Yoakam, Hank Williams Jr. and George Strait.

Where other artists may go “commercial” or write songs with certain “marketability,” JD wants his music to be true old school country style and often looks back to his roots for inspiration. “I have been blessed to have had an interesting life, and twice blessed to survive it,” he says. “I love talking about my life, and it is the events of my life that have shaped my music and my songs. I can write songs with a rock influence, a blues feeling or jazzy parts that get people moving and loving what I do as much as I do.”

About the title track to his album Rebels With A Cause,” JD said, “It’s a song of the America’s beginnings. We came to this country as rebels, and we came seeking a better life, a just life, to be equal and free. With the way things are now, we are a people over-ruled and over-taxed with the burden of feeling guilty to want the life we were promised by our founding fathers. It’s a song about us.” He then stopped to take a sip of coffee and added, “Not to be preachy, but seems to me, people today just want freedom to be free, Seems fair.”

To emphasize the range of his talents, I asked about another song off his album that is sorrowful yet, if you listen closely, is a story of faith and redemption. “Hello World,” is a song of a person newly released from prison. Incarcerated as a youth, he came out a man, introducing himself to world he’s never known. Like in the song, JD has opened himself up to the world, - the world that is seen through the artist’s eyes as the place of hope for anyone who wants to live their dreams. “I have made my mistakes, and there is a truth to the phrase by the grace of god go I, this is a song of lessons learned” said JD.

JD Hardy lives, works and plays in this paradise we call California, but he is humbled by the people around him. “I see people who struggle every day to survive, some seem almost invisible; they come and go and we sometimes don’t even see them. I want to see the world a better place for them and all that come after.” I, too, would like to see the world that JD wants to live in: seems like a peaceful little town on the planes, or in the valley between the hills, where the men are bold, the women are beautiful, and the sun sets on the horizon in shades of gold and amber.

To find out more about JD Hardy, visit his web site and follow him on Facebook – just look for JD Hardy Rebels with a Cause.

JD Hardy’s latest release Rebels With A Cause has gained the attention of many loyal and new fans. Available on iTunes and on, it is selling well and getting some well-deserved recognition.

JD Hardy’s Website will soon include upcoming performance dates and engagements. With all of his accolades, he is still a “Good Old Country Boy” that keeps his appearances within the Central Coast area. JD Hardy and his Recording Label are planning a video for his song ”Ride On”, which is about Rodeo Bull Riders, with the interest of the PBR, the Professional Bull Riders organization that supports values of the rodeo athlete, it may be the big breakout hit of the album.

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Seymour Duncan Releases The Dirty Deed Distortion Pedal


From the light, singing overdrive of classic rock to raunchy, screaming, ear-shattering distortion, the Dirty Deed was created for complete versatility.

The tone is very organic and natural sounding; it's designed to capture the character and responsiveness of a classic overdriven tube amplifier with elements of distortion, fuzz and overdrive combined into a single wide-range pedal. With a turn of the gain knob you can go from the sparkling overdrive of your favorite classic rock songs to a rich, powerful hard rock distortion with amp-like saturation.

The distortion is thick and beefy with a sweet spot in the mid-range EQ and a strong bass response, while highly responsive Treble, Bass, Gain and Level controls allow you to dial in your ideal sound whether you're using the Dirty Deed as your sole source of grit or you're adding some extra dirt to an already-overdriven amp.

For maximum flexibility the Dirty Deed incorporates an active EQ for 12dB of treble and bass boost/cut. A pair of MOSFET transistors evoke the tube-like harmonics and lush sustain that only come from dangerously pushed amplifiers. Runs on standard 9v to 18v DC power supplies.  At 18v the Dirty Deed enhances overall saturation and compression.

After several years of development, this analog, 100% true bypass distortion pedal is now being released to the public. Designed and assembled in Santa Barbara, California, the Dirty Deed is available at any Seymour Duncan retailer or online store.



Dirty Deed

For more information, visit:


KW Promo IMG

KRANKEN WELPEN is a German/American heavy metal polka band based out of Southern California.

OK, this guy call me out of the blue and asks me about the magazine and what we do, and we start talking and he tells me he is with a “Metal Polka” Band… right out of the funny papers I do a verbal double take. “A Metal Polka” Band … I thought maybe he was pulling my leg, but they are the real deal, like straight out of the Black Forrest they are a real band, I got the CD and I have to tell you these guys are phenomenal.


KRANKEN WELPEN has played many a venue and have entertained many a folks with driving riffs and a seriously hilarious take on a cultural music that is often parodied, not since Weird Al has anyone been able to play Polka music with the enjoyable irreverence yet attentive to detail attitude.

64506_446371588768828_915040921_n“The music is original, melodic heavy metal in addition to songs that incorporate heavy polka elements” said the founders and creative team of the band are Professor Slaughter and Chaos, a married couple of German / Hungarian decent, who also compose actual polkas for Dutch and German clients.

KRANKEN WELPEN is’t de Bomb, complete with authentic costume of the old country and musical diversity moving from the comical to the serious in the measure of a chord

The band is known for theatrical live performances and crowd engagement, and often headlines Oktoberfests and beer festivals. In addition to original music, they perform live "heavy metal polka" renditions of classic Dr. Demento songs, as well as a heavy metal polka composition of Brahms "Hungarian Dance no. 5", complete with lyrics.


Kranken Welpen

KRANKEN WELPEN have a large following across all social media ,having shared the stage with other like Great White and Dive Bomber, a local LA favorite lead by singer / performer Kris Keyes. KRANKEN WELPEN headlined the Fender Center Corona, Stone Brewery's 17th anniversary show, and was the featured band for Big Bear's Rocktoberfest at the Cave and also the featured band the final Saturday night at Big Bear's official Oktoberfest.



Karpathia KrankenChaos.....Vocals/guitar/various instruments

Professor Slaughter............Bass/vocals/guitar/accordion

Deakon Lekross.................Lead guitars

Auf Trinken........................Second lead guitars

Willy Weisen.....................Rhythm guitars




1236765_536206109785375_1685052476_nRead more and enjoy the band at:

~Remember, it's all fun und games until someone gets an eye polka-ed out. Then the REAL fun begins!





Tis the season to be jolly! To kick off the holiday season, Devyn releases a new single entitled “Home for the Holidays” produced by Diamond Style, a sure to be family favorite! “Home for the Holidays” is now available on iTunes!




SABIAN is pleased to announce the appointment of Pearl Music Europe (PME) as the exclusive distributor of SABIAN Cymbals and Accessories in Sweden and Denmark, effective immediately.

“Sweden and Demark are important markets for us,” emphasizes SABIAN’s International Sales & Marketing Director, Jackie Houlden. “and the partnership with PME will be a great boost to our brand in this region. PME’s philosophy of “Total Customer Satisfaction” was a primary consideration in this change of distribution for SABIAN and with their European operation having been firmly established for over 10 years, it makes perfect sense to become partners with them in this market. All of us at SABIAN are dedicated to the success of this new alliance in an increasingly strategic market that is obviously very important to us both.”

PME’s Sales and Marketing Manager Nordic , Dan Nylén, adds further, “Our position as a high performance organization in the MI industry allows us to command a strong presence in the Nordic markets. With our technical knowledge and pure passion for drums and percussion we are delighted to be representing the SABIAN brand in Sweden & Denmark and look forward to growing together in the decades ahead.”

TECH N9NE Releases New Hard Rock/Rap Fusion EP “Therapy” Today

Currently #4 on the Amazon Top 100 Rap & Hip-Hop Album Best Sellers & #5 on the iTunes Hip Hop/Rap Charts


Aggressive, Instrument-Driven New EP Features the Musical Talents of WES BORLAND and GLASSJAW’s SAMMY SIEGLER

Produced by Legendary Rock Producer Ross Robinson (KORN, SLIPKNOT)

The wait is over. Today marks the release of the highly-anticipated, metal-infused Therapy EP by none other than rap’s king of the underground, TECH N9NE. This unprecedented new EP features recently released tracks ‘Hiccup’, ‘Public School’ and more. Order your copy now via iTunes at this link. Therapy is steadily climbing the charts on both iTunes (currently #5 Hip-Hop/Rap Albums) and Amazon (currently #15 Top 100 Rap/Hip-Hop Albums).

Don’t log-off yet— take a look at a brand new Q&A with TECH N9NE and Pollstar here, and take a look at Tech’s Top 10 Essential Rock Albums at here.


Therapy track listing:

1. The Ghost (Therapy Skit One)                                          

2.  Public School (featuring Krizz Kaliko)                             

3.  Head Now (featuring Bernz & Wrekonize)

4.  Hiccup       

5.  Therapy Skit Two                                                 

6.  Shame on Me (featuring Caroline Dupuy Heerwagen)

7.  Jacob Wells Message (skit)                                   

8.  When Demons Come (featuring Tyler Lyon)                   

9.  Therapy Skit Three                                    

10. I.L.L.                                                                                            

11. Stop the Sailor     

Therapy is produced by legendary rock producer Ross Robinson (Korn, Slipknot) to achieve a hard-hitting, instrument-driven sound unlike anything else he’d previously done over the course of thirteen full-length studio albums. Top-notch musicians such as renowned metal guitarist Wes Borland and Glassjaw’s Sammy Siegler built the sonic foundation for many of the tracks alongside longtime producer Seven’s beats.   

TECH N9NE recently teamed up with world-renowned metal vocalist Serj Tankian (System Of A Down) to release their track ‘Straight Out The Gate’. Check out the music video here:

Since first bursting on to the scene in 1990, TECH N9NE has risen through the ranks to become the most successful independent rapper. He’s sold over two million records, garnered universal critical acclaim, scored a gold record for the single ‘Caribou Lou’, been sought out for collaborations by everybody from Lil Wayne to Five Finger Death Punch, and packed venues worldwide. TECH’s latest studio album Something Else debuted #4 on Billboard 200 this past August, and was just named in Forbes’ Hip-Hop Cash Kings alongside Sean "Diddy" Combs, Dr. Dre and Jay-Z.  Forbes also gave an exclusive look into TECH N9NE and Strange Music's indie empire in this breakout feature (check it out here).

For more information on TECH N9NE, please visit these locations:


Twitter: @TechN9ne


Instagram: @TheRealTechN9ne