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New York, NY: This is one tour that rock fans will be talking about for years to come and if you miss it, you'll be terribly sorry. Opeth and Mastodon will be embarking on a co-headline tour this spring, which kicks off April 4 in Portland, Maine and runs through May 12 in Atlanta, Georgia. It's the first time these two titans of progressive and forward-thinking hard rock have hit the road together and it's going to be one for the ages. Ghost will serve as the opener of the tour, which has been christened the "Heritage Hunter."

About the tour, Opeth frontman Mikael Ã…kerfeldt, in his trademark deadpan wit, stated, "We're touring North America together with Mastodon soon. Nice! One of the very few metal bands of today that I genuinely like. Good people too! Ghost are coming with us as well, and they are one of the hottest new bands to come out of Sweden in recent years, and I dig them too. I sound like an old fart, don't I? Well, I am.”

He continued, "Yet, am I right in thinking that this tour, this line up, is pretty decent? Would you all agree? Not complete s---, is it? Hope to see y'all out there! What are we playing? Not sure yet, but considering the company, maybe we'll have to pull out the big guns from time to time. In order to keep up, I mean."

Opeth released Heritage in September 2011, garnering critical acclaim from Rolling Stone ("a career record that reimagines prog as actual rock 'n' roll"), Pitchfork ("a pretty, well thought out collection"), AV Club ("wholly absorbing"), Decibel (which featured the band on the cover, in somewhat of a tradition for the band and the magazine), PopMatters ("Opeth still continues to make especially phenomenal music") and more.


Dates for this momentous trek are as follows. Pre-sale ticketing begins on February 1, with public on sales to follow on February 3. Go here to purchase tickets.

April 4 – State Theater – Portland, ME

April 5 – Orpheum Theater – Boston, MA *

April 6 – Metropolis – Montreal, QC *

April 7 – Sony Centre – Toronto, ON *

April 9 – Electric Factory - Philadelphia, PA

April 10 – The Dome – Wallingford, CT

April 11 – Roseland – New York, NY

April 13 – Riviera Theater – Chicago

April 14 – Intersection – Grand Rapids, MI

April 15 – Stage AE – Pittsburgh, PA

April 16 – TN Theater – Knoxville, TN *

April 18 – Diamond Ballroom - Oklahoma City, OK

April 19 –Palladium – Dallas, TX *

April 20 – Backstage Live – San Antonio, TX *

April 21 – Concrete Street – Corpus Christi, TX *

April 23 – Fillmore – Denver, CO *

April 25 – House of Blues – Las Vegas, NV

April 26 – Gibson – Hollywood, CA *

April 27 – Fox Theatre – Oakland, CA *
April 28 – Grand Sierra Resort – Reno, NV

April 30 – Paramount Theater – Seattle, WA *

May 1 – Orpheum – Vancouver, BC *

May 3 – Edmonton Events Centre – Edmonton,AB *

May 4 – MacEwan Hall – Calgary, AB

May 5 – The Odeon – Saskatoon, SK

May 6 – Burton Cummings – Winnipeg, MB *

May 9 – The Fillmore – Washington, DC *

May 10 – The Fillmore – Charlotte, NC

May 11 – House of Blues – Myrtle Beach, SC *

May 12 – Masquerade Music Park – Atlanta, GA

*Denotes Opeth close the show

Introducing the Secret Room



The Secret Room is a website where players will have access to a vast repository of tips, tricks, and techniques — the kind of "secrets" that some musicians jealously protect. But before being admitted to this password-protected site, visitors must contribute one of their own tone secrets — the kind of hard-won musical wisdom that is almost too good to share.

Once players submit a secret, they get to access all the other exclusive secrets. They can also comment on the secrets and rate them. And just to keep things lively, the highest rated secret between now and March 1st, 2012, will receive a Godin Summit CT, a lovely and versatile carved-top solidbody electric guitar that sells for around $1,000. Second and third place winners receive a set of Seymour Duncan pickups of their choice.

The Secret Room will have no ads, spam, or blatant self-promo. Just lots of great tone secrets. The site’s curator is Joe Gore, musician, writer, and editor of the blog tonefiend.com. The sponsor is Seymour Duncan, a company dedicated to helping guitarists and bassists own their tones.

The Secret Room has up until this point been existing out of view, gathering many closely guarded tips from well known artists, techs, session players and recording experts.

You can read more about the Secret Room (and submit a secret!) here: http://www.seymourduncan.com/tonefiend/what-is-the-secret-room/

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gig-fx inc. launches the PAN-ECTM innovative echo-reverb pedal


imagegig-fx inc. is pleased to announce the release of the PAN-EC echo-panning pedal. Designed with input from top players such as Adrian Belew, three years of R&D has produced an effect that digitally emulates the character of classic tape-loop echo units such as the Wem Copycat and Echoplex and adds a unique feature of smoothly panning the echo left to right - instead of an unmusical ping-pong echo. This novel approach produces a dreamy, atmospheric sound. The pedal has an on-board expression pedal that can be assigned to adjust the speed, decay, or volume of the echo in real time. The user can pan either the entire signal (effect + dry), or just the effect in order to create a subtle ambience. Finally, the PAN-EC also offers a sweet sounding reverb that can be left-right panned as well giving the illusion of sound swirling around a room.

Gig-Fx founder, Jeff Purchon, whose first echo effect back in the day was the Klemt Echolette NG 51 S, wanted to digitally recreate the fun aspects of tape echo units and recapture the spacy, ethereal effects that those devices produced. ‘I was always fascinated with tape head delays, but at the same time frustrated by their unreliable tape loops that often snapped or degraded as they whisked around the heads and that also suffered from tape head build up and alignment issues’. Just as with tape head units, the PAN-EC can speed up a “tape” loop in real time but can provide the convenience, clarity, and reliability that digital brings.

During the PAN-EC’s research phase, Purchon was demoing a prototype while also panning the signal with a Gig-Fx Chopper pedal. ‘The sound was amazing - totally unlike the tiresome and commonly available stereo ping-pong. Panning the echoes is a totally different sound altogether. The echoes swirl around like sound bouncing off cathedral walls or spiraling through a canyon. The spaciness is mesmerizing - more like real-life echoes with varying Doppler effects created as sound randomly bounces off walls at different times from different places. No other echo pedal does this.’

In order to take full advantage of the on-board signal processor, a top-quality reverb function is also included. Panning this effect is simply stunning! There is no way to describe it; you just have to hear it … it is totally captivating and original.

Like all gig-fx pedals, the PANEC features ‘Better than true bypass’TM which presents a constant impedance to guitar pickups and amplifiers when effects are switched in or out and also tends to reduce high-frequency cable losses. The switching is seamless and pop-free.

Gig-fx designs and manufactures unique and innovative effect pedals. All Gig-fx pedals are housed in road-worthy, lightweight aircraft-quality aluminum castings featuring a patented, ergonomic shape and feature noiseless optical control. See and hear Gig-fx products at www.gig-fx.com

Sony Classical Celebrates the 75th Birthday of Philip Glass


With The Release of The Essential Philip Glass - Limited Edition 3-CD Set Available January 31, 2012

In celebration of the 75th Birthday of Philip Glass, Sony Classical proudly releases The Essential Philip Glass. Available on January 31, the limited edition three-CD set, encompasses generous selections from Glass’ three seminal “Portrait Operas” (Einstein On The Beach, Satyagraha and Akhnaten) that established Glass as a serious, innovative classical composer. The set also includes dance scores for Twyla Tharp (In the Upper Room) and Jerome Robbins (Songs from Liquid Days), theater works (The Photographer), plus music for solo piano and collaborations with artists as wide-ranging as Suzanne Vega, Linda Ronstadt, the Kronos Quartet and Yo-Yo Ma.

Born in Baltimore in 1937, Philip Glass studied with Nadia Boulanger in Paris and began to develop his signature style while working in experimental theater and as musical director alongside Ravi Shankar for the film Chappaqua. He formed The Philip Glass Ensemble in 1971, whose blend of electronic keyboards, reed instruments and female voices resulted in a unique and energetic sound world. In addition to eight Grammy nominations, Glass’ numerous film scores have earned him three Academy Award nominations, a Golden Globe (The Truman Show), and the National Endowment for the Arts’ Opera Honors Award in 2010.

EverTune- The Last Guitar Bridge You Will EverNeed

I covered the 2012 NAMM Convention in Anaheim, CA and I came across many new, exciting and wonderful pieces of new technology that makes the playing of music more fun and awe inspiring. One such unit of equipment is by a company called Evertune, they manufacture a bridge for electric guitars that stabilizes and keeps strings in tune according to the musicians needs. Now, before I continue, there are other units on the market that claim to do the same thing, some manual and some electronic or computerized, but computerized units can fail and some or the mechanical units have over 100 different settings, and 99 of them are never used in actual practice. The Evertune guitar bridge is easy to use, easy to master and 100% effective. If you know how to install one, ore reach one of the Evertune listed installers, you can be up and playing in no time, and enjoying a truly useful and guaranteed solution to tuning issues.



  I have been trying to write out the best description of what the Evertune guitar bridge does, and I feel that the company’s message on their site says it best:

How Evertune Works

Evertune is a concept that ensures a resonating string will always play a specific note, ie. ‘be in tune’. It does this by supplying constant tension to the string. Evertune holds one end of the string and pulls on the string with constant tension. The frequency of a resonating string has only three variables: length, mass, and tension. Again, the note a string plays only depends on three data: the length of the string, the weight of the string, and the tension of the string. Strings drift out of tune primarily because the tension changes, their mass and length are more and less constant. Evertune, holding one end of the string, will pull with constant tension, and therefore the string will stay in tune until it wants to be changed

Evertune’s first embodiment is for electric guitars. Evertune is a bridge for electric guitars. It is secured to the body of the guitar, and the ball end of the string passes through it, and over the Evertune saddle. Since Evertune is a technology that holds one end of one string, there are technically six Evertune modules in a six string guitar, one for each string; and they act completely independently. Thus, if a player breaks a string on a six string guitar, the five others are still in tune.

The Module

Each Evertune module holds one string. The magnitude of the constant tension supplied by an Evertune module can be set to any amount from 10 – 28 pounds. The tension of each Evertune module is set by a 2.5mm hex key that is supplied with Evertune and available at all hardware stores as well.

Since the tension of each Evertune module can be set by the player to any point in the range from 10 – 28 pounds, off frequency tunings such as 10 cents above and below standard 440, often used to match to off frequency samples, are part of the Evertune modules’ capabilities.

The first embodiment of Evertune creates constant tension via a spring set at a very special geometry and pulling on the bottom end of the saddle. Each Evertune module has its own spring. This spring, and spring housing, and bottom end of saddle are all embedded into the guitar and therefore invisible. The route cavity for the Evertune modules is similar to those for tremolo springs, about a half an inch longer, and a bit deeper.

The Faceplate

The six Evertune modules are all housed in an Evertune faceplate. The faceplates and Evertune modules come in four standard colors: chrome, gold chrome, black chrome, and nickel. The faceplate is aluminum to be light weight and the Evertune saddle in each Evertune module is steel.

Intonation Screws

The Evertune modules are held to the faceplate by six intonation screws in the back of the faceplate. The intonation screws are hex head and fit the same 2.5mm hex key used for tuning. Turning an intonation screw right pulls its Evertune module, which includes the saddle, back thus lengthening the string length. Turning an intonation screw left pushes the module forward, thus shortening the string length.

Action Screws

The last component of the Evertune guitar bridge are the six action screws which are screwed into the top of the faceplate. They are hex head set screws which use the same 2.5mm hex key that is used for tuning and intonation. The top of each Evertune module pushes up on the bottom of each action screw. Turning an action screw to the right makes it push its Evertune module farther down, lowering the string height. Turning an action screw to the left allows its Evertune module to rise higher, raising the string height.


Bridge Types

The Evertune guitar bridge comes in three types: the F model is low to the deck and works with guitars such as the Fender® Stratocaster® and similar guitars with a low string to deck height, the T model is like the F model and works with guitars like the Fender® Telecaster where the bridge extends around the bridge pickup, the G model works with Gibson® Les Paul®s, 335s and similar guitars that use tune-o-matic bridges and have string to deck heights that are much higher than the F and T models.


Whereas the Evertune system is available for a retrofit situation, it is also pre-installed on VGS Guitars and you can see them at the VGS Guitar site, check out the wide variety of product types and units possible. If you are a guitar player that truly wants to spend more time playing and less time tuning your axe, then Evertune is a solution for you.

Joseph Timmons

Xombiewoof.Com Reporter





“…through social media the tastemaking classes keep expanding, along with every alternative subculture; the festivals, in turn, keep swelling and diversifying, despite the economy.”
--NEW YORK TIMES, February 2011

“Festivals will continue to attract top acts and droves of fans…‘The festivals remain the most robust part of the business in North America…’”
--USA TODAY, January 2012

imageSince the 1960s, music festivals have achieved mythic status; fans who attended the first Woodstock, Lollapalooza and Coachella recount stories of the inaugural events as defining moments in their lives. Now, more than 40 years later, the most comprehensive music festival road map is on the newly launched FESTHEADS.com. With FESTHEADS.com, a new generation of passionate music fans are discovering, comparing, and sharing their ultimate festival experiences.

FESTHEADS.com is redefining how music fans discover, compare, and share their ultimate festival experiences. By utilizing the full power of social media, FESTHEADS.com allows enthusiasts to explore the expanding music festival culture; share their own experiences; and relive (or experience vicariously) the annual treks that festival-goers make all across the country, all for the music. FESTHEADS.com is the first social festival platform that allows fans to connect easily through their networks, connect with festival’s live feeds, and ultimately grow their “tribe.”

With new festivals popping up like wild flowers, at FESTHEADS.com, fans finally have the power to search for the right festival by region, musical genre, time-frame, ticket price and types, climate, amenities, and even a particular artist.  FESTHEADS.com is the ultimate festival discovery platform: the site offers festival-goers the ability to discover, breakdown, and compare festivals then save to their “favorites” list.

“We created FESTHEADS.com as a labor of love,” says Jason Kimball, President and CEO of Gingerbread Shed Corporation. “In this digital world, people are craving the connection to their music that festivals provide. Before FESTHEADS.com there wasn’t a great way for people to find and share these experiences with other music fans. For us, this was really about sharing our passion and allowing other like-minded festheads to connect.”

Launched by Gingerbread Shed, a technology company with ties to a variety of music festivals throughout North America (including The Voodoo Experience, Country Thunder, Boonstock, Common Ground, Bear Creek and the Cavendish Beach), the FESTHEADS.com site is being developed for music festival veterans and newcomers alike--by music fans who have logged countless hours at music festivals as fans and in behind the scenes roles. The Gingerbread Shed team is made up of “Festival people through and through, with equal parts love for music and technology,” Kimball adds.

Log in, have a look around and explore the exciting 2012 festival season!


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Personal Mixers Help Launch Camp Hiland Studio and Provide Opportunity to Teach Handicapped Children

Road veteran, session ace and multi-instrumentalist, Johnny Hiland, is accomplished on 22 instruments and has played with some of the biggest names in country and blues, including Toby Keith, Ricky Scaggs and Randy Travis. Born with an eye disease that left him legally blind, Hiland faces unique challenges on the road and in the studio. When he built his own private studio, Camp Hiland, he chose Aviom A-16II Personal Mixers to make the transition easy with gear that he had used in many of the elite venues in the world.

As a talented guitarist, Johnny Hiland has recently wrapped up his third album, “All Fired Up” on Shrapnel Records. Born with Nystagmus, a condition of involuntary eye movement that can cause reduced or limited vision, Hiland’s path to success is hard-fought. His limited sight has made it important for him to work with recording tools that are easy to use. Thanks to the Aviom A-16II Personal Mixers, he spends virtually no time getting a good cue mix in his new studio.

“After recording in some of the best studios in the world, you often wonder how a home studio is going to turn out,” says Hiland, who finished creating his studio over the last year. “The one thing that really makes my studio enjoyable to me as a musician is the Aviom Personal Mixing system. When you’re in a session, if you can’t hear yourself well and you can’t hear the track around you and every little nuance that you need to hear, a session can get pretty miserable. But with Aviom, it’s an enjoyable process for me and others who record in my studio.”

Hiland’s studio is equipped with a Digidesign ProControl as his main board and Pro Tools® 8-HD. He runs his Pearl drum kit through a PreSonus DigiMax and vocals through a Focusrite. Using the A-16II Personal Mixers, Hiland and the other performers in his studio can adjust their own cue mixes, allowing the engineer to focus on recording. Each mixer provides 16 channels of control as well as 16 mix presets for storing custom mixes.

Being a multi-instrumentalist, Hiland takes advantage of Aviom Personal Mixers in many ways. “I want the mix to be a little different when I play guitar, versus when I play drums,” says Hiland. “The flexibility and the effectiveness of being able to allow each musician to change each track to what they want is fantastic. I am able to turn up the bass if needed. Or, I’m able to turn up the drum mix or the guitars, so I don’t have to ask the engineer. I can do it all on the fly. Being legally blind, I have massively sensitive ears. To hear a track that clear is important to me.”

What’s more, the Aviom system was designed for convenient use and easy setup. “Aviom units are small and don’t take up much room, but they certainly pack a punch when it comes to hearing what you need to hear,” says Hiland. “I’m just blessed to be working with them.

“Another wonderful thing about Aviom personal mixers that I really find to be remarkable is that they are very user-friendly and they light up nicely,” says Hiland. “With each individual track, you just push the button of the track you want and you have one main set of controls that runs every single track across the board. Aviom makes it really easy with all the functionality you need. It’s very effective and easy to run. When you’re on the fly in the studio and time is money, a user-friendly product like Aviom personal mixers is just fantastic.”

Hiland set out to create his own home studio with hopes of producing more often, when he is not on the road. He also plans to open up the studio for teaching experiences with children. “One of the main things I want to do with my studio is extend the reach to handicapped children. We will teach them how to record and give them lessons on the instruments. I just want to see each child have the best experience possible. The studio is so much fun; they’ll have a blast without a doubt. My main objective is to really show kids the best time possible for a solid week of learning new things on their instruments and learning how to record properly.”

For more information about Johnny Hiland, visit http://www.johnnyhiland.net.

Aviom pioneered personal mixing with its Pro16® Monitor Mixing System and continues to break new ground with the revolutionary Pro64® Series of audio networking products. With tens of thousands of products in the field today, Aviom has set the standard for high performance, scalable digital solutions. All Aviom systems harness the power of A-Net®, Aviom's innovative digital audio technology that simplifies system design while enhancing flexibility and fidelity. All Aviom products are designed, tested, and manufactured in the USA. For more information, visit www.Aviom.com.

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SSL picks up two Outstanding Technical Achievement awards  for Large and Small Format Console Technology

SSLNuclues_TECAward_2012NAMMShowOXFORD, ENGLAND – Solid State Logic, the world’s leading manufacturer of professional analogue and digital audio consoles, is pleased to announce that it has won two Technical Excellence & Creativity (TEC) Awards.

The SSL AWS 948 won the ‘Outstanding Technical Achievement’ award for ‘Large Format Console Technology’ and the company’s Nucleus won the same award in the ‘Small Format Console Technology’ category. Several hundred industry professionals gathered at the Hilton Anaheim for the sit-down awards ceremony, emceed by bass player Will Lee. Funkmeister Bootsy Collins presented the Nucleus award to Jim Motley, Head of Business, Workstation Partner Products at SSL and legendary audio engineer and producer Eddie Kramer presented the AWS 948 award to Dan Duffell, SSL’s Head of Marketing.

“We are honoured to receive these two awards,” says Piers Plaskitt, CEO Solid State Logic, Inc. “Our engineers and product designers work hard to create music production tools for our customers and it’s always reassuring when people tell us they like what we’ve made! It’s also great to see the TEC Awards reach its 27th year and we heartily support the work of Hillel Resner and his team in encouraging excellence in the audio industry.”

SSLAWS948_TECAward_2012NAMMShowNominations for the 16 categories of Outstanding Technical Achievement were made last year by a panel of more than 100 industry veterans and voting was then open to members of industry organisations APRS (Association of Professional Recording Services), CAS (Cinema Audio Society), GANG (Game Audio Network Guild), MPSE (Motion Picture Sound Editors), P&E Wing (Producers & Engineers Wing of the Recording Academy), SPARS (Society of Professional Recording Services) as well as subscribers to publications MIX Magazine, Pro Audio Review, Pro Sound News and Pro Sound News Europe.

Solid State Logic is the world’s leading manufacturer of analogue and digital audio consoles and provider of creative tools for music, broadcast and post production professionals. For more information about our award-winning products, please visit: www.solidstatelogic.com.


U.S. Postal Service and France’s La Poste To Honor Renowned Musicians on Forever Stamps in June - MILES DAVIS & EDITH PIAF TAKE CENTER STAGE


(Washington, DC) – The United States Postal Service today announced the joint issuance of new Forever stamps honoring two of the world’s greatest musicians, Miles Davis and Edith Piaf. The stamps will be issued with the French postal service, La Poste, in June.


“We look forward to issuing these great stamps jointly with La Poste, continuing a tradition of international celebration of stamps,” says USPS Manager, Stamp Services Stephen Kearney.

“On behalf of the Miles Davis family, we are honored that the U.S. Postal Service and La Poste are paying homage to the timeless legacy of Sir Miles Dewey Davis,” says Cheryl Davis (daughter of Miles), Erin Davis (son of Miles) and Vince Wilburn, Jr., (nephew of Miles), representatives of Miles Davis Properties, LLC.

Miles Davis was in the forefront of jazz musicians for decades, setting trends and exploring musical styles from bebop through cool jazz, fusion and funk. His restless musical exploration made him a hero to many, while sometimes confounding critics and fans. Among his many influential recordings are Birth of the Cool, Kind Of Blue, Sketches Of Spain and In A Silent Way. He was also a great bandleader, and many important musicians rose to prominence in his bands, including saxophonists John Coltrane and Wayne Shorter, drummers Tony Williams and Jack DeJohnette, and pianist Bill Evans, Chick Corea, and Herbie Hancock.

Davis’ music will long be remembered for its profound depth of feeling. By the time of his death in 1991, he had won many prizes and honors, including a GRAMMY Award for Lifetime Achievement. In 1984, he received Denmark’s prestigious Leonie Sonning Music Prize. In 1989, he was awarded the Grande Medaille de Vermeil by the city of Paris, which was presented to him by Jacques Chirac, then mayor and later president of France.

The most recent Miles Davis release entitled The Miles Davis Quintet – Live In Europe 1967: The Bootleg Series Vol.1, continues to rake in accolades. The critically acclaimed volume tops many critics’ year-end picks, and it also landed in first place in both the Jazz Times Critics Poll and the Readers Poll. Slate calls it one of the Best 10 Jazz Albums of the year. The Bitches Brew Deluxe Edition is also earning accolades with a recent win for “Best Historical Package” in the Down Beat Reader’s Poll. On June 27, the LA Philharmonic presents A Miles Davis Celebration at the Hollywood Bowl featuring Marcus Miller “Tutu Revisited,” Miles Electric Band and Kind Of Blue: Jimmy Cobb’s “So What” band.

Americans may know Edith Piaf best for her cheerful song “La Vie en Rose” (“Life In Pink”), about the experience of falling in love and seeing life through rose-colored glasses; the tune is still heard on the streets of Paris today. Piaf’s tumultuous life got off to a stormy start.

Art director Greg Breeding designed the stamps using a black-and-white photo of Davis from 1970 by David Gahr and an undated black-and-white photo of Piaf made by Studio Harcourt Paris.

The Miles Davis and Edith Piaf stamps are being issued as Forever stamps in self-adhesive sheets of 20 (10 of each design). Forever stamps are always equal in value to the current First-Class Mail one-ounce rate. At the time of issuance, the Miles Davis and Edith Piaf stamps are being sold at a price of 45 cents each, or $9 per sheet.

Customers may view the Miles Davis and Edith Piaf Forever stamps, as well as many of this year’s other stamps on Facebook at facebook.com/USPSStamps, through Twitter @USPSstamps or on the website Beyond the Perf at beyondtheperf.com/2012-preview. Beyone the Perf is the Postal Service’s online site for background on upcoming stamp subjects, first-day-of-issue events and other philatelic news.

The Postal Service receives no tax dollars for operating expences and relies on the sale of postage, products and services to fund its operations.

For more information on Miles Davis, please visit the official website www.milesdavis.com.



COMEDY CENTRAL Original World Premiere Special "John Mulaney: New In Town" Debuts Saturday, January 28 at 10pm

Tuesday, January 31, An Extended And Uncensored DVD Of "John Mulaney: New In Town" Will Be Released By COMEDY CENTRAL Home Entertainment

Get acquainted with John Mulaney! “John Mulaney: New in Town” uncensored and extended CD will be released by COMEDY CENTRAL Records on January 31.

“John Mulaney: New In Town” one-hour COMEDY CENTRAL Original World Premiere Stand-Up Special will air Saturday, January 28 at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT on COMEDY CENTRAL.

In addition, “John Mulaney: New in Town” extended and uncensored DVD will be released by COMEDY CENTRAL Home Entertainment on January 31. Bonus features on the DVD include a “Special Friends Video Commentary: Watch comedians Anthony Jeselnik and Dan Mintz critique ‘New in Town’” and “Mintz/Mulaney: The Interview.”

Filmed at the Skirball Theater in New York City, “John Mulaney: New In Town” shines a spotlight on the thoughts and feelings of writer (“Saturday Night Live”) and stand-up comedian John Mulaney, a pleasant, nearly 30-year-old man who enjoys making fun of himself and others. Mulaney tackles such red-hot topics as french fries, “Law & Order,” and his bygone partying days. Through his stories, viewers will watch Mulaney age from a nervous and dishonest child to a still nervous and dishonest adult.

“John Mulaney: New In Town” is executive produced by Mulaney, John Irwin, Dave Becky, and David Miner, directed by Ryan Polito, and produced by Casey Spira. Jonas Larsen and Anne Harris are the Executives in Charge Of Production for COMEDY CENTRAL.

January is Stand-Up Month on COMEDY CENTRAL and the month of laughs kicks off with the launch of a brand-new CC Stand-Up Facebook App, which will provide fans with the opportunity to program the channel's Friday night stand-up block. With the new Facebook App, COMEDY CENTRAL is putting the schedule into the hands of its viewers with fans able to watch playlists comprised of the upcoming weekend's featured comic's favorite comedians. By using the CC Stand-Up App to “Like” them on Facebook and/or “Follow” them on Twitter, viewers will be casting their vote for the Friday night line-up with the top choices airing that night beginning at 9:00 p.m. On Friday January 27, the comedians selected from Mulaney’s playlist will be showcased.

Vaguely familiar to the millions who watch “Saturday Night Live,” “Late Night With Jimmy Fallon,” “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” “Conan,” VH1's “Best Week Ever” and more, Mulaney is poised to become somewhat more recognizable with the debut of his special and accompanying album/DVD release. “John Mulaney: New In Town” is Mulaney's first one-hour COMEDY CENTRAL original stand-up special and DVD and his second album. Previously, Mulaney had his own half-hour “COMEDY CENTRAL Presents” special and was featured in the COMEDY CENTRAL series “Live At Gotham.” His first album, “The Top Part,” was released in 2009 by COMEDY CENTRAL Records and was recently hailed as “criminally overlooked” and “a finely-crafted piece of work” by The Huffington Post.

Highlights of the Chicago-born Mulaney's approximately half a decade in showbiz have included being named one of Variety's “10 Comics To Watch,” one of Entertainment Weekly's “Comedians On The Rise,” and most recently one of Rolling Stone's “Comedy's New Wave: Eight Rising Stars Guaranteed To Keep You Laughing For Years.” Mulaney is currently a writer and producer at “Saturday Night Live” where he has appeared as a “Weekend Update” correspondent.

This is an awesomely funny and whimsical Comedian that keeps you laughing with his “must be true because you cant make this S!!#T Up” Style.

If you miss the special tonight, get the DVD ASAP!