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New Star Trek today from IDW! by Sean Stoltey

Star Trek: TNG/Doctor Who: Assimilation2 issues 1 & 2 - Man oh man, have I been enjoying the Star Trek output at IDW.  It just get's better now that they are teaming up the Next Gen crew with the current incarnation of Doctor Who.  Usually Trek crossovers don't fare too well, but this is a definite exception so far.  The writers have captured the Doctor's voice well and the Trek cast as well.  The Borg have teamed up with the Cybermen and are on the move assimilating planets.  Rather than pretend that the Trek era of Earth's future is just part of the Who universe, there is some strangeness being hinted at as to why these two teams are in the same place at the same time.  The first issue shows the build up of the Cyber/Borg alliance invasion and has The Doctor, Rory and Amy on an adventure in ancient Egypt.  We get a quick little bit of fun and then the Doctor promises some relaxation.  The first issue introduces the Doctor and his companions by showing them in action and letting their personalities and character traits shine through.  Then it hits you with a humdinger of a final page.

Then the second issue shows Picard and crew on a diplomatic mission of some importance with a dash of peril and adventure.  Like the Doctor-centric first issue, the TNG crew is introduced through their interactions.  The writers definitely are showing instead of telling and it really does work.  We get to know the personality types and just how comfortable they are with each other.  The crew has always had a familial quality and that is shown here rather well.  We see the lead up to that final page of the first issue, and if you came to this from the Doctor Who side of things and not the Star Trek side of things then you will be surprised by how it all came together.  Even if you are not surprised, it is a whole lot of fun.  From the dialogue we see that this is not being treated as if the Trek and Who universes are the same and always have been.  The Doctor is realizing that he knows about things he is quite certain he'd never even heard of before.  The explanation is going to be quite interesting.  I am definitely hooked for the duration of this mini series.  As a fan of both television shows, this book is a blast.  Especially in moments like when the Doctor is doing his usual babble at one point and Worf tells him to "please stop talking".

I felt like the art, at times, left a bit to be desired.  Some panels lack detail.  It seemed like there were moments captured perfectly and wonderfully, but the time spent on them were to the detriment of other pages.  It also seemed like capturing likenesses was the most important concern, and that quite often leads to somewhat stiff art.  However, the story and characterization are so well done that the bad pages can't bog them down at all.

Star Trek (ongoing) #10 - This month's issue concludes the re-telling of the original series episode "Return of the Archons".  To be honest, I don't recall being a big fan of the episode.  If I am recalling correctly the basic premise is the same.  I like the added touch of the U.S.S. Archon having been an NX class ship, just like the one from the series Star Trek: Enterprise.  It's nice to have another acknowledgement of that series after the reference to Admiral Archer in the feature film.  While the basic story isn't any better than it's original version, the exploration of the Abrams/Orci/Kurtzman versions of the Enterprise crew is what makes this so enjoyable.  This series sometimes greatly diverges from the episodes it is based on, but it never strays from who these people are.  The interplay between the characters and the capturing of who they are makes it so you can hear each actor perfectly in your head.  In fact, there is a moment with Scotty where he's talking to himself, that you just wish Simon Pegg was reading it to you if not playing it in a full adaptation.  It has been an enjoyable series overall.  Some stories are better than others, but the characterizations are getting so good that they are saving lackluster stories.  Also, at the end of the issue the groundwork is laid for a subplot that would seem to have wide-reaching repercussions.  It would indicate more involvement of Admiral Pike, which would be great I think.  He was one of my favorite things about the movie.  The art is good, it doesn't sacrifice quality in favor of likenesses, but you can easily see who they are supposed to look like.

How about you guys?  Have you been enjoying any of the IDW Trek books?  How about Doctor Who?  Let me know what you think.

Sean Stoltey, writer, raconteur and retired rabble rouser, hails originally from California's Central Coast but currently resides in Southern California's BEAUTIFUL--San Fernando Valley. Screenwriter, Comic Book author, these are things he does because he's too poor to be a Producer or Publisher.
Sean has been reading comics, watching movies, reading books and selling his soul (or at least his hearing) to Rock'n'Roll for as long as he can remember. He has been discussing and arguing about these things for almost as long. 
So now he has come here to throw his opinions in your face as well and hope that, even if you don't agree, hopefully you will enjoy them. For the record: Kirk was the greatest Enterprise Captain, Han was the only one that shot, Led Zeppelin was the greatest Rock band to walk the Earth and Keith Richards is the coolest undead person to walk the Earth. Coolest living people are my sons and my Mom and Dad. My Dad F---in' rocks, and my Mom can kick your ass.
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This week's Pile o' Reads by Sean Stoltey

So I've decided that this week I am going to dive head first into the controversy that is Before Watchmen.  When this was announced, my first reaction was "Why?"  If anything DOES NOT scream out to be expanded upon it's Watchmen.  Then they announced the creative teams.  I cannot ignore a work by Darwyn Cooke or Amanda Conner.  I certainly cannot ignore Adam Hughes doing interior work for the first time since...I don't know when.  The first book hit a couple of weeks ago and I have not been able to get myself to read it.  I honestly just cannot see the point to touching the world built by Moore and Gibbons, oh so long ago.  However, that Cooke and Conner art kept staring at me, and as a comic reviewer it's my duty to please that booty.  Oops, sorry.  That's Shaft, not me.  It's my duty to read the new books, even when I'm not sure why they exist (yes, I know, money).  So, without further ado:

Before Watchmen - The Minutemen #1 by Darwyn Cooke - If I had any interest in expanding the universe of Watchmen, this is it.  I loved the idea of the golden age super team with an unbelievable dark side.  In this first issue, Cooke re-introduces us to each member through Hollis Mason's (Nite Owl I) book "Under The Hood".  It is a very effective technique.  We are seeing this world from one character's point of view and it helps guide you through and into this world.  Like the original Watchmen though, there is a bit of an emotional distance because we are reading a book not hearing his true inner thoughts.  There are familiar artistic motifs, specifically some recurring shapes in the art of the first couple of pages, that really make the book feel like it artistically ties into the original Watchmen.  There's even a panel of Hollis' dog that is such an innocent portrait, yet brings to mind the final fate of a certain dog in Watchmen.  Amazing where the mind goes.  Did Cooke evoke that on purpose?  Who knows.  His art has always been amazing and continues to be so.  It has that classic timeless animation feel and looks as if the Batman: The Animated Series guys were doing a Minutemen movie.  For something that I felt should never have existed, I really enjoyed this book.  It is primed for me though.  A thoroughly dark and modern take on golden age comic book archetypes.  All apologies to Mr. Moore (and my teenage self who loved that original work like it was a religion), anyone who enjoys Cooke's work and liked these characters should love this book.

Before Watchmen - Silk Spectre #1 by Darwyn Cooke and Amanda Conner - Damn Cooke, did it again.  This time out he is joined by Amanda Conner, who co-writes the script and supplies the art.  Amanda's art I am very fond of, but I had my concerns about it fitting the dark and gritty world of Watchmen.  Cooke's art is also more cartoony and energetic but I have seen him handle dark world's like his Parker books so I had no similar concerns with him.  I shouldn't have worried.  Amanda just knocks this one out of the park.  She is perfectly suited for this character, and her conveyance of emotion in the characters is pitch perfect.  There is a lot of emotion in this book.  You can see every bit of Sally Jupiter's anger, regret, pain, love, sorrow, jealousy, vanity and so much more.  If this were to be a film, the major actresses in their 40's would kill for this role.  In Laurie, we see everything that must be going through the mind of a teenage girl who just wants to live but is struggling under the yolk of forced responsibility and expectation.  Cooke and Conner have hit such a home rum with their work in this book.  There is a part of me that is genuinely irritated with how much I am enjoying these books.  Just a few months ago i was bemoaning their existence, now I can't wait for the next issue.  Like Cooke in Minutemen, Conner's art sticks to the 9-panel grid that Gibbons adhered to in the original Watchmen.  It works so well for these stories, because there is a LOT of story to get across here.  Neither book felt rushed at all.  They both were very satisfying experiences that left you ready and wanting for more.

Before Watchmen - The Comedian #1 by Brian Azzarello and J.G. Jones - Azzarello takes on the Comedian, which seems on paper like a perfect fit.  Except on the paper the comic is printed on.  That was a little harsh, but it really pales in comparison to the other two books.  However, it does have one thing the others don't, which I really enjoyed.  The Comedian's story is tied into real life history from the 60's.  One of the things the original Watchmen did so well, was to show how the appearance of a truly super-powered being would have changed the course of twentieth century history.  It was something that I really loved about the original, being a bit of a history buff.  This story seems to be using that to show a more humanized and likable Comedian.  We know the Comedian is a horrid bastard, and the death of Kennedy may have disillusioned him and made him the truly evil bastard he was in the later eras depicted in Watchmen, but he seems too far from that guy at this point in his story.  He does some shady, dark stuff (partially at Jackie Kennedy's urging) but it just seems like there's a longer row to hoe than there should be in that particular garden at this point.  On top of that, J.G. Jones doesn't really stick to the 9-panel grid structure established by Moore and Gibbons and used so effectively by Cooke and Conner in their books.  Comedian is by no means horrible, but it doesn't compare so well to it's companions, nor it's predecessor.  Maybe they're just getting started and things are really going to take off in the subsequent issues, I will give it a chance to get where it needs to go.  It is worth reading, but not as good as Minutemen and Silk Spectre.

So, overall I am enjoying Before Watchmen much more than I thought I would.  The pirate story back ups are hardly worth mentioning.  You get two pages at a time and it's mostly irritating.  The main books though are definitely worth your time.  If you are opposed to the books' existence, skip 'em.  The original is neither tarnished nor improved by their existence.  At least at this point anyway.  What do you guys think?  Did you read them?  Did you enjoy them or not?  Drop me a line or leave a comment below.

Sean Stoltey, writer, raconteur and retired rabble rouser, hails originally from California's Central Coast but currently resides in Southern California's BEAUTIFUL--San Fernando Valley. Screenwriter, Comic Book author, these are things he does because he's too poor to be a Producer or Publisher.
Sean has been reading comics, watching movies, reading books and selling his soul (or at least his hearing) to Rock'n'Roll for as long as he can remember. He has been discussing and arguing about these things for almost as long. 
So now he has come here to throw his opinions in your face as well and hope that, even if you don't agree, hopefully you will enjoy them. For the record: Kirk was the greatest Enterprise Captain, Han was the only one that shot, Led Zeppelin was the greatest Rock band to walk the Earth and Keith Richards is the coolest undead person to walk the Earth. Coolest living people are my sons and my Mom and Dad. My Dad F---in' rocks, and my Mom can kick your ass.
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Jimi Hendrix: Jimi Plays Berkley


Jimi-Hendrix-Plays-BerkeleyRare Video and Audio from Berkley Community Theatre Performance May 30th, 1970

DVD / Blu-Ray Video Released by Experience Hendrix / Legacy

Street Release Date: July 10th, 2012

Review by Joseph Timmons – Xombiewoof.Com Magazine


Writer’s Note: this review will cover the DVD / Blu-Ray documentary and performance video Jimi Plays Berkley and the upcoming audio presentation of The Jimi Hendrix Experience: Live at Berkley. This article will touch on another upcoming release West Coast Seattle Boy – Jimi Hendrix: Voodoo Child which will be a 2 hour documentary covering the history and life of one of America’s greatest Rock and Roll legends and founding father.


hendrixjimi_playsberkeleyOf all the movies, documentaries and video examinations music’s evolution in the 60’s and 70’s, we learned or are reminded of the social and political events shaping the environments that invoked the creative genius of the artists in that period of time. One such artist that is persistently mentioned is Jimi Hendrix, an artist that had a short but brilliant time on this earth and shined like a thousand suns, drawing to him those that understood his vision of music and heard the message in his words. The musical styling of Jimi Hendrix were completely original from his method of writing and performing to the way he played his guitar. Jimi played with an enthusiasm that was of the moment, a way that froze in the air and captured no only his music but the events of the time.

The social / political turmoil’s that were the foundation of civil rights movement, the anti-war movement, the times of protest and social change, all were heard in his soundscapes. Born in November of 1942, who would believe that one bright eyed child would be the bard of an era. Remembered for the unique performance of this nation’s anthem, The Star Spangled Banner, which encompasses the sounds of conflict and the sentiment of a nation’s internal struggles, we often decline to acknowledge his other grand accomplishments.


Jimi Plays Berkley is made from digitally restored 16mm film footage and has additional, previously unseen footage. Billed as a Documentary, this performance video is in 5.1 surround sound, mixed by Jimi’s engineer Edie Kramer and includes commentary from Abe Jacob, the original audio engineer who recorded the concerts in 1970. This movie contains not only Jimi Hendrix’s thrilling on stage performance, but is intertwined with footage of what was going on in the streets outside the concert hall at the same time, protest lines, citizen and police conflicts, people trying to force their way into the concert hall to see the master play and those that would use this event to make their statement, on both sides of the street. The hippies and “the man” taking their conflict and struggles to the city streets, while in the hall, a perfect silence of the masses, the only sounds were that of Hendrix and his band making music that would be forever remembered and become inspirational for all that attended. Jimi had made a statement “forget about yesterday or tomorrow, this is our own little world tonight”, this one small quote would be his legacy statement, to live for the now and to live….. Period, live and let live, be free within the world and yourself, to live and love.

Jimi Plays Berkeley  the Second Set


The video presentation is of the 1st set from the Berkley performances, the 2nd set from the presentation is the audio recordings, both on CD and Vinyl, entitled Jimi Hendrix Experience: Live from Berkley, is an audiophile’s dream, a compilation of songs that examine every nuance of a spectacular performance, for those that were there, this will be a memory worth reliving and to new Hendrix fans, a new and exciting look into the magic that was Jimi Hendrix.





The 3rd and possibly most informative portion of this Hendrix collection is West Coast Seattle Boy – Jimi Hendrix: Voodoo Child, directed by Bob Smeaton, which features a rich soundtrack of Jimi Hendrix’s classics, interviews and monologs. A life in Jimi’s own voice, originally included in a boxed set of Jimi’s recordings, is an autobiographical journey into the artist’s life. Portions of this movie include linear notes, letters and diary entries read by Parliament- Funkadelic’s Bootsy Collins, who by nature has a vocal texture that is similar to Jimi Hendrix’s voice which lends and eerie value to the monologues, like Jimi reaching out to us from the afterlife.



With so many lost tapes, recordings and sessions seeing the light of day, we are learning more and more about the artists that shaped our lives through music, and we are re-examining our own sense of what their music meant and still means to us. Jimi Hendrix was and still is one of the most innovative artists of his or any era, and even though his time on this world was far too short, his legacy of music and social / political influence lives on, to be enjoyed by all that desire to live the Jimi Hendrix Experience.

The songs performed on this amazing new video Jimi Plays Berkley are: mank_jimi_0

· Johnny B. Goode

· Hear My Train A Comin’

· Star Spangled Banner

· Purple Haze

· Hey baby (New Rising Sun)

· Lover Man

· I Don’t Live Today

· Machine Gun

· Voodoo Child (Slight Return) JIMI_B10-web-size2


The Audio CD and LP offering -Jimi Hendrix Experience: Live in Berkeley includes these tracks and the following additional tracks:

· Pass It On (Straight Ahead)

· Hey Joe

· Foxey Lady





This is not just a movie, or a collection of songs, or a documentary, it is a tribute to the life of a man who was, and still is an example of what the Peace and Love generation was all about. Rest in Peace Mr. Hendrix, your Music still means something, as so does your life and all the lives shaped by your time on this world.





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Foreigner – Real Juke Box Heroes, Living Large Worldwide


foreigner cover


Album Review by Joseph Timmons

Foreigner – Alive and Rockin’

Release Date: 2012

Label: Eagle Rock Entertainment



We have seen many artists and bands from the 70’s and 80’s on the comeback trail, the resurgence musicians looking to capitalize on our desire to take a trip on the “way back machine” to relive the music of our youth and hopefully place themselves back on the charts and in our record collections. Unfortunately for so many of these aging rockers, their new albums are winding up on the clearance rack next to their classic releases, the one hit wonders and superstars of yesteryear are hedging their bets that they may have some newfound glory or get the respect they deserve. I love listening to the albums I have owned since my youth and still have my favorites, but some of these artists should consider that reliving the past will not give strength to their future, or secure a dynasty.

I am very happy to say that Foreigner is not one of these groups, and in fact, they will give a whole new meaning to the rock steady history they have, and truly entertain the new generation of fans that look for a group that speaks to them on the multitude of youth that feel that Foreigner speaks to them.

Foreigner takes their music seriously, but they are unpretentious and don’t sell themselves or their fans short. More than 30 years after releasing its first multi-platinum album, Foreigner's music continues to resonate worldwide across generations. The band has sold more than 70 million albums worldwide and has produced six multi-platinum albums driven by 16 Top 30 hits. Foreigner is now playing more shows in more countries than ever before. The band has sold over 70 million records worldwide. Only Led Zeppelin sold more albums for the Atlantic Records label.

Foreigner performed at the Bang your Head festival in Balingen, Germany and they simply wowed the crowd, thousands of fans from around the world came to see the innovative musicians that created a sound in the 80’s that was often imitated but never duplicated. I won’t “gush” or point out every note or chord, but I will mention that the strength of their performance shows that they are not a group of aging artists, but still vibrant, energetic and in their own special way as young as they ever were. Their performance of their classic monolithic tracks such as “Juke Box Hero”, “Head Games”, “Feels Like The First Time”, ”Cold As Ice” and “Dirty White Boy” were flawless. Opening with “Double Vision”, the album sets us on a Rockin’ Rollercoaster that can’t be stopped, ending with “Hot Blooded”; Foreigner gives us a short but totally sweet history of their career.

This album is not a triumphant return story or a “how to be remembered” moment, but another stunning performance of masterful musical artists, etching in our hearts and minds the reason that Foreigner has been and always will be a true “Super group” that will be, like their songs, timeless gems in our collection of musical treasures.

Visit for information, performance dates and more.

Visit Eagle Rock Entertainment for Foreigner News and News about other Artists, Entertainers and Performers

Continuity, I refuse to be your b!?<# by Sean Stoltey

I've allowed myself to be dragged into some discussions of Jean Grey and her "continuity".  It's very frustrating because I'm quite enjoying Jean as a dead character.  Apparently she has some very passionate fans.  Which, don't get me wrong, is great.  I know the old saying, every character is someone's favorite but I am getting a bit fed up with the refusal on some "fans" part to enjoy current stories.  Yes, it is a refusal to enjoy.  People, as far as I can tell, are CHOOSING to be angry about comic books.  Does this make any sense?

Looking good Jeanie.
Totally alive there.
Well no, obviously it doesn't.  Comics are often referred to as funny books, and it has become an ironic reference.  More and more, as fandom gets older and older and younger readers are not showing up like they used to, the readers are contradicting themselves in the same fashion as they claim writers contradict continuity.  Hardcore obsessive Jean Grey fans are screaming bloody murder about about the current Phoenix-centric story over at Marvel not having Jean Grey in it.  They literally telling Marvel staff, "Oh you hate Jean Grey fans.  It's so obvious."  Really?  So you're mind readers because you love Jean Grey so much?  At this point they may be hating on argumentative a-holes who can't let something go when they don't get the answer they want.  Now, most fans, I think, want the stories to matter.  They want there to be consequences.  Great stories have consequences, and when death has a revolving door there are no consequences.  

"But...but what about the recent deaths of Thor and Bucky and Human Torch and Captain America and Batman?"  Well, you make an interesting point that both supports and detracts from your argument concerning Jean Grey.  Thor is an Asgardian god, and it has been shown repeatedly that death is a cycle for a lot of those characters.  At least the popular ones.  Bucky wasn't actually dead, so no resurrection there.  Cap and Batman...their "deaths" were so similar, coming at the tale end of two big events, and so were their resurrections, trapped traveling through eras of time or whatever.  The other similarity is that I was really enjoying their replacements and really would have been okay with them staying dead quite a while longer.  In fact, as far as Batman goes I'd have preferred it.  Some of these deaths were handled poorly and so were the resurrections.  So a lot of fans say "Why doesn't death mean anything?  No one stays dead."  However, a lot of those fans are the same ones who complain that their favorite is still dead.   "Make death mean something!  Unless you kill a character I like, then bring them back when I say so."  Some complain that events leading up to Avengers Vs. X-Men had teased the return of Jean Grey.  Well of course it did, why wouldn't it?  And where were they when Astonishing X-Men debuted and Marvel leaked drawings of Phoenix to make you think Jean was coming back and it turned out to be Colossus that was returning? (GREAT story by the way.)  Oh, goddamn them for not spelling out exactly what was coming so I could whine and complain without the benefit of actually buying the book.  Their job is to get everyone involved in the mystery and then build a great story that people want to buy.  Again, as I've said before, it's a business!  Entertainment cannot be for everyone.  No entertainment is universally loved.  Hell, the Avengers movie is now the #3 movie of all time and I still see people online acting like they hated it.

My main problem with the attitudes is that they are literally stopping themselves from enjoying the stories.  On top of that they are reinforcing the negative stereotype of comic fans.  Not everyone who reads comic is a hopeless nerd who will rant and rave and burn you in effigy for not doing what they want you to with their favorite character.  Unfortunately, the really vocal ones that refuse to accept logic and shut up are.  I say, if you want to be surprised and entertained, read the books and relax and enjoy.  If you only want the characters to do what you want them to do, write fan fiction.  Because let's face it, you guys are never going to be at the level the pros are.  Someone, I think it was Len Wein, said the first story you would write as a fan should be the last one you would write as a pro.  It makes sense.  If they're just going to write the stories you would write, why in the hell would you bother reading the books? 

So, to bring this back around to the beginning a bit, they're often called funny books.  They are supposed to be entertaining.  They are supposed to be fun.  It's escapist fare, enjoy it.  When you nitpick and pull everything apart because it doesn't match exactly some story from years ago, you're missing the point.

Sean Stoltey, writer, raconteur and retired rabble rouser, hails originally from California's Central Coast but currently resides in Southern California's BEAUTIFUL--San Fernando Valley. Screenwriter, Comic Book author, these are things he does because he's too poor to be a Producer or Publisher.
Sean has been reading comics, watching movies, reading books and selling his soul (or at least his hearing) to Rock'n'Roll for as long as he can remember. He has been discussing and arguing about these things for almost as long. 
So now he has come here to throw his opinions in your face as well and hope that, even if you don't agree, hopefully you will enjoy them. For the record: Kirk was the greatest Enterprise Captain, Han was the only one that shot, Led Zeppelin was the greatest Rock band to walk the Earth and Keith Richards is the coolest undead person to walk the Earth. Coolest living people are my sons and my Mom and Dad. My Dad F---in' rocks, and my Mom can kick your ass.
You can ask Sean anything at contact him via twitter @WWest3001 or boring old e-mail at

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(New York, NY): For their millions of fans around the world, Slipknot are as much a culture and a way of life as they are a band. To completely engage with all of the perseverance, ingenuity, artistic integrity and holistic vision of Slipknot's creative output in all of its forms, is to fully embrace every facet, and to find community in counterculture and true strength in survival. Slipknot is like no other band the rock scene has ever encountered and to celebrate two decades of game-changing existence, the band will release Antennas to Hell, a "best of" collection documenting its inimitable career, on July 24. The album is scheduled to be released via Roadrunner Records while the band is spending its summer as the main attraction of the 2012 edition of the Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival, as well as curating and headlining the inaugural year of their very own festival, Knotfest.

The time is right for a "best of" collection from the band, as it captures the first chapter of Slipknot – a chapter where they’ve gone from unknown to the one of the biggest rock bands in the world -- all on their own terms.

This summer’s Mayhem and Knotfest outings celebrate the band and the life of late bassist Paul Gray, and will serve as ‘the end of the beginning’ for Slipknot – this summer’s performances will be the fan’s last chance to see them as they are now. Of course the band will continue- but just as inevitable with Slipknot, is the fact that the band will evolve - and the future is unwritten. Antennas to Hell serves as a companion to that celebration. The two-disc version of Antennas to Hell includes a bonus live CD that captures the band’s 2009 performance at the legendary Download Festival in the U.K. The live disc showcases the band playing a set of career spanning classics in front of 80,000 rabid fans. The journey from - “(sic)” - track 1 on their self-titled debut - to “Snuff” - the haunting No. 1 rock track from 2008’s All Hope Is Gone - proves that. The album features fan favorites, live classics and well-known radio hits.

Furthering the immersion in the band’s culture, this summer will see the release of the band’s first ever mobile application, Wear the Mask. Part mask builder, part social connector for fans, and 100% Slipknot in its look and execution, the app brings the Slipknot mindset into previously uncharted territory – the mobile devices of fans worldwide. Wear the Mask will be released simultaneously with Antennas to Hell.

Take a look at the numbers. Globally, Slipknot have notched 11 Platinum albums and 38 Gold albums, as well as some multi-Platinum releases across albums and DVD releases. The band's most recent studio album, All Hope Is Gone, debuted at No. 1 on Billboard's Top 200 chart. The band has won a Grammy, and has also been nominated seven times.

Slipknot -- vocalist Corey Taylor (8), guitarist Mick Thomson (7), DJ Sid Wilson (0), percussionist Clown (6), late bassist Paul Gray (2), drummer Joey Jordison (1), percussionist Chris Fehn (3, ) guitarist Jim Root (4), sampler Craig Jones - 133 (5)-- came to embody all that it meant to be “heavy” both in terms of melody and subject matter, as well as in their commitment to the purest of expression and to the ultimate empowerment and triumph of their audience. Founded in 1995, and immediately foresaw the inevitable domination of an artistic vehicle that would expand the boundaries of possibility within metal and hard rock music, both onstage and off.

The band has spent over a decade slowly and methodically cementing their place as one of rock’s most loved acts. They’ve dominated their own headlining tours and festivals around the world while maintaining the fiercely loyal support of their following, both embracing and engaging their fans with their steady evolution. Slipknot continually challenge their fans with new ventures, greater challenges, and new and exciting music. To the surprise of many outside of the culture (but not to the band and its fans), Slipknot's most recent #1 song was a ballad – the haunting and riveting "Snuff." To not evolve is to die.

Today, Slipknot stand alongside institutions like Metallica and Iron Maiden, as one of a select few bands whose legacy is assured within the pantheon of elite heavy metal bands.

Slipknot march on, 15 years since the first incarnation came together. Personalities may collide but their collective drive continues to keep them bonded as brothers. "We're banded together in hate," says Jordison. "Sometimes we hate each other, sometimes we hate the world. Sometimes we just hate our own lives. But when we get together, something monstrous happens and we pull this amazing sound out of all that energy. Plus, we believe in world domination. And this is the band that’s going to get us there.”

Always imitated, never duplicated, there is only one Slipknot. And they're peerless.

Track Listing:
1. (sic)
2. Eyeless
3. Wait And Bleed
4. Spit It Out
5. Surfacing
6. People = Shit
7. Disasterpiece
8. Left Behind
9. My Plague (New Abuse Mix)
10. The Heretic Anthem (live)
11. Purity (live)
12. Pulse Of The Maggots
13. Duality
14. Before I Forget
15. Vermilion
16. Sulfur
17. Psychosocial
18. Dead Memories
19. Snuff

Bonus CD: (sic)nesses: Live At The Download Festival, 2009
1. (sic)
2. Eyeless
3. Wait And Bleed
4. Get This
5. Before I Forget
6. Sulfur
7. The Blister Exists
8. Dead Memories
9. Left Behind
10. Disasterpiece
11. Vermilion
12. Everything Ends
13. Psychosocial
14. Duality
15. People = Shit
16. Surfacing
17. Spit It Out

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IK Multimedia Releases AmpliTube Slash


IK Multimedia Releases AmpliTube Slash

Apocalyptic tone on your iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and Mac/PC

IK Multimedia is proud to release AmpliTube® Slash, the official Slash apps and software that let you play, practice and record with Slash’s signature pedals and amplifiers on the iPhone®, iPod touch®, iPad® and Mac®/PC.

AmpliTube Slash for iPhone & iPad

All versions of AmpliTube Slash feature models of the signature gear used by Slash in the studio and for his live performances. Now users can rock with models of the legendary Marshall® amplifiers used by Slash together with his signature guitar pedals. Also included is a comprehensive collection of Slash’s guitar tone settings provided as starting points for tone tweaking or playing along.

Additionally AmpliTube Slash provides a fully integrated multi-track recording studio for capturing ideas quickly and easily or producing entire songs and compositions. A robust song player section gives users the ability to play along with songs or backing tracks by importing them directly from their device library or computer.

“My new album, Apocalyptic Love, was entirely written while we were on tour,” states Slash, adding, “If we are not performing we’re traveling, so there is little time for creating music. By using my iPhone along with IK’s AmpliTube and iRig I was able to capture whatever ideas I had swimming in my head, usually around 4am.”

“AmpliTube iRig comes in really handy for on-the-go practicing, recording, or just jamming on different ideas – even if it’s on the bus – it’s right with me all the time”, Slash adds, “I’ll do some tweaks on the Marshall’s, but there are also different effects that are available including distortion, chorus, auto wah and more.”


Superior Modeling – The Real Deal

IK worked closely with Slash to model his entire rig comprised of 2 must-have classic rock amplifiers – the Marshall JCM Slash Edition Silver Jubilee and the Marshall AFD100 – both equipped with Slash’s favorite 1960 Marshall speaker cabinet. Together with these sought-after amplifiers users will be able to choose from 6 stompbox effects that includes Slash’s signature Delay, Gate, Octave/Fuzz, Chorus, Booster and Wah/Distortion. The rig is fully configurable so that the signal chain can be freely customized depending upon the device used: 3 stompbox effects into an amp and cabinet on the iPhone/iPod touch; 4 stompbox effects and amp/cabinet/mic on the iPad, and up to 12 stompbox effect combinations into dual amp/cab/mic/room on the Mac/PC.

AmpliTube Slash is the latest addition to the family of official IK guitar and bass products that, thanks to IK’s unmatched modeling technologies, features products with the best names in guitar effects and amplification such as Fender™, Ampeg®, Orange®, Soldano™, Seymour Duncan™, T-Rex® as well as legendary artist Jimi Hendrix™.


Hook up with Slash:

Users can plug their guitar into their iPhone, iPod touch or iPadusing IK’s extremely popular iRig™ guitar interface adapter or the coming soon iRig STOMP pedal interface adapter. Users with Mac/PC can connect their guitar via USB port using IK’s StealthPedal™ digital audio interface pedal or StealthPlug™ cable interface that now also works with iPad using Apple Camera Connection Kit.


Pricing and availability:

AmpliTube Slash for iPhone and iPad are now available from the App Store™ now at an introductory price of $9.99/€7.99.

Existing users of AmpliTube for iPhone, iPod touch or iPad can purchase AmpliTube Slash as an in-app purchase for $9.99/€7.99, or individual models a la carte starting at $2.99/€1.99.

For Mac/PC users, AmpliTube Slash can be purchased inside AmpliTube Custom Shop for $79.99/€59.99 (excluding taxes), or individual models can be purchased a' la carte starting from $5 each. AmpliTube Custom Shop can be downloaded for free at:

For more information on AmpliTube Slash:

For all other software products and guitar interfaces, please visit:

More on Slash:

Slash and his band, featuring lead singer Myles Kennedy, drummer Brent Fitz and bassist Todd Kearns aka The Conspirators have just released their new album APOCALYPTIC LOVE on May 22nd, 2012 that has stormed onto the Billboard Top 200 Albums Chart at #4, marking the top rock debut for that week. All songs on APOCALYPTIC LOVE released on Slash’s own Dik Hayd International, and distributed through EMI Label Services were written together by Slash and Myles Kennedy as they spent the last two years on tour all over the world. Slash and his band are currently on the road performing sold-out shows across the country and overseas. For up-to-date information, visit:

More Resources, App Store Links and Video Links:

AmpliTube Slash Video demo

AmpliTube Slash for iPad Demo

AmpliTube Slash Interview Video Demo

App Store Links:

AmpliTube Slash for iPhone

AmpliTube Slash for iPad

Future of History Making PYRAMID SOUND STUDIOS Remains Uncertain


Future of History Making PYRAMID SOUND STUDIOS Remains Uncertain – Bridge Construction Could Put an End to Ithaca New York’s, Studio’s 35+ Year Legacy

Touted for Recording ANTHRAX, TESTAMENT, OVERKILL and bevy of local artists.

The fate of PYRAMID SOUND STUDIOS, a recording studio world-renowned for spawning the onslaught of American heavy metal in the 1980’s and beyond, has quickly captured the attention of long-time Ithaca, NY residents, recording artists, and friends of business owner Alex Perialas.

At Wednesday’s Planning and Economic Development Committee meeting, several local musicians and educators urged city officials to take demolition of the studio off the table.

PYRAMID SOUND STUDIOS, launched by Perialas in 1974, has recorded artists from Bad Religion, Anthrax, Testament, Overkill, Agnostic Front and Brian Wilson to local favorites The Horse Flies and Donna the Buffalo, as well as student projects. PYRAMID SOUND STUDIOS is a pinnacle in the local area, being that local musicians do not always have the ability to travel to New York City, Los Angeles, etc. to record their albums. Located directly next to the Clinton St. Bridge, which is undergoing heavy construction until November, the building is at risk of being condemned as a result of the project, stirring alarm among the local and online community.

“This is one of those things that is a state and city project where they’re replacing a 70-year-old bridge and its right in our footprint, if you will. With the building of this new bridge, there’s a chance that if they aren’t careful, they could do damage to the studio,” states owner Alex Perialas. “I’m currently working with the administration to land on an amicable solution to the situation. This has been a landmark facility for years. We pretty much created a style of music here that people had never heard of before. It would be a shame to lose such an integral part of music history due to this temporary construction.”

Jeff Klaus, professor of education at Ithaca College and member of The Horse Flies, addressed the committee Wednesday, “What is housed inside that scruffy building is a building within a building that’s purpose-built to be a studio.”

Klaus and his colleagues noted that 109 E. Clinton St. is a commercial garage space, which is located closest to the bridge project, while the recording studio is located at 105 E. Clinton St. The supporters stressed that the garage and the studio are two separate buildings, though it may not appear so on the outside.

In many ways, both the mayor’s and the common council’s hands are tied, given that the construction on the Clinton St. bridge is federally funded. Earlier this week, supporters of PYRAMID SOUND STUDIOS launched an online petition to help save the historical building. Thus far, over 550 people have signed.

You can sign the petition at this location.

For more information on PYRAMID SOUND STUDIOS, visit this website:

Santa Barbara Bowl Concert Updates


bowl-2012-af2cHere is an updated release of concerts and shows to be held at the Santa Barbara Bowl in Santa Barbara, California.

Courtesy of Nederlander Concerts –

Plus special guest
SHOW DATE Sat., September 15 @ 6:30pm
TICKET PRICES $124.00 / $103.00 / $63.00 / $53.00

The Black Keys
Plus special guest Tegan and Sara
SHOW DATE Oct. 2 at 6:30 PM
TICKET PRICES $79.00 / $69.00 / $54.00

PETER GABRIEL returns to the Santa Barbara Bowl on Tue., October 9, 2012 to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the iconic album SO.
Peter Gabriel (An Evening with)
SHOW DATE October 9 @ 7pm
TICKET PRICES $163.00 / $103.00 / $83.00 / $63.00

SHOW DATE Aug 18; Doors at 6:30 PM
TICKET PRICES $59.00 / $49.00 / $39.00

Plus special guest BLAKE MILLS
ON SALE Saturday, June 23 at 11am
SHOW DATE Sep. 12 at 7pm
TICKET PRICES $53.00 / $43.00 / $33.00

For More Information, go to Santa Barbara Bowl Ticket Page Here