Monday, May 5, 2014

Tesla Vocalist Jeff Keith In Prime Time Interview On Metal Mayhem Tuesday, May 13th at 10:10pm



WVOX Exclusive: Tesla Vocalist Jeff Keith In Prime Time Interview On Metal Mayhem!

Coming head first out of Sacramento, California in 1982, acclaimed hard rockers Tesla broke serious ground in the 80's to the present day with their no-holds-barred brand of innovative musicianship and this Tuesday, May 13th at 10:10pm, host Matt O'Shaughnessy will talk with Tesla singer Jeff Keith on his 31-year running Metal Mayhem show in New York.

Keith will discuss the making of Tesla's much-anticipated forthcoming album, Simplicity and much more during the radio show. Tesla, known world-wide for bringing songs like Modern Day Cowboy, Love Song, Gettin' Better, Edison's Medicine, Comin' At Ya Live and many more into households around the globe, will unleash their latest album in June.

"Jeff Keith is a true pioneering vocalist and Tesla are ground-breaking musicians; the band has always been a main staple of our WVOX playlist! Expect some kick-ass rocking on Metal Mayhem with Tesla!, says Matt O'Shaughnessy



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