Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Xombiewoof Magazine’s Heartbeat4Kids Instrument Drive is ON.

Xombiewoof Magazine is looking to the public and the music loving community to support its Heartbeat4Kids Used Instrument Collection Drive. Every year, musical instruments are discarded when they could be repaired and refurbished and given new life in the hands of a child that may normally never get the chance to find or experience the joy of playing and performing music.

As part of Xombiewoof Magazine’s mission to support music education, we are asking musicians, novice and professional, as well as members of the Music Community to donate any and all instruments they can spare to us to repair and give to Schools, Community Programs for their Students and Individual Children.

Musicians and Companies that want to participate can contact Joseph Timmons, Editor of Xombiewoof Magazine and Organizer of Heartbeat4Kids at to get more details and where to send the desperately needed Used Instruments in ANY CONDITION, so we can start this year’s program.

It is our mission to rebuild and refurbish your old instruments you loved to become the instruments of love in a child’s life; it is recycling at its best! Contact us at for info on how you can help. More info on Xombiewoof Magazine is available at and Heartbeat4Kids at

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