Wednesday, May 28, 2014

MCC Presents: Matt Suarez

Matt S 01Matt Suarez

Singer, Songwriter and Performer; telling life’s sweet story, one song at a time

“The world is a big sandbox… So, why not play in it and make some memories?”

Interviewed and Written by Sherry D. Martinez

With Editing Assistant Al 'Fret Man' Martinez


As a self-described “wanderer at heart” Matt Suarez live to fulfill his passion for music and desires to experience performing for those that want new music to reach deep inside them. This quest has led him on many adventurous paths, filled with music, song writing and, storytelling. Matt credits his first love of music to his father, Louis Suarez, who was a professional musician for 28 years and was his mentor in more ways than possible.

Matt started playing guitar at the age of 17, some would consider this a late bloom to a musical life, but his talents were quick to surface. While acquiring traditional education he pursued music and performed as part of a Latin Jazz ensemble band college years, Estudientina, a contemporary Jazz ensemble then paved the way for him moving on to work with Pacific Fire. Matt Suarez honed his talents to move on to help form the band known as “4/40”, working with them for four years, until ultimately pursuing a solo career.

Matt S 02Matt set his musical compass and journeyed on to San Diego, with high hopes and a dream to make his place in music. While there, his experiences gave him clarity of vision, enabling him to conquer the arts of stage presence, storytelling and music, by networking and making himself into a well-rounded musician.

In 2009 Matt’s music and life journey led him to San Luis Obispo. He began attending and performing in the local “open jams" at the various clubs and venues. This is where Matt used his networking abilities and showcased his natural talents and soulful singing gift to the central coast. Matt has shaped his life and became a truly unique Soul/Blues/Folk/Funk/Singer, whom offers a smooth, warm comforting feeling. Sure to please any audience. He has played most every style and venue in San Luis Obispo County and shows no sign of stopping.

Matt feels that the local music community is unique, “People here are progressive with their endeavors, while still being genuinely supportive and helpful to each other Matt attributes his success to the musicians and performers of the central coast with whom he has worked with, Gene Baker, Damon Castillo, Matthias Clark, Toan Chau-Funk in Public & Cuesta Ridge Boys just to name a few that would be his contemporaries. “Good music is good music, as long as you can connect” said Matt with a humility and honesty mostly missing in todays “top artists”.

In 2013 Matt released and EP called, Give All We Can; inspired while living here in San Luis Obispo, California. He plans to be releasing two projects within the year, one of which will be an album of all new and original material, along with a collection that will feature cover songs from past fan requests.

After reviewing his recorded catalog, I found it reflects that of a polished, soulful, singer, songwriter, with a stage persona that will insure a great show. The uniqueness of his musical styles will remind you of the flavors that the central coast has to offer. From wineries to coffee houses, from Avila to Paso, from Cambria and abroad, Matt Suarez exemplifies a smooth and easy feel the fine wines pour

Catch Matt Suarez live, He will be performing at the Biddle Ranch Winery on June 21, 2014, as well as other events in the area. To get information on this highly anticipated event visit their web site -

You can also hear is recorded collections at:

Matt has open schedules and is available for booking local engagements, for information call (760)-604-5698 or email, if you want this very talented artist to make your event or party a memorable moment.

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