Monday, May 12, 2014

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill Croon With Edwina and Chantelle


The beloved 'first couple' of county music, Tim McGraw and Faith Hill, once again graced the 2014 American Country Awards with a soulful duet this past April, this time featured on a distinctive pair of Ear Trumpet Labs microphones.  McGraw started out the brand new song ‘Meanwhile Back at Mama’s,’ singing solo into an E.T.L. Edwina microphone. Hill joined in at the chorus as a surprise guest, providing airy and beautiful harmonies through an E.T.L. Chantelle.  The song recalls a more old fashioned society and these vintage looking mics complete the picture.

The Ear Trumpet Lab's mics' tight cardioid polar pattern, specifically tuned for close live vocal use on the loudest of stages, were the perfect compliment for such a large live event with their natural feedback suppression and Integral silk and mesh pop filter, for effective control of plosives without loss of clarity. Their Large 26mm diaphragm condenser capsules teamed with transformerless FET fully balanced electronics provided plenty of presence while providing the smooth, sibilance suppressing top end of a fine ribbon mic.



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