Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Stars of the Silverscreen signs with Sliptrick Records

So the magnificent disasters, Swedish rockers deluxe Stars of the silverscreen (S.O.T.S) are back again like a speeding bullet & a frantic train.Bringing yet another studbelted, snotty but well mannered trip down the dusky backstreets, where You get to meet and greet with some catchy tunes that would have been a dream for people like Stiv Bators & Paul Collins.

Also hang out with more hard riffing dudes like Moțrhead, MC5 etc & then end up with a beer in your hand by the pinballmachine with The Ramones. All thrown in the blender, mixed together to become Stars Of The Silverscreen (S.O.T.S) Рserved cold & played loud!

To welcome Stars of the Silverscreen in the Sliptrick Records roster, on February the 7th, the self titled debut album will be re-released including a bonus track.

Order it now on Amazon and stay tuned for more news to follow

Official Stars of the Silverscreen FB profile

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