Monday, February 3, 2014

Legendary Drummer Of The Rods - Carl Canedy Live On WVOX's Metal Mayhem This Tuesday 02/04/2014


He's back in his triumphant return on WVOX's Metal Mayhem show in New York this Tuesday, February 4th at 10:25pm Eastern only on worldwide and 1460 AM with host Matthew O'Shaughnessy.

THERODSlive23One of the main staples of our Metal Mayhem playlist for over 30 years returns to WVOX... and as The Rods would say - Let Them Eat Metal! Fans of The Rods will hear Carl Canedy talk about the group's US and European summer touring agenda which includes the prestigious Sweden Rock Fest in 2014.

The band that brought us such iconic albums as In The Raw, Wild Dogs, Vengeance and many more are unleashed in prime time this Tuesday on WVOX's Metal Mayhem.



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