Saturday, February 1, 2014

Animal rights activists blow a seal at heavy metal polka band Kranken Welpen's show last weekend.

With word leaking out that the band was to use a seal to honk horns onstage for their polka metal rendition of Spike Jones' hit "Der Fuehrer's Face", a group of people arrived to protest the show on the grounds of animal endangerment and use of exotic animals in a stage show.

The band, however, states that BoBo the Bouvier, a trained Bouvier De Flanders wearing a black spandex seal suit is the actual star that was supposed to take the stage, and that they never intended to use a real seal. The dog's handler refused to remove BoBo from his van due to the controversy, but is considering allowing him to be used in future shows.

Meanwhile, people who were expecting to see a live seal performing were demanding refunds.

More Information as News and Details come in.

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