Thursday, June 12, 2014

Op Ed - The Pseudo Tough Guy, professional poser or opposing professionalism ?

Ok, before I irritate anyone... I presently have no specific artist or band in my sights and this post should be incredibly brief.

I am having a big issue with artists that feel the need to create a false sense of "Hard Core" attitude while putting aside their originality to sound like another artist or group. An artist's realisim is the foundation to their sound, any diversion not only cheapens their music, it also lessens their credibility as a professional....

For example... We are all familiar with Pink Floyd, their sound and style was and still is the standard for which a progressive group will use as a map to their own sound. Now, in their origins, imagine if they tried to look or sound like another group or feigned a persona not their own.. Would we have elevated them to where they are now, the forfathers of prog music? I seriously doubt it. 

My advice, take it or leave it.. Be Real, Be Sincere, Be Honest and you will Be Respected.

Joseph Timmons
Xombiewoof Magazine

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