Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Pungle Lions - The Roar that Crossed the Pond



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Newest Release: On The Light on Kazamix Records

Pungle Lions is a duo formed early in 2013 by Damny and Rouzman, singer and drummer of La Phaze. Their music is the outcome of their experience and influences: Punk, Electro, Reggae and Soul.

a3000776023_10Pungle Lions has a bright and fresh sound that is non-cliché yet catchy and quite memorable, their sound sticks to a positive flow and just grooves. Like most bands from overseas, they have a loyal following but have yet to reach the USA, if it were not for Bandcamp; even I might not have found this group of inspired musicians. Their music is available digitally, but I find they have taken to keeping their image “Old School” traditional, creating a series of Vinyl and offering their music on Cassette. Their production in the pure tradition of DIY gives birth to a series of singles grouped under the name "Essential 45 Box Set". For this, they don't hesitate to call their friends and invite them to take part in the recordings.

1508998_233681940149890_1678103428_nOne of their newest releases, On The Light is offered on Clear Vinyl through their Bandcamp page, the song is offered with and without lyrics, offering the listener a way to enjoy the song any way possible. On The Light Includes immediate download of 2-track album in the high-quality format (MP3, FLAC, and more). I would advise you to move quickly, this is a limited release and there are less than a handful of copies left, Bandcamp does offer currency conversion to USD and it is still very affordable for a high quality produced single from a group with a great sound and high spirits.


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Pungle Lions

Push Play and Swing !


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