Tuesday, November 5, 2013


Singer/Songwriter/Producer/Engineer Maurice released his second single from the #thirteen campaign, called Maybe.

In anticipation of his debut solo EP, Paramount, slated to drop on January 13th, 2014, Maurice will release a new single on the thirteenth of every month. Following the success of his first #thirteen single, I Know, which received love from industry A&R’s, as well as renowned music blogs from Toronto, Columbus and New York, Maurice was prepared to satisfy his fans and music lovers with a new single that everyone can relate to at one point or another.

Maybe is a clear reminder of what sets Maurice apart from his peers. The 17 year old not only brings soothing, high-level vocals to the table, but he also collaborates with Kelsey Vaz & Viviid, to integrate those vocals with introspective songwriting that every listener can relate to.

Maybe is an ode to those “almost” relationships; the ones that seem to be so promising, but turn out to be nothing more than thoughts of what ifs and “maybes”. Full-scale production from his RetroFuture production team, which consists of himself and The Auracle, includes lush live piano sounds, clashing with the intensity of modern trap style hip-hop drums & synth basses to create a mystique/soothing sonic experience.

If there’s any thought of what Maurice’s debut solo EP, Paramount, will sound like, this self-reflective, mid-tempo track should be a major indication.

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