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Marshall Electronics - MXL Microphones: A Proven Sound Investment


MXL Cr-89 MicrophoneProduct Reviews of Marshall Electronics / MXL Cr-89 Low Noise Condenser Microphone and R150 Series Microphone.

We studio tested two of Marshall Electronics / MXL series microphones, the Cr-89 and the R150 and found that once again, Marshall Electronics has provided musicians and recording artists with audio recording equipment that has design elements of superior beauty and highly durable engineering that will stand up to years of use in the studio or on the road.

Both the Cr-89 and R150 have rugged solid metal construction, dent resistant grills and “screw-mount” supporting receptacle ends. Whether you choose to affix quick release cables or secure mount wirings, the MXL Cr-89 and R150 have a versatility that supports any recording environment. Both units come with shock mount supporting structures that come with additional elastics and mount to traditional upright or boom stands. The R150 comes with an MXL-56 High-Isolation Shockmount while the Cr-89 comes with a larger MXL Shockmount and an Aluminum Travel Case. Each of these MXL masterpieces of sound have the ability to be used in any and every application, whether in recording voice tracks, acoustic instrument or ambient room setups, both the Cr-89 and R150 will pick up the softest tones and accurately record amp driven sounds without overt distortion. We are aware your independent use may vary, but we put these microphones through every recording situation possible and found ourselves hard pressed to find anything wrong with these beauties other than we did not have more of them!


MXL Cr-89

The MXL Cr89 is a large diaphragm condenser microphone wrapped in contrasted design elements of black and chrome. The Cr89 has low noise circuitry and a very low proximity effect, making it ideal for up-close recording. At home on instruments and vocals, the Cr89's body design minimizes body resonance while the tuned grill cavity reduces standing waves and harmonic distortion. The Cr-89, Condenser pressure gradient microphone touts a large 32mm capsule, Gold-sputtered, 6 micron diaphragm and has a Frequency Response of 20 Hz—20kHz, requiring Phantom power 48V ± 4V considerations.



MXL R150 MicrophoneThe MXL R150 Ribbon Microphone incorporates a Figure-8 polar pattern and a 1.8 micron aluminum ribbon, the R150 offers breathtaking sound for vocal and instrument recordings. It is an excellent microphone for broadcast applications. The R150 also performs brilliantly on acoustic instruments, strings, and horns. It offers high SPL capability, outstanding side rejection and precise directivity. The R150 Ribbon Velocity Microphone supports a 1.8 micron aluminum ribbon of 47mm with a Frequency range of 20Hz -17kHz.

What does this mean to the studio artist of performer in the live stage arena? ... The difference between recording your music with the Cr-89 or the R150 or with their competitor’s equipment, is either laying tracks in a way that compliments and supports its genius, or having recordings that are missing the subtle nuances that can mean the difference between a masterpiece and an ”OK” song.

The Cr-89 is defined as a Top-quality condenser microphone for vocals and instruments. While being a vocalists dream, it is Ideal for acoustic guitars, strings, pianos and room sound. The Cr-89 is warm in character yet still faithful to the original source. The R150 Ribbon microphone delivers a dark, warm tone with a “mellow” sound. The R150, with it’s a rich midrange and a rolled-off top end, uses a Figure-8 polar pattern to capture both instruments and room sound yet is not “muddy” or “cluttered”. The R150 has a High SPL capability which is ideal for electric guitars, horns and percussion and has a very low proximity effect—great for up-close recording!


Marshall Electronics, known for their innovation and attention detail listens to its customers’ needs. In designing the MXL series of Microphones they proved the adage “You Get What You Pay For”, The R150 is available at retail for prices starting at 95.00 and the Cr-89 starts at 280.00 making them both incredible bargains for what they deliver. The prices we found were from many online and storefront operations and prices do vary, check with your local retailer.

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