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KRANKEN WELPEN is a German/American heavy metal polka band based out of Southern California.

OK, this guy call me out of the blue and asks me about the magazine and what we do, and we start talking and he tells me he is with a “Metal Polka” Band… right out of the funny papers I do a verbal double take. “A Metal Polka” Band … I thought maybe he was pulling my leg, but they are the real deal, like straight out of the Black Forrest they are a real band, I got the CD and I have to tell you these guys are phenomenal.


KRANKEN WELPEN has played many a venue and have entertained many a folks with driving riffs and a seriously hilarious take on a cultural music that is often parodied, not since Weird Al has anyone been able to play Polka music with the enjoyable irreverence yet attentive to detail attitude.

64506_446371588768828_915040921_n“The music is original, melodic heavy metal in addition to songs that incorporate heavy polka elements” said the founders and creative team of the band are Professor Slaughter and Chaos, a married couple of German / Hungarian decent, who also compose actual polkas for Dutch and German clients.

KRANKEN WELPEN is’t de Bomb, complete with authentic costume of the old country and musical diversity moving from the comical to the serious in the measure of a chord

The band is known for theatrical live performances and crowd engagement, and often headlines Oktoberfests and beer festivals. In addition to original music, they perform live "heavy metal polka" renditions of classic Dr. Demento songs, as well as a heavy metal polka composition of Brahms "Hungarian Dance no. 5", complete with lyrics.


Kranken Welpen

KRANKEN WELPEN have a large following across all social media ,having shared the stage with other like Great White and Dive Bomber, a local LA favorite lead by singer / performer Kris Keyes. KRANKEN WELPEN headlined the Fender Center Corona, Stone Brewery's 17th anniversary show, and was the featured band for Big Bear's Rocktoberfest at the Cave and also the featured band the final Saturday night at Big Bear's official Oktoberfest.



Karpathia KrankenChaos.....Vocals/guitar/various instruments

Professor Slaughter............Bass/vocals/guitar/accordion

Deakon Lekross.................Lead guitars

Auf Trinken........................Second lead guitars

Willy Weisen.....................Rhythm guitars




1236765_536206109785375_1685052476_nRead more and enjoy the band at:




~Remember, it's all fun und games until someone gets an eye polka-ed out. Then the REAL fun begins!




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  1. What a great show Kranken Welpen puts on! I would recommend everyone to go out and see this band! They are entertaining, fun and talented. I haven't seen anyone jam the way they do since back in the late 70's and 80's . They write and perform their own music, which is awesome!!! Kranken Welpen is over-the-top! A definite "Must See" band!


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