Wednesday, March 12, 2014


Los Angeles-based rock band Desert Dragon hit the road for a six-city Independent Music L.A. Southwest Tour that commenced Sunday, March 9 at the Rock Bar in Scottsdale and includes dates tonite (Monday, March 10) at Main Event in Albuquerque, NM; Tuesday, March 11 at Soho Lounge in El Paso, TX; Thursday, March 13 at Shakespeare's Pub in Austin, TX (for the 2014 SXSW Conference); Friday, March 14 at the El Patio Bar in Las Cruces, NM; and Saturday, March 15 at Pearson's Pub in Tuscon, AZ.

Desert Dragon recently performed in concert with iconic rock band Blue Oyster Cult at The Canyon Club, to great reviews. Vintage Rock's James Shelley writes, "before I get started on BOC's performance I must shout from the mountain about the opening band, Desert Dragon. In a word, dynamite! These guys rocked! They definitely have the old school sound: heavy on guitars, thick bass lines, dynamic percussion, keyboards and great vocals." National publication Music Connection opined, "(Desert Dragon's) rhythm section is tight...Double-duty DeCario plays deep, sludgy grooves on the bass and atmospheric synthesizers, one of the highlights of the set...the twin guitar attack of Greg Patnode (who also wrote "Desert Shines") and Thiago Straioto show the kind of balance expected from Judas Priest's K.K. Downing and Glen Tipton, if not with harmonized solos, then definitely with their distinct styles. Lead singer Ross Petraca has some quality pipes."

In a just-published review, the L.A. Music Examiner calls Desert Dragon's recent EP release Desolation, "miles away from the competition." Writer Will Phoenix goes on to say, "Darkness Shines" is an energetic introduction to their signature sound..."Miles Away" is yet another song that works well live...every band needs a song like closing cut "Bring Back The Life."

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Vintage Rock - Live Show Review - Rockwired Magazine - Feature

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