Friday, August 3, 2012


Players Everywhere Invited to Share Obsessions with Peart, Portnoy, Mayer and More


The SABIAN Obsessed Campaign is all about drummers and their Obsessions. In a series of interesting, revealing and fun print ads and videos, the cymbal brand’s most famous and iconic artists – among them Neil Peart, Mike Portnoy and Jojo Mayer – have shared their Obsessions, musical and non-musical both. And now drummers from around the world have also been invited to share their Obsessions through a brand new Facebook app developed by SABIAN – their first ever.

“Throughout this campaign, our endorsers have told us about a musical obsession, a life obsession and a SABIAN cymbal obsession. We’re now giving our customers a chance to do the same, and we’ll feature the best Obsessions prominently on our Facebook page,” is how SABIAN executive Katie Bursey describes the Obsessed app.

Although this is SABIAN’s first Facebook app, it’s certainly not the first time they have connected with their fans and musicians through social media and the power of their customer’s loyalty into an informative brand campaign. Probably the best known instance of this is Cymbal Vote, where for the second consecutive year SABIAN has allowed their customers to vote and decide their new product offering.


To share your Obsession story and learn more about your favorite musicians that have innovated the music scene and swear by SABIAN as a key element in their sounds and styles, visit

You can also visit for more information, resources and great news about the entire SABIAN percussion instrument line.

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