Monday, March 25, 2013

Falling From Zero - Heaven Below Rises Above in the City of Lost Angels

Music Review: Heaven Below


Album: Falling From Zero

Review by Joseph Timmons – Xombiewoof Magazine


Los Angeles is famed for the Stars on Hollywood Boulevard and the Glam and Glitz of movie land fame, thought of as the birthplace of the stars and sometimes seen as the pit of man’s debauchery, LA can be a brutal place for a band to claw and scratch it’s way to the top of the charts into minds and hearts of discriminating fans. In the dark shadows and dim lit clubs of LA Nightlife, one band is making such a distinct and notable name for themselves, with blazing guitar rhythms and back breaking beats, Heaven Below is a strong and driving force in the LA music scene.

The band's debut album Countdown to Devil released March 2009 reached No. 1 on and No. 15 on's New Releases chart. The group completed its first tour in mid-2009 dubbed the "Texas Takeover Tour". Media coverage of the tour included a live performance on FOX-TV in San Antonio, TX.

With a killer core line up of vocalist / guitarist Patrick Kennison, guitarist Jesse, John Younger on Bass and Drummer Aaron Rossi, they create a formidable and truly resonating force on the dark and soul devouring streets of the city of the angels.


Heaven Below Official Video–The Mirror Never Lies

Their music is only complimented by a larger than life stage performance, taking their music to the masses that want the real deal, heaven Below offers a non-stop express on the rails of a rollercoaster gone runaway wild.

Their recent offering is Falling From Zero, which is available nationwide and with tracks like Be All End All, Brutal as the Truth, Demonocracy, Gravity Killed The Spaceman, Higher Than Heaven, The Last Goodbye and The Mirror Never Lies, this album is destine to be in everyone’s collection and will defy the naysayers and pop mongers.

The Band has achieved the perfect balance of strong, powerful music and lyrics that mean something, not the “baby baby do me” or “sob sob, im so sad…. Do me” or even the “hey, I’m angry and I am going to let you know it in a way that makes no sense, and by the way… do me” songs that you hear on the radio, Heaven Below has something to say, and they say it with a passion.

Check them out on their YouTube page and follow them on Facebook, make their pages a frequent stop on your decent into musical mayhem and harmonic pleasure, so sayeth the Joe !

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