Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Paiste welcomes Jon Larsen to the Paiste Artist Family

JonLarsen_1The world renowned Swiss cymbal maker Paiste is proud to welcome Jon Larsen to its Artist Endorsement Program.

Jon Larsen is founding member of Danish band Volbeat, whose fan base around the globe is constantly growing. Their latest studio album “Beyond Hell/Above Heaven” received Platinum awards in Denmark and Germany as well as Gold awards in Finland and Sweden. Volbeat’s new album “Outlaw Gentlemen & Shady Ladies” will be released on April 9th. This summer Volbeat are going to co-headline some of the most prestigious rock festivals such as Rock im Park/Rock am Ring (Germany), Download (UK), Sauna Open Air (Finland), Rock Werchter (Belgium) and Roskilde (Denmark).

For Volbeat’s unique mix of Heavy Metal, Rock ‘n’ Roll, Country and Blues, Jon Larsen selected cymbals from various lines of the Paiste assortment.

His Paiste Cymbal set up and arrangements were hand selected to meet the desire and need for each cymbals individual quality, durability and perfection of sound. Jon Larsen’s Paiste Cymbal set up is composed of the following collection for a flawless performance:

18” 2002 Power Crash, 19” Signature Power Crash, 14” Twenty Custom Collection Metal Hats, 18” Twenty Custom Collection Metal China, 18” Signature Full Crash, 18” Signature Reflector Heavy Full Crash, 18” Twenty Custom Collection Metal China, 22” Twenty Custom Collection Metal Ride, 14” 2002 Wild Hats, 19” Twenty Custom Collection Metal Crash, 18” 2002 Power Crash.


Paiste also welcomes the following distinguished artists to the Paiste Artist Family:

Joel Farland                                                                                                 Matti Johansson

Stefan Brunner                                                                                           Claus Heiberg

Jan Inge Nielsen                                                                                         Danil Prokopyev

Chris Barkensj√∂                                                                                          Alexis “Singha Dee” Amitrigala

Steven Chen                                                                                                Nate Coon

Norm Freeman                                                                                           Ben Jackson

Ian O’Neill                                                                                                   Ryan Parrish

Michael Cale Parks                                                                                   Juan Manuel Roura

Fernando Sanchez                                                                                    Gringo Starr

Matt Starr

Paiste’s Artist Endorsement Policy, as established in 1957 is based entirely on the artist’s appreciation for Paiste products, Paiste’s recognition of the artist’s career and distinguished status among the drum and percussion community, and mutual respect and loyalty.

To read and learn more about Jon Larsen and all of the talent that represents the standards of the Paiste Cymbal Community, visit the Artists Page at


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