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Bobaflex Rocks Oddbody’s

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By Mike Ritchie

They avoided or skipped the chaos of Black Friday in Dayton this year but West Virginia’s hardest working band Bobaflex brought the diesel fumed rock as only they could as the black leathered bad men hit the Dayton stage once again on Saturday December 5th.

Locals Desalitt brought a unique blend of grunge, punk and metal and the long haired/dreadlocked blokes from across the sea October Rage brought their version of hard rock bordering on metal to the heartland.

DSC_0424Created in 2008 in Xenia, Desalitt plays rock with a grungy metal twist. They played a few originals with heavy covers mixed in. The dual vocals of the leather and spiked clad, green haired, mic fisted in your face Shug played a nice opposite to the ‘calm, long sleeved but not flannel, and collected’ guitar playing “more serious” Greg Crawford. A ten song set of originals and covers included a mix and match of punk, rock and grunge as the “Bodies” hit the floor. They had a little bit of rage to get out before the Aussie’s had their turn with “Bulls on Parade.” It was time to Take a Look in the Mirror with Korn “Right Now.” Original “Broken Strings” carried a melancholy atmospheric mood in the guitars with a mix of Scott Stapp and Scott Weiland vocals. “Insane” had a swampy guitar attitude digging deep into the Sabbath blues. “Want Me to Be” had Eddie Vedder invading on vocals with Pearl Jam’s angst riddled creed behind him.

DSC_0481Dubbed one of the “hardest working bands in rock” on their seven month USA Outrage Tour racking up over 70,000 miles and 120 shows traveling across the country spreading their October Rage to America, the brother’s and co. have brought their metal tinged Aussie rock to Yankee ears.

Formed by brothers Nick (vocals, guitar) and William (bass) Roberts in late 2008, they’re from the Central Coast of New South Wales, Australia and quickly gained notoriety supporting Bon Jovi on their Circle Tour at sold out shows in Sydney. With their 2011 debut Outrage and this year’s Fallout, Dust and Guns release under their belts they’ve played with Steel Panther, Saliva, Sevendust among others.

DSC_0536The rage began with “Wayside” with Nick and William’s hair and locks flying around the stage like Rob Zombie whiplashing the post at a roadhouse back porch witch burning. “Valkyrie” hits a little harder with some dirt under the wheel riding by with rebel thunder. Beware of the “White Walkers,” you can feel them “Coming in the Air Tonight.”

They add in a little acoustic charm with the rock on “Silver Line” floating close to Skillet territory and ‘dangerously’ close to Nickelback. They turn the rock back up on “Set You Free” finishing with the slow bluesy sing along “Reign of Fire”, adding a bit of Skynyrd to the mid-section jam, prompting a lighter tribute, once thought extinct in the era of the cell phone glow.

DSC_0626With hell in their hearts the men in leather and black started with “Low Life.” It was George Thorogood on steroids as they cruised down the “Chemical Valley” screaming loud and proud before crashing and burning with style with the help of some sweet liquid sin. Charlatan’s deadly venom made its first appearance with the loving neck caress of “Strangle You.”

The camera does strange things to the “Pretty Little Things” next door. Sweet and innocent turned addicted media queen. From all of us to you, with true sincerity, “I’m Glad you’re Dead.” Can’t you hear me laughing as I dance on your grave? Break out the bubbly.

DSC_0727The life of the trailer park says come back to me but the pleasures and excess of touring say never. It’s so hard to resist the seductive sharp kiss of the “Vampire.” She’s a blood boiler, life sucker. Exorcise her demons with the back of your hand, “Bad Man.” Simon and Garfunkel along with Depeche Mode enjoy “The Sound of Silence.” Bringing a bit of the 60’s hippie folk vibe rocked up with some guitar rev.

They’re losing their minds on motor fuel, decibels and live octane doing it on stage their way. Don’t fall in love and get hurt, they just want a meaningful one night romance, enough time for a “Rogue” dance. They brought the hands up with the ultimate West Virginian rebel rouser anthem. Members of Desalitt and October Rage came out to jam the way any road weathered rock star wants to go out. Die with your boots on so they’ll “Bury Me with My Guns On.” Hey! Sending the crowd home happy, they encored with an attitude on “Better than Me.”

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