Wednesday, December 17, 2014


Traveling threw Santa maria i found some of the best live music, both for the holidays and every season to come. 

Just a gimps, we have a world renown violinist who as of 2015 will once a month perform his masterpieces at the healing rooms next to the Santa maria airport. RICK TAYLOR  his music will move you into the holiday spirit and  from a fun loving man with ambition for the ages will keep you intrigued for the whole set.
Personal note, this was a religious event and i wasn't under the pressure to join or praise for everyone was there for the music and to open our hearts to the music. 

For the more social seen, you can grab a bite to eat and drink wile listening to live music the Santa maria mall, a hidden gem known as the Market is the place to go. with monthly events and saviory  food its a great place. personal note i never went in side or thought about  the mall for a get away but we all were in love with the service and over all experience  
The  Highway 1 was also performing at our Santa maria mall and shows that at any place or age you can still rock.

speaking of a great sound,threw 
Chumash i was able to see the lovely lady, the most awesome melissa ethieridege.
 statement "music is the way of life".
Personal note. on this event  "don't miss out" i had so much fun and with great music how could it get any better. The performance was exciting and the overall event was full of life and music that makes you move i can only say i wanted more. After the ancore was met the new songs and new vibrant gutiar solo were to die for, i cant wait to own this album.

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