Thursday, April 24, 2014

High Gain Classic – Limited 15th Anniversary Edition by our Custom Shop


To celebrate Fargen Custom Shop’s 15th year of crafting some the worlds finest USA-built tube guitar amplifiers, we introduce the limited edition red/white/blue High Gain Classic 50. We have pulled out all the stops and rolled 15 years of high gain Custom Shop builds into this 15 piece exclusive run of amps. Classic rock through pure Molten Metal Lava only scratches the tonal surface of what this modern masterpiece can achieve. Classic 3 x 12AX7 preamp gain staging, 12AX7 tube buffered FX loop with true bypass switch, foot switchable dual master volume coupled with a 50 watt classic 2 x 6CA4/EL34 power amp… the search for the ultimate powerhouse is over! Available in red, white or blue tolex, in limited editions of 5 pieces of each color.


MSRP $3,499 head, $1,699 matching 2 x 12 extension cabinet.

  • 12AX7 tube buffered FX loop with true bypass switch
  • Foot switchable dual master volume (rhythm/lead)
  • Custom 50W transformer set
  • SoZo vintage style mustard capacitors
  • Fargen Custom Shop resistors
  • DC Filaments for ultra quiet operation
  • 1/8′′ aluminum chassis for the true vintage British amp sound
  • Color Options:
  • Vintage elephant red (5)
  • Vintage bone (5)
  • Vintage deep blue (5)
  • Weight: 38lbs.
  • Output Power: 50 watts
  • Tube Complement: (4) 12AX7, (2) 6CA7/EL34
  • Will also run KT66,KT77,6550,6L6
  • Class – Push Pull AB (Vintage Plexi )
  • Front Panel Layout & Equalization – Volume, Master 1, Master 2, Treble, Bass, Mid, Presence

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