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Album Review: Rockin’ Together –The Rockats

The RockatsMusic Review: Rockin’ Together by The Rockats

Label: Lanark Records –

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Reviewed by Joseph Timmons – Xombiewoof Magazine

The Modern Rockabilly Music Scene all have one foundation that made their existence possible; they based their style, their sound and for some, their very image on the one band that has been recognized as the innovative force behind Rockabilly - The Rockats.



Upon researching this band for the review, just to get the record (no pun intended) straight, I found out The Rockats have had numerous appearances television shows, The Midnight Special, American Bandstand, Merv Griffin and were featured in many other television, radio and movie presentations.

In a direct quote from the Lanark Records web site, which is an amazing fact is that “Having toured with the Clash, Kiss, Iggy Pop, David Bowie, Tina Turner, Thin Lizzy and The Pretenders along with impressive achievements like being photographed by Andy Warhol, interviewed by Deborah Harry and recording the RCA hit single, “Make That Move” (an early MTV favorite) have combined to make the Rockats true rock icons.” In fact, I spoke with many Rockabilly artists I know, and they all say that if it were not for the Rockats, they may not have had the inspiration they needed to create their own impressive careers.


The Rockats reunited to record Rockin’ Together, all new original songs featuring the Dibbs Preston on vocals, Smutty Smith on Bass, Danny B. Harvey and Barry Ryan on Guitars, and the solid backbeat of drummers Mike Osborne and Lewis King. The album was recorded at Lanark studios specifically for this long awaited return album.

Rockin’ Together is not a “come back” album; it is fresh, vibrant and real Rockabilly to the core. If you know The Rockats, you know you have to hear this album and spread the word that the kings of the stage are back in action and their legend continues. This is the Rockats first studio album since their release of Wild Love in 2004, which was lauded by the critics for its bold and impressive sounds. Brian Setzer, founding member of The Stray Cats wrote the linear notes to this album, quote “The Rockats burst onto the scene in the late 70’s like a breath of fresh air” The Setzer stamp of approval!

Go to Lanark Records - for your copy of what will be one of the most sought after albums of 2014 and beyond, you can say with pride “ I remember when” and not sound like an square. Be Cool Kat, Swing into the night with The Rockats.

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