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Album Review: Blue Horizon by Wishbone Ash


Wishbone Ash, one of the most influential Guitar Rock bands in the history of music returns to tour North America with the release of their most innovative work to date – Blue Horizon

bluehorizoncoverBlue Horizon by Wishbone Ash

Label: Solid Rockhouse Records

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Wishbone Ash is a group that is synonymous with what is known as Progressive Music, like their contemporaries, Pink Floyd, Emerson Lake and Palmer, King Crimson, Camel and Spooky Tooth. These artists reimagined music and created a hypnotic allure that would capture the listener, ensnare the senses and Wisk you away to another world. With introspective lyrics and multi-dimensional harmonies, percussion rhythms and keyboard melodies their music transcended space and time and was, in itself, timeless. Originally formed in 1969, Wishbone Ash now has more than 24 original studio recording, several live albums and DVDs of their amazing performances to their credit. The group has appeared at all the major music festivals and enjoys a history with some of the world’s classic music labels, Universal and Atlantic Records.


Fast forward to today, many of these living legends still perform, others have sunk back into the shadows of time from which they were born, and unfortunately, some are no longer on this plane, yet perform in perfect dimension in our memories. Wishbone ash is one of the select few that not only still perform, but still create new music with the same ferocity, energy and power, that made them the influence of other artists that we listen to today. Longtime fans and new converts will find that Wishbone Ash offers an undeniable concert experience

Citing Wishbone Ash as an influence on their style, members of Thin Lizzy, Iron Maiden, Lynyrd Skynyrd and some of the guitar-based Indie/Alternative bands, have all taken a little something from the legendary twin-guitar approach of Wishbone Ash. Truly, there is no other rock band on the planet that has done more innovation in guitar melodies than the Ash. Back in the day, Wishbone Ash cut their teeth on the US stadium circuit first opening for The Who. Once they began headlining in the States, Wishbone’s opening acts included Springsteen, Kiss and Aerosmith.


Blue Horizon Teaser

Wishbone Ash’s new album, Blue Horizon on Solid Rockhouse Records, includes guest artist Pat McManus playing fiddle, Fans will recall McManus made an appearance on 2011’s Elegant Stealth and also co-wrote one of the songs, “Can't Go It Alone,” with Andy Powell. Blue Horizon features two songs written by Aynsley Powell (Powell's son) and one by former Wishbone Ash guitarist Roger Filgate.

Blue Horizon is, like Wishbone Ash, Powerful, Energetic and hypnotic. The songs don’t just “play” on this album, then transcend from the stereo and swirl around the air like smoke of Incense, twisting and turning like wafts of smoke entering into you yet never leaving. You are taken to the edge of the world and shown what is beyond and then as it comes to an end you are gently released like a leaf upon the winds to gently come back to the earth, yes, a very dramatic as prose heavy description, but these are the only words that can describe the torrent of emotions within Blue Horizon.

If you are a true fan of Progressive Music and Guitar Rock that was the foundation of modern music, you have to get Blue Horizon by Wishbone Ash, if not just because, in itself this album is the culmination of several lifetimes of talent and the diversity in skills of musical geniuses, but it will let you understand the music of today differently and with greater appreciation. Blue Horizon is as the teachings of the elders, the wisdom of ages and the energy of the cosmos, all neatly packages in a single kiss of sunlight.

I would like to conclude this review with a segment of an interview with Andy Powell of Wishbone Ash, originally written for another unspecified publication, Andy was quoted to say, “There is a feeling, an attitude of honesty; four musicians working together for a common cause and mining a musical seam. The lyrical themes are deep while being flexible and universal in nature and the music reflects this. It’s strange how a song or piece of music immediately dictates to us the sounds or tonal colors we might use. It’s like a painter with a palette of paints at his disposal.” -Quote Excerpts from original Interview

.Look upon the Blue Horizon traveler, and be weary no more-

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