Thursday, April 17, 2014

Get into The Spaces Between

Front imageAlbum Review: Let's Leave It At This For Now

Artist: The Spaces Between

Self-produced Independent Album featuring Jon Anderson of YES

Review by Joseph Timmons: Xombiewoof Magazine

With an organic, flowing and retro sound, The Spaces Between have been performing to standing room only crowds and as of late been gaining great popularity here locally on the Central Coast of California with their ambient sound with alluring and progressive tempos.

facebook roxyThis unified trio, Andrew Rubin on lead guitar, Noah Colton on bass and vocals and Liam Smith on drums have proven themselves to be not only serious musicians but musical visionaries inspired by genres including funk, jazz, alternative and rock n' roll. With many performances at notable venues such as the Whisky a Go-Go, the Roxy, the Viper Room, and the Live Oak Music Festival, the Spaces Between have produced and released their first full-length album, "Let's Leave It At This For Now..." is now available on limited-edition CD and on iTunes.

Let's Leave It At This For Now is Co-produced and mixed by current Blind Melon vocalist Travis Warren, the album features eight intrinsic and avant-garde tracks and features a very special guest appearance by the voice of Jon Anderson of YES.

First listening to Let's Leave It At This For Now , you get a sense of 70’s and 80’s inspired pieces but not with the “poppish” or repetitive “hum-drum” ego pop sound, I would say they have more of a progressive / power trio feel and fall strongly in line with the likes of Brian Ferry, Robert Fripp or their contemporaries. This album has a warm sound with an almost “Day Glow” pop that calls for attention but is not overwhelming. Persuasive and ambient harmonies create a dreamlike state of musical bliss.

Online streaming of Let's Leave It At This For Now is available at and you can find out more at the group’s website http:// Other contact and social pages include their Facebook page, http:// and performance footage on YouTube at


Vocalist Jon Anderson of YES whom appeared on the track Orchasm has said in comment that they were “a great band and excellent guys” which from the founding father of progressive music is a statement of faith for a group of musicians of their youth. Key tracks on the album- Independence, Jubilation, Century, Let it Out have strong hit song qualities and would be anthem tracks if given their due.

Get into The Spaces between, Let's Leave It At This For Now will be this summer’s breakout indie hit!

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