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Xombiewoof Magazine Interview with Andy Martis, Guitarist of Media Solution



Andy Martis of Media Solution : Interviewed by Joseph Timmons

Media Solution, presently escalating in popularity in LA’s Hard Rock scene originated in Italy. In 2006 one of their songs became part of the official playlist for the Italian snowboard and freestyle team for the Turin Winter Olympic games. They have shared the stage with the best of the best in rock history, such as Motorhead, Obituary, Agnostic Front, Madball and Caliban, Born from Pain, Evergreen Terrace, Black Dahlia Murder, Machinemade God, First Blood, Bridge to Solace and Exilia.

In 2007 the band became the official opening band for the Italian date of Sepultura’s European tour and gaining a special guest spot on MTV Italy and SKY television with their song “No Business” being used in a commercial for a popular Italian music shop named “Magazzino Musicale Merula” which helped the band gain momentum in Italy and Europe.

Media Solution came to Los Angeles in February 2010 to record their new album entitled “Horizon of Events” produced by Mikey Doling (Snot, Soulfly, Channel Zero) with special guests Derrick Green and Jean Dolabella of Sepultura. August 2010 Media Solution released their first video clip for the single “My Soul Still Burns”, directed by Nathan Cox (Linkin Park, Korn, SOAD, Marilyn Manson etc…).

In 2011 Andy decided to move the band permanently to Los Angeles. After a tour in California closed with the show with Spineshank at the Whisky a Go Go in Hollywood, the band took a break to write new songs and to find the right people to continue this journey.

Now, in 2013 Media Solution is back and ready to conquer America with a full and exciting line up and we now ask Andy Martis to give us his impression of their past, present and future.

Q: From your bio on Media Solution’s Facebook page and from our research, Media Solution, an already well-established and formidable group of Musicians, very talented and multi-faceted, coming from Italy with your past successes, how is it for you as an artist to work in the American music industry and do you find it fulfilling?

Andy: “It's another story...personally in Italy there isn't the correct mentality for this job! Don't get me wrong, i love my country but it's not right place for music. There are a lot of people that is trying to "fix" this issue but it's not simple...here in America 90% of the population is born with the music in their blood! Especially if we talk about Rock! Since the beginning of my new life in LA i knew that it's a jungle but if you work hard you get your award!! I'm always motivated!”

Q: Los Angeles is well known for its music scene, but it is just as well known for its share of disappointments, would you have any opinion on how this has influenced your progress? 

Andy: “Yes, you are right! I live in LA since January 2011 and i can already tell you that it’s true. There are a lot of great bands and lately i can see that the scene is getting better compared to 3 years ago...but one thing that i notice it is that here there are a lot of bands that lay just because "To have a band makes you cool" or maybe hook up more girls...I saw some shows where there was the band that was taking more care of the look of their hair than their music...or make a good show to watch but horrible to listen...in Europe we are totally different, first we care about the music, the sound...after that we will take care about the rest. We are more easy on this...what I’m trying to do with Media Solution is to find a compromise of these two situations and i guess it’s working out.”

Media Solution photographed in Camp Pendleton (Oceanside) on 07/28/13; 

Q: On your Facebook Page, you mention your new line up, composed of musicians dedicated to great music and performance, how is the chemistry and how does it show in your music?

Andy: “It's awesome! It feels like we are playing together since the beginning...It took more than a year to find these people but at the end its paying off...the old songs sounds good but the new stuff, it's awesome...we have already played one new song last week during our first show in San Marcos and the people was really excited about it. I can’t wait to go in studio and start recording.”

Q: Can you give us a rundown on the new line up, and what they bring to the table for your audience?

Andy: “Sure...at the voice there is one of the best singer I have had to chance to work with, his name is Joe La; I met him during my first California tour in 2011, he was the singer of the band Silence Betrayed from San Diego. In May I posted on my Facebook that I was auditioning singers, he was one of the twenty singers that wrote me and he blows me away with his ideas and voice. He is a great front man too that for a band is very important!”

“At the drums there is my Italian brother Alessio Balsemin, I know him from a while already because we were working on a different project with other people that at the end it didn't work out...he continued to push me to come back with Media Solution because for him there was still a lot to do...and he was right! He was a professional drummer in Italy and now he is our drummer, and I’m so glad! He helped me to keep that Italian vein in the music.”

“At the guitar we have Bob Romo...a young guy with the attitude of a person with a lot of experience! Something that is not simple to find. We tried different guitarist before him but everybody was like full of personal problems...so why you are auditioning for a band if you can't do it?! If i think about it i start to laugh. I remember that he came in our studio with his guitar and his amp, he was very shy (ahahah)...then we played the 2 songs that he had to study and he was rocking! I was looking at Alessio and Joe and trying to speak with them through my eyes and see what they were thinking; at the end of the audition I made him the fatal question “Do you wanna be in the band?"...he was shocked! (ahahah)... His technique with mine makes the guitar parts huge!”

For the bass we have Eloy Palacios...a great musician, this guy can play everything! He is a friend of mine since the first days of my new life in LA...He is known for the bands Stork and Schwarzenator. I always said that one day i was going to play with him and here we are! His playing makes the difference compared to the old bassist.”

Q: Do you feel that the Los Angeles Music Scene supports your music, or do you feel you have obstacles to overcome reaching fans that seek out your music and get your message?

Andy: “Like i said before, LA is a jungle but i can feel that the band is supported...we just need to continue to work hard and never give up!”

Q: With your upcoming show at The Roxy with your new line up, what are your expectations? 

Andy: “For sure to play and to make a great show and to see a lot of old and new people attend. More importantly, to see the crowd that enjoys our show! It’s an important show for us so we will do the best!”


Media Solution Official Video

Q: Your Videos show a passion in your music, in your video – “My Soul Still Burns” there are images of anger and violence that would lead to this being a bank heist, yet it is a performance to a captive and fearful audience, I feel this shows you want to awaken people to the senseless violence that captures us all in the news and a world that seems to have gone mad, is this an accurate description? 

Andy: ”Yes, you got it! That was good description, and at the end we didn't want any money but only their attention to our music! Real understanding and respect is something that is a difficult thing to get nowadays!”

Q: Is there an album in the works for Media Solution, and if so, can you share some details with us?

Andy: “To say album is maybe too early...for sure i can tell you that we are writing a lot and we are testing some of the new songs on stage too during these shows...but who knows what will happen! At the end of the year we will go in studio and we will start to record everything and at that point we will decide what to do. We will keep you posted for sure!”

Q: What’s next for Media Solution, Tours, Events, Local Shows and any more videos?

Andy: “Presently we are playing shows in California, we are trying to book our first US tour and we are getting more requests to play in Europe too, but in this moment the economy is bad over there and makes it hard to organize, but it will happen soon or later. We have fans in Canada too that are writing us to go over there. Let’s see if we find people to help us to organize everything. For sure there will be some good videos too!”

Q: Any final messages you would like to share with our readers and followers?

Andy: “First, thanks you and Xombiewoof for this great interview, second, continue to support us and share our music with all of your friends to follow our page on Facebook to know all the news...and we hope to see you guys at our next show! If you know any promoters, or If you want to book us a performance, please write to me at andymartis81@gmail.com -Cheers!!!”

Media Solution is presently engaged to perform at The Roxy in Hollywood, California on September 13th, if they buy the tickets, content them through their Facebook Page or from the Roxy, if you do, you have a chance to win a brand new Schecter guitar signed from the band plus at the performance will be copies of their album and t-shirt for only $12!!

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