Wednesday, September 4, 2013

CRASHBRAKE – Europe’s Neon Knights


You have entered a post-apocalyptic world, evil lurks around every corner and fear has the distinct odor of death. Vandals and miscreants roam the streets in blood thirsty hoards, the occasional brain eating zombie is nothing compared to the living death that surrounds you. The world is barren of hope; the few still innocent need some sort of hero to be their salvation, maybe an army of warriors that will defend them. Who will be their salvation?

The Neon Knights, the Bulgarian Masters of Metal, CRASHBRAKE is the Hope of Salvation we seek!

1009367_635585336468815_1494898230_oThis is what I see as the image of CRASHBRAKE, a truly talented and charismatic group from Bulgaria. CRASHBRAKE founded in January 2011 by Asen Milushev on Drums, Ivan Vulkov-Vance as vocalist, Guitarist Alexander Stoikov and on the Bass Stoyan Georgiev – Tenko. CRASHBRAKE perform original music and their debut album comes out this month. When asked about their music, they were quoted “We try to keep everything with the band on a professional level. The people go to concerts not just to listen to music. They can do that at home. The stage show is important. With masks and costumes we feel right, with jeans and t-shirts is boring.” says Vance. Vance was not just waxing poetic, their stage shows are truly interesting and exotic, not often would one consider Bulgaria and the birthplace of Metal, however there is an awesome calling for new and innovative music in Europe, and CRASHBRAKE is there to lead the way. Their costumes resemble images of Futuristic Neon Knights, warriors or even Judge, Jury and Executioners of the future like Judge Dred.

With a strong following and a fan base that is International, CRASHBRAKE has the power to impress and entertain, I watched many of their videos on their YouTube page and it appears that the band has gone through many changes and transformations, always working on becoming the best at their image and sound, blinding fast guitar riffs and a drummer with impeccable timing, CRASHBRAKE is looking at a rise to glory that is to be admired. CRASHBRAKE is destined to be a well-known and respected group that will be recognized for their dedication to music.



“In the beginning, while having fun, we began mixing different genres of music that seemed incompatible till now. By doing so, we developed a new style, in which we sometimes go to extremes, without trying to overdo it. The basis for our music is a rhythmic hard metal with a lot of riffs, mixed with more calm and melodic moments. The vocals are ranging from hard screaming, to hip hop, often pop with modern effects. We love changing the tempo.”

“In some of our songs there is more of a certain style that helps us develop by playing different music. The lyrics are largely based on events in our lives, paraphrased and even enhanced in one way or another.”

“By performing our music live, we become heroes, and so reinforcing its meaning. Our image is very specific. It includes stage costumes and masks, the making and design of which is our own.”

Recently, CRASHBRAKE has enjoyed public acclaim and is a spotlighted feature act to perform upcoming performances in Bulgaria from September to December 2013 as stated in the Sofia Globe, a highly noted press agency in Europe – “The Sense of Rock festival on September 13, 14 and 15 brings together a range of Bulgarian rock and metal groups at the National Hippodrome in Bankya, just outside Sofia. Twenty-six groups are scheduled to play, including CRASHBRAKE, Vasko the Patch and the Poduyane Blues Band, Diana Express, Wartime, and the Barabi Blues Band. Tickets are available through”

While there are many bands trying to emulate the iconic artists that have use costumes or makeup in their stage performance, CRASHBRAKE has created a look that is their own. Their blue lighted armor is a sign of strength and power, which is supported by the amazing depth of the vocalist’s voice, dark and powerful metal but clear, and understandable verse. I have seen many a metal band with skill fall prey to their frailty and “stardom”, but I feel CRASHBRAKE has what it takes. If the future holds the image of desolation, and zombies do rise up to walk the earth, I would want CRASHBRAKE on my side of the fight.

Power Metal from Europe is strong within the mighty sound of CRASHBRAKE!

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