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Blunderbuss- Jack White III - Solo Début Hits it on the Head


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Jack White is not known for being subtle, gentle or quiet about his music or expressions within.  To his credit over 15 years of presence in the music industry boldly going where everyone wants to go. Legends like Jimmy Page to Loretta Lynn call him friend and collaborator.  A few Grammys, Oscar nods doesn’t stop him from pursuing his quest for full independence. He launched Third Man Records LLC 3 years ago and never looked back.

So, why now a solo album?  We can only imagine it’s about time.  In the recent past his superhuman strength had him juggling at least 50 projects a year (so it seems). After The White Stripes he took off running with multiple projects including The Raconteurs and The Dead Weather, In 2008, he was featured in It Might Get Loud his appearance solidified his status. He may have been playing with legends but so were they.

On April 16 2012, Jack White gave fans a rare generous gift via iTunes to experience all of Jack White is putting out there for the world to taste. Blunderbuss (Third Man Records 2012) proves no one category can hold him; Americana, country, rock n roll, alternative, blues and a sexy rocker all appear in this album.


Cover Blunderbuss (Thirdman Records 2012)

Jack ushers in the return of prominent keyboard sounds of the 60s and 70s R&B and “ol’ time piana” sounds. To be turned upside down. Great drum and bass presence punctuates his points and give a full spectrum experience.

Tracks are well seasoned with eclectic originality both delicious and slightly strange. We follow his journey of love, pain, introspection and more. Jack takes command of his project with the seasoned wisdom of an old conductor from some old world place that produces music the world longs to hear. This young man with old soul combines frenzy and creativity into a cohesive experience.


Missing Pieces opens the album with an R&B flavor. This being first cut is his statement of where he is now. But never one to disappoint his fans, the familiar sounds of Sixteen Saltines ( prerelease with pre- order) gives up smashing guitar with gritty lyrics to reminds us why we loved the White Stripes for so long. R&B influences flow thru Love Interrupted with a tingle of anger and haunting vocals by Ruby Amanfu

Weep Themselves to Sleep, On and On and On and Freedom at 21. Keep you invited to stay around with orchestrations that are familiar and yet somehow new making one wonder what’s next. I’m Shakin harks back to a good old fashioned sexy song in the spirit of Bo Diddly and anyone who remembers the roots of Rock a Billy. Trash Talking Tongue maybe an angry rant but the groove and blues influence make you get up to move. Hip (Eponymous) Poor Boy is a cold hearted lashing at someone unfortunate to endure his command of sarcasm with music to accentuate his feelings.

I can’t help but review like a devout fan, because I am. I am so glad the days of single minded albums are done. Blunderbuss puts forth the notion that one man, with many visions, armed with a fantastic backing band, does not mean one genre. His roots are rock n roll but those roots go far and deep.

All I can say Jack, is Take Me with You wherever you go.

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