Thursday, October 9, 2014

John Gallagher of Raven Featured - Special WVOX Live Interview

RAVEN1Legendary John Gallagher of New Wave Of British Heavy Metal icons Raven Featured in Special WVOX Live Interview!

Raven have literally done it all...from sweeping tours of the USA with their no bullshit brand of "Athletic Rock", to ground-breaking albums that have stood the true test of time such as Rock Until You Drop, Wiped Out, and All For One, among many others.


RAVEN2While many of their contemporaries have faded away, Raven have always marched to the metal beat of their own bombastic drummer and it has always paid off for the fearsome power trio. Now, on Friday, October 24th at 9:20pm EST WVOX Metal Mayhem host Matthew O'Shaughnessy welcomes Raven's John Gallagher to his New York radio show heard worldwide on WWW.WVOX.COM and 1460 AM locally.

Raven bangers will get the exclusive low-down on the band from Gallagher and much more during the live broadcast. "Raven has always stood for a band that didn't care about trends or fashions, instead they always did it their own innovative way. It is a distinct honor to have John Gallagher on WVOX's Metal Mayhem show..." - Matthew O'Shaughnessy

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