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A Venue Can Now Stream Concerts, Theatrical Productions, and Recording Sessions Live On The Internet, or Create On-Demand Content For Audiences, Without Leaving The Venue’s Website


Video By Sound and Picture–From Public YouTube Page

StreamVu TV, a professional online broadcast service that specializes in the delivery of live and on demand content, when announced the NAMM 2013 launch of a live streaming solution designed for the Live Sound, Production, and Recording Studio Markets, there was a wildfire interest and an instant buzz was created.

Unique to StreamVu TV is the ability to place content on a venues website, multiple websites, or distribute by email. Never before was a technology like this created that was so easy to integrate, use and quick to enable at such a reasonable price point.


All the system requires is a connection to StreamVu TV, and a Marshall Electronics Producer Station. The Producer Station takes a video and audio signal and sends it out to StreamVu TV’s server. With that connection in place, users can tune into the broadcast on any computer. The StreamVuTV’s service can cost as little as $.50 GB of data transfer. These prices put this kind of service in the range that live venues and studios can afford. It features a “pay as you play” pricing plan, with no minimum data usage requirements.

“Streaming live video is a great way for concert venues, theaters, recording studios, producers, bands, and other interested parties to watch the concert, production, or recording session while it’s happening, or archive the footage for asset management purposes.

Streaming Live diagram

All that is needed is a connection to a camera system, the Producer Station, and an internet connection,” states Brian Arrowood, National Sales Director at StreamVu TV. “Most importantly, the solution has been designed to be user friendly and cost effective, while offering superior broadcast quality and versatility.”

Broadcast Live Events:

  • Embed the live stream on one (or multiple) existing sites, Facebook or distribute links via email.
  • Offer Pay-Per-View broadcasts
  • Private broadcasts available
    Choose between professional broadcast HD and standard definition

Video on Demand:

  • Upload video, set price per-viewer and choose if video can be downloaded, streamed or both
  • Group content into Subscription Video on Demand (SVOD) packages
  • Set monthly subscription rate and StreamVu TV collects viewer payments on the venue, production studio, or recording studio’s behalf.
  • Videos are automatically distributed and backed up at data centers across the United States

The StreamVu TV solution is available through the established sales channels at StreamVu.-


About StreamVu TV:

StreamVu TV is an all-inclusive Internet based service that enables any person, business, or organization to broadcast LIVE events, upload & distribute VOD content, and create linear channels for distribution to any number of viewers.

With simplicity and cost effectiveness in mind, StreamVu TV strives to maintain an affordable and professional service for the origination and distribution of video content whether the Producer is broadcasting concerts, races, political events; or the local little league sporting event, the school play, a wedding, or a spiritual event. For more information, please visit

About Marshall Electronics:

Marshall Pro Audio/Video is a leading supplier of LCD monitors, cameras, business microphones, cables and accessories for A/V professionals around the world. Marshall Pro A/V offers unique system solutions, flexibility, superior customer service and the latest technologies for the professional audio/video market. For more information, please visit


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