Monday, February 18, 2013

Hard Hitting Rock from New York - Gaggle of Cocks - Low Class Trendsetter

Album Review by Joseph Timmons – Xombiewoof Magazine


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Hard Edge Rock from New York, Gaggle of Cocks is a committed band of “living the life” musicians that have honed their talents to create a sound that is righteous and vibrant, musically - they are on the mark with clear crisp skill driven form and lyrics that make your blood rush.

Fronted by Pat Harrington on Guitar & Vocals, Freddy Villano on bass guitar, Charles Ruggiero – drums and aided by the formidable talents of Chris Goercke, told to be “Occasional guitar and fulltime bad muthafucka!” this band has the right stuff. With what is a focus on the message and the music as the perfect medium, you hear the emotion and the vibe of the hard life in every track. Self-named “low class and kick ass”, they are anything but not this, and wholly an enigma in their title, Gaggle of Cocks, is what legend is made of.

Proclaimed by Mike Cavanaugh of All Access Magazine as “The songs have that raw quality I’d expect from a punk band with this name.” and “Cinderblock heavy rock and roar that is hungry for your daughters” by Starr Tucker - New York Waste, this is not just a “punk” band, but an up and coming music force to be respected, I personally find them in the same vein as Pantera and bands of their ilk, taking names and casting blame, they are what is best of the Hard Rock movement, no glam, no sparkle, just hard edge and driving rhythms and a drum beat that calls to the fight, to the war against mediocrity in music, a Gaggle of Cocks will be heard.


Here is My Favorite track from this album Low Class Trendsetter, - Black Helicopters! This Just Beats your Head In, give an ear!

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