Sunday, January 1, 2012

G7th Capos re-packages custom products



G7th has developed new packaging for its Performance Black and Gold capos. Building on the success of the G7th Performance 6 string capo, these custom capos now feature the G7th Performance family packaging, incorporating a special area for the G7th custom tin.

Commenting on the new design, Nick Campling, designer and CEO of G7th stated ‘We had been asked by our dealers to package the Gold and Black Performance capos in the same style, as the rest of the range. It is exactly 2 years since we first showed the Performance Gold and Black models and now is a good time for a re-design. These new additions will give our customers the products they want, with the quality and standards associated with the G7th brand. We’re excited about the reaction we’ll get from our distributors and dealers at the show.

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